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Questions May 1 2010

Article ID: 13437

Title: Ongoing pain for almost three months.
Name: Tiffany Green
Section: Topics A-Z
Category: Neuropathy
Question: Hello ha!e from an "# an $%-S& 'isc protrusion (ith an annular tear. )!e
*een ha!ing *urning+tingling+mostly in my left leg for , months no(. also ha!e leg an/ muscle t(itching. sometimes sta**ing pain. t is also *elo( my .nee. ha!e
*een trying e!erything to heal this.. ha!e *een /oing the "c0en1ie e2ercises+ T3NS
unit+ n!ersion ta*le+ am on *uprofen+ 4aclofen+ Neurontin.. am at my (its en/.. (as
hoping this (oul/ *e getting *etter an/ it -ust seems to *e not changing. Ho( long (ill
this go on..55 it)s ruining my life.
Age: ,6-7% years
Gen/er: 8emale
Current "e/ication: Neurontin+*uprofen+*aclofen+ela!il an/ !itamins
"e/ical History: $um*ar fi!e sacral one t(omm /isc protrusion (ith annular tear.
0no(n Allergies (as left *lan..
Radiculopathy L5!1 in a youn" #e$ale
The left leg pain+ *urning+ tingling sensation cause/ *y a herniate/ /is. is /ue to a ner!e
compression that can pro/uce an inflammatory process affecting ner!e roots
9neuritis:. The *ulging of the content of the /is. is more common in the
lum*ar region than in the cer!ical region+ *ut can occur in *oth in/ee/. The *ulging
may or may not *e clinically significant. Some patients (ith *ulges are symptomatic
an/ ha!e a lot of pain+ (hile others remain totally asymptomatic.
4asically the conser!ati!e treatment of the $um*ar #a/iculopathy is ;hysical Therapy
aime/ to recon/ition an/ sta*ili1e the lum*ar spine *y re-e/ucating the patient+ teaching
him<her a /aily stretching routine for the lum*ar area+ strengthening of a*/ominal
muscles+ an/ other important general recommen/ations as follo(s: sleeping (ith a
pillo( *et(een the .nees lying on the si/e+ a!oi/ acti!ities that place a//itional strain on
the lum*ar spine 9e2ample: (eight lifting:. All of the a*o!e+ (ith the o*-ecti!e to .eep the
patient as far as possi*le from episo/es of acute lo( *ac. pain+ an/ also to preser!e
his<her =uality of life. 4ut if the pain an/ the neurological symptoms (orsen+ the surgical
treatment option might *e consi/ere/ to /ecompression an/ a!oi/ more /amage to the
root ner!e affecte/.

Article ID: 1351%
Title: ;regnant (ith gential (arts
Name: Tynia Henni2
Section: ;arenting > ;regnancy
Category: ;regnancy an/ Se2
Question: am ?6 (ee.s pregnant i recently ha/ se2 a*out t(o (ee.s ago+ an/ contract
genital (arts+ /i/ my recent partner gi!e it to me if he has no !isual sign or symptoms5
Age: ?6-,% years
Gen/er: 8emale
Current "e/ication+ 0no(n Allergies an/ "e/ical History (ere left *lan..
&re"nant 2% years old #e$ale 'ith "enital 'arts
The genital (arts are cause/ *y the human papilloma!irus 9H;@:. nfection (ith genital
(arts may not *e o*!ious sometimes. Genital (arts are highly contagious. There is
roughly 6AB ris. of getting the infection from a single se2ual contact (ith someone (ho
has genital (arts.
#ecurrence rates of genital (arts are greater than %AB after one year an/ ha!e *een
attri*ute/ to the follo(ing factors: #ecurrent infection from a se2ual partner+ potentially
long incu*ation time of H;@+ persistence of the !irus in the surroun/ing in the hair
follicle+ or in sites that are misse/ *y the treatment use/+ /eep lesions or lesions that
cannot *e /etecte/. Genital (arts often appear or increase in num*er /uring pregnancy.
'ormant infections may also *ecome acti!ate/. 4ecause no treatment is &AAB effecti!e+
it is important to pre!ent the sprea/ of H;@ (hich causes genital (arts an/ some
cancers (hene!er possi*le. Transmission of genital (arts can *e /ecrease/ if you use
con/oms an/ refrain from se2ual acti!ity until therapy is complete/.
Article ID: 1350(
Title: Correcte/ Scoliosis- (hat A* e2ercises can i /o5
Name: 4etty San/s
Section: 'iet > 8itness
Category: Alternati!e 32ercises
Question: ha/ a correcte/ scoliosis surgery (hen i (as &?+ am no( ?&. Spinal fusion
(ith instrumentation is (hat ha/ /one. ha!e a &yr ol/ an/ stil ha!e some *a*y fla*.
.no( from prior (or.outs that some e2ercises are har/ to impossi*le /ue to not *eing
a*le to cur!e my spine+ 9 only a*le to *en/ from the (aist: No more slouching+ ha!e
perfect posture all the time. Chat are some a* e2ercises can /o5 than. you + you can
email me *san/s?
Age: &E-?% years
Gen/er: 8emale
Current "e/ication+ 0no(n Allergies an/ "e/ical History (ere left *lan..
To e/it this article clic. Here
)ine years post correcti*e scoliosis sur"ery
The e2ercise routine shoul/ *e customi1e/ for each case in particular+ an/ you shoul/
not go *eyon/ your o(n limits an/ capa*ilities. Fou /o not nee/ to *en/ or cur!e too
much your spine to perform affecti!e a*s+ -ust lay /o(n on a firm surface+ (ith your
.nees *en/e/+ feet flat on the groun/ (ith the heels close to the *uttoc.s an/ lift your
torso a*out ,A-7A /egree off the floor+ /oing ,-7 series of &A-?A repetitions.
Article ID: 13443
Title: after Cor.out
Name: 0elli Quinn
Section: 'iet > 8itness
Category: 32ercise
Question: )m a /ancer so lo!e to participate in /ance car/io+ *ut lately )!e notice/ that
e!en after a *rief car/io (or.out+ (ill sit /o(n an/ roc. slightly *ac. an/ forth. Of
course if tighten my muscles can control this+ *ut if am -ust rela2ing notice my
*o/y)s natural inclination to roc. slightly for(ar/ an/ *ac. repeate/ly. thin. )!e hear/
*a*ies /o this to self soothe+ *ut )m not sure if that relates to me at ??. Shoul/ *e
concerne/5 S this a ymptoms of any neurological /isease5
Age: &E-?% years
Gen/er: 8emale
0no(n Allergies: none
Current "e/ication an/ "e/ical HistG ory (ere left *lan..
!ha+es a#ter ,or+out in a 22 years old #e$ale
f these episo/es of are happening recently an/ you /i/ not e2perience/
anything li.e it *efore+ then strongly recommen/ that you get an e!aluation *y your
;C;+ inclu/ing la* tests+ to rule out neuromuscular an/ meta*olic causes for the
episo/es that you /escri*e/+ an/ go from there to /etermine the *est treatment option
for you.
Article ID: 153-7
Title: ;artially torn ten/on
Name: 4ren/a Smich
Section: Topics A-Z
Category: Hoint 'amage
Question: n-ure/ my el*o( in &A<AE lifting *ric.s ha/ "# sho(e/ nothing ha/ physical
therapy still in pain+ ha/ cortisone shot hurt (orse after ha/ another "# 7<E<&A no( it
sho(s large partial tear at the origin of the e2tensor ten/ons of the lateral epicon/yle
consistent (ith lateral epicon/ylitis. my /octor recommen/e/ surgery *ut (ill it
e!entually heal on it)s o(n or is surgery necessary5
Age: ,6-7% years
Gen/er: 8emale
Current "e/ication: None
0no(n Allergies: None
"e/ical History (as left *lan..

&artial tear o# e.tensor tendons on the el/o'
The repetiti!e use of the el*o( muscles can pro/uce microtears in the ten/ons+
inflammation an/ pain an/ is calle/: "e/ial 3picon/ylitis or GolferIs el*o( or $ateral
3picon/ylitis or Tennis el*o( . n Jnite/ States is one of the most common causes of
el*o( pain.
The conser!ati!e treatment for the GolferIs 3l*o( or Tennis 3l*o( is as follo(s: patient
e/ucation an/ golf s(ing mo/ification or tennis techni=ue mo/ification+ anti-inflammatory
/rugs 9such as *uprofen:+ physical therapy (ith fle2i*ility an/ strengthening e2ercises+
(rist splints if nee/e/+ an/ for patients that /o not sho( significant impro!ement the
corticosteroi/ in-ection may *e consi/er+ an/ if this /oes not help+ then Surgery may *e
consi/ere/ *ut in your case the tear is partial so you may /eci/e to gi!e the
conser!ati!e treatment a try or go for the surgical option.