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Written In The Dust

There can be no exceptions, the system

is rotten
To the core
And those who run it are certifiably
Just look how the world has changed
since 9/11
Control freak leels of state sureillance
The loss of many of our basic freedoms
and ciil liberties
!ore and more militari"ed
#ermanent war and a relentless stream
of ramped$up
&ow ask yourself, who has gained the most
from this situation
'e, the people, or the uber elite
(uilding 'TC) is the smoking gun
of the whole 9/11
&o modern steel$framed high$rise, had eer
Collapsed because of fire
This is bullshit, bordering on the absurd
This prodigious *) storey skyscraper was brought
(y controlled demolition
All the experts seem to think so
And the official 911 inestigation begins to sound like
a fairy tale
+nce we begin to examine it in detail
(uilding ) collapsed into its own footprint
at near free fall
-n .ust /0/ seconds
To claim that fire caused its collapse is a iolation
of the law of physics
As well as an insult to eery free
-ndiidual on this planet
All the steel and concrete in the lower half
of the building
'ould hae had to hae been seerely
%or it to hae come down in the way
it did
And that1s precisely what happened
Through the use of nano$thermite, an
That can produce temperatures hot enough
to melt steel
-n the ensuing debate, most of the attention
2pon the Twin Towers
And the mystery of (uilding )3s collapse
was seldom discussed
They knew then, as they still know now
A plausible explanation cannot
be proided
,o they did what they usually do, and
simply ignored
The eidence
- guess that1s the whole point, to continue
the agenda
And not to get bogged down with
the truth
Things haen1t got any better since 9/11
-nfact, they1e got worse, much
The murder and the carnage continues
Thousands of innocent people are still being
-n places like -ra4 and #akistan
(ecause of what happened here
on that day
-t kind of makes you wonder, if this then
was its true
(ut - guess the answer to that is blowing
in the wind
And still written in the dust
'ith special acknowledgement to all those who proided the images0
&o copyright infringement intended0
!usic credit5 The !anurph by #aul 6arbor
,ources5 9/11 Truth5 The !ysterious Collapse of 'TC ,een
!ike :aies 11
,eptember, 891*
%or more like this please isit5

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