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Questions Mar 16 2010

Article ID: 10280

Title: Problems with hip joint
Name: Marcus Riggs
Section: Topics A-
Category: Pain
Question: ! ha"e been ha"ing problems with m# right hip since a car rear en$ing
me% !t seems to be getting better but now a complication has starte$ with what !
call the top o& m# hamstring when ! wal'% !t is at the base o& m# rear en$% !t
seems that it brings more pain when m# leg is coming &orwar$ in m# stri$e% ! am
ta'ing !bupro&en an$ t#lenol &or pain an$ possible in&lamation( a topical muscle
cream( an$ tr#ing to stretch the place% !t seems to be helping with what ! ha"e
$one an$ also some this morning a&ter m# bi'e ri$e &or about an hour% ! starte$ to
wear orthotics &rom wal' &it about 2 ) months ago because o& high arches
because ! was ha"ing some problems with m# le&t heal an$ use the high inset &or
the insert% ! was won$ering coul$ this high insert ha"e a&&ecte$ this muscle or
ten$on that &ar up the leg% ! ha"e place$ the me$ium insert to see i& this will help%
! 'now that ! ha"e ramble$ on but wante$ to gi"e as much in&ormation as
possible to see i& #ou coul$ assist%
Age: *6-+, #ears
Gender: Male
-urrent Me$ication( .nown Allergies an$ Me$ical /istor# were le&t blan'%
Pain in the back of the leg
An# muscle strain or muscle pull or e"en a muscle tear implies $amage to a
muscle or its attaching ten$ons% The time o& healing "aries &rom patient to patient
an$ also $epen$s on the se"erit# o& the injur#% Tr# not to use $e"ices that ma#
alter the normal biomechanics o& the legs( causing more harm than help%
The conser"ati"e treatment consists o&0 initiall#( protection( rest( ice(
compression( an$ ele"ation 1'nown as the PR!-2 &ormula3 can help the a&&ecte$
muscle an$ also maintaining the straine$ muscle in a stretche$ position% /eat
can be applie$ when the swelling has lessene$( anti-in&lammator# $rugs 1i%e%0
4Ale"e53( rest the straine$ muscle an$ a"oi$ the acti"ities that cause$ the strain
an$ other acti"ities that are pain&ul% A Ph#sical Therap# program &or +-6 wee's
must be &ollowe$ an$ practice at home the stretching e6ercises abo"e all% The
healing time an$ con$itions &or each patient are $i&&erent%
Article ID: 1028+
Title: 7ac' Problem
Name: .atie Ri"iere
Section: Topics A-
Category: 7ac' Pain
Question: ! got a pain in m# bac' at age 1* in the lower part slightl# to the le&t
where the bone is% ! coul$n8t ben$ &orwar$ or bac'war$ e"en a little bit because it
woul$ hurt too much% !t $i$n8t help i& ! la# or sat $own% 9ince then ! ha"e ha$
about two more episo$es since then an$ lasts a &ew $a#s to a wee' then goes% !t
ma'es me wal' aw'war$l# becuase the pain causes $iscom&ort all across lower
bac' an$ $own le&t leg% ! am 2* now an$ most o& the time it aches still especiall#
i& i stan$ &or long or ben$ &or too long% ! ha"n8t ha$ an# injuries to m# bac' or
acci$ents in"ol"ing m# bac'% ! trie$ pa) in'illers but $oesn8t wor' when ! ha"e a
ba$ episo$e% :o #ou ha"e an# a$"ice on what to $o or what in"estigations
shoul$ be $one;
Age: 1<-2, #ears
Gender: =emale
Current edication: >nl# contracepti"e Pill
!no"n Allergies: >nl# /a#&e"er
edical #istory: ?o problems
$ack Pain %&isodes since '( years old

The pain in low bac' is a common concern( an$ it a&&ects roughl# up to <0@ o&
Americans at some point in their li&etime% Accor$ing with the me$ical literature( up
to ,0@ will ha"e more than one episo$e% 7ac' pain is not a speci&ic $isease but it
is a s#mptom that ma# happen &rom a wi$e arra# o& $i&&erent processes% !n up to
8,@ o& people with bac' pain( $espite a thorough me$ical e6amination an$
imaging tests 1A ra#s( MR!( -T scans3( no speci&ic cause o& the pain can be
i$enti&ie$ an$ we call it0 mechanical bac' pain%
-ommon causes o& bac' pain in"ol"e $isease or injur# to the muscles( bones(
an$Bor ner"es o& the spine as &ollows0 $isc herniation that pro$uces irritation o&
the ner"e 1i%e%0 sciatica3( spinal stenosis( $e&ormities o& the spine 1i%e%0 scoliosis(
'#phosis3( &ibrom#algia( amongst the most common%
The suggeste$ strateg# to treat a bac' pain that has persiste$ &or more than 1
month is as &ollows0 e"aluation b# a ph#sician to rule out other possible causes
than just mechanic or postural an$ start a ph#sical therap# program aime$ to
control pain( stretching an$ strengthening e6ercises( correct posture( an$ teach
the patient an e6ercise routine that heBshe can &ollow at home( also the use o&
anti-in&lammator# $rugs 1i%e0 4motrin5( 4a$"il5( 4ale"e53 can be bene&icial to
manage the pain% ?earl# e"er#one impro"es within a month &ollowing this
conser"ati"e measures i& it is a mechanical bac' pain%
Article ID: 10*<1
Title: Pain $uring $eep inhalation
Name: Mi'e Mi'e
Section: Topics A-
Category: Pain
Question: ! am ha"ing pain on the le&t si$e o& m# chest $uring $eepinhalation( i& i
position m# arm in a certain position the pain is not there or $rasticall# lessene$
when ta'ing a $eep breathe% The is also slight pain when ! mo"e m# le&t arm in
some positions% ! wor' out &i"e $a#s a wee' an$ thin' it m# be a pulle$ chest
muscle but $oes this soun$ correct; Chat shoul$ ! $o an$ when shoul$ ! be
concerne$ enough to see the $octor;
Age: 1<-2, #ears
Gender: Male
-urrent Me$ication( .nown Allergies an$ Me$ical /istor# were le&t blan'%
Pain during ins&iration
Accor$ing to #our $escription an$ the characteristics o& the pain( most li'el# #ou
ma# ha"e an !ntercostal ?euritis( which is not a serious con$ition but "er#
anno#ing in$ee$ an$ slow healing% 7# a spasm or a $irect trauma the intercostals
ner"e got injure$( an$ thatDs wh# #ou are &eeling that stabbing pain e"er# time
#ou ta'e a $eep breath( sneeEe or cough%
The suggeste$ strateg# woul$ be0 please( tr# to be patient an$ $o not e6pect an
o"ernight impro"ement( ta'e anti in&lammator# me$ication 14Ale"e5( 4Motrin53( an$
also Fitamin 712 supplement% Gocal moist heat helps to ease the pain% Tr# to
a"oi$ acti"ities that worsen the pain%

Article ID: 10*H1
Title: T2?:!?!T!9 !? T/2 =>>T
Name: /2 =R!29
Section: Topics A-
Category: Ten$initis
Question: C/AT :> ! :> =>R T2?:!?!T!9 MI G2=T A?.G2 A?: =>>T
9C2GG JP A?: /JRT9 A?: ! /AF2 PA!? CAG.!?K% C!GG T/!9 /2AG >R
:> ! /AF2 T> G!F2 C!T/ T/!9;
Age: ,6-6, #ears
Gender: =emale
Current edication: A?T! !?=GAMAT>RI
!no"n Allergies: ?>?2
Me$ical /istor# was le&t blan'%
y Ankle and )oot #urt
=rom all the an'le injuries( the sprains are the most common% An'le sprains are
classi&ie$ in * gra$es as &ollows0 Grade I0 mil$ $egree o& swelling an$ stretch has
occurre$ to the ligaments% Ceight bearing is possible% Grade II0 mo$erate
swelling an$ an incomplete tearing o& ligaments( also mil$ instabilit# ma# be
present an$ also pain with weight bearing% Grade III0 se"ere swelling an$ pain(
complete rupture o& at least 1 ligament( there is remar'able instabilit#%
=irst thing to $o0 appl# ice an$ li&t the a&&ecte$ limb &or the &irst 2+ hours( to
control the pain an$ swelling% Ph#sical therap# is recommen$e$ &or sprains gra$e
!! an$ !!!% =or less se"ere injuries( gra$e !( the strateg# woul$ be0 imme$iate(
protecte$ ambulation( an$ ph#sical therap# shoul$ emphasiEe e6ercises to get
bac' the normal range o& motion an$ strengthening o& the an'le muscles an$
Treatment $uring this acute phase is aime$ to minimiEe swelling an$ pain(
allowing the patient to begin wal'ing% The acute phase o& treatment shoul$ last
&or 1-* $a#s a&ter the injur#% A combination o& protection( relati"e rest( ice(
compression( ele"ation( an$ support is use$% Also the anti in&lammator# $rugs 1as
!bupro&en3 help in re$ucing swelling an$ pain%

Article ID: 10*68
Title: Gumber-sacral pain
Name: /ussain Msaleah
Section: Topics A-
Category: 7ac' Pain
Question: ! ha"e been su&&ering &rom chronic lumber-sacral pain a&ter &alling
&rom a height about &i"e #ears bac'% A-ra#s an$ MR! re"eale$ a normal stu$#
without an# complication but the pain persiste$ with nagging letharg# up till now%
9trong analgesics seem to ha"e no e&&ect% 9o what $o i $o now ;
Age: 1<-2, #ears
Gender: Male
-urrent Me$ication( .nown Allergies an$ Me$ical /istor# were le&t blan'%
Chronic *o" $ack Pain after a )all
!n the "iew that #ou were chec'e$ out at the hospital an$ e"er#thing was normal(
the most li'el# $iagnosis woul$ be0 Mechanical low bac' pain 1G7P3 which is the
secon$ most common reason &or seeing a ph#sician in the Jnite$ 9tates%
The conser"ati"e treatment o& the mechanical lower bac' pain is basicall#
relati"e rest( a"oi$ing all the acti"ities that pro$uce pain or $iscom&ort( such as
weight li&ting% Also "er# important is to 'eep a goo$ posture at all times an$
sleeping with a pillow between the 'nees while l#ing on one si$e ma# increase
com&ort% 9ome $octors recommen$ l#ing on #our bac' with a pillow un$er #our
'nees% -ontrol o& the pain an$ in&lammation with !ce( transcutaneous electrical
ner"e stimulation 1T2?93( Ph#sical Therap# an$ anti-in&lammator# $rugs
14Ale"e53% Tr# to 'eep a consistent e6ercise routine with stretching an$ e6tension-
&le6ion which ma# re$uce tension an$ stress to the spinal joints% A&ter #our "isit to
the hospital &or bac' pain( it is recommen$e$ that #ou &ollow #our $octor8s
instructions as care&ull# as possible% This inclu$es ta'ing the me$ications an$
per&orming acti"ities as $irecte$%