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Tip of The Iceberg

This is the passport of Flight 11 hijacker, Satam

Al Suqami
It was found in the street the same day
the planes
Struck the Twin Towers
And handed to a police officer, who passed it
on to the FBI
Soaked in jet fuel and free of any lemish, urns
or damage
It miraculously sur!i!ed Flight 11"s initial
Into the side of Building #T$% and susequent
e&plosi!e fireall
After featuring in the '(11 $ommission )eport
as a crucial
*iece of e!idence
It will no dout go on to play a starring role within
the '(11 +emorial +useum
#here future generations will stare in fascination
at its arcane fetishistic
From ehind a shiny glass screen
That"s it, really
There"s nothing more to say aout it
e&cept this
#hat"s the loody thing made
out of
Bom proof, fire proof, chemically resistant
Ale to sur!i!e the se!erest e&tremes
of temperature
And a .//m descent onto hard
This tra!el !isa must e made from a material
To modern science
I don"t know aout you, ut this just might e
the clearest case
of planted e!idence
0!er found at a crime scene
1ot only is this grossly disespectful to all those
who perished
That day
It is also an insult to the intelligence
of the American pulic
2ut of all of those !ast mountains of rule
The piles of deris, the thick
choking dust
Those millions of swirling sheets of paper
in!oices and documents
A passport was disco!ered in almost perfect condition
elonging to one
of the hijackers
$oincidence, good fortune, di!ine

$all it what you will
But from where I come from, it would e
As simply taking the piss
All the e!idence points to '(11 eing an inside jo
planned and orchestrated
By high ranking memers of the Bush-$heney
Aided and aetted y the $IA
and +ossad
And the incredulous disco!ery of a fairy tale
#ith in!incile properties was
A touch too much
Those who planned, e&ecuted and co!ered up
this re!olting crime
+ust e rought to justice
It is not only the dead who remain
For those who hold high political office
it has ecome a way
of life
A means of gaining power, a method
of sur!i!al
3o and ask 3eorge #4 Bush, 5ick $heney
and 5onald )umsfeld
That"s if they feel like talking
#ith special acknowledgement to all those who pro!ided the images4
1o copyright infringement intended4
+usic credit8 The +anurph y *aul 9aror
Sources8 The Satam al Suqami *assport
+ike 5a!ies 11
Septemer, %/1.
For more like this please !isit8

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