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Ebola Virus
International terrorism is a significant strategic challenge to global peace and security in
the 21
century because terrorist organiations are able to mo!e across borders and e"ecute their
operations any#here in the #orld$ To begin #ith% it is #orth noting that Ebola !irus has so far
been reported in t#o &frican regions% 'est &frica% #hich includes countries such as (iberia%
Sierra (eone% and Nigeria and East &frica that includes countries such as )#anda% *enya%
Tanania% +ganda and ,urundi$ ,oth regions ha!e seen the emergence of terrorist organiations
li-e the ,o-o .aramin Northern Nigeria% the &l Shabaab from Somalia and &l /aeda net#or-s
in the East &frican region$ In 'est &frica% Nigeria has suffered many terror attac-s e"ecuted by
,o-o .aram$ 0In East &frica% countries such as *enya% Somalia% and +ganda ha!e been attac-ed
by &l Shabaab and &l /aeda net#or-s$1
2ne of the methods that terrorists apply is bioterrorism%
#hich in!ol!es using humans as the !ector from #hich the biological #eapon is launched$
0The e"istence of these terrorist organiations in regions #here Ebola naturally occurs is a
significant threat to global security because these terrorist groups could easily use Ebola as a
biological #eaponand share the tactic #ith other terrorist organiations across the globe$1
0The Ebola !irus is naturally occurring among animals and can be passed to human
beings through contact #ith body fluids$1
5i!en that the symptoms of Ebola are similar to many
other diseases% it is much difficult to diagnose the disease$ &n indi!idual #ith Ebola can easily be
misdiagnosed and gi!en #rong treatment and released bac- to the community$ This poses a
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global health threat because the disease has a significantly high mortality rate$ This is presently
e!ident in 'est &frica #here 0case fatality rates ha!e reached 627% #ith 1%662 -illed out of the
3%89: infected$1
&lthough scientists ha!e made remar-able progress to#ard finding Ebola
!accine% there is no !accine that is presently a!ailable% #hich ma-es the disease a ma;or public
health threat internationally in the e!ent that terrorists use it in biological terrorism$
.o#e!er% the Ebola !irus in itself does not <ualify to be a biological #eapon$ 0It re<uires
special e"pertise to change it into a biological #eapon1
$ =or terrorists to use Ebola as a
biological agent they ha!e to get it from its natural en!ironment% from a laboratory or produce it
synthetically before preparing it in a manner that can cause infections and death$ 0There are eight
different cases #here terrorists ac<uired biological agents either through authoried suppliers%
stealing% self>manufacturing% or from natural en!ironment1
$ This e!idence indicates that there is
a high possibility that terrorists can access the Ebola !irus% considering that some terrorist groups
already e"ist in these Ebola prone areas$ 0In the past% So!iets researchers de!eloped Ebola strains
to use in bio #arfare$ Similarly% it is possible terrorist groups to recruit e"perts to synthesie the
Ebola !irus for them or e!en steal Ebola samples from laboratories$ =or e"ample% 0Iran
successfully managed to recruit a number of scientists to spearhead its bio#eapons program$1

In conclusion% there is li-elihood that terrorists can ma-e use of the Ebola !irus to cause
significant damage across the globe$ The use of this !irus could become a ma;or strategy for
terrorist groups in the future because it can spread <uic-ly and cause many deaths$ The !irus
spreads #ith relati!e ease% #hich ma-es it a !iable tool for international terrorist organiations
and a significant threat to international security$
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