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Land Looteras of Odisha


Mr. Achyut Samant- Champion of Land Mafias of Odisha- How

Dear friends
The people whom all of you know great, do not have that stature. The
appropriate terminology which can be used for them
is Land Lootera, Land Grabber, Land Encroacher and Jami Dalal. The
biggest land grabber in Bhubaneswar city is none but Sri Achyut Samant,
Founder KIIT who has adopted all fraudulent means to acquire highest
quantity of land in connivance with corrupt bureaucrats like Sri Bishal Dev,

As per Odisha Prevention of Land Encroachment ( OPLE) Act, 1972 and Rules
framed thre under ( Rule 7) , Land under encroachment can not be reg
ularised unless the encroacher is a landless person. In June 2010, the Chief
Secretary, Odisha instructed not to regularise encroachment of land by
outsiders/trespassers. In Nov 2010, Revenue and Disaster Management had
issued circular that the land occupied without approval of competent authority
should be treated as encroachment and was liable for eviction. Further,
no Act/ Rule empower IDCO to regularise any encroachment of
Government land made by Promoters/ Industries. However, the Board of
Directors ( BoD) of IDCO decided in February 2008, February 2009 and
November 2010 to regularise , though no such power were vested with the

KIIT , an infamous Institution for its land grabbing in
Bhubaneswar encroached landmeasuring 16.397 acres , value Rs.12.30
crores and got it regularised by ICDO in connivance of its corrupt officials in
two phases ( 9.809 acre in April 2005 and 6.588 acre in July 2009 ), though it is
not permissible under any law of the land.

Secondly, KIIT, a deemed University, applied ( April 2010 ) for
additional land of 14 acres in Chandaka IR contiguous to the land under its
occupation, which were under encroachment by some other people and
offered to get it vacated from the said encroachers at its risk and cost, in
case the said land would be allotted to that institute. The Land Allotment
Committe ( LAC) of IDCO agreed to the same and decided ( April 2010) to
allot 14 acres of such encroached land to KIIT. An in-principle allotment order
was issued ( October 2010) to KIIT with the stipulation to formally allot
the land after eviction of the encroachers. This was despite the fact that , the
BoD of IDCO in 65
meeting , inter-alia, decided ( April, 2004 ) not to entertain
any further applications of KIIT for regularisation of any encroachment in

The CAG report which has been presented to Govt. in January 2014, exposed
the illegal decision taken by IDCO to allot land encroached by others to KIIT
as mentioned above. Despite knowing and pretty aware about the CAG
objection and critical view on land allotted to KIIT, the High
Level Land Allotment Committee for Bhubaneswar Master Plan Region in its
meeting held on 18.6.14 chaired by Sri Jugal Kishor Mohapatra, then Chief
Secretary, Odisha ( Dr. Taradatt , Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. in
Revenue and Disaster Management as Member, Mr. Bishal Dev,CMD, IDCO as
member ) recommended of encroached land in favour of KIIT.

The Readers should see how the Odisha bureaucracy and KIIT
Authority are dengeriously working together to grab the land going against
the land of the land. The common question is haunting me do they deserve to
be respected in the society.

Pradip Pradhan
Date- 8.9.14