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This Weeks Calendar Events

September 7, 2014
Morning Worship

Opening Prayer.......Mr. Wayne Anderkin/Mr. Alex Poulter
Song of Celebration:
Thank You, Lord
Baptism (1st Service) ~ Stephanie, Madison, and Katelyn Somerville
Welcome/Greeting......Dr. Deron Cobb
Songs of Commitment:
Jesus Paid It All ~ Hymn 134
Take My Life, and Let It Be Consecrated ~ Hymn 277
Scripture Reading
Message.......Dr. Deron Cobb
Its All His
Psalm 24:1-2; Chron. 29:11-12
Video Testimony
Offertory Prayer......Usher
Worship Through Giving........Ms. Emily Stork
Announcements.Rev. Dwayne Abrahamson/Rev. Gary Maynard
Closing Song
Evening Worship

Song of Mission:
By Faith
Welcome/Opening Prayer......Rev. Dwayne Abrahamson
Childrens Time.....Mrs. Linda Coulter
Song of Faith:
Firm Foundation
Message.......Dr. Deron Cobb
Open Our Eyes, Lord ~ Hymn 499
Offertory Prayer......Usher
Worship Through Giving...Katelyn Kachelreis
Closing Prayer...Mr. Scott McIntosh

Ministerial Staff
Deron Cobb - Senior Pastor
Gary Maynard - Minister of Education/Senior Adults
Dwayne Abrahamson - Minister of Students/Recreation
Linda Coulter - Director of Childhood Ministries
Jordan Nickell - Minister of Music

Support Staff
Dawn Burns - Church/Financial Secretary
Becky Hereford - Administrative Assistant
Financial Stewardship Update
(As of August 31, 2014)
General Fund Actual Budget
Weekly 16,055 17,617
YTD 551,847 616,578
Building Fund Actual Budget
Weekly 2,005 3,150
YTD 127,503 110,250
FLC Loan Balance: $1,323,107
S.S. Attendance: 331
AM Worship: 363
PM Worship: SS Blitz
Please fill out a reservation form and
place it in the pottery bowl at the
Welcome Center.
Wednesday Night Suppers
September 10
BBQ Sandwiches
Baked Beans
Cole Slaw
Chicken Nuggets/Chips
Assorted Desserts
I. We need to understand the issue of _____________

II. We need to understand the issue of ____________
A. The first step toward _________________
B. God retains _____________ over every event
C. Gods control gives us _______________

III. We need to understand the issue of ____________
A. We need to understand _______________
He is ord of the !niverse
He is ord of the "ations
He is ord of the Individual

B. We need to understand ________________
We are to #e faithful with all our resources
We are to #e faithful regardless of how $uch
we have
We are to #e faithful in the little things
We are to faithful with anothers possessions
%ur faithfulness #uilds Character
%ur faithfulness leads to content$ent
The next bi-monthly business
meeting is scheduled for
September 21
which will be
for the July and August financial reports.
Thursday, September 11
1:00 - 4:00 pm - MCA VB practices - gym
5:00 pm - Aerobics - Aerobics Rm
6:30 - 8:00 - Gym Reserved
6:30 pm - Reaching Richmond
7:00 pm - Praise Team - Sanctuary
Friday, September 12
1:00 - 5:00 pm - MCA practices - gym
2:00 pm - Body Recall - FH
6:30 pm - Friday Nights for God -
Saturday, September 13
9:00 am - 12:00 pm - Basketball Drills &
Instruction - gym
Sunday, September 14
8:20 am - Praise Team - Sanctuary
9:15 am - 1st Service/Sunday School
10:45 am - 2nd Service/Sunday School
1:30 pm - Morning Pointe Bible Study
4:30 pm - Bible Doctrine Bible Study -
FLC 118
4:30 pm - Family Financial Classes
4:45 pm - Deacons Meeting - FLC 119
5:00 pm - MOPS PM Mtg. - FLC 105
5:00 pm - Nominating Committee Mtg.
5:15 pm - Praise Team
6:00 pm - Evening Worship
Sunday, September 7
8:20 am - Praise Team - Sanctuary
9:15 am - 1st Service (Baptism)/Sunday
10:45 am - 2nd Service/Sunday School
12:00 pm - College Back to School Lunch
4:30 pm - Bible Doctrine Bible Study -
FLC 118
4:30 pm - Family Financial Classes
5:00 pm - MOPS PM Mtg. - FLC 105
5:15 pm - Praise Team
6:00 pm - Evening Worship
7:15 pm - S.S. Leadership Meeting - FH
Monday, September 8
9:15 am - S.S. Council - FH
2:00 pm - Body Recall - FH
4:00 - 5:30 pm - MCA practice - gym
6:30 pm - Mens 3-on-3 Bball - gym
Tuesday, September 9
9:00 - 12:00 pm - RHBC Home School -
FLC Kitchen, gym, preschool room,
childrens rooms upstairs, Sanctuary
12:00 - 5:00 pm - MCA practice - gym
5:00 pm - Aerobics - Aerobics Rm
5:30 pm - MOPS PM - FH and childrens
6:00 - 8:00 pm - Basketball Drills &
Instruction - gym
Wednesday, September 10
11:30 am - XYZ Choir - FH/Choir Room
2:00 pm - Body Recall - FH
6:30 pm - RAs, GAs, Mission Friends
6:30 pm - Priscilla Shirers Study on
Gideon - FLC 119-120
6:30 pm - Adult Bible Study - Sanctuary
6:30 pm - Youth Worship/Bible Study -
Youth Room
6:30 pm - MOPS AM Mtg. - Ed. Bldg
6:30 pm - Sanctuary Choir
7:45 pm - Cardio Circuit Class -

&unday' ()*)+, - .orning Worship
/r. /eron &. Co##
&tewardship 0$phasis
1Its All His2
Text: Psalm 24:1-2; 1 Chron. 29:11-12
Galaxy Bowl, Friday night, September 12, following the Friday Nights for God. Meet
at the bolwing alley at 6 pm. Cost: $10 - $15.
The Bridge, which is a discussion based Bible study covering topics relevant to the
lives of college-age students (and open to high school seniors), is not meeting on
September 14, but will meet on Sunday, September 28 for a Cook-Out at the
Petersons (1230 Forest Lane), 8:15 pm.
College Lunch, TODAY, September 7, after 10:45 am worship at the home of Doug
and Julie Peterson, 1230 Forest Lane, Richmond. Come for a great time of
fellowship and we want to get your ideas of things we can do (events, ministry
projects, etc) to enhance this ministry.
Passion Conference, January 2-4, 2015, Atlanta, GA. Cost: $149 plus $75 for hotel.
Deadline (at this price): Wednesday, October 1. All that is due by October 1 is a
$50 non-refundable deposit; the remaining balance will be due by November 23. If you
would like to go, let Dwayne know. Open to High School Seniors.
Overflow Practice, Sundays, 5:00 pm, FLC 122
Youth Breakfast, TODAY, September 7, 10:30 am, FLC 121
Canoe Trip, Saturday, September 20, Elkhorn Creek (reservations thru Canoe KY - Cost: $25. Deadline (with payment): Sunday, September 14. Waiver
must be filled out electronically before we leave Saturday. Meet at church 9:15 am. Return
about 4 pm. Bring a sack lunch & drink. We will stop on the creek & swim & eat - swimsuit
policy is in effect. Parents welcome to go, preferably no siblings who are not youth.
HRIVE HRIVE HRIVE HRIVE T-Shirts: Cost: $8, Deadline to Sign up: Wednesday, October 8. Every youth
& youth leader needs to get a T-shirt. This is a way for you to take a stand for Christ & for
us to be identified as one on youth trips.
Fall Retreat, Friday, November 14 - Sunday, November 16. Camp Ocoee in Copperhill,
TN. Cost: $99. Includes meals, lodging, curriculum, activities (low ropes course & your
choice of horseback riding, paintball, mountain biking, or high ropes), bonfire, & smores.
Deadline (w/non-refundable payment & registration form): Sunday, October 19.
For Current and Soon-to-be High School Seniors: Passion Conference, Atlanta, GA,
January 2-4, 2015. (See more details under college announcements).
Mi$$ion Po$$ible:
Sunrise Childrens Home, Saturday, September 27. Meet at church at 8:30 am. Be
back by 1:00 pm. Must be in 7th Grade.
Senior Adults
Bread of Life Caf
and Amish Stores
Thursday, September 18, 9:30 a.m.
Sign up at FLC Table.
We had a busy weekend Aug. 28-30
with about 60
families sitting for photo sessions. We have four more
days coming up Sept. 15-18, and the 15
is almost full.
If you havent scheduled yet or were unable to make
your last appointment, log on and schedule.
Did you realize that the numbers of activity pages (those
directory pages showing our ministries and activities)
are directly related to the number of portrait sittings? If
we dont have enough sittings, we have to pay for those
pages. So sign up now.
Why do we need another directory; we just had one in 2011? #1 We have a new pastor; #2
We have a lot of new members; #3 We are in two services, what better way to get to
know people if we can look at their picture in a directory. #4 By having your portrait taken,
you get a lovely 8x10 photo, Free. Your purchase of additional portraits is strictly optional.
Bring several non-perishable food items and get a $5 discount.

I will be at the welcome on Sept. 7th and 14
if you dont have net access or just need help. If
you have friends, neighbors or relatives who would like to have a photo session, have them
sign up. They will get the free 8x10 and be eligible for the discount, but will not appear in the
If you would like to recognize members of the military who are currently serving, please
submit a photo in uniform. There will be no charge for these, and they do not have to be
church members. Submitted photos for church members will be $10 each. If you would like
to remember a loved one who has passed, please give a short remembrance to Dave Dailey or
email at The last date submitted photos or memorials will be accepted is
Sept 14
Deacon Nomination
Forms are available at the Welcome Center. If you have
someone you would like to nominate as a Deacon, please
pick up a form and place back in the basket provided at the
Welcome Center when completed. All recommendations
must be returned by Sunday, 9/28/14.
Co-ed Volleyball
If interested in playing, sign up at the FLC
table. (You must be at least 16 to play). Games
are on Tuesdays and will be played at the
Telford YMCA. If you have any questions,
contact Eddie Coulter.
September 25-27
We need people who know how to put on metal, run electric, and plumbing. We
also need helpers. We will work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, leaving after
dinner on Saturday. Everyone will be housed at Richmond First Baptist Church.
For more information, please see Marvin Hereford.
Sign up at the FLC table if you would like to participate.
Moonlight Missionaries ~ September 8 ~ 6:00 PM
Home of Frances Johnson ~ 2122 Fayette Drive
Moonlight Missionaries is a group of RHBC women who gather monthly to work on
outreach mission projects to share the love of Christ in our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and
the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). During our gatherings, we fellowship around the table,
invite speakers who inform us of needs in our community, write notes of encouragement,
work on mission projects, and have a short meeting. This month we will be finishing up
some outreach sewing projects. Join us and bring along an appetizer to share! For more
information about this ministry, contact Norma Conley.
Womens Fall Retreat
Find Your Story
Featuring Cathy McBride
October 24
& 25

Lake Cumberland

For More Information or to Sign Up
See the display at the FLC table
Registration begins
September 14
Begins Tuesday, September 23
6:30 pm ~ 9-week class
FLC Room 118 ~ Cost $100
Facilitator: Gary Maynard
Sign up at the FLC table
Sunday School
September 14
at 6:00 pm
3 yrs old - Kindergarten
We would like to thank Joy King, Nicole Neeley, Heather and Adyson Anderkin and
Michelle Hawkins for hosting the baby shower. Thank you to everyone who prepared the
delicious food and everyone who came and brought a gift. We are so blessed and loved.
Bethany and Riley Hurt
Thank you for all the prayers, cards, calls, & texts with the loss of my father. I want
everyone to know how much I appreciate everything. Thank you, Sherry Hendrix
Special Thanks..