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The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny ii

I P:rsooeiiv Pr:s:ot 1|is Foor As A Cijt


Jo 1|is Dev Jj20

Vev t|: ow:r erecims wit|io t|:s: e:s i:ev: voa

wit| eo :x:ri:oc: t|et woaic mer: voa eo aoc:oieoi:
rooj oj sacc:ss eoc sioijiceoc: eii t|: cevs oj voar iij:
The 26 Pover Paradigms in the SchooI oI Destiny
Copyright 2JI2 ]onathan Olise
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Please note that Oliseville MeJias pullishing style capitalites certain
pronouns in Scripture that relers to the Iather, Son, anJ Holy Spirit, anJ may
Jeler lrom some pullishers styles. Also the name satan anJ other relateJ
names are not capitaliteJ. Ve choose not to acknovleJge him, even to the
point ol violating grammatical rules.
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The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny iv
1o Yoa lecause GoJ has an envialle plan lor your lile.
1o t|: miiiioos oj :oi: eroaoc t|: woric w|o |ev: e c:sir: eoc e oaroio
essioo to jaijii c:stiov may this look le your companion on the journey
to lullilling Jestiny.
1o t|is :o:retioo may the pover paraJigms in this look spur you to
your prepareJ place ol success anJ signilicance.
1o t|: Kio :t:roei, immortei, ioviocioi:, t|: ooiv wis: Coc eoc mv Lorc eoc
Sevioar, j:sas C|rist may Your KingJomcome anJ Your vill le Jone on
earth as it is in heaven!
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny vi
There are a numler ol vonJerlul anJ interesting people vho have
immenselycontriluteJto this look project inJiverse vays.
My unreserveJ gratituJe goes to my lamily, especially my late
parents, Mr Samson Olise anJ Mrs Monica Olise vho taught anJ
raiseJ me up in the vay ol the LorJ. You lought the gooJ light ol laith
anJhave oltaineJthe crovnol glory. Il it vere not lor your investments
inmylile, I voulJhave gone astrayletimes. But youshoveJme the vay
to go anJ nov I am grovn anJ still love the same GoJ you loveJ. I
remainlorever gratelul to knovanJexperience the GoJyouloveJliving
anJ JieJ loving. I ameternally soicoat to GoJ anJ His vill lor my lile. I
have JeciJeJ to love Himall I knovanJ nothing can turn me lromthis
pathol lile eternal. This is trulyyour look!
Thanks to my Jear sisters, Delorah (c:ooi:) anJ Grace (mv oeov) lor
your love, support anJ encouragement throughout this project. Ior
those times you helpeJ vith the typing ol the manuscript, I amso very
gratelul anJI love youloth! (mmmae|)
Thank you, Mercy Onichalor lor helping vith the typing ol part ol
the manuscript.
Thanks to Mr Olumuyiva IaJugla, vho excellently aJviseJ anJ
guiJeJme Juring the linal eJiting ol the look. Also my gratituJe goes to
Mr Stephen Oluvatoli lor his comments on the look. Moreover, I
greatly appreciate Pastor DaviJ Bamgloye lor his invalualle comments
anJ contrilutions. AnJ to Pastor Ntia Ulong lor leing an avesome
I amtruly a proJuct ol investments ol various persons lromJiverse
lielJs ol human enJeavour vho have nurtureJ me at Jillerent times.
Iirstly to the men ol GoJ vhose lives anJ ministries have
challengeJ, shapeJ anJ imparteJ me in no small measure, Pastor V. I.
Kumuyi ol the Deeper Christian Lile Ministry anJ Bishop DaviJ
OyeJepo ol Living Iaith Church VorlJviJe, I am most gratelul anJ
lorever thanklul. To the Pastors vho have llesseJmy lile immeasurally
namely Pastors ]ames, Mike, Okon, Bismark, Lalan, Sintali, Salihu,
Iliya. Thank GoJlor youlives anJministries!
I voulJ not skip this part to appreciate GoJ lor giving me true anJ
laithlul teachers lrom vhen I vas just a kiJ. Pastors Vishigh anJ
Viginus I say thank GoJ lor you! The kiJ is grovn up nov anJ still
groving lut yet loving the GoJyoutaught himto love!
Hov can I lorget to acknovleJge my lrienJs, loveJ ones anJ vell
vishers vho helpeJinJiverse vays, I aminJelteJto youlor your leing
there your thoughts, iJeas anJperspectives have givenme the exposure
to the knovleJge I have placeJ in this look. Ior getting exciteJ vhen I
tolJ you alout the look anJ helping to spreaJ the vorJ. Ior
volunteering to make this look a success, I say thank you. Thanks lor
the ceaseless smiles, cares, prayers anJ encouragements throughout
this project. Il I shoulJ start name Jropping, I voulJ not le Jone
vriting this look!
But you knovvhat` I amJeeply honoureJ anJ sincerely llesseJ to
have youlor me! Thank you.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny Viii
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj Attitac:
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj Foors
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj C|erect:r
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj D:cisioos
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj Fxc:ii:oc:
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj Feit|
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj Cretitac:
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj Eoooar
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj Iojormetioo
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj jov
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj Ko::iio
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj Lov:
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj V:otors|i
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj X:tworrio
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj Jortaoitv
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj Prioriti:s
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj _ai:to:ss
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj P:esoo
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj S:rvic:
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj 1im:
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj Hoia:o:ss
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj \isioo
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj wiscom
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj Xiicito:ss
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj Yi:icio
1|: Pow:r Perecim oj 2:ei
The vorJ erecim connotes a moJel that lorms the lasis lor
something. It coulJ also le relerreJ to as a typical example ol
something. So vhenI talk ol sacc:ss erecim, I meanthe moJel that
prepares the pathvay lor success! Vhile ow:r on the other hanJ
has to Jo vith lorce, strength, capacity, authority anJ lots more.
So comlining the tvo vorJs ow:r erecim suggests having a
moJel that is empovereJ to accomplish an enJ. Knoving is not
enough, youmust le empovereJto Jo vhat youclaimto knov!
Therelore having personal ow:r erecims anJ imliling them
Jetermines hovlar aninJiviJual accelerates the laJJer ol success
anJsignilicance. It is not enoughto have erecims, those erecims
must le empovereJ lor success anJ signilicance to have lull
resiJence in ones lile. AnJ that gives creJence to the pover
paraJigms in this look lecause they are empovereJ to lring the
change youJesire.
It all starteJ vhen he accepteJ the reality that lile vas a game
ol erecims. In his short liletime, he haJ accomplisheJ anJ
experienceJ the joy anJ glory that success lrings alongsiJe anJ
haJ attaineJ some envialle heights ol prestige anJ success. He
haJ all the luxuries he haJ JreameJ ol vhile groving up as a loy.
Lile vas really gooJ lor him. He haJ servants at his leck anJ call,
the heJge ol vellluilt anJ armeJ loJy guarJs such that they
coulJ le mistaken lor some Special Secret Service ollicials
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny ii
attacheJ to the PresiJent ol the country. He sure vas having his
share ol all the gooJies lile has got to oller.
Vith vealth ol course comes pover anJ inlluence. He vas
respecteJ among the high anJ lov ol the society. Vhen he
cougheJ, the Jailies carrieJ it as nevs! He commanJeJ such
authority that his comments on any issue, le it political,
economic, spiritual or vhatever meant a lot in the pullic circle.
He vas leloveJ ol the people, in the same vay the Bille says ol
]esus in Luke 2.52 Aoc j:sas r:w io wiscom eoc stetar: eoc io jevoar
wit| Coc eoc meo` He vas sure a gooJ amlassaJor ol His Master.
By vhatever stanJarJ you assume, he vas maJe anJ haJ
tremenJous signilicance, not just success. But alter olserving his
lile, I asserteJ persons Jont get maJe ly vishing, they get maJe
lyvorking onspecilic ow:rerecims'
More to that also, vhat is the success ol a man vithout a
successlul lamily lile` True success also Joes incluJe lamily lile at
its lest. He haJa leautilul vile anJthree angelic leings he calleJ
chilJren! You neeJeJ to see his kiJs to comprehenJ hovllesseJ
he vas. FveryloJy loveJ to have themarounJ lecause they vere
respectlul, anJ Jelightlul. The vile vas a prool ol the virtuous
vomaninProv:ros `I. She haJit all. She vas highly eJucateJ, a sell
acclaimeJ anJ certilieJ aJministrator ol the householJ anJ a
chartereJ manager ol some ol the lamily lusinesses. His little
angels vere smart, gooJ looking anJ lresh as lresh coulJ le! I
lelieve the Psalmist vas relerring to himin Psalms I6.6 vhen he
saiJ 1|: iio:s er: jeii:o aoto m: io i:eseot iec:s, v:e, I |ev: e oociv
|:rite:` His success vas truly overvhelming. I coulJcontinue to
tell you more alout this mec: meo lut on a seconJ thought, hov
voulJ it prolit you il I continue to share vith you the story on
hovsomeone caught his share ol lishes anJ Jont tell you hovto
catchyour ovnshare ol lishes lor the longterm`
Ol course, I sincerely got curious alout the peace anJ
pleasantness that JecorateJ his lile, I then haJ to olserve anJ
inquire more purposelully alout his lile, so I coulJ Jrav on the
secrets lor his success anJ the lolloving pages oller tremenJous
insights to the truths I lounJ! He liveJ ly ow:r erecims that
maJe his lile so simple lut gracelul.
By intentionally olserving anJ stuJying his lile, I JiscovereJ
true success cant le liaseJ lut multilaceteJ. A man is not
successlul until he lalances the social, spiritual anJ lamily lile.
The question voulJ le, is it a possilility` AnJ I can emphatically
say it is! That is vhy I lelieve the ow:r erecims in this look vill
not only inlorm lut translorm you into taking Jelinite steps lor
your success to lecome anunJenialle reality.
He lounJ anJ liveJ ly ow:r erecims that maJe him the
success he is toJay. AnJ trust me, he has not turneJ lack lrom
valking in the reality ol those ow:r erecims. I then vent on to
concluJe that it is possille to live a successlul lut signilicant lile
onthis part ol eternity. Il he JiJit, ve canJo it!
You knovvhat` I also learnt lromhimthat so many persons
vant to knov vhat it takes to succeeJ lut selJom vant to Jo
vhat it takes to succeeJ! But my Jesire lor you is that lelore you
are Jone vith the ow:r erecims in this look, you voulJ have
receiveJ uncommon grace to Jo all you voulJ Jiscover in the
pages lolloving. I lelieve youvoulJencounter plainlut priceless
truths in these ow:r erecims that vill change anJ Jecorate your
Vithout lurther aJo, I velcome youto a vorlJvhere youcan
le vholesomely successlul anJ signilicantly impactlul ly
genuinely harnessing 1|: 2e Pow:r Perecims io t|: Sc|ooi oj D:stiov.

The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny iv

The Pover Paradigm oI Attitude
Yoar ettitac: to iij: c:t:rmio:s voar eititac: io iij:,
Yoar ettitac: to iij:, c:cic:s iij:s ettitac: to voa
]onathan Olise
his conversation ensueJ letveen a nevs reporter anJ
tvo athletes vho just linisheJ a racing competition.
THere is the questionthe reporter poseJto the athletes.
Reorter: Hovvere you alle to pull through Jespite the laJ
veather conJition`
AIder: I vas prepareJ to excel even in the extremely laJ
veather conJition, thats vhyI came throughjust line.
Ether: I vasnt prepareJ lor the laJ veather that shoveJ up,
so I gave upvinning.
The Jillerence letveen the tvo responses is the attituJe
lormeJ prior to their inJiviJual perlormance. One haJ a positive
attituJe anJ anticipateJ success even in the vorst veather
conJition, vhile the other haJ a negative attituJe just lecause ol
the supposeJ laJ veather. Vhat Jillerentiates vinners lrom
losers is the reactionput lorthto lile threatening circumstances.
This then suggests that attituJes are logically hypothetical
constructs, meaning they are inlerreJ anJ are manilesteJ in overt
lehaviour, verlal reports, conscious experience anJ
physiological inJicators. Its the sumtotal ol your perception to
lile, your mental Jescription ol the vorlJ arounJ you, the vay
you see your environment anJ your luture. They really Jo
Jetermine hovoutstanJing ve perlormin the symphony ol lile.
It vas Thomas ]ellerson that saiJ, Xot|io ceo sto t|: meo wit| t|:
ri|t m:otei ettitac: jrom ec|i:vio |is oei, oot|io oo :ert| ceo |:i t|:
meowit|t|: wroom:otei ettitac:`
Personal experiences in lile suggest ones attituJe to lile. The
quality ol ones attituJe is juJgeJ lrom the olservalle, olvious,
evaluative responses that are maJe lromJay to Jay experiences
anJ so the loop continues. Your inner anJ outer experiences
inlormyour core attituJe to everything in lile. As a matter ol lact,
vho you are is a lunction ol the attituJe you have put up vith to
this point inyour lile.
Something I linJlascinating alout attituJe is that, it coulJle
the spring loarJ anJ stepping stone to the next level in lullilling
Jestiny or the stepping stone to a lover level in lile! Vhat a
paraJox I suppose. But il its true that our personal experiences
inlorm our inJiviJual Jisposition to issues in lile then, that
inlorms ve coulJ use our personal experiences as our source ol
strength to lring alout the change ve ultimately Jesire.
Certainly, it also suggests that vith a positive attituJe, success
possililities lecome limitless.
I hope to paint a picture ol the attituJe that appreciates,
conquers, Jominates, elevates, overcomes, anJ vins through the
thick anJ thin ol lile. The salient truth is that vith a positive
attituJe, youcanturneverynegative stress anJpressure to a gooJ
one. Investing in your attituJe coulJ possilly le the greatest
investment you coulJ give a shot at! ReaJ on lecause in the
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 2
lolloving pages lies treasures vaiting to le unlockeJ ly your
reaJy heart. Your attituJe happens to le one ol the loremost
paraJigms that set you on the path to lullilling Jestiny, therelore
JeJicating your mental laculty to seeing throughits Jevelopment
anJrelining is vorththe take.
Optimismhas got a lot to Jo vithhaving a positive attituJe to
lile. The three Helrev youngsters chose to see the gooJ even in
the olvious laJ.
The story ol the three HelrevchilJreninthe Bille testilies to
the lact that strength ol attituJe culminates into strength ol
character Alsoveakness ol attituJe culminates into veakness ol
character The Bille recorJs the account in Daniel 3.II8, Ij it o:
so, oar Coc w|om w: s:rv: is eoi: toc:iiv:r as jrom t|: oaroio ji:rvjaroec:,
eoc |: wiii c:iiv:ras oat oj t|io: |eoc, J rio Fat ij oot, o: it roowoaotot|::,
J rio, t|et w: wiii oot s:rv: t|v ocs, oor wors|i t|: oic:o ime: w|ic|
t|oa|est s:t a`
UnJerstanJ that their positive attituJe vas rooteJ on their
laith in GoJs laithlulness anJ supremacy. Vhen your reason lor
leen optimistic is resteJ on the One vho has a track recorJ ol no
lailure you can le sure ol vinning all the time. The gooJ part to
the story ol the three loys is that they got out ol the lurnace
unscatheJ ly the liery lurning lurnace. In lact the King
ultimately promoteJ them in a lanJ that vas not their ovn! It
happeneJall lyJint ol their strengthol attituJe.
1ocevI ceocomieioo:ceas: t|: w:et|:r is reiovor o: t|eorjai t|et t|:
ress is :ttiowet:r:c jorjr::
1ocev I ceo o: sec jor oot |evio mor: moo:v or o: iec t|et mv jioeoc:
:ocoare:s m: toiec: mvarc|es:s wis:iveoc aic: m: ewevjrom west:
1ocevI ceoramoi: eooat mv|:eit|orr:oic: t|et I em eiiv:
1ocevI ceoiem:ot ov:r eii t|et mver:ots cicot iv: m: w|:oI wes rowio
a orj::i ret:jai t|et t|:veiiow:c m: too: ooro
1ocev I ceo moaro jor mv iecr oj jri:ocs or :moerr aoo e a:st oj o:io
1ocevI ceow|io: o:ceas: I |ev: tootoworror s|oat wit|ovo:ceas: I wes
iv:ot|: ow:rtocr:et: w:eit|
1ocevI ceomarmar o:ceas: I |ev: tocot|: |oas: c|or:s or j::i |oooar:c jor
|evioe |om:
w|et tocev wiii o: iir: is a to m: I :t to c|oos: w|et rioc oj cev I wiii |ev:
Vinning inlile starts vithanattituJe ol gratituJe lor lile.
It is the leJrock lor valueaJJing anJunenJing accomplishments
in lile. You cannot le lruitlul in the lanJ you arent gratelul lor.
Until you legin to appreciate lile, only then vill you legin to see
the llessings it Joes promise.
Your attituJe to lile Jetermines liles attituJe tovarJ you.
Dont muse negatively over the challenges ol lile lecause
challenges are meant to le challengeJanJsurmounteJ. Rather le
gratelul you have an opportunity to le a sellmaJe champion, ly
putting up the right attituJe to conquer every olstacle you
encounter. It is simply this, change your attituJe anJyouvill enJ
up changing your lile! You can really lecome all you sincerely
Jesire il onlyyoucanJo that.
Lets say, you have a lrienJ vho loves your company lut
alvays complains alout everything I mean everything. Anytime
he comes arounJ its like something alvays jumps out ol you you
leel like youlose something onyour insiJe everytime youinteract,
that coulJ le a pointer to the lact that you neeJ to stay the
relationship letveen you loth! Il you Jo vant to maintain a
positive attituJe ol gratituJe, as a matter ol lact, no relationshipis
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 4
vorth keeping il its not going to help you lullil Jestiny. It voulJ
le practically impossille to le JeterreJ anJ unhappy arounJ
someone vithanovervhelming positive attituJe to lile, except ol
course you Jo have some serious anJ augmenteJ challenge! But
you vill le amateJ at hov sviltly he responJs vith ecstasy to
challenges lecause he unJerstanJs that challenges Jont come to
staylut theyalvays Jo come to pass!
It is true that lile is lull ol challenges. But more true is that lile is
lull ol conquerors, vho have laceJ seemingly insurmountalle
challenges heaJlong anJhave overcome.
The present state ol allairs in your lile is a lunction ol the attituJe
you have chosen to put up vith. It all legins vith your minJ,
lecause the Bille says in Proverls 23. Ior es e meo t|ior:t| io |is
|:ert, sois |:
Vhatever you can conceive yoursell to le, is vhat you
actually lecome, vhatever youcanconceive, youcanachieve. The
author ol w|o mov:c mv c|::s: in person ol Spencer ]ohnson saiJ
w|et wiii voacoij voaw:r:ot ejreic`` That questiongoes to the heart
ol the more than conqueror. It also Joes prove il you have an
attituJe that canconquer.
The chilJren ol Israel vere alout entering the promiseJ lanJ
ol Canaan lut true to every lattle, there neeJeJ to le spies that
voulJ go anJ have somevhat like a reconnaissance survey ol the
lanJ. The goal vas to ascertain the strength ol the army, the
Jelences anJother necessary concerns. But something happeneJ,
all the spies that vere sent came lack lull ol negativity that the
lanJvas unconqueralle lyJint ol the giants that vere inthe lanJ
anJthe highvalls.
The nevs veakeneJ the hosts ol Israel, lut tvo courageous
menviththe attituJe that conquers reluteJthe claimol the other
spies. The Bille says in Numlers I3.3J Aoc Cei:o stiii:c t|: :oi:
o:jor: Vos:s, eoc seic, L:t as oa et ooc:, eoc oss:ss it, jor w: er: w:ii eoi:
to ov:rcom: it' They also allirmeJ the lanJ vas lull ol milk anJ
honeyvhere others savJeathanJJoom!
I see your perspective to that environment vhere you are
locateJ change right nov. Have you ever vonJereJ vhy some
lolks remain vretcheJ anJ in penury vhere other lolks are
vealthy anJ in plenty` The ansver lies in the perspective each
inJiviJual chooses, talking ol their attituJe paraJigm.
ToJay choose to put on a positive attituJe anJ le optimistic
alout every challenge that arises. Youvill lecome a testimony ly
changing your attituJe positivelytoJay.
A phrase I have come to aJore anJ cherish so much in
scripture is eoc it cem: to ess` It is mentioneJ alout +53 times in
the King ]ames Version ol the Bille. Fvery challenge must alvays
come to pass. It either crushes the persononits pathor viceversa.
Fither vayone crushes the other!
But youmight have laileJlelore anJyour attituJe is presently
at a negative state, just rememler that you can accept your
shortcomings as leeJlack lor a letter comelack than remaining
JovntroJJen anJ JejecteJ! You are sure letter than giving up.
Get uplike the star that youare, lecause youhave a throne to take.
You can le the crusher that crushes challenges lecause its
your time to le the champion you are meant to le! I never saiJ lile
vas a leJ ol roses vith no troulles vhatsoever, lut as the author
anJ pastor Rolert Schuller asserts 1oa| tim:s o:v:r iest oat toa|
:oi: co. Choose vhere you lelong, the quitters camp or the
vinners camp`
Permit me to say, your utmost greatness in lile vill le
JetermineJlyyour attituJe to the challenges youlace inol lile!
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 6
Think alout this, the great names ve have inJillerent spheres
ol lile toJay JiJnt lecome successlul overnight. They haJ their
ovn share ol ups anJ Jovns lut came through, tough, relineJ,
JoggeJanJloaJeJto take uponlor challenges.
A positive attituJe cant le quantilieJ in terms ol vhat it can
accomplish. It alvays superseJes expectations. It also out
perlorms vhere physical strength unJer perlorms. In aJJition it
can translorm a linancially JelormeJ person to a linancially
inlormeJ person anJ it can translorm a sick inJiviJual into a
healthy heartyinJiviJual insplit seconJs!
You coulJ le so Jovn thinking the vhole vorlJ is leasing its
veight onyou, lut just a visionol the light at the enJol the tunnel
can lrighten up every JarkeneJ attituJe impaireJ lrom
succeeJing to classic excellence, success anJsignilicance.
Chart the course ol your lile ly putting up a nev attituJe
paraJigmlor maximumsuccess anJsignilicance.
Dont traJe your lright tomorrov on the grounJs ol
negativity anJ Jiscouragement. You are the lest you ever createJ.
Il you quit, your generation or generations yet unlorn might
suller lor it. You can Jream again. You cant allorJ to pitch your
tent vith quitters anJ lovlevel Jreamers. You are lrom an
aristocratic Jynasty, calleJ to le JistinguisheJ, separateJ anJ
JivinelyorJaineJto le a llessing to generations yet unlorn!
Change your attituJe alout your person anJ passion. Change
your attituJe alout your linance anJluture. Youcanlounce lack
again. Change your attituJe alout challenges, lecause they are
stepping stones to your next level.
Youare the only youthat canmake it. Change your attituJe alout
lile lecause its going to le line just again. In the vorJs ol Mike
MurJock Attitac: is e c|os:oostar:` So choose rightly.
Attitude Nugget: Your positive attituJe to lile toJay is the seeJ
yousovlor anunJenialle altituJe inlile.
Scriture Nugget: For es |: t|ior:t|io|is |:ert, sois |: Fet eoc crior,
seit||: tot|::, oat |is |:ert is oot wit|t|::` Prov:ros 2`(Kj\)
Attitude Questions: Vhat inlorms my thought lile` CoulJ it le
lailure ol the past or lear ol the luture` Vhat then shoulJ inlorm
myattituJe to lile` GoJs vorJor the happenings arounJ`
Quotes on Attitude
1|: r:et:st ciscov:rv oj oar tim: is t|et m:o ceo eit:r t|:ir iiv:s ov
simiv c|eoio t|:ir ettitac:s`
C|eo: voar t|oa|ts eoc voa c|eo: voar woric`
Norman Vincent PeaIe
Positiv: t|iorio wiii i:t voa co :v:rvt|io
o:tt:r t|eo o:etiv: t|iorio wiii`
Zig ZigIar
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 8
The Pover Paradigm oI BooIs
A ooor ceo c|eo: voar o:io,
A ioor iosic: ceo c|eo: voar t|iorio,
Aoc s:t voa oo t|: et| oj c:stiov wort|jaijiiiio.
]onathan Olise
little loy got somevhat curious alout the personal
lilraryol his DaJ, vho happens to le a successlul mega
Alusiness tycoon. He summoneJcourage to ask his DaJ
hov he reaJs so much in spite his lusy vork scheJule anJ this
vas the DaJs response to his little loy. You can never separate
leaJing lromreaJing, lecause leaJers are reaJers anJ as you grov
up to le a man, you vill Jiscover that learning really never stops,
anJ most importantly to make maximumimpact, you must le an
aviJ reaJer a gooJ one at that. He vent lurther to say ignorance is
a prool that anansver is lockeJsomevhere ina look!
I have maJe my little Jiscovery in my short lile on this part ol
eternity that leaJers leaJ ly reaJing a little more than the average
person. ReaJing opens your minJ to possililities once thought
impossille anJ that is vhy I lelieve looks are the greatest
repository ol visJomanJknovleJge, humanity has haJaccess to
through the countries. Over the centuries, sages have maximiteJ
the pover ol vriting to pen Jovn vise sayings anJ linJings, on
various types anJ shapes ol materials ranging lromstones, scrolls,
clothes, name them. Truly, as a Chinese Proverl puts it, A ooor
|oics e |oas: oj oic`
In moJern Jay, all these ancient vritings have leen put into
looks. Varying lromharJcopyto soltcopylormats to appeal to the
technological aJvancement ol the present Jay. Over centuries, it
has leen proven that the laintest pen is sharper than the sharpest
lrain. There can never le any Jiscovery toJay that vill le entirely
isolateJlromlinJings ol past JecaJes anJcenturies. Fvery lormol
aJvancement anJ Jiscovery in various lielJs ol human enJeavour
has alvays anJ vill alvays le a luilJ up on availalle knovleJge.
There is reallynothing nevunJer the sun.
Imagine il the lrilliant minJs ol centuries past never preserveJ
their Jiscoveries, then all their linJings anJ sayings voulJ have
leenlost viththeir Jemise! That voulJhave leentragic to saythe
least. It voulJ have requireJ the reinvention ol the vheel vith
every generation, vhich voulJ have leen unimaginalle anJ
catastrophic. But inlooks you linJtreasures unlimiteJ, you Jrav
lromthe vealth ol visJomol the ancients anJ interact vith great
minJs long JeaJ. MinJs get openeJ up through the
instrumentality ol reaJing anJ stuJying, anJ stuJy, I mean ol
great looks. In the vorJs ol Henry VarJ Beecher A ooor is e
erc:o, eo orc|erc, e stor:|oas:, e ertv, e comeov ov t|: wev, e coaos:iior,
eoc e maititac: oj coaos:iiors`
Paul the apostle vas ol the most successlul anJ the greatest
missionary ol Christianity anJits lirst theologian. But he vas also
given to stuJy anJ that vas the reason lor his vastness in various
issues that concerneJthe churchanJthe societyat the time.
His stuJy lilestyle shoveJ up in 2Timothy +.I3, vhen he saiJ
1|: cior: t|et I i:jt et 1roes wit| Ceras, w|:ot|oacom:st, orio wit| t|::,
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 10
eoc t|: ooors, oat :s:cieiiv t|: erc|m:ots` Right here is prool that
greatness Joes not come ly vishing lut ly vorking. Better still,
investing in the right material especially looks! Dont just talk
the valk, valk the talk anJvalk the valk.
]esus Christ proveJ the vialility ol leaJing ly reaJing, vhen
at various instances he challengeJ the ignorance ol the Pharisees
anJ SaJJucees lor their lack ol knovleJge vith regarJs to
scriptural truths. These verses explainmore.
VetI2` Fat |: seic aoto t|:m, Eev: v: oot r:ec w|et Devic cic, w|:o |:
wes eo|aor:c, eoc t|:vt|et w:r: wit||im,
VetI25 Jr |ev: v: oot r:ec io t|: iew, |ow t|et oo t|: seooet| cevs t|:
ri:sts iot|: t:mi: rojeo: t|: seooet|, eoc er: oiem:i:ss`
VetI`+ Aoc |: eosw:r:c eoc seic aoto t|:m, Eev: v: oot r:ec, t|et |:
w|ic|mec: t|:m et t|: o:iooiomec: t|:m mei: eoc j:mei:,
Vet2IIe Aoc seic aoto |im, E:er:st t|oa w|et t|:s: sev` Aoc j:sas seit|
aoto t|:m, Y:e, |ev: v: o:v:r r:ec, Jat oj t|: moat| oj oeo:s eoc sacriios
t|oa|est :rj:ct:c reis:`
Vet2I+2 j:sas seit| aoto t|:m, Dic v: o:v:r r:ec io t|: scritar:s, 1|:
stoo: w|ic| t|: oaiic:rs r::ct:c, t|: sem: is o:com: t|: |:ec oj t|: coro:r
t|is is t|: Lorcs coio, eoc it is merv:iioas iooar:v:s`
Vet22`I Fat es toac|io t|: r:sarr:ctioo oj t|: c:ec, |ev: v: oot r:ec t|et
w|ic|wes sor:oaotovoaovCoc, sevio,
Ver225 Aoc |: seic aotot|:m, Eev: v: o:v:rr:ecw|et Devic cic, w|:o|:
|ec o::c, eoc wes eo|aor:c, |:, eoc t|:vt|et w:r: wit||im`
VerI2I0 Aoc |ev: v: oot r:ec t|is scritar:, 1|: stoo: w|ic| t|: oaiic:rs
r::ct:c is o:com: t|: |:ec oj t|: coro:r
VerI22e Aoc es toac|io t|: c:ec, t|et t|:v ris: |ev: v: oot r:ec io t|:
ooor oj Vos:s, |ow io t|: oas| Coc ser: aoto |im, sevio, I em t|: Coc oj
Aore|em, eoc t|: Coc oj Iseec, eoc t|: Coc oj jecoo`
Lare` Aoc j:sas eosw:rio t|:m seic, Eev: v: oot r:ec so mac| es t|is,
w|et Devic cic, w|:o|ims:ij wes eo|aor:c, eoc t|:vw|ic|w:r: wit||im
The tone ol the questions positeJ in these verses make me
lelieve He vas ov:rest:c eoc jieoo:rw|:im:c at their ignorance anJ
lolJness at it!
To truly leaJ in the school ol Jestiny, you must commit
yoursell to a lilestyle ol reaJing lor greatness. Il you Jont knov,
you have no lusiness trying to get knovn. But vhen you knov
you vill eventually get knovn! So reaJ, reaJ anJ reaJ lecause to
every Jiscovery, there must le a commitment to Jiscover. It is
impossille to Jiscover treasures vithout going alter it. GolJ
Jiggers knov that harJ vork at Jigging is the only remeJy lor
linJing golJ unJer the earth! So they Jig anJ Jig until they get to
the golJ mine. The only remeJy lor ignorance is knovleJge, so go
lor looks.
HarJ vork is the only ansver to circumvent a harJ lile.
Choose visely. Millions ol persons through the years have toileJ
the path ol greatness via imliling the culture ol locuseJ reaJing
I voulJlove to sviltlycategorite looks unJer tvo groups.
\eia: Accio Foors ecc/mer: voa These can le saiJ to le
looks that make your lile letter positively anJ spur you tovarJs
making your lile count ly impacting others positively anJ living
your GoJorJaineJpurpose onthe earth.
\eia: Seio Foors saotrect/mer voa These are looks that
Jestroy your very leing. They might le eyecatching or attractive
all the same lut they Jo spur you into thinking, Jreaming anJ
Joing evil. These coulJ le Jemonic looks that chain people to
aJJictions anJalllictions alike. Il yousee suchlooks please Jo run
avaylromthemlecause theyvill enJupJestroying you.
ReaJing lor greatness must le the Jesire ol anyone vho
Jesires to make impact ina liletime.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 12
Daniel vas a man vho haJ insight into the supernatural. He
coulJ interpret Jreams, haJ revelations concerning his time anJ
leyonJ. He vas even ten times letter than his equals in his Jays,
all these came alout not ly vishing, lut ly stuJying! He saiJ ol
himsell inDaniel 9.2eoc I Deoi:i aoc:rstooc ovooors`
So you see the reality that having access to revelations, are no
sulstitute to a lilestyle ol stuJy. Inthe Jays ol Daniel, the king haJ
a JreamanJ JesireJ his vise men to interpret the Jreamlut none
coulJ. VhenDaniel hearJthe king vas set to kill all the vise men
in his kingJomil none coulJ interpret his Jream, he requesteJ lor
mercythat he voulJtell the king the interpretationol his Jreamil
given some time. Alter communing vith GoJ in company ol his
lrienJs, the Jreamvas revealeJto himanJthe interpretationalso.
ImmeJiately, he maJe the interpretation knovn to the king
anJlives ol the vise menvere preserveJ!
Note that vith all the revelations he haJ access to, he vas still
a stuJious Prophet ol GoJ. Aoc I Deoi:i aoc:rstooc ovooors'` He vas
then elevateJ to le a leaJer in a strange lanJ, he lecame great,
suchthat he outliveJthe reignol three kings.
Until you lecome an arJent reaJer anJ also lecome stuJious,
you are not likely to leaJ ellectively. Hovvill you leaJ vhen you
Jont knovmore thanthe people youleaJ`
It has leen proveJ overtime those inJiviJuals vho reaJ more
than the average reaJer in any lielJ, naturally lecome leaJers in
their lielJs ol specialitation. People vill alvays listen to someone
vho knovs letter than they Jo. You Jont really go alove vhat
you knov in lile. Simply put, vhen you knov you voulJ get
knovn. I therelore charge you to open yoursell to the stuJy
lilestyle anJI tell you, your elevationvill surelyshovupsviltly!
Nov that ve have estallisheJ the lact that leaJing anJ
reaJing goes hanJ in hanJ, it then luttresses the lact that you
cannot increase intellectually, spiritually, socially, anJ physically
leyonJvhat youchoose to knovanJlinJout.
This the Jrill right here, reaJing is the secret pathto greatness.
As long as you continue to stuJy in your lielJ ol interest, it opens
your minJ to possililities again anJ again. You see, I have
JiscovereJ personally, that reaJing has a vay ol transporting you
to realms untolJ! You legin to think in vays lar alove your
contemporaries, it opens you up to a vorlJ ol unlimiteJ
possililities. I choose to lelieve you Jont have to go through the
lour valls ol a classroom to le learneJ anJ successlul. It starts
vithyour Jesire to learn, lromvhere youat right avay!
You can le home schooleJ in the sense that, you can go
through all processes ol leen schooleJ vith little aiJ. Vhat you
neeJ lirst is an open minJ that longs to learn, anJ then the means
vill shovupsomehov, youknov.
I must conless that I never likeJ the lact that I neeJeJ to stuJy
through primary anJ seconJary school to le successlul. Because
yousee, I loveJseeing things vork out last anJhaJno patience lor
some sitathome reaJing anJ stuJying! I voulJ alvays go play
some lootlall every evening alter school anJ I hateJ vhen my DaJ
voulJ alvays lug me vith assignments, homevork anJ the likes.
Ol course the goal vas just to keepme tieJJovnJoing something
loring to mylittle minJthen.
Alter graJuating lrom college, I proceeJeJ to stuJy
engineering lecause I thought I voulJ have less theory anJ more
calculations! though I loveJ Jraving anJ calculations lut hateJ
anything theory! Not until my late teens, I legan to Jiscover
success Joesnt really vork out that vay. I starteJ to unJerstanJ
that to get knovn, voa mast r:eiiv :t to roow! AnJ to knov, you got
to reaJ. AnJ that changeJ my perspective entirely alout reaJing
Oh, hovI loveJ that realisation lackvarJs, you knovlut all
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 14
that is novhistory. Presently, I love reaJing anJthats lor lile! As a
matter ol truth, one ol the lest gilts I appreciate a lot is a gooJ
look. Give me a gooJ look anJ you coulJ le my lrienJ lorever! Ill
alvays cherishthat.
But lecause youare reaJing this look, it shovs hovmuchol a
glorious Jestiny you have aheaJ ol you. So here are some nuggets
that voulJhelpyoualong this journey.
]ust like eating a gooJ meal so sumptuously enJoveJ, Joesnt
ease the lact youll still neeJ to eat the same recipe again some
other time. In the same vein, reaJing a gooJ look toJay Joesnt
mean you shoulJ throvthe look avay vhen youre Jone, neither
Joes it ease the lact youll neeJto revisit it againanJagain. So keep
reaJing, reaJing anJreaJing!
Procrastinationis alvays a thiel ol time. So vatchit anJset out on
the journeyto lullilling Jestiny.
D:sir: to o: sacc:ssjai It legins vith this lecause il you can see
the revarJ ol an experience then it voulJ le easy to enJure the
rigours ol the journey. You neeJ to genuinely Jesire to le great,
anJ then Jo vhat it takes anJ you vill le just great. Better still,
legin vith the enJ in minJ. Il you can envisage the revarJ, you
canenJure the Jiscomlort ol the moment.
Do e Sc|:cai: To le ellective in your stuJy lile, Jravup a plan
anJ ensure you keep it. Believe me, its not going to le easy, lut
you got to Jo it to get to the top. You coulJ make yoursell
responsille to someone yourespect vho vill keepyouincheck, to
ensure you lollovyour Jravn up scheJule. A lilrary ol visJomis
more precious than all vealth anJ all things that are Jesiralle
cannot le compareJto it vhatsoever!
Do it eeio eoc eeio Consistency is the secret ol champions,
great achievers anJ leaJing leaJers. Start luilJing your lilrary
toJay. Uncommon achievers simply Jo things common achievers
Jo occasionally. So ly keeping at it, it lecomes natural vith time.
AnJthe revarJs, onlytime cantell.
A vealthy lusinessman vas intervieveJ, Juring vhich he
saiJ, I Jont lelieve Im smart, lut I reaJ a lot anJ I knov that
vhenI reaJ, I make things happen. Inthe vorJs ol Marcus Tillius
Cicero A |om: wit|oat ooors is iir: e oocvwit|oat soai`
Developing a halit ol proJuctive stuJy as an inJiviJual vill in no
time proJuce a giant ol you. The Bille says in2Timothy2.I5 Stacv
to s|ow t|vs:ij, erov:c aoto Coc, e worrmeo t|et o::c:t| oot to o:
es|em:c, ri|tiv civicio t|: worc oj trat|` Shov me an arJent anJ
proJuctive reaJer in any lielJ ol human enJeavour anJ Ill shov
youa leaJer alreaJymaJe!
The ultimate goal ol proJuctive stuJy is to get inlormation that
translorms youto le vhat GoJvants youto le inHis Big Picture.
Fven as you Jevelop the Pow:r Perecim oj Foors, you must
unJerstanJ the extreme ol stuJy vithout the GoJ perspective
coulJ le catastrophic. The Bille cautions in Fcclesiastes I2.I2,
Aoc jart|:r, ov t|:s:, mv soo, o: ecmoois|:c oj merio meov ooors t|:r: is
oo:oc, eoc mac|stacvis e w:erio:ss oj t|: ji:s|`
Get this right, this is in no vay to scare you, rather it is to put you
incheck concerning the extreme ol the knovleJge quest.
All the same, someone rightly saiJ, vhosoever therelore claims to
le jealous ol truth, ol happiness, ol visJom or knovleJge, must
lecome a lover ol looks.
The ultimate goal ol the pover paraJigmol looks is that you use
this tool to lecome the ultimate gooJ, GoJ vants ol you, so as to
lullil your Jivine purpose onthe earth.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 16
The BooIs Nugget: ReaJ, reaJ anJ reaJ, thats the secret ol
greatness inthe school ol Jestiny.
Scriture Nugget: Stacv to s|:wt|vs:ij erov:c aoto Coc, e worrmeo
t|et o::c:t| oot to o: es|em:c, ri|tiv civicio t|: worc oj trat|` 2 1imot|v
2I5 (Kj\)
BooIs Questions: Is my varJrole costlier than my lilrary` (Il
yes.then I neeJ help! Il no.kuJos!) Vhat area ol my lile neeJs
overhauling` Vhat is the vorth ol looks I have investeJ in that
Quotes on BooIs
Foors er: t|: o::s w|ic| cerrv t|: aicr:oio
oii:o jrom oo: to eoot|:r mioc`
ames RusseII IoveII
Foors er: e jio:r woric wit|io t|: woric`
AIexander Smith
Foors er: oat west: e:r aoi:ss w: s:oc io ectioo t|: wiscom w: :t
jrom t|oa|t esi:: w|:o w: er: w:erv oj t|: iivio, w: mev r:eir to t|:
c:ec, w|o |ev: oot|io oj ::vis|o:ss, ric: or c:sio io t|:ir coos:rvetioo`
ViIIiam ButIer Yeats
A iiorerv is eo ers:oei oj iio:rtv`
A oioiio|ii: oj iitti: m:eos is iir:iv to sajj:r ojt:o Foors coot sii jrom
|is |eocs oat jiv est |im t|roa| t|: eir, |i| es oircs, |i| es ric:s`
PalIo Neruda
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 18
The Pover Paradigm oI Character
C|erect:r is t|: mer:a t|et coaic mer: or mer voa
]onathan Olise
t is the convocation assemlly ol the university vhere Galriel
is graJuating vith a lirst class honours Jegree in Structural
IFngineering. HunJreJs ol parents have travelleJ lromarounJ
the country to make it to their varJs graJuation. FveryloJy is
stanJing in honour ol the Chancellors procession. Its just some
minutes past nine in the morning ol a sunny IriJay, precisely
J9.I5am. The procession song is leginning to laJe out as the
entourage ol the Chancellor gets seateJ. The excitement in the
convocation arena is unlelievally at tempo. The graJuating class
all JresseJ in their govns looking avesomely glorious. Parents,
vell vishers, lrienJs, inviteJ anJ uninviteJ guests all smiling anJ
lilleJviththe Jays excitement.
The atmosphere is set lor the lormal opening ol the assemlly
vith prayer. The anchor lor the assemlly valks up the poJium,
grals the microphone anJ speaks into it vith some resounJing
laritone voice. The vhole auJitoriumgets electrilieJvithjoyanJ
glaJness literally saturating the atmosphere. The National
anthem anJ school anthem quickly comes immeJiately alter the
opening prayer. The program continues accorJing to scheJule.
But the height ol the programvoulJ le vhen the Jegrees voulJ
le avarJeJ to the lest stuJents in every Jepartment. Its II.J3am
anJ here comes the Vice Chancellor to the poJiumgetting set to
invite the Chancellor to come onstage to avarJthe Jegrees to the
graJuating class. The lirst class stuJents voulJ receive a
hanJshake lromthe Chancellor as theyreceive their Jegrees.
The Vice Chancellor goes through the sio: ae ooo ol recitals
anJ linally says to the Chancellor Sir I present to you these
stuJents that have leen lounJ vorthy in i:eroio eoc c|erect:r.
Nov, this is vhere Imgoing to pause lor a vhile.
Lets consiJer the essence ol consiJering character alter learning
inthe cliche ol avarJol Jegrees. Vhyis character that important`
AnJthat is vhat Ill tryto luttress inthis chapter. Fnjoy.
It is certainly true that the character ol a man Jelines his leing
anJ tells so much ol the personality in the person. You can have
capacity or le learneJ, lut il character is lacking, catastrophe
lecomes imminent. The character virtue Jetermines the vorth ol
the inJiviJual lothinthe private anJpullic place.
In the acaJemia, it is lelieveJ that the stuJent has leen testeJ
overtime anJ has leen lounJ vorthy ol i:eroio eoc c|erect:r. This
is lecause, it is lelieveJ that amongst all the stuJents rusticateJ
lor one reason or the other, this one maJe it through. In lootlall,
players are punisheJ lor inappropriate character traits
irrespective ol their capacity. In the vork place, employees get
sackeJlor lack ol integrityincharacter.
AlexanJer Larsen rightly puts it this vay C|erect:r is c:t:rmio:c io
t|: r:s:oc: oj t:mtetiooeoc t|: eos:oc: oj eoeaci:oc:` Character is the
moral or ethical quality ol a person. Its the aggregate quality ol
leatures anJtraits that lormthe inJiviJual nature ol some person.
Also, I lelieve character is the Jelining vhole ol a person. It proves
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 20
the vorthol aninJiviJual throughthe thick anJthinol lile.
Character speaks volume letter than vorJs can Jo. Charles H.
Spurgeon saiJ A ooc c|erect:r is t|: o:st tomostoo: 1|os: w|o iov:c
voa eoc w:r: |:i:c ov voa wiii r:m:mo:r voa w|:o jor:tm: oots |ev:
wit|:r:c Stem voar oem: oo |:erts, oot oo meroi:` Its the character
that makes the man, not positionol authorityor status insociety.
Fvery inJiviJual responJs Jillerently to Jillerent situations
per time. Ior instance, some persons cant stanJ the sight ol an
outright liar, lut some other person might leel nothing is vrong
alout lying! Nov, thats ol course a tvisteJorientationthat neeJs
lixing. But truly everything ve Jo in lile gets a share ol our
innermost convictions expresseJ ly our character. Our character
actually Joes impel or actuate our reactions to varying
circumstances in lile. Hence this suggests that character can le
JevelopeJovertime laseJonvarying parameters.
Ior instance, the cliche useJ in higher institutions vhen
Jegrees are avarJeJ, voa |ev: o::o joaoc wort|v oot| io i:eroio eoc
c|erect:r To me it implies, though you verent as gooJ as you are
right nov, you might have messeJ up several times lut you have
learneJ last anJ your character has leen proven anJ youve leen
lounJ vorthy in character! Better still, you have pulleJ through
vith some Jint ol gooJ character. Therelore this testilies to the
lact that character canle cultivateJ, relineJanJJevelopeJ.
Inmy teenage years I came across anFasternProverlthat goes
thus, 1|:r: er: ooiv two cr:etar:s t|et ceo sarmoaot t|: vremics, t|:
:ei: eoc t|: soeii Io oar arsait oj c|erect:r w: s|oaic comoio: t|:
v:otar:som:o:ss oj t|: :ei: eoc t|: t:oecitvoj t|: soeii It Joesnt matter
hovlaJyouleel alout your character, mayle it has put youJovn
so many times or has JepriveJ you ol honour anJ lavour, the gooJ
nevs is that you can Jevelop your character anJ change it lor
Sometimes, you hear lolks say vorJs like these to lolks, E:v,
|ev: voaot meoo:rs, orvoav: ot toc|eo: voarc|erect:ro:ceas: its oec'
Such statements like these points to the lact, that character coulJ
le JevelopeJlor gooJil vorkeJupon.
Vhy must character le vorkeJ upon` It Jetermines the sum
total ol our Jispositionto lile, its also paramount to the lullilment
ol Jestiny, anJalso quintessential to the success ol the inJiviJual.
Believe me vhen I say, a JelormeJ character is a leaJ to a
JelormeJ Jestiny. Until the character is vorkeJ upon, nothing
really changes lor gooJ. Youcanchange your vays, lut il the heart
is not changeJ, theres going to le a prollem, il not nov, then in
the luture!
The Jevelopment ol the character must le seenas a journeynot
a Jestination. Its a continuous process ol change. I lelieve grovth
comes vith a lot ol lixing here anJ there anJ chiselling here anJ
there likevise. So keepgroving.
In the vorJs ol R.C. Samsel, C|erect:r is t|: jirm joaocetioo stoo:
aoo w|ic| oo: mast oaiic to wio r:s:ct, ast es oo wort|v oaiicio ceo o:
:r:ct:c ooe w:erjoaocetioo, soooiestior:atetioowort|voj r:s:ct ceoo:
oaiit ooe w:erc|erect:r`
A particular young loy haJ a Jreamthat he voulJ someJay le
the heaJ ol his lrothers. He happeneJ to le the youngest ol his
lrothers. But leing lull ol youthlulness, he vent on to share his
Jream vith his lrothers anJ that ol course JiJnt go Jovn vell
His lrothers lecame angry vith him thinking he vas
overlearing anJlull ol himsell.
Being the youngest, the DaJ naturally loveJ himmore than he
JiJ love the others anJ lavisheJ his love relentlessly on him. Ol
cause this igniteJ more resentment lrom the lrothers, that they
conceiveJ a plan to kill their youngest. But GoJ interveneJ anJ
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 22
theyJeciJeJto sell himoll as a slave rather thankill him.
Inthe loreignlanJvhere he vas solJto, he vas lalselyaccuseJ
lythe vile ol his master anJvas throvninto prisonlor anollence
he JiJnt commit. But he helJ on strong anJ never gave up on
himsell, holJing on to vhat GoJ revealeJ to him. Believe it vhen I
sayit vas a true test ol his character.
In prison he interpreteJ the Jreamol the Chiel Butler anJ the
Chiel Butler vas restoreJ to his lormer estate lut lorgot the
interpreter that lrought alout his lreeJom.
In the process ol time, the king haJ a JreamanJ vas lothereJ
lecause there vas no one to give himthe interpretationol it. Then
vas this lellov, ]oseph calleJ upon to interpret the Jream, vhich
he JiJanJPharaohplaceJhimover the allairs ol the lanJol Fgypt.
His Jreamvas coming to lruitionalter all.
On the other siJe, his people vere also sullering lrom the
lamine. His lather haJ to senJ his sons to luy looJ in the lanJ ol
Fgypt. At this time, ]oseph (the lrother they solJ lor envy) vas
the Prime minister ol Fgypt. Ol course his character haJ matureJ
alter all he haJ leen through anJ haJ conquereJ. He voulJ have
chosen to lock themup or even kill themlut he chose to lorgive
their misJeeJlecause he haJcharacter!
Truly the character that conquers lorgives. ]osephs character
matureJ through the thick anJ thin. His character maJe him up
rather than mar him. He voulJ have chosen to give up on his
Jreamlut he alloveJhis character to mature throughit all anJhe
conquereJ at the enJ. He lecame the Prime minister ol Fgypt anJ
preserveJthat countrylromlamine inthe sevenyears ol vant that
he loretolJ
Fvery challenge you are going through is an opportunity to luilJ
your character to maturity. So recognise it, accept it anJ grov
vithyour set time.
These are ly no vay a consummation ol all the lactors lut it
vill Jo lor the purpose ol this look. The starting point vhere ve
leginthe Jevelopment ol character is.
This is the lirst place ve get to pick uponhalits that later lorm
the lasis lor our character. Its the root ol character luilJing.
DepenJing onthe lamily setup, some halits coulJle gooJanJ
shoulJ le imlileJ, vhile some voulJ neeJ JiscarJing. You must
le sure to lrittle out those halits that inlormlaJcharacter.
The next place vhere our character gets inlluenceJis amongst
our lrienJs. It is true that character is so largely allecteJ ly our
associations. Ve cannot allorJto le inJillerent as to vho or vhat
our lrienJs are. The great Philosopher Aristotle once saiJ
C|erect:r is t|et w|ic| r:v:eis morei aros:,
:xosio t|: ciess oj t|ios e meo c|oos:s or evoics`
The lrienJs you have Jetermine to a large extent the sort ol
character youexhilit. Shovme your lrienJanJI vill tell youvho
youare, especiallyvhyyouexhilit the traits youexhilit.
The choice ol the vorJ sturJy is Jelilerate lecause you neeJ
to have a Juralle anJ soliJ character that voulJ not lenJ in the
lace ol real lile tests anJ trials. A sure character that is rooteJ in
gooJ anJ Jeep convictions along the line ol truth, until you gain
roots JovnvarJs, younever shoot uptoo high.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 24
IeeJyour MinJonGooJRecipe Daily
Your character voulJnt Jeveloppass the things youleeJyour
minJ. The looJyoutake inlor instance, Jetermines vhat youpass
out. Vhat the minJreceives, it gives.
So starve your minJ ol misnomer garlage anJ stull it vith
gooJ all the time. Nature alhors vacuum, so il you must change
youcharacter lromgooJto laJ, youvill neeJto get gooJmentors,
looks, CDs anJ gooJ personal Jevelopment resources or
materials to luilJyour minJpositively.
The minJ is the pover house ol thoughts that luilJs or
Jestroys character. Vhatever you meJitate on inlorms the action
you carry out. So invest rightly into your minJ lor optimum,
proJuctive anJpositive character luilJing.
Guard Your Heart
Its very crucial that veeJs le cut Jovn in every garJen lor the
leauty ol the garJento le preserveJanJthe gooJol the llovers or
More so, the heart or minJ must le protecteJ against challs
that corrupt the minJ. AccorJing to the American eJucator
Booker T. Vashington, C|erect:r, oot circamsteoc:s mer: t|: meo`
GuarJing your minJ against vices is continual lecause time
reveals a persons character. Alvays rememler, character is
proveJ in Joing vhats right vhen noloJy is looking. To achieve
excellence in your character, you must make it a halit to
repeateJly improve it. Vhen you stop improving, you stop
groving. Vhenyoustopgroving, youstart retarJing.
The character ol a man Jelines the man. Vhen Martin Luther
King ]r saiJ, I |ev: e cr:em t|et mvjoar iitti: c|iicr:owiii oot o: ac:c ov
t|: coioar oj t|:ir srio oat ov t|: coot:ot oj t|:ir c|erect:r` He haJ a lull
unJerstanJing ol the ow:r erecim oj c|erect:r alove the outvarJ
camoullage calleJ the colour ol the skin. Il you spenJ more time
lelore the mirror or vorse in the lathroom, taking care ol your
skin at the Jetriment ol your character, then I guess something
neeJs to le straighteneJ out! Your character is skin Jeep. Grov
your character anJgrovinto greatness.
The Character Nugget: Yoarc|erect:raitimet:ivmer:s ormers voa
Scriture Nugget. It is o:tt:r to cw:ii io e coro:r oj t|: |oas:to, t|eo
wit| e orewiio womeo io e wic: |oas:` Prov:ros 2I`, 252+ (Kj\)
Character Questions: Is my character making or marring me`
Vhat canI Jo novto improve mycharacter`

Quotes on Character
Disteoc: t:sts e |ors:s str:ot| 1im: r:v:eis e :rsoos c|erect:r`
Chinese Proverl
A meo o:v:r ciscios:s |is owo c|erect:r
so ci:eriv es w|:o |: c:scrio:s eoot|:rs`
ean PauI Richter
A :rsoos tra: c|erect:r is r:v:ei:c ov
w|et |: co:s w|:o oo oo: is wetc|io`
Aoiiitv mev :t voa to t|: to oat it ter:s c|erect:r to r:: voa t|:r:`
ohn Vooden
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 26
Aov jooi ceo criticiz:, cooc:mo eoc comieio oat it ter:s c|erect:r eoc
s:ij cootroi to o: aoc:rsteocio eoc jorivio`
DaIe Carnegie
F: mor: cooc:ro:c wit| voar c|erect:r t|eo voar r:atetioo, o:ceas: voar
c|erect:r is w|et voa r:eiiv er:, w|ii: voar r:atetioo is m:r:iv w|et
ot|:rs t|ior eooat voa`
ohn Vooden

The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 28
The Pover Paradigm oI Decisions
D:cisioos oj tocev oaiic tomorrow
1|:r:jor: mer: c:cisioos t|et oaiic r:et tomorrows
eoc eiso s|i:ics jrom sorrows
]onathan Olise
ile hanJs us its lest or vorst laseJ on the Jecisions ve
choose to make per time or those ve choose to ignore. Ve
Lare alvays cumlereJ vith opportunities ol Jecision
making everyJay alout everything ve Jesire. Some ol these
opportunities are the vehicle to our JestineJ place ol lullilling
GoJs purpose lor our lives. Thus it lecomes paramount that our
Jecisions shoulJ leaJ us to the luture that glovs, taking us lar
lroma luture encumlereJvithsorrovs.
Decisions ly themselves Jont make great men lut Jecision
making arounJ priorities Joes make great! Until you knov anJ
unJerstanJ your priorities in lile, you cant make locuseJ anJ
inlormeJ Jecisions. Ol course knoving your priorities has to
legin vith knoving vho you are, vhere you are lromanJ vhere
you are heaJing to. Vithout an unJerstanJing ol these three tier
questions, your Jecisions might le lar lrom leing in sync vith
your Jestiny.
Living lile gives us roomto make a lot ol choices, hence the neeJto
make simple, tough anJ positive Jecisions every step ol the vay
especiallythose that vill result incircumstances ve Jont vant to
regret. Being lree moral leings, ve are responsille anJ I mean
completely responsille lor the consequences ol our choices,
vhether it le gooJ or laJ. NoloJy can run avay lrom making
choices alout certain things in lile. Gary Collins haJ this to say
w: ceo trv to evoic merio c|oic:s ov coio oot|io oat t|et is e c:cisioo`
Intuitively anJ olviously choosing not to choose is a choice
The goal ol this chapter is to expatiate onhovJecisions positively
impacteJ the lives ol great men anJ vomen yesteryears, anJ hov
ve can appropriate the ow:r erecim oj c:cisioos in our lives to get
the lest ol all that GoJhas instore lor us.
Iirstly, I must luttress the lact that GoJ createJ man as a lree
moral agent having the alility to make choices. AnJ to take
Jecisions regarJing his neeJs anJ vants. The Bille emphatically
shovs the Jominion anJ authority GoJ maJe availalle anJ
accessille to man. GoJ saiJ in D:at:rooomv `0I` I ceii |:ev:o eoc
:ert| to r:corc t|is cev eeiost voa, t|et I |ev: s:t o:jor: voa iij: eoc c:et|,
oi:ssio eoc carsio t|:r:jor: c|oos: iij:, t|et oot| t|oa eoc t|v s::c mev
iiv:. Here GoJ vas simply saying I have ceJeJ all authority to
making Jecisions regarJing youto you!
This implies all that happens to manis his responsililityIJJ`.
He has the pover to choose vhat he vants ol lile, hence noloJy,
anJI repeat noloJy is responsille lor your rising anJlalling inlile
lut you!
To lurther luttress this lact, Genesis I.26 shovs the
agreement ol the Trinity hanJing over the manJate ol Jecision
making to man lromthe leginning. Aoc Coc seic, L:t as mer: meo io
oar ime:, ejt:r oar iir:o:ss eoc i:t t|:m |ev: comioioo ov:r t|: jis| oj t|:
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 30
s:e, eoc ov:r t|: jowi oj t|: eir, eoc ov:r t|: cetti:, eoc ov:r eii t|: :ert|, eoc
ov:r :v:rv cr::io t|io t|et cr:::t| aoo t|: :ert| The unJerlineJ
vorJs inlorm mans Jecisionmaking alility vith regarJs to his
JominionmanJate over GoJs creation.
Lets consiJer some Patriarchs that took Jecisions at some
point in time that changeJ the course ol history. One ol themvas
the Iather ol laith.
Alraham He vas a man that valkeJ vith GoJ anJ vas
highly loveJ ol GoJ. Belore GoJ changeJ his name to Alraham
jet|:r oj maititac:`, his name vas Alram meaning :xeit:c Fet|:r`
anJ GoJ voveJ He vas going to lless him. But GoJ haJ to give
himthe opportunityto make a raJical Jecision.
GoJ saiJ to himin Genesis I2.I3, Xow t|: LJPD|ec seic aoto
Aorem, C:t t|:: oat oj t|v coaotrv, eoc jrom t|v riocr:c, eoc jrom t|v
jet|:rs |oas:, aotoe ieoc t|et I wiii s|:wt|:: Aoc I wiii mer: oj t|:: e r:et
oetioo, eoc I wiii oi:ss t|::, eoc mer: t|v oem: r:et, eoc t|oa s|eit o: e
oi:ssio Aoc I wiii oi:ss t|:m t|et oi:ss t|::, eoc cars: |im t|et cars:t| t|::
eoc iot|:: s|eii eii jemiii:s oj t|: :ert|o: oi:ss:c`
Guess vhat` Alram JeparteJ! That vas one ol the greatest
Jecisions he maJe inhis liletime. The result ol that single Jecision
changeJ Alramto Alrahamin Genesis I.5 X:it|:r s|eii t|v oem:
eov mor: o: ceii:c Aorem, oat t|v oem: s|eii o: Aore|em, jor e jet|:r oj
meovoetioos |ev: I mec: t|::`
That vas it! He took a Jecision to Jepart lelore he coulJ enter
the llessing. ToJay ve are llesseJinAlrahamlecause he haJthe
courage to take a Jecision. SurelyJecisions change Jestinies. Take
some time to think ol a raJical Jecision you might neeJ to make
right nov. Another great Patriarch that maJe a vital Jecision
inhis liletime vas King DaviJ. the manalter GoJs ovnheart. AnJ
that Jecisionhas inlluenceJgenerations alter him.
David Here vas the youngest loy in the lamily, vho vas
saJJleJ vith the responsilility ol taking care ol the lamily sheep.
But in Jisguise that vas his preparatory anJ training grounJ lor
the throne that avaiteJhim.
Until Goliath shoveJ up, his time to make a major Jecision
that vas going to le pivotal to his lile vas not yet. The Israelites
vere up against the Philistines on the lielJ ol lattle. The
Philistines challengeJ them to proJuce just one man that coulJ
light against the almightyGoliath. But as it turneJout, no one vas
manenoughto lace the intimiJating anJllaspheming giant.
Then young loy DaviJ came along vith some looJ items lor
his lrothers vho vere among the Israeli army. Vhen he hearJ
alout the challenge, he JeciJeJ to take upthe lull ly the horn. Ol
course, lolks thought he vas overly amlitious lut you see every
time you have got to make a lreakthrough Jecision, it voulJ
alvays attract naysayers, people vho voulJcriticise, JemeananJ
oppose you. But lor the young shepherJ loy DaviJ, he haJ come
too lar to Jravlack into meJiocrity. I mean he haJ come too lar
not to go lurther!
Alter reeling oll his vita, the King gave him a go aheaJ. AnJ
that vas the Jecision that spurreJ him lrom the little shepherJ
loy to the mighty giant killer! AnJ here is the account ol his
conliJence loaJeJspeechto King Saul. InI Samuel I.323 L:t oo
meos |:ert jeii o:ceas: oj |im, t|v s:rveot wiii o eoc ji|t wit| t|is
|iiistio:, eoc Seai seic t|oa ert oot eoi: to o eeiost t|: P|iiistio: to ji|t
wit||im jor t|oaert oat e voat|t|vs:rveot oot|si:wt|: iiooeoc t|: o:er,
eoc t|is aocircamcis:c P|iiistio: s|eii o: es oo: oj t|:m, s::io |: |et| c:ji:c
t|: ermi:s oj t|: LivioCoc Aoc Devic seic t|: Lorc t|et c:iiv:r:c m: oat oj
t|: ewoj t|: Liooeoc t|: ewoj t|: o:er, |: wiii c:iiv:r m: oat oj t|: |eoc oj
t|is P|iiistio: Aoc Seai Seic aotoDevic, Coeoc t|: Lorc o: wit|t|::`
His minJ vas maJe up, he took a Jecision anJ Goliath the
unleatalle giant vas lrought Jovn ly the hanJ ol the young
shepherJ loy DaviJ! Certainly, Jecisions lring Jovn Goliaths. I
Jont knov vhat mountain seems insurmountalle anJ
unleatalle to you, lut this I knovthat you have vhat it takes to
turn arounJ your circumstance ly just one gooJ Jecision. Then I
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 32
guess the question here voulJ le vhat Jecision is keeping you
avay lromgetting to the palace prepareJ lor you` You might just
le a Jecisionavaylromlringing Jovnyour Goliath!
Another laJy that lroke the jinx vas Ruth anJ here is her
Ruth She vas a Moalite vho got marrieJto one ol the sons ol
Naomi in the loreign lanJ ol Moal. Naomi haJ lost her huslanJ
anJtvo sons. She thenJeciJeJto returnto her home country, lut
her tvo Jaughtersinlavvont let her go vithout them.
She persuaJeJ themto stay lack, lut only one chose to ollige
alter persuasion. Orpahvas her name. The other Jaughterinlav
Ruth never gave in. Here is the account ol Ruths Jecision to go
vith Naomi in Ruth I.I6, I Iotr:et m: oot to i:ev: t|::, or r:taro jrom
joiiowio ejt:r t|:: jor w|it|:r t|oa o:s, I wiii o, eoc w|:r: t|oa ioc:st I
wiii ioc: t|v :oi: s|eii o: mv :oi:, eoc t|v Coc mv Coc w|:r: t|oa
ci:st, wiii I ci:, eoc t|:r: wiii I o: oari:c t|: LJPDcosotom:, eoc mor: eiso,
ij oa|t oat c:et| ert t|:: eoc m: w|:o s|: sew t|et s|: wes st:ecjestiv
mioc:c toowit||:r, t|:os|: i:jt s:erioaoto|:r`
GoJ honoureJ her Jecision lecause she lecame the great
granJmother ol DaviJ anJ ol course ]esus Christ is relerreJ to as
the sonol DaviJ. TrulyJecisions change Jestinies!
This is inno vayanexhaustive list ol Patriarchs vho maJe grounJ
lreaking Jecisions at some point in history. But I alsolutely
lelieve the next person to change the course ol history is You!
AnJ lrankly, I lelieve that lecause you are reaJing this right nov!
Therelore I knov you have a Jestiny to lullil anJ you have leen
chosen to make an outstanJing Jillerence in your vorlJ. Youve
leen calleJ among those vho have JeciJeJ to lullil their GoJ
givenJestines as theyleaJlives ligger thanthemselves.
Put Your Name Here then live your story anJ
share the glory!
Fvery Jecision is lorn ol the quality ol the content the
inJiviJual making the Jecisionis maJe upol.
Your tomorrovgreatly JepenJs on the Jecisions you choose
to make toJay. The Bille says in Luke 6.+5 A ooc meo oat oj t|:
ooc tr:esar: oj |is |:ert orio:t| jort| t|et w|ic| is ooc, eoc eo :vii meo
oat oj t|: :vii jor oj t|: eoaoceoc: oj t|: |:ert |is moat| s:er:t|` This
captures the quality ol Jecisions a person can make vith relation
to the content ol the heart or minJ.
FveryloJy makes Jecisions in lile. So Jont get liJgety that
you have to make Jecisions. Its a sign that you are nov
responsille to seeing the lullilment ol your Jestiny as regarJing
Joing your part. Iromthe normal anJ usual Jecisions ol vhat to
eat anJ not to eat, vhat to vear anJ not to vear, vhere to go anJ
not to go, vhen to sleep anJ vhen to avake, to the complex anJ
sometimes perplexing Jecisions, such as vhat career path to take
(that comes easy lor some lolks, lut lor some its a real struggle),
vho to marry` I alvays preler to viev this question lrom the
perspective ol vho Jo youvant to spenJthe rest ol your lile vith`
That might le somevhat simple JeciJing right` Vhat alout vho
Jo you vant to annoy lor the remaining lest part ol your lile` Or
letter still vhose Jirty nagging are youreaJy to court anJlear all
your lile`! I lelieve il youcantruly ansver this questions, thenyou
can leat your chest conliJently that you knov vhere you are
Fvery seconJ, someone, somevhere, somehov makes a
Jecision that allects someone, somevhere, somehov. The
question to you is vhat Jecision(s) have you maJe or alout to
make` AnJis it going to allect your neighlour positively` Your lile
is ligger than you think lecause you vere createJ to matter to
your vorlJ.
Be courageous to take Jecisions that can allect your lile
positively in the long run. A onetime PresiJent ol the UniteJ
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 34
States ol America, Harry S. TrumansaiJAii mviij:, w|:o:v:r it com:s
totim: tomer: e c:cisioo, I mer: it eoc jor:t eooat it` Dare to stepout ol
your shell anJ pursue your Jream. It vas Martin Luther King ]r
that saiJFv:rvmeomast c:cic: w|:t|:r |: wiii weiriot|: ii|t oj cr:etiv:
eitraism oriot|: cerro:ss oj c:stractiv: s:ijis|o:ss` Your lile must count
so the lives ol others vill le letter lor it. You cant allorJ to go
through lile unsung, hence you must make a solemn Jecision
toJayto make your lile count.
HunJreJs or may le millions ol Jestinies are JepenJent onthe
Jecisions you make every Jay! You see, you are too important to
leaJa meJiocre lile. Il youJare lail they may suller lor it. But il you
Jare lullil Jestiny, they vont have to lace the litter siJe ol lile.
Dont let go ol your Jreams, Jont let that passionJvinJle. Keepit
alive ly taking a lolJsteptovarJs its lruitiontoJay! Inthe vorJs
ol Mike MurJock D:cisioos c:cic: w:eit|, c:cisioos c:cic: ov`
Invest in yoursell, lecause you are the sole source ol the
outputs your Jecisions proJuce. Your values in lile Jetermine the
quality ol the Jecisions youmake. Invest inyour minJlecause its
the pover house ol your thoughts, vhich generates the Jecisions
youmake inlile.
Get resources that luilJ you up in every vay. That little stuJy
time ol alout anhour or more coulJmeana lot inthe long run. Keri
Russell asserteJ Som:tim:s its t|: smeii:st c:cisioos t|et ceo c|eo:
voariij: jor:v:r`
As I concluJe, the lirst things youmust Jo are.
F:ii:v: voaer: t|: soiatiootot|: c|eii:o:s eroaoc voa
1er: e st: towercs c|eo: oow'
It vas Peter I. Drucker that saiJ w|:o:v:r voa s:: e sacc:ssjai
oasio:ss, som:oo: ooc: mec: e coare:oas c:cisioo` Thats alsolutely
true! So vhat are you vaiting lor` Take that Jecision to set you on
the path ol a greater anJ lrighter tomorrov. A gooJ Jecision
toJaycoulJmeana vhole lot tomorrov.
The Decision Nugget: You might just le a Jecision avay lrom
your lreakthrough.
Scriture Nugget: Eowioo wiit t|oa si::, J siaerc` w|:o wiit t|oa
eris: oat oj t|vsi::`` Prov:ros e` (Kj\)
Decision Questions: Vhat Jecision is priority to my purpose
nov` Do I have a lull unJerstanJing ol the revarJs anJ
consequences ol taking this Jecision`

Quotes on Decisions
Cooc ieos s|e: ooc c:cisioos 1|ets w|v ooc ieooio |:is to mer:
:iasiv: cr:ems com: tra:`
I ast c:cic:c I weot:c to o: som:oo: :is:, so I o:cem: som:oo: :is:`
Dusty SringIieId
Its oot |erc to mer: c:cisioos w|:o voa rooww|et voar veia:s er:`
w|:o:v:r voa s:: e sacc:ssjai oasio:ss som:oo:
ooc: mec: e coare:oas c:cisioo`
Peter I. DrucIer
Yoa ceot oaiic e cororetioo wit| e iot oj committ::s
eoc e ooerc t|et |es to o: coosait:c :v:rv taro
Yoa |ev: to o: eoi: to mer: c:cisioos oo voar owo`
Ruert Murdoch
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 36
Io sac| e woric es t|is, wit| sac| |:erts es oars, w:ero:ss is wicr:co:ss io
t|: ioo rao w|o:v:r i:ts |ims:ij o: s|e:c eoc aic:c ov eovt|io iow:r
t|eo eo ioji:xioi: wiii, jix:c io oo:ci:oc: to Coc, wiii io t|: :oc o: s|e:c
ioto e c:jormitv, eoc aic:c to wr:cr eoc raio`
AIexander MacIaren
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 38
The Pover Paradigm oI ExceIIence
Yoar aojiioc|io arsait jor :xc:ii:oc: wiii iv: :ss:oc:
to voar iij: eoc orio voa aoc:oieoi: r:i:veoc: io iij:
]onathan Olise
xcellence is a virtue that makes great enterprises Jillerent
lrommeJiocre enterprises. It is the single virtue il pursueJ,
Fcancatapult a lailure to success, prominence anJrelevance.
Farl Nightingale asserteJ Fxc:ii:oc: eiwevs s:iis` Vithout a
genuine touchol excellence inany venture, success inthe long run
lecomes larletcheJ.
Fxcellence preceJes success. Fxcellence is a state ol
superiority, superiority in the sense ol Joing vhat you Jo vell. Il
you Jesire to le successlul in lile, then you have got to pursue
excellence in lile. It Joesnt matter vhat you Jo, success vill
alvays come alter excellence. History has proveJ that the pursuit
ol success vithout a touchol excellence Joesnt last long enough.
Someone saiJit this vay,
Fxc:ii:oc: ceo o: ooteio:c ij voa cer: mor: t|eo ot|:rs t|ior is wis:, risr
mor: t|eo ot|:rs t|ior is recticei, :x:ct mor: t|eo ot|:rs t|ior is
I think that captures the reality ol the neeJ lor excellence. AnJ
that is a million Jollar statement right there il only you can
appropriate it into your lile. The challenge lor most lolks I lelieve
is not that lile is harsh or the people they vork vith Jont like
themor mayle the loss Joesnt just get it! Sometimes it coulJ le
true that the loss Joesnt get it, lut most ol the time it coulJ le
that they arent Joing vhat they ought to le Joing the vay they
ought to le Joing it!
Simply put, excellence coulJ le vanting in their approach to
Fxcellence vill alvays speak lor itsell vhenall the gooJvills
anJ lravos lor success are gone. Vhat makes success last is the
touchol excellence it continues to enjoy.
Great companies knovthis vell, that as long theycontinue to
inject excellence into their Jesign, processing anJ proJuction
systems, theycontinue to enjoysuccess anJits aJJenJa!
Irustrationinlile oltencomes as a result ol great Jesire to le a
success vith no attention paiJ to excellence anJ the pursuit ol it.
Vorthy ol note also is that having granJiose goals vhile
neglecting the importance ol commitment to excellence coulJ le
a major reason vhy persons get lrustrateJ in lile! I personally
lelieve anyloJy, anyvhere can le successlul il excellence is
lrought to lear in all enJeavours as a matter ol necessity not
Fxcellence Joes not come ly vishing anJ Joing nothing
alout your vishes. It voulJ require your Joing that thing over
anJ over again until you are certain you have Jone your lest. It
voulJ also require your vorking anJ relining ol that skill till you
see your JesireJgoal. Inthe vorJs ol Samuel ]acksonFxc:ii:oc: io
eov c:ertm:ot ceo o: etteio:c ooiv ov t|: ieooar oj e iij:tim:, it is oot to o:
arc|es:c et e i:ss:r ric:` It voulJ le the height ol silliness to
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 40
expect a lreakthroughvithout vorking tovarJs it.
As I alvays love to put it, a villing heart neeJs a vise heaJ to
achieve greatness, lecause visJom is the right application ol
Let everything count in your pursuit ol excellence. BuilJ your lile
in such a vay that your success vill not le short liveJ. Be open to
letter vays anJ iJeas ol Joing vhat you Jo. Be practical in your
approach to lookish theories. Some things are olten letter lelt as
theories. Fxcellence is theory put to practice real gooJ anyvhere,
everyvhere, anytime anJeverytime.
Let me share vith you, the pover ol excellence lrom an
enlivening anJrousing InJianmovie titleJ` Iciots
The stellar characters in the movie compriseJ a groupol three
lrienJs, the vittyamongst themvas RanchonJas (a.k.a. Rancho).
They vere all stuJents at the prestigious Imperial College ol
Fngineering, reputeJ lor its high scholastic achievements anJ
social prestige. Being lreshmen in Imperial College ol
Fngineering, they all haJgreat hopes anJJreams ol leenamongst
the lest ol Fngineers in the near luture. But there vas also a
lreshman calleJ Silencer, in the same class as the other 3 iJiots.
He vas a Jamn crammer, he coulJ alsorl a lot ol inlormation on
any sulject anJ JovnloaJ it hook, line anJ sinker vhen neeJeJ.
Vhether the inlormation he churns out vas right or vrong, it
never lothereJhim.
Nov, this other guy Rancho lelieveJsuccess vas a proJuct ol
the pursuit ol excellence anJ to him schools vere vehicles ol
getting knovleJge anJ making such acquireJ knovleJge
relevant lor the practical lenelit ol mankinJ. But on the other
hanJ, silencer lelieveJ in pursuing success ly all means at the
expense ol unJerstanJing the relevance ol the sulject matter.
Ol course Rancho vas totally opposeJto that philosophy. His
philosophy vas arsa: :xc:ii:oc: eoc sacc:ss wiii arsa: voa. He vas
opposeJto reaJing just to pass exams.
Ranchos philosophy maJe more enemies in his Prolessors
than lrienJs lecause he alvays challengeJ the norm. He never
settleJlor the status quo. As a matter ol lact it JiJput himout ol a
lot ol classes, lut that selJomlothereJ him. Vhen evicteJ lroma
one class, he voulJ slip into another. At the enJ ol the lirst
semester exams, Rancho toppeJ the class vhile Silencer the
crammer came seconJ. But to Rancho, the result vas not an
aJJition to him, lecause he lelieveJ he vas pursuing excellence
ly knoving the practical application ol the class room theories
anJlelieveJsuccess vas inevitallygoing to come his vay.
Many years alter college, Rancho lecame a successlul
scientist vith over +JJ patents to his creJit anJ haJ a school
vhere young kiJs vere leing traineJ on the knovhov anJ the
practical application ol engineering knovleJge. Silencer on the
other hanJ vas lar avay lrom the leat his counterpart, Rancho
haJ accomplisheJ. Though he vas reasonally successlul lut vas
no matchto Rancho.
As a matter ol lact, Silencers organisationvas inthe miJJle ol
lrokering a lusiness Jeal vith a great scientist ly name, Dr
VangJu. This Jeal vas very crucial to the success ol his
organisation. But unknovnto him, Dr VangJuvas Rancho, vho
haJ changeJ his name lor some certain reasons. In the enJ, the
pursuit ol excellence came topalove mere pursuit ol success.
The punch line is this Il you pursue excellence, success vill
pursue you.
Successlul organitations that have stooJthe test ol time, anJhave
also leen in anJ out ol economic Jepressions anJ recessions vere
luilt onthe premises ol excellence. Companies suchas Cocacola,
IorJ Motors, to mention a lev have enJureJ the test ol time
lecause they vere luilt on the excellence culture. Ior such
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 42
companies, it pays to vork ly excellence. The core value ol
excellence is inJispensalle to the leaJership anJ vorklorce ol
such organisations in the market place. Certainly excellence
alvays sells.
It is certainlytrue that Rome vas not luilt ina Jay, inthe same
light, excellence must le courteJ, cultureJ anJ nurtureJ lor the
luture youenvisage.
Let us take a look at some nuggets that are very crucial in the
pursuit ol excellence.
DetaiIing This is very crucial to attaining excellence in lile.
The very minutiae Jetail coulJ amount to so much in attaining
excellence. But the amating trick here is that most people vant to
make the most prolit or attain nolle success Joing things
haphatarJly. But paying close attention to skill acquisition,
inlormation gathering, availalility ol neeJeJ resources, anJ right
allocation ol time amongst others coulJ save lrom unJue
The unravelling ol the creation story is a perlect example ol
excellence put to vork. GoJ createJ the Jay to give vay to the
night vithout commotion, the planets rotate arounJ their orlits
vith no collision, soving season gives place to harvest season
vith no schismvhatsoever, the sun sets so the moon can shine on
at night. Fverything moving inperlect harmonyanJinsync!
GoJ gave heeJ to Jetails vhen creating man. Your legs are not up
lut Jovnso youcoulJvalk real gooJneither are your eyes lehinJ
your heaJ, so you coulJ see the person you are talking to at the
same time. Here is the account ol the excellence paraJigmput to
vork lyGoJinGenesis I.IJ, I2, 2I3I,
Aoc Coc ceii:c t|: crv ieoc Fert|, eoc t|: et|:rio to:t|:r oj t|:
wet:rs ceii:c |: S:es eoc GoJ savthat it vas gooJ.
Aoc t|: :ert| oroa|t jort| ress, eoc |:ro vi:icio s::c ejt:r |is rioc, eoc
t|: tr:: vi:icio jrait, w|os: s::c wes io its:ij, ejt:r |is rioc eoc GoJ sav
that it vas gooJ.
Aoc Coc cr:et:c r:et w|ei:s, eoc :v:rv iivio cr:etar: t|et mov:t|, w|ic|
t|: wet:rs oroa|t jort| eoaoceotiv, ejt:r t|:ir rioc, eoc :v:rv wio:c jowi
ejt:r |is rioc eoc GoJ savthat it vas gooJ. Aoc Coc mec: t|: o:est
oj t|: :ert| ejt:r |is rioc, eoc cetti: ejt:r t|:ir rioc, eoc :v:rv t|io t|et
cr:::t| aoo t|: :ert| ejt:r |is rioc eoc GoJ savthat it vas gooJ.
Aoc Coc seic, F:|oic, I |ev: iv:o voa :v:rv |:ro o:erio s::c, w|ic| is
aoo t|: jec: oj eii t|: :ert|, eoc :v:rv tr::, io t|: w|ic| is t|: jrait oj e tr::
vi:icio s::c, to voa it s|eii o: jor m:et
Aoc to :v:rv o:est oj t|: :ert|, eoc to :v:rv jowi oj t|: eir, eoc to :v:rv
t|io t|et cr:::t| aoo t|: :ert|, w|:r:io t|:r: is iij:, I |ev: iv:o :v:rv
r::o |:ro jor m:et eoc it wes so
Aoc GoJ sav every thing that he haJ maJe, anJ, leholJ, it vas
Aoc t|: :v:oio eoc t|: moroio w:r: t|: sixt| cev`
Notice in so many instances GoJ vas pleaseJ vith vhat he hath
Jone GoJ savthat it vas gooJ. This connotes that until ve get
so intoxicateJ vith the Jetailing ol our passion ve really cant
look at vhat ve Jo viththe eyes ol satislactionthe GoJvay.
Is it not amating hov you coulJ valk arounJ lreely anJ
conliJently, knoving the sun voulJnt lall lromthe sky, anJ that
the heavens vont Jrop Jovn on your heaJ! Olviously, you Jont
even think alout that, lecause GoJ is a GoJ ol excellence anJ He
JiJ his jol vell! So youve got a responsilility to Jo vhatever you
Jo vell! AnJ that leaJs to the virtue that Jrives the neeJ lor
Passion The unJenialle motivating lactor lor excellence is
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 44
Alvays ask yoursell these questions. Vhat Jo youlove Joing`
Vhat can you give your lile lor` Vhat can you give your all lor
evenil youare not going to le paiJ`
Its leen proveJ that you are most likely to succeeJ in vhat
you have a passion lor. It vas T. Armstrong vho saiJ Ij t|:r: is oo
essiooiovoar iij:, t|:o|ev: voaiiv:c` Fioc voar essioo, w|et:v:r it mevo:
o:com: it, eoc i:t it o:com: voa eoc voa wiii jioc r:et t|ios |e:o jor voa,
tovoaeoc o:ceas: oj voa`
To make a statement in lile, you neeJ to lollovyour passion.
Success vill alvays accompany excellence vherever. AnJ you
vill agree vith me that excellence cheaply comes in the line ol
ones passion. Vhat you naturally love Joing ly rav talent or
acquireJ skill vill naturally Jrive you to excellence. AccorJing to
VilliamA. Ioster _aeiitv is o:v:r eo eccic:ot, it is eiwevs t|: r:sait oj
|i| iot:otioo, sioc:r: :jjort, iot:iii:ot cir:ctioo eoc sriijai :x:catioo, it
r:r:s:otst|: wis: c|oic: oj meoveit:roetiv:s`
DisciIine As the saying goes Disciiio: is t|: soai oj eo ermv
Alter you have Jone the all that is requireJ ol you, you neeJ
Jiscipline to sustain anJ to keep you going. Il your leing JetaileJ
anJ passionate alout your goals gets you to a certain level ol
success, you voulJ the neeJ to tame a lot ol illtenJencies il you
vant to remainontop.
The lottom line still remains pursue alter excellence in your
line passionanJsuccess vill le your hallmark.
The ExceIIence Nugget: Yoar essioo jor :xc:ii:oc: woaic c:t:rmio:
voariestiosacc:ss ioiij:
Scriture Nugget: Aoc Coc sew :v:rv t|io t|et |: |ec mec:, eoc,
o:|oic, it wes v:rvooc` C:o:sis I`I (Kj\)
ExceIIence Question: Vhat are my strengths` Vhat Jo I neeJ to
Jo letter to live out excellence inthe long term`
Quotes on ExceIIence
w|:r: voa s:: veiic ec|i:v:m:ots or virta: o:io ettecr:c, its ov som:oo:
vi:wio t|:m es e mirror oj t|:ir owo ioec:aecv iost:ec oj eo iosirio
o:ecoo oj :xc:ii:oc:`
Vanna Bonta
1|os: w|o etteio eov :xc:ii:oc: commooiv s:oc iij: io oo: arsait, jor
:xc:ii:oc: is oot ojt:o reot:c aoo :esi:r t:rms` Sema:i jecrsoo
1|: |:i|t oj m:ciocritv is stiii iow`
Vanna Bonta
P:rsist:oc: is t|: twio sist:r oj :xc:ii:oc: Jo: is e mett:r oj aeiitv, t|:
ot|:r e mett:r oj tim:`
Losio e em: is |:ert or:erio
Losio voar s:os: oj :xc:ii:oc: or wort| is e tre:cv`
oe Paterno

The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 46
The Pover Paradigm oI Iaith
I wiii |oic oo, w|:o |oicio oo co:s oot mer: s:os:,
I wiii |eo oo, w|:o c|eii:o:s s|owt|:ir r:s:oc:,
I wiii stev oo, w|:o stevio oo ioors iir: r:t:oc:,
1|roa| it eii, I wiii sticr eroaoc tiii I s:: t|roa| t|: roaocs,
Cos t|ets t|: v:rv :ss:oc: oj o:io eroaoc
jooet|eo Jois:
he vonJers ol the vorlJ among vhich are the notalle anJ
amating PyramiJs ol Fgypt JiJnt grovupout ol the earth
ly someones vishes, lantasies anJluck! SomeloJy JiJsee T
to the Jesign, molilisation anJ construction ol those pyramiJs.
Vision, steaJlastness, hope, perseverance, anger, tears, cries, to
mentiona levvent into the luilJing ol those lanJmarks.
Iaith is the virtue that lirths vonJers, it conquers the
impossille anJ it coulJ make your lile count in every sense il you
just lelieve inall GoJhas JepositeJinyou.
It thrills me hovpeople valk in laith acciJentally, vhen they
are most unconscious alout the lact that they are living laith out.
But lecome learlul anJliJgetyvhena situationJrives themto the
consciousness ol putting laithto vork!
I have come to lelieve that every Jay is a gilt ol laith. Fvery
night ve hit the leJ to sleep is prool that laith has leen put to
vork Juring the Jay. Sleeping in itsell is prool that ve have laith
that vere going to vake up to see a lranJ nev Jay. SelJom Jo
people get conscious alout this lacts everyJay! AnJ thats prool
that laith keeps us going in lile. But vhy Joes laith sometimes
seemso harJ a thing to Jo anJ apply vhen ve are conscious ol a
I lelieve the lolloving lines voulJJo justice to that question.
Ior instance, you valk the earth ly laith. Have you ever given
it a thought that the grounJ coulJ open up anJ svallov you`
HarJly I presume. Vhen you eat, Jo you have to pray that your
hanJ shoulJnt Jeviate lrom putting the looJ in your mouth` I
guess No. Do you have to pray that your mouth shoulJ open lor
the looJto go right in` No. These are simple acts ol laith.
Vhen you choose to sit Jovn on a chair, Jo you consciously
speak to the chair in laith not to collapse unJer you` Vhen you
sleep, you Jo that ly laith, hoping you voulJ vake up the next
morning anJ in gooJ health. As a matter ol lact, you are reaJing
this look ly laith! Because I knovyou voulJnt have pickeJ this
look up to reaJ, not even to have gotten to this chapter il you haJ
a premonition that a loml vas in insiJe! Dont get scareJ,
nothing is going to exploJe. But the thing is this, you pickeJ this
look to reaJlylaith!
NovI lelieve you see vhat I see vhen I say everyloJy valks
in laith unconsciously. Iaith is truly the very luel ol our leing.
Living lile is all alout the laithvork.
Ior example you lelieveJ your parents are your parents ly
laith. You accepteJ your sillings as your sillings ly laith. You
accepteJ your name as your name ly laith. You lelieveJ loth the
tangille anJ intangille truths tolJ you ly your parents ly laith! I
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 48
can go on anJ on vith illustrations ol our Jaily laith valk. But the
essence ol this chapter is to make you appreciate the lact that you
are a laithleing ly reasonol your Jesignspecs. The little laithyou
exercise everyJay proves that unexplainalle lut unJenialle lact.
Il this is certainly true, hovcan you appropriate that to attaining
ligger goals anJplans`
That is vhy I knov that as you go through these pages I see
your lile jacking uplor greater leats!
AccorJing to the Scriptures, laith is the sulstance ol things
hopeJ lor, the eviJence ol things not seen. This implies laith is the
sulstance, the essential part ol vhat is hopeJ lor its the physical
matter ol a thing conceiveJ.
FviJence ol things not seenit suggests that laithis all youneeJ
to see to lelieve the unseen. It also implies laith is the unJenialle
reality ol things not seen! These propounJs to you then, that you
can holJ on to your laith to experience vhatever you vish to
experience anJ to acquire vhatever you Jesire. The ticket you
neeJis laithto overcome vhatever anJachieve vhatsoever.
Iullilling Jestiny requires that you employ simple laith to
make your Jreamsee the light ol the Jay. All you got to Jo is move
on in laith, nothing vavering to your JesireJ Jestination anJ
nothing voulJle alle to stopyouonyour path. Vhat makes laith
interesting is that it accomplishes anything. Iaith says I mi|t oot
|ev: eii t|: c:teiis oat ij I roowI ceocoit, t|:oI ceocoit, ij I cooc:iv: it, t|:oI
ceoec|i:v: it, ij I ceocooteioit, t|:oI ceoetteiotoit,
Accorcio to E:or:ws II```5, w|o t|roa| jeit| saoca:c riocoms,
wroa|t ri|t:oaso:ss, ooteio:c romis:s, sto:c t|: moat|s oj iioos,
_a:oc|:c t|: vioi:oc: oj jir:, :sce:c t|: :c: oj t|: sworc, oat oj w:ero:ss
w:r: mec: stroo, wex:c veiieot io ji|t, taro:c t|: jii|t t|: ermi:s oj t|:
eii:os wom:o r:c:iv:c t|:ir c:ec reis:c to iiv: eeio` These verses
chronicle the gems that valkeJ the talk ol laith anJ valkeJ the
valk ol laith!
It is not just enough to talk the valk. You must le reaJy to
valk the talk anJvalk the valk. The reasonvhy so many persons
never attempt Joing anything is lecause they have yielJeJ to the
overpovering inlluence ol lear anJprocrastination. But as Peter ].
Daniels voulJ say the secret ol success is mest:rv ov:r
rocrestioetioo co it oow'` Vhat really Joes keep a numler ol
persons lromJoing vhat theyought to Jo is lear, not laith.
Vithout laithlile voulJnt le vorthliving. Here are a numler
ol persons vho JelieJ all oJJs anJ took leaps ol laith to sulJue
their share ol oppositions.
DaviJ vas no match to Goliath in height anJ stature, lut
lrought the giant Jovnlysome Jint ol laith! He saiJto King Saul,
the king ol Israel, let no mans laith lail lecause ol him, thy servant
vill go anJ light vith this uncircumciseJ Philistine. So DaviJ
prevaileJ over the Philistine vith a sling anJ a stone, anJ smote
the Philistine anJkilleJhim! I Samuel I.+65I gives the account.
1|is cevwiii t|: LJPDc:iiv:r t|:: iotomio: |eoc, eoc I wiii smit: t|::, eoc
ter: t|io: |:ec jrom t|::, eoc I wiii iv: t|: cerces:s oj t|: |ost oj t|:
P|iiistio:s t|is cevaotot|: jowis oj t|: eir, eoc tot|: wiic o:ests oj t|: :ert|,
t|et eii t|: :ert|mevroowt|et t|:r: is e Coc ioIsre:i
Aoc eii t|is ess:moiv s|eii roowt|et t|: LJPDsev:t| oot wit| sworc eoc
s:er jort|: oetti: is t|: LJPDS, eoc |: wiii iv: voaiotooar|eocs
Aoc it cem: toess, w|:ot|: P|iiistio: eros:, eoc cem: eoc cr:woi|tom::t
Devic, t|et Devic |est:c, eoc reotowerc t|: ermvtom::t t|: P|iiistio:
Aoc Devic at |is |eoc io |is oe, eoc toor t|:oc: e stoo:, eoc sieo it, eoc
smot: t|: P|iiistio: io |is jor:|:ec, t|et t|: stoo: saor ioto |is jor:|:ec, eoc
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 50
|: j:ii aoo|is jec: tot|: :ert|
SoDevic r:veii:c ov:r t|: P|iiistio: wit|e siio eoc wit|e stoo:, eoc smot:
t|: P|iiistio:, eoc si:w|im, oat t|:r: wes oosworc iot|: |eoc oj Devic
1|:r:jor: Devic reo, eoc stooc aoo t|: P|iiistio:, eoc toor |is sworc, eoc
cr:wit oat oj t|: s|:et| t|:r:oj, eoc si:w|im, eoc cat ojj |is |:ec t|:r:wit|
Aoc w|:ot|: P|iiistio:s sewt|:irc|emioowes c:ec, t|:vji:c`
I can see every challenge lelore you crumlle as you vork out
your laith. The little or meagre resource you have is more than
enough lor you. I lelieve that il the young shepherJ loy, DaviJ
useJ only a sling (locally maJe I presume) anJ a stone to lring
Jovn the almighty Goliath vith the heavily loaJeJarmour
learer he haJ! You are too much lor that opposition you are laceJ
up vith. I challenge you to move on in conliJence anJ take your
place inJestiny!
The Three HelrevBoys in the Iurnace
ShaJrach, MeshachanJAleJnego vere captives inthe lanJol
Balylon. The king enacteJ a Jecree anJ commanJeJ everyloJy
loth small anJ great, young anJ olJ to lov Jovn to the graven
image at the sounJ ol the trumpets, cornets anJ all instruments ol
music, lut these three Helrev loys reluseJ to oley the kings
commanJlylaithinthe GoJtheyserveJ!
This vas their statement ol laithto the King inDaniel 3.I6I8,
S|ecrec|, V:s|ec|, eoc Ao:co:o, eosw:r:c eoc seic to t|: rio, J
X:oac|eco:zzer, ve are not carelul to eosw:r t|:: io t|is mett:r
Ij it o: so, oar Coc w|om w: s:rv: is eoi: to c:iiv:r as jrom t|: oaroio ji:rv
jaroec:, eoc |: wiii c:iiv:r as oat oj t|io: |eoc, J rio
Fat ij oot, o: it roowo aoto t|::, J rio, t|et w: wiii oot s:rv: t|v ocs, oor
wors|i t|: oic:o ime: w|ic| t|oa |est s:t a`
Vhat a statement! Certainly every closeJ mouth is a closeJ
Jestiny. They vere openmoutheJ anJ that JelivereJ them lrom
the liery lurnace. Until you speak up against every challenge you
are lacing presently in laith, nothing vill let up or set you up!
Therelore vake up to reality anJ speak lorth against every
olstacle inyour lile inlaith.
The gooJ nevs lor the three Helrevloys vas that they came
out ol the lire untainteJ ly nothing! ConsiJering the lact that the
lurnace vas heateJ seven times than normal, anJ not even the
smell ol lire haJpasseJonthem. Hallelujah!
I therelore commanJ that every lurnace that poses a threat to
you, lovs to your statement ol laith toJay! I Jont knovhovhot
your challenge might le, lut I see you Jemystilying your
olstacles anJ I have no Joult you are coming out unscatheJ anJ
inone piece. SomeloJyscreamyeah!
DanieI in the Iion's Den
This Daniel vas throvn into the Lions Jen not some Lamls
Jen! I mean Lions lor GoJ sake! AnJ he haJ the Lions lor pillov
anJa leJ. But here vas his statement that proveJhis laithinGoJ.
In Daniel 6.22, 23, he tolJ the King Vv Coc |et| s:ot |is eo:i, eoc
|et| s|at t|: iioos moat|s, t|et t|:v |ev: oot |art m: joresmac| es o:jor:
|im ioooc:ocv wes joaoc io m:, eoc eiso o:jor: t|::, J rio, |ev: I coo: oo
|art 1|:o wes t|: rio :xc::cio iec jor |im, eoc commeoc:c t|et t|:v
s|oaic ter: Deoi:i a oat oj t|: c:o SoDeoi:i wes ter:oa oat oj t|: c:o, eoc
oomeoo:roj |art wes joaoc aoo|im, o:ceas: |: o:ii:v:c io|is Coc`
Fvery Jen ol Lion you have leen throvn into is passing lor a
cot ol Lamls, ly reason ol your statement anJ action ol laith in
Dont traJe your glory lor covarJice anJ meJiocrity. Yoar
m:ciocritv co:s oo ooc to oooocv, therelore vake up! You are lar
letter than vho they say you are. GoJ JesigneJ you to le lruitlul,
multiply, to replenish, to sulJue anJ to have Jominion over the
earth, anJnot to le intimiJateJlychallenges anJtrials.
Il you JiJ voelully yesterJay, you can Jo vonJerlully toJay
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 52
just again. You vere orchestrateJ to intimiJate challenges, not
viceversa. Il the alorementioneJ anJ lolloving persons coulJ
overcome lylaith, thenI lelieve YOU canovercome too!
DaviJ gave in to aJultery anJ murJer in his careless moment.
He vas also moveJ to numler the people ol GoJ against GoJs
injunction. The Bille says in 2 Samuel I2.I3 Aoc Devic seic aoto
Xet|eo, I |ev: sioo:c eeiost t|: LJPD Aoc Xet|eo seic aoto Devic, 1|:
LJPD eiso |et| at ewev t|v sio, t|oa s|eit oot ci:` He JiJ laJly lut
rose lack just again!
Samson vent Jovn to Timnath, got himsell ensnareJ anJ
vent on vith his unholy relationship vith Delilah, got his eyes
pluckeJ out. He repenteJ in pains. He JiJ laJly lut rose again
just lelore his Jeath. AccorJing to ]uJges I6.3J, Aoc Semsoo seic,
L:t m: ci: wit| t|: P|iiistio:s Aoc |: oow:c |ims:ij wit| eii |is mi|t, eoc
t|: |oas: j:ii aoo t|: iorcs, eoc aoo eii t|: :oi: t|et w:r: t|:r:io So t|:
c:ec w|ic||: si:wet |is c:et|w:r: mor: t|eot|:vw|ic||: si:wio|is iij:`
Peter JenieJ Christ alter svearing not to knov him three
times lut repenteJ anJ got lack on his leet just again. The Bille
recorJs inLuke 22.62Aoc P:t:rw:ot oat, eoc w:t oitt:riv`
In our moJern Jay, thousanJs ol persons have laceJ up vith
Jiverse challenges anJ in some vay have come out victorious anJ
triumphant. To mentionlut a lev.
Allert Finstein laileJ a couple ol times in his scientilic
researches lut pulleJthroughto prominence anJprestige. ToJay
everylrainypersonis relerreJto as anAllert Finstein.
Alraham Lincoln voulJ pass lor an avarJ as a lailure!
Though he laileJ many times over in his political anJ lusiness
career llunJeringly lut lecame one ol the lest PresiJents the
UniteJ States ol America has ever haJ. As a matter ol lact he vas
the one vho announceJ the emancipation ol slave traJe in the
Peter ]. Daniels the mega lusiness anJ corporate magnate
lrom Australia vho at the age ol 26 vas an illiterate lricklayer,
vith no unJerstanJing ol the Fnglish language. Also haJ a
prollemol Jyslexia (a meJical termlor imeir:c eoiiitvtoaoc:rsteoc
writt:o ieoae:) lut eventually lecame a successlul author, lile
coach, accomplisheJ lather, lusiness mogul, historian, lavyer,
theologian, economist to mention lut a lev ol his
Space vill not permit me to scrillle Jovn the host ol great
men anJ vomen ol laith vho laileJ at some point in time lut
I lelieve you can leat that lecause in the vorJs ol Peter ].
Daniels, Yoa mast o:v:r iv: a, i:t a or s|at a aotii Coc s:ts voa a'`
IrienJyouare too loaJeJto le tieJJovn I lelieve inyou.
Dont give up to Jeleat. You are vay letter than a ]uJas
Iscariot vho letrayeJ his master anJ insteaJ ol repenting anJ
getting lack on track, he committeJ suiciJe anJ gave in to Jeleat.
He JieJinshame anJlost all the lame that avaiteJhim!
You are letter than a ]uJas Iscariot lecause your case is not as
vorse as that. You can rise up again. All you neeJ is a little laith,
lelieve you can, hang on a little longer, speak on a little louJer,
stretch lorth a little larther, the high prite is yours. Never give up
to Jeleat anJcomplacency.
You cant allorJ to live lile like noloJy, lecause you are
someloJy singleJ out lrom everyloJy to lring change to
someloJy! ]ust holJ on a little longer. In the vorJs ol Martin
Luther King ]r, 1er: t|: jirst st: io jeit| Yoa coot |ev: to s:: t|: w|oi:
steirces:, ast ter: t|: jirst st:`
Againnever give up, let upor shut upuntil GoJsets youup!
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 54
The Iaith Nugget: Never give up, let up or shut up until GoJ sets
Scriture Nugget: j:sas seic aoto|im, Ij t|oaceost o:ii:v:, eii t|ios er:
ossioi: to|im t|et o:ii:v:t|` Verr`2` (Kj\)
Iaith Questions: Vhat Jream, vision, venture or activity have I
given up on that coulJ set me up lor greatness` Hovcan I ignite
mylaithlor the long haul`
Quotes on Iaith
Fv:rv tomorrow|es two |eoci:s w: ceo ter: |oic oj it wit| t|: |eoci: oj
eoxi:tv or t|: |eoci: oj jeit|`
Henry Vard Beecher
Fv:rvt|io is ossioi: to |im t|et o:ii:v:s`
BilIe (MarI 9:23)
Feit| ioc::c t:iis w|et t|: s:os:s co oot t:ii, oat oot t|: cootrerv oj w|et
t|:v s:: It is eoov: t|:m eoc oot cootrerv to t|:m`
BIaise PascaI
Feit| o:ios w|:r: r:esoo siors :x|east:c`
AIlert PiIe
Feit| is t|: roc:ss oj i:eio ioto t|: eovss oot oo t|: oesis oj eov
c:rteiotv eooat w|:r: w: s|eii ieoc,
oat ret|:r oo t|: o:ii:v: t|et w: s|eii ieoc`
Carter Heyvard
Feit| is o:ii:vio io t|ios w|:o commoos:os: t:iis voa oot to`
George Seaton
Feit| is oot o:ii:j wit|oat rooj, trast wit|oat r:s:rvetioo`
Feit| is attio eii voar :s io Cocs oesr:t, t|:o coaotio voar oi:ssios
o:jor: t|:v |etc|`
Ramona C. CarroII
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 56
The Pover Paradigm oI Gratitude
Cretitac: is t|: ettitac: t|et s:ts t|:
ec: jor r:et eititac:s io iij:
]onathan Olise
ratituJe is the catalyst lor unenJing altituJes in lile. Its
an eye opener lor appreciating lile letter. Its an attituJe
Gthat must le consciously JevelopeJ, imlileJ anJ put to
use. Do you knovevery man, young, olJ or inletveen Jesires to
le appreciateJvhentheyshovyoua kinJgesture`
It vas VilliamShakespeare that saiJ Ioretitac: is moostroas`
Certainly true! Take a look arounJ you anJ you vill see so much
have leengoing oninyour lavour that prolally youhavent taken
time to notice. Fven il you have lost something, GoJ is the reason
you havent lost everything! The lunny part is that only people
vho are alive complain alout everything, insteaJ ol leen gratelul
lor everything.
Its amating hovve get so lusy jumping lromone activity to
the other anJselJomslovJovnto think as to take inventoryol all
the gooJ happening arounJ us. Think alout the lirJs in the air,
llying arounJ so lreely making meloJious anJ leautilul musical
Have you ever vonJereJ vho leeJs them` GoJ you might say.
But have youever slippeJyour hanJs upto sayFet|:rI t|eorvoajor
|owmac|voacer: eooat m:, mor: t|eovoacojor t|: oircs iot|: eir eoc t|:
jiow:rs eii eroaoc wit| t|: ieots eiso jioaris|io eoc oiossomio so lull
ol glory testily to GoJs gooJness anJ laithlulness. The Bille says
in Luke I2.222+, Aoc |: seic aoto |is ciscii:s, 1|:r:jor: I sev aoto voa,
1er: oo t|oa|t jor voar iij:, w|et v: s|eii :et, o:it|:r jor t|: oocv, w|et v:
s|eii at oo 1|: iij: is mor: t|eo m:et, eoc t|: oocv is mor: t|eo reim:ot
Coosic:r t|: rev:os jor t|:v o:it|:r sow oor r:e, w|ic| o:it|:r |ev:
stor:|oas: oor oero, eoc Coc j::c:t|t|:m |owmac|mor: er: v: o:tt:r t|eo
t|: jowis``
It is true that oltentimes, the challenges ol the present so
leclouJ our sense ol reasoning that ve lail to le gratelul lor the
things that are vorking the most. But novis the lest time ol your
lile. Youcanchoose to le thanklul anJgratelul lor this moment or
youmight as vell just enJupa great lool right here!
A son or Jaughter vho has JiscovereJ the secret ol gratituJe
vill not cease to have more anJ more gilt surprises lrom the
parents! It is alnormal to live lile in ingratituJe. It is alsurJ
meeting someone vho is an ingrate. AccorJing to Dennis DiJerot
Cretitac: is e oarc:o, eoc :v:rv oarc:o is mec: to o: s|er:o ojj'` Vhen
someone gives youa gilt, the rational thing to Jo is le appreciative
its commonsense right` Il you must commanJ unenJing lavour
lromGoJ anJ man, you must cultivate the gratituJe paraJigmas
a vayol lile.
]ohn Henry ]ovett lelieveJ Cretitac: is e veccio:, eo eotitoxio,
eoc eoeotis:tic` I challenge youto give it a try anJsee lor yoursell.
Its certainly true that a merry heart Joeth gooJ like meJicine.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 58
Thats vhy I alsolutely concur vith Shakespeares choice ol
vorJs that goes Ioretitac: is moostroas'` IngratituJe hurts more
than the reason lor leing an ingrate. But il only you can release
yoursell to a lilestyle ol gratituJe, it vill lighten up your lile anJ
that ol inJiviJuals arounJyou.
IngratituJe makes people sick, lut gratituJe makes people
sing! As ve see in Acts 3.8 Aoc |: i:eio a stooc, eoc weir:c, eoc
:ot:r:c wit|t|:m iotot|: t:mi:, weirio, eoc i:eio, eoc reisioCoc`
Novlook arounJyouanJligure out persons or things that are
overJue lor some expression ol gratituJe everything arounJ you
cant le all laJ, look again anJ think real Jeep, then release that
lurJen ol gratituJe that neeJs expression immeJiately! Benjamin
Disraeli saiJ it this vay I j::i e v:rv aoasaei s:osetioo ij its oot
ioci:stioo, I t|iorit mast o: retitac:`
Vov. You have got to leel that leeling you knov! GratituJe
truly gives lile more meaning. AnJ that is vhy its an uncommon
pover paraJigminthe school ol Jestiny.

GratituJe revitalites lile. It lrings the gooJness lile has to oller
to us. It really shoulJnt le a one time in a year thing, or a jolly
situation Jriven thing. Il you can only think, you can praise.
AlexanJer Machren asserteJ Do oot i:t t|: :mtv ca o: voar jirst
t:ec|:r oj t|: oi:ssios voa |ec w|:o it wes jaii' Do oot i:t e oerc iec: |:r:
eoc t|:r: io t|: o:c c:strov voar r:st S::r, es e ieio catv, to caitivet: e
oaoveot, ovoas s:os: oj t|: crowc:c rioco:ss:s oj Coc iovoarceiiviij:`
Lile is gooJ lecause GoJ maJe it so. The gratituJe expresseJ
toJay opens you up lor greater things tomorrov. Sometimes you
just neeJ to slovJovn to see through the leauty ol lile, to shov
some real gratituJe.
I unJerstanJ men coulJ le mean sometimes anJ Jont Jeserve
even the t in thanks! But you see even in the miJst ol all the
irrationality ol men, you can still linJ some gooJ ones to le
gratelul to gratelul lor the smile, the gilt, the kinJ, the hug, the
kiss, anJlots more.
Vhen you appreciate someone lor something they have Jone
lor you or to you, you commit them to consciously or
unconsciously Jesire to Jo more lor you. The author ol the look
Hoiimit:c Pow:r Anthony Rollins asserteJ w|:o voa er: ret:jai,
j:ercise:ers eoc eoaoceoc: e:ers`
Shov some Jint ol gratituJe to that man, voman, loy, girl,
your sillings or mayle your parents lor that kinJgesture the other
Jay it coulJhappenthat ve canso overlook the llessing ol lamily
lecause ol lamiliarity. Sometimes ve assume its an olligation
linJing on parents to Jo gooJ, not realiting its a llessing that
must not le overlookeJ.
A simple thank you coulJ le lar satislying than anything else.
AccorJing to Sarah CalJvell L:ero eovt|io voaceo, jrom eovoo: voa
ceo t|:r: wiii eiwevs com: e tim: w|:o voa wiii o: ret:jai voa cic` I
rephrase it this vay, S|owretitac: tocev, to eovoo: voa ceo t|:r: wiii
eiwevs com: e tim: w|:o voawiii o: ret:jai voacic Make yoursell light
ly releasing some overJue gratituJe lor the kinJgestures that you
have receiveJol others!
King DaviJ, the king ol Israel shoveJ some gratituJe to his
lrienJ ]onathan in 2 Samuel 9.I vhen he saiJ is t|:r: v:t eov t|et is
i:jt oj t|: |oas: oj Seai, t|et I mi|t s|ow|im rioco:ss jor jooet|eos ser:``
even though his lrienJ ]onathan vas JeaJ, he still lounJ a vay to
say a thank you to his lamily! Its never too late to le gratelul lor
Cretitac: wiii eiwevs :i:vet:
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 60
Youcannot oller sincere gratituJe to GoJ, vho is the almighty,
seateJ on high alove in heavenly places anJ remain a pauper in
the lov places ol the earth. You cannot oller sincere vorship to
GoJ seateJ vhere troulles have no say anJ remain in troulle
vhere you have stayeJ! A sincere heartlelt vorship to GoJ opens
upthe Joor to llessings unlimiteJ. Vhenyouoller praise to GoJ,
you look up anJ those vho look up Jont look Jovn, neither Jo
Giventhanks to GoJ.
In songs
This is simplyanexpressionol your heartlelt gratituJe via the
instrumentalityol songs. The Bille says inPsalmI+.I Preis: v: t|:
LJPD jor it is ooc tosioreis:s aotooar Coc, jor it is i:eseot, eoc reis:
is com:iv`
In a dance
Shovyour Jance lecause He has Jone great things lor you. In
PsalmI5J.+it says Preis: |im wit|t|: timor:i eoc ceoc: reis: |im wit|
strio:c iostram:otseoc oreos`
Vith musicaI instruments
Il GoJ has enalleJ you to learn an instrument, then you coulJ
use it to extol anJ praise His holiness. As ve see in Psalm33.2, 3
Preis: t|: LJPD wit| |er sio aoto |im wit| t|: seit:rv eoc eo
iostram:ot oj t:o strios Sio aoto |im e o:wsoo, iev sriijaiiv wit| e ioac
Giventhanks lecause.
He is UniversaI
There is no lathoming ol the greatness ol GoJ. Therelore he
Jeserves all the highest praise lecause His greatness is lrom
everlasting to everlasting. The Bille says in PsalmIJ6.+8 Fi:ss:c
o: t|: LJPD Coc oj Isre:i jrom :v:riestio to :v:riestio eoc i:t eii t|:
:oi: sev, Am:o Preis: v: t|: LJPD`
He reigns eretuaIIy
The kingJomol GoJ is lromeverlasting to everlasting. He has
leenanJlorever vill le! Belore creationHe vas anJHis kingJom
is vithout enJ. AccorJing to Psalm I+5.I3 1|v riocom is eo
:v:riestioriocom, eoc t|vcomioioo:ocar:t|t|roa|oat eii :o:retioos`
The Bille also states in Helrevs I3.I5 that Fv |im t|:r:jor: i:t as
ojj:r t|: secrijic: oj reis: to Coc cootioaeiiv, t|et is, t|: jrait oj oar iis
iviot|eors to|is oem:`
Youvere lorn Ior this urose
The King ol kings anJ LorJ ol lorJs cralteJ you in your
uniqueness to le a praise anJglory onthe earth. The Bille says inI
Peter 2.9Fat v: er: e c|os:o:o:retioo, e rovei ri:st|ooc, eo|oiv oetioo,
e :caiier :oi:, t|et v: s|oaic s|:wjort| t|: reis:s oj |im w|o |et| ceii:c
voaoat oj cerro:ss ioto|is merv:iioas ii|t`
It really Joesnt matter il youve leen JeleateJ lelore lecause
vhen your praise ascenJs the throne ol GoJ, every vall ol ]ericho
comes crashing Jovnright lelore you. Vhenyour praise touches
the heart ol the King ol kings anJ the LorJ ol LorJs, he
automaticallylrings youout ol everyquagmire youre in.
Let me paint the picture ol three persons in Scriptures vho
unJerstooJ the pover ol praise lor a raise. They vere leatureJ at
some juncture in time anJ utiliteJ the veapon ol praise to oltain
their JesireJluture.
OutnumlereJ ly the Syrian army, lut GoJ shoveJ up as they
praiseJ anJ the enemy vas JeleateJ. Here is the account in 2
Chronicles 2J.2225,
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 62
Aoc w|:o t|:v o:eo to sio eoc to reis:, t|: LJPD s:t emoas|m:ots
eeiost t|: c|iicr:o oj Ammoo, Voeo, eoc moaot S:ir, w|ic| w:r: com:
eeiost jace|, eoc t|:vw:r: smitt:o
For t|: c|iicr:o oj Ammoo eoc Voeo stooc a eeiost t|: io|eoiteots oj
moaot S:ir, att:rivtosieveoc c:strovt|:m eoc w|:ot|:v|ec mec: eo:oc oj
t|: io|eoiteots oj S:ir, :v:rvoo: |:i:c toc:stroveoot|:r
Aoc w|:o jace| cem: towerc t|: wetc| tow:r io t|: wiic:ro:ss, t|:v ioor:c
aoto t|: maititac:, eoc, o:|oic, t|:v w:r: c:ec ooci:s jeii:o to t|: :ert|, eoc
ooo: :sce:c
Aoc w|:oj:|os|e|et eoc |is :oi: cem: toter: ewevt|: soii oj t|:m, t|:v
joaoc emoot|:m ioeoaoceoc: oot|ric|:s wit|t|: c:ec ooci:s, eoc r:cioas
:w:is, w|ic| t|:v stri:c ojj jor t|:ms:iv:s, mor: t|eo t|:v coaic cerrv
ewev eoc t|:vw:r: t|r:: cevs ioet|:riooj t|: soii, it wes somac|`
Praise lrings Jovn the presence ol GoJ anJ in the presence ol
the King, oppositions get silenceJanJconsumeJ.
PauI and SiIas
They vere JetaineJ in prison lor Joing the masters liJJing.
But vhen they svitcheJ on the lutton ol praise, GoJ took over
anJ guess vhat` The Bille says in Acts I6.25, 26, Aoc et micoi|t
Peai eoc Siies rev:c, eoc seo reis:s aoto Coc eoc t|: risoo:rs |:erc
t|:m Aoc sacc:oiv t|:r: wes e r:et :ert|aer:, so t|et t|: joaocetioos oj
t|: risoo w:r: s|er:o eoc imm:ciet:iv eii t|: coors w:r: o:o:c, eoc :v:rv
oo:s oeocs w:r: ioos:c`
There is certainly no veapon that is more potent than the
veapon ol praise. Il praise lrought Jovn the valls ol ]ericho
Jovn anJ JisarmeJ the entire army ol the Ammonites, Moalites
anJ the Seirs. Il it JiJ set Paul anJ Silas lree lromthe shackles anJ
chains useJ to keep them lounJ as prisoners anJ also JiJ Jrive
GoJ to Jo these great miracles loth in the OlJ anJ Nev
Testament, it proves that GoJcanarise inyour situationanJevery
oppositionvoulJle levelleJout!
GratituJe to GoJ lrings such lavour that releases lives savour
in no small measure. A lile lull ol thanks to GoJ lor the gilt ol lile
vill never cease lromJivine lilting inall enJeavours.
In the Gospels, Christ leJ over lour thousanJ men lesiJe
vomen anJ chilJren alter he gave gratituJe to GoJ lor the
llessing ol the little he haJ. In one ol the instances, I2 laskets ol
excess looJ vere gathereJ! Nov ve are talking alout leeJing
thousanJs lromsome little supplyol lishes anJloaves ol lreaJ.
]ust as youare vhere youare right nov, youcanjust slipthose
hanJs up, open your mouth anJ give some sincere gratituJe to
GoJ. Ior the plenty you have so regarJeJ as small anJ see the
change that vill erupt! In the vorJs ol Allert Clarke It is oot
|eio:ss t|et mer:s as ret:jai, ret:jaio:ssmer:s as |ev`
Until yousincerely praise, youJont Jeserve a raise. GratituJe
translates you lromthe realmol thinking natural to supernatural.
Persons vho alvays praise never cease to amate in the miJst ol
liles chaos anJpanJemonium.
Knoving is not enough, you have got to Jo something. So
vhats next` Sving into praise!
The Gratitude Nugget: Until you sincerely praise you Jont
Jeserve a raise.
Scriture Nugget: 1|: iivio, t|: iivio, |: s|eii reis: t|::, es I co t|is
cev t|: jet|:rtot|: c|iicr:os|eii mer: roowot|vtrat|` Iseie|`:I` (Kj\)
Gratitude Questions: Hov can I make gratituJe a lilestyle`
Vhat is overJue lor some shovol gratituJe`
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 64
Quotes on Gratitude
D:v:io eo ettitac: oj retitac:, eoc iv: t|eors jor :v:rvt|io t|et
|e:os to voa, roowio t|et :v:rv st: jorwerc is e st: towerc ec|i:vio
som:t|io oi:r eoc o:tt:r t|eo voar carr:ot sitaetioo`
Brian Tracy
F::iio retitac: eoc oot :xr:ssio it is iir:
wreio e r:s:ot eoc oot ivio it`
ViIIiam Arthur Vard
Cretitac: t|: m:eo:st eoc most soiv:iiio ettrioat: io t|: woric`
Dorothy ParIer
Cretitac: is e oarc:o eoc :v:rv oarc:o is mec: to o: s|er:o ojj`
Dennis Diderot
Cretitac: is e jrait oj r:et caitivetioo, voa co oot
jioc it emoo ross :oi:`
SamueI ohnson
Cretitac: is t|: coosci:oc: oj m:morv`
Cretitac: is w|:o m:morv is stor:c io t|: |:ert eoc oot io t|: mioc`
IioneI Hamton
I marmar:c o:ceas: I |ec oo s|o:s, aotii I m:t e meo w|o |ec oo j::t`
Persian Proverl
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 66
The Pover Paradigm oI Honour
w|o eoc w|et voa |ev: c|os:o to |oooar
c:cic:s t|: jevoar or cisjevoar voa r:c:iv: io iij:
]onathan Olise
very great accomplishment in lile can le tracealle to the
honour accorJeJ to an inJiviJual, an opportunity or a
Fchallenge somevhere, somehov.
Talking alout honour, I lelieve it involves esteeming an
inJiviJual, an opportunity, a challenge or a particular situation so
as to get the lest lromthe inJiviJual, opportunity or situation. On
the other hanJ, Jishonour involves Jespising an inJiviJual or an
opportunity that coulJ start your lile on the right course. In the
vorJs ol RalphValJo FmersonEoooar eoc jortao: :xist jor |im w|o
eiwevs r:cooiz:s t|: o:i|ooar|ooc oj t|: r:et, eiwevs j::is |ims:ij io t|:
r:s:oc: oj |i|ceas:s`
It coulJ le saiJ as the alility to recognite greatness anJ
pursue alter it it coulJ le greatness in an inJiviJual or an
opportunity. In the context ol this look that encapsulates the
ow:r erecim oj |oooar In the school ol Jestiny, its very
important that you recognise anJ pursue persons GoJ has set on
your pathto greatness. Lile is JesigneJto vork ly set ol rules that
make things happen. All you got to Jo is knovthe rules, oley anJ
valk ly them! Oleying liles rules lor maximum success is
nonnegotialle inthe school ol Jestiny.
Persons vho unJerstanJ the ow:r erecim oj |oooar never
allovtheir sent inJiviJuals cross their path vithout recogniting
anJ exploring the treasures they have got on their insiJe. Honour
Joes make people lut Jishonour mars people. Until you see the
neeJ to come unJer an authority higher than yoursell, you Jont
Jeserve a raise in lile. You can only see lurther ly stanJing on the
shoulJers ol giants that have gone aheaJ ol you. That is vhy it
lecomes very important to cherishthe honour paraJigm, lecause
it is the secret lor ellortless success.
The great inventor Isaac Nevton saiJ Ij I |ev: s::o jart|:r t|eo
ot|:rs, it is ov steocio aoo t|: s|oaic:rs oj ieots` People make people
succeeJ. People help people to success. Until you accept this
reality, you might keep struggling in lile unnecessarily. The Bille
says in Proverls 29.23 A meos ric: s|eii orio |im iow oat |oooar
s|eii a|oic t|: |amoi: iosirit`
Its a llessing to honour anJto receive lothhonour anJlavour
in return. You never qualily, neither Jo you Jeserve anything you
Jont recognise, cherishanJappreciate.
Eoooar orios jevoar eoc jevoar c:coret:s wit| |oooar. I lelieve lile
is rich vith vhat I call the iv: eoc ter: oi:ssios Vhatever you
sov is vhat you eventually reap. Il I sov oranges, I voulJ le
Juml to expect reaping some apples! A larmer vho sovs apples
reaps apples, also a larmer vho sovs pineapples reaps
pineapples. Its a simple lavol nature. The only thing is that you
voulJreapmore thanvhat yousovvhether it le gooJor laJ. So
to expect reaping vhat you have not sovn coulJ le tantamount
to shear vistlulness anJ lantasy! Fven the Bille categorically
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 68
states in Matthev IJ.+I E: t|et r:c:iv:t| e ro|:t io t|: oem: oj e
ro|:t s|eii r:c:iv: e ro|:ts r:werc, eoc |: t|et r:c:iv:t|e ri|t:oas meo
iot|: oem: oj e ri|t:oas meos|eii r:c:iv: e ri|t:oas meos r:werc`
The questions running through your minJ coulJ le, vho or
vhat Jeserves my honour` Hov Jo I recognite someone or
something to honour` Hov Jo I Jerive the greatest lenelits ol
honouring a man, a challenge anJultimatelyGoJ`!
Not to vorry lecause the lolloving lines voulJ Jo justice to
those questions. But at the same time, as they say r::titioois jor t|:
ser: oj :m|esis It thus lecomes quintessential to reiterate that
your Jestiny is tieJto vhat youchoose to honour or Jishonour. Be
it aninJiviJual or anopportunitycamoullageJas a challenge!
Lile is lull ol opportunities JisguiseJ as worr io ov:reiis calling
on inJiviJuals vho unJerstanJ the ow:r erecim oj |oooar to
make their lives count. Fvery challenge is an opportunity lor a
lilting to nevhoritons. So inno meanvorJs your greatness inlile
is tieJto the persons anJchallenges youchoose to honour.
Shovme vho or vhat you honour anJ I voulJ tell you vhat
your tomorrovvoulJ look like. Imno seer lut that is a reality. Il
you lollov the ow:r erecim oj |oooar vith total alanJonment,
you voulJ realise greatness in utter astonishment. Lets legin
Honour to Man
Il lile is run ly rules, it simply implies oleying those rules vill
make lile sveet. It is true that man is Jesperately vickeJ, lut it is
also true that man can le increJilly loving, cool anJ gooJ! Not all
men you come across vill le altogether gooJ, or laJ. But I have
JiscovereJ that vhat you choose to see in any person or situation
is vhat youeventuallyget to see. So il youchoose to see the gooJin
a manyoucoulJeventuallyhave the gooJol that man. It vas V. H
AnJen, the AngloAmerican poet that asserteJ L:t as |oooar ij w:
ceo t|: v:rticei meo, t|oa| w: veia: ooo: oat t|: |orizootei oo:` Learn to
appreciate people vhen they yet alive. Dont vait lor Jeath to say
all those lovely things you have to say. They vant to hear them
It is alvays saiJ that you Jont speak ill ol the JeaJ. So many a
times ve have the privilege ol changing our lives lyreasonol great
minJs that come our vay. But olten times ve let those golJen
opportunities slip pass us. Sometimes lor lear, lut most times ve
are Jrivenlyour sell Jestructive priJe anJarrogance.
You see GoJ has strategically placeJ men in certain places in
lile to helpsomeone get to some prepareJplace inJestiny. As long
as you live on this siJe ol eternity, you vill neeJ men one vay or
the other to mentor anJ help you accomplish great leats. Il this is
true, it then calls lor uncommon honour to vhom it is Jue per
Honour is recogniting anJ celelrating greatness. You cant
truly honour someone toJay anJ lack true honour tomorrov.
Vhatever yousovyoumust surelyreap!
Tvo vealthy lrienJs got together to relax anJ have some lun
only to enJupina restaurant. Thenone ol the tvo lrienJs spotteJ
a lootlall player he aJmireJ just right across the other siJe ol the
restaurant, immeJiately he calleJ the vaiter anJ instructeJ that
the lill ol the lootlaller shoulJ le lrought to him he vas villing
to paythe lills lor his lootlall hero that Jay.
Ol course you voulJ imagine the levilJerment ol his lrienJ.
He then turneJ to his lrienJ anJ maJe a statement that I have
come to cherish anJ aJore. He saiJ w|:o:v:r voa s:: r:eto:ss,
c:i:oret: it. Seo: successlul people applauJ each other. I
Jelilerately useJ the vorJ sane lecause you have some lunch ol
sick people vho claim to le successlul lut have got some sickly
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 70
mentality ol envy! So il you see yoursell a success, there is no
reasonenvying or lackstalling another successlul person.
People only struggle on the grounJ. Only highllyers make it to
the top vhere there is space lor everyone. AnJ thats vhere you
lelong. The truth is that you Jont sov honour anJ reap
Honour toParents
Long lile anJ prosperity are tieJ to the honour you accorJ to
your parents. The Bille says in Fphesians 6.I3 C|iicr:o, oo:v voar
er:ots io t|: Lorc jor t|is is ri|t Eoooar t|v jet|:r eoc mot|:r, (w|ic| is
t|: jirst commeocm:ot wit| romis:,) 1|et it mev o: w:ii wit| t|::, eoc t|oa
mev:st iiv: ioo oot|: :ert|` They coulJle your liological parents or
vhatever the case might le. But your olligation to honour them
still sulsists. Byparents it also extenJs to the elJerly.
Dishonour to the ageJanJelJerlyis ticket to premature Jeath.
GoJ commanJs it that parents must le honoureJ vith all gravity.
The parent you Jont honour cant lless you lrom their lovels.
YouneeJit, go lor it!
Some lolks cant le curseJ lecause they are llesseJ ol their
parents anJ numerous elJerly persons to mention a lev. Also, the
reason some lolks cant succeeJ in lile is that they have incurreJ
curses on themselves ly Jishonouring their parents amongst
Il it must le vell vith you, honour must le accorJeJ to your
parents lirst anJ the elJerly GoJ has placeJ on your path. The
llessings ol honour lar outveigh the curses ol Jishonour. Choose
Seek to honour your parents in vorJs or kinJ anJ vatch
llessings overtake you literally. Hermann Hesse, the German
Sviss poet anJnovelist saiJIt is oot oararos: too:com: :ec|ot|:r, it
is tor:coois: :ec|ot|:r, toi:erotos:: :ec|ot|:r eoc |oooar |im jor w|et |:
is` This is certainlytrue.
Honour toGod
Giving honour to the creator ol the heavens anJ the earth anJ
all that there is in it, is tantamount to a lile ol lliss unlimiteJ. On
the other hanJ, Jishonouring GoJ voulJ le commensurate to a
lile ol JoomunlimiteJ.
Fvery mans greatness is limiteJ to the honour he accorJs the
great anJmightyGoJvithvhomis no varialleness. The secret ol
enjoying lile to the lullest can only le lounJ in the lavour GoJ
shovers vhen he is honoureJ lor all that He is. Vhen GoJ is on
your siJe, youcanle sure ol a glorious anJenvialle luture.
Honour ChaIIenges
Fvery lusiness or acaJemic success toJay can le traceJ to a
challenge someone opteJto recognise anJhonour.
Fiii Cet:s honoureJ the challenge ol having a computer in
almost every average income home anJ the lavour he has accrueJ
lromthat nolle venture has translateJ himinto an all time multi
The Cooi: avs recogniseJ the challenges poseJ ly search
engines at their time in that unrelateJ search results vas the
output you get lromusing most search engines. They took up the
challenge ol Joing something anJ that has translormeJ the vay
searches are Jone onthe internet toJay! Yoa1ao: came to le
as a result ol tvo luJJies vho haJ a challenge exchanging
pictures they took inJiviJually Juring a party, lor the lact they
liveJ in Jillerent cities. They laceJ the challenge anJ YouTule
vas lirtheJ.
Challenges are opportunities camoullageJ, vaiting lor the
challenger to honour them lor his lilting. Rejoice vhen you lace
challenges lecause that coulJ le your opening lor a major
lreakthrough. Alvays thank GoJ lor challenges lecause in it lies
the potential lor your making.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 72
I lelieve lavour is linkeJ to honour. The lavour you Jesire vill
come vhen the right people anJ things are honoureJ. You are an
emloJiment ol honour anJJishonour as the case mayle.
Sometimes you Jont choose vho to honour lecause lile just
has a vay ol lringing themyour path. The people you honour are
connectors to the luture you Jesire to leature in. The Great Isaac
Nevton maJe an all time remarkalle statement vhen he saiJ Ij I
|ev: s::o jert|:r t|eo ot|:rs, it is o:ceas: I wes steocio oo t|: s|oaic:rs oj
ieots` Once again, il I vas to challenge youI voulJask youlor the
persons you have chosen to honour` Because they inevitally
lecome the Prophets ol your tomorrov!
There is really nothing nevunJer the sun. Il you are a stuJent
ol history, you voulJ unJerstanJ that history alvays repeats
itsell. AnJ you Jont have to reinvent the vheel. You can save
yoursell the stress ol Joing it all ly yoursell you Jont have to
make the mistakes others have maJe. Simply choose to honour
anJ lollovthe lootprints ol great minJs that have gone aheaJ ol
you. YouJont have all eternityto achieve greatness, so honour the
right persons anJchallenges anJget onto your height ol heights.
In the vorJs ol the American journalist, Henry Louis
Mencken Eoooar is simiv t|: moreiitv oj sa:rior m:o` Simply put,
great men recognise greatness vhen they see one. They celelrate
it lecause thats the vay to go up anJ stay up in the school ol
Jestiny. Here is the secret lor great heights as I Jo lelieve you are
reaJyto soar via the virtue ol the ow:rerecim oj |oooar'
The Honour Nugget: The honour yougive JeciJes the lavour you
Scriture Nugget: E: t|et r:c:iv:t| e ro|:t io t|: oem: oj e ro|:t
s|eii r:c:iv: e ro|:ts r:werc, eoc |: t|et r:c:iv:t| e ri|t:oas meo io t|:
oem: oj e ri|t:oas meo s|eii r:c:iv: e ri|t:oas meos r:werc` Vett|:w
I0+I (Kj\)
The Honour Questions: Vho have you chosen to honour` Vho
have youchosento Jishonour` Vhat challenge have youchosento
honour` Vhat challenge have you chosen to Jishonour` Do you
honour your parents` Vhose instructions have you chosen to
honour` Vhose instructions have you chosen to Jishonour` Do
youhonour GoJinyour lile`
Quotes on Honour
Ij |oooar o: voar ciot|io, t|: sait wiii iest e iij:tim:, oat ij ciot|io o:
voar |oooar, it wiii sooo o: woro t|r:ecoer:`
ViIIiam Arnot
Eoooar is t|: most cericioas io |:r r:wercs S|: j::cs as wit| eir, eoc
ojt:o aiis cowo oar |oas:, to oaiic oar mooam:ots`
CharIes CaIel CoIton
1|:r: er: :oi: w|o oos:rv: t|: rai:s oj |oooar es w: oos:rv: t|: sters
jrom e cisteoc:`
Victor Hugo
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 74
The Pover Paradigm oI InIormation
1|: ri|t iojormetioo ceo :t voa c|eo:c jor ooc,
oat t|: wroo iojormetioo ceo :t voa c:reo:c jor oec
]onathan Olise
he inlormation you possess can inlluence your place in
lullilling Jestiny. You are vhat you are toJay lecause ol
Tthe inlormation youve leen leJ vith, consciously or
unconsciously. Lile is a gilt, a gilt loaJeJ vith packets ol
These packets ol inlormation go a long vay Jetermining our
place in lullilling Jestiny. IromchilJhooJ through teenage years
to aJulthooJ, ve acquire great vealth ol inlormation that either
makes or mars our goals, Jreams, plans anJ visions! AnJ these
packets ol inlormation contrilute immensely to our success in
lile. Packets ol inlormation as relating to our career, lusiness,
lamily lile, spiritual lile, social lile amongst other important areas
ol our lives.
A popular saying goes thus Yoa ev jor w|et voa coot roow eoc
voa :t eic jor w|et voa roow` Inlormation is the channel through
vhichknovleJge is acquireJanJapplieJlor maximumproliting.
Vithout the right inlormation you cant arrive at the right place
you Jesire in Jestiny. A pilot vithout the right inlormation as
regarJing his route, veather conJition, engine health amongst
others is a pilot JestineJlor Jisaster.
I love to think ol the inlormation paraJigm vith a scenario
vhere you get a gilt lrom a lrienJ all vrappeJ up so leautilully.
The truth is Jespite the lact that you have not seen vhat might
possilly le insiJe the vrappeJ package, you are still exciteJ anJ
happyall together.
Novuntil youopenthe gilt anJsee vhat is insiJe lor yoursell,
youJont realise the lull extent ol your excitement. The gilt comes
vith a responsilility to unlock anJ search out the content. In the
same vay lile is a gilt, lut leyonJ the lacaJe is the true reality ol
vhat lies vithin. Such an uncommon gilt that can translorm a
oooocv into someloJyol uncommonsuccess anJsignilicance.
Inlormation coulJ le lragments ol knovleJge acquireJ
through stuJy, communication, association, research,
instruction, anJ all sorts. As you journey through lile you pick up
pieces ol inlormation here anJ there that constitute your entire
makeup. Inevitally vhat you knov either makes or mars you. It
inlorms your perspective tovarJs issues in lile. Fvery step you
take toJay is a pointer to the inlormation you chosen to
acknovleJge or ignore.
Certainly lile is maJe up ol a lunch ol inlormation, the air
vaves are saturateJ vith millions ol inlormation, loth the gooJ
anJthe laJ. Iromone city to another, one country to another, one
continent to another you have Jillerent lorms ol inlormation leen
receiveJ or sent per milliseconJs! Can you imagine all the
thousanJs ol TV anJraJio stations lroaJcasting nevs arounJthe
clock! Its increJille the amount ol inlormation ve have arounJ.
AnJ in the miJst ol this inlormation Jrama, you have to choose
vhat to lelieve anJ vhat not to lelieve, lecause that culminates
inmaking the real you!
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 76
The UniteJ States ol America is a vorlJ pover toJay ly
reason ol the amount ol secret intelligence (inlormation) they
have. Talking alout intelligence, its high level inlormation alout
people, places, military, anJ a host ol other things. The American
people are a vorlJ pover toJay as a result ol the inlormation they
have access to that other people arounJthe vorlJare yet the catch
Vhat you knov makes you knovn in lile. The inlormation
you Jont have access to can enslave or enthrone you as the case
may le. Also the inlormation you have access to can enslave or
enthrone you lor lile! Inlormation luilJs or Jestroys people anJ
places. Cocaine aJJicts lor example are hookeJ lecause ol the
inlormationtheyhave alout cocaine! Il youJont knovhovto get
it or vhere to get it, you vont get hookeJ. But il you seek the
inlormationthat gets youhookeJoncrecr, youare Jone lor!
ToJay countries in the Asian continent have lrokereJ the
pover ol inlormation in the lielJ ol engineering vhen it comes to
lighting earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, anJ other natural
Jisasters. I voulJsaytheyhave got the ow:rerecim oj iojormetioo
vorking in their lavour as a result ol the natural Jisasters they
encounter lromtime to time. Their knovleJge lase in that area ol
lighting these natural Jisasters is increJille! I guess this
luttresses the lact that vithout the right inlormation, you coulJ
le heaJing lor the Jitch. But GoJlorliJ.
The UniteJ States ol America sullereJ one ol their vorse
attacks on the II ol Septemler 2JJI, just a year into the
millennium. They sullereJthe attack lor lack ol aJequate military
intelligence that shoulJ have stalleJ the plot. Ol course trageJy
anJ sorrov vas the result ol that unlorgettalle event. Truly
inlormationmakes things happenanJJoes control things.
So in the case ol the Septemler II attack on the American
people, the terrorists haJ the aJvantage lecause they haJ the
inlormation the victim JiJ not have. It is commonly saiJ in var
Do oot o eeiost t|: :o:mv voa roow oot|io eooat` Ol course the
terrorist haJ an upper hanJ anJ that vas vhy the attack vas
Paul the apostle stressing on the pover ol inlormation in II
Corinthians 2.II saiJ L:st Seteo s|oaic :t eo ecveote: oj as jor w: er:
oot iooreot oj |is c:vic:s. The inlormation you have or Jont have
makes you or mars you as the case may le. In other vorJs, the
inlormationyouvielJmakes youthe leaJ.

Have you ever vonJereJ vhy people peruse nevspapers anJ
magatines` Ol course they Jo this to search lor relevant anJ
neeJeJinlormation! Inlact some lolks visit nevsstanJs not to luy
any paper lut to scout lor latest gossips. Have you ever pauseJ to
vonJer vhy companies use so much resource in aJvertising their
proJucts` The ansver is simple. They unJerstanJ that vhen you
get the right inlormation to the right people in the right places,
youvoulJle hookeJlor optimumprolit anJsales.
GooJ aJvertising Joes not enJ at just circulating or
Jisseminating inlormation, it tries to penetrate the potential
customers minJ vith such Jesires that Jrives sales anJ generates
Getting inlormation as regarJs your line ol passion is a step
tovarJ the right Jirection in the school ol Jestiny. But to lenelit
lrom availalle inlormation, you must le alle to organite anJ
process such inlormation lelore running lelore staking your
resources into it.
Here is another one that thrills me! HovJo Joctors get people
crying, smiling or jumping` They have got the inlormation that
makes them vielJ that pover alout peoples lehaviour! Vhy
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 78
Joes the nevs ol that jol promotion get you exciteJ` Vhy Joes
the Joctors report get you thinking` Its simply the pover ol the
inlormationparaJigmat vork.
AccorJing to the lormer PresiJent ol the UniteJ States ol
America, RonalJReagan, Iojormetioois t|: oxv:ooj t|: moc:roe: It
s::s t|roa| t|: weiis to:c ov oero:c wir:, it wejts ecross t|: :i:ctriji:c
oorc:rs` The right inlormation lirths relormation. Vhile the
vrong kinJ ol inlormation lirths Jelormation. Hence, it lecomes
sine qua non to Jevelop a lilter that silts the gooJ lrom the laJ
inlormationve come across inour everyJaylives.
Let me talk to you alout some nuggets that coulJ lilter the
inlormation ve allovour minJs to preponJerate upon. Since you
get JelormeJ vhen you are not rightly inlormeJ, these nuggets
lecome invalualle on your path to lullilling Jestiny. These
nuggets are in no vay exhaustive lut are simple truths that have
enJureJthe test ol time.
The minJ is the gilt GoJ gave to man, to creatively inlluence
his vorlJ lor greatness. Vhile a host ol persons have useJ their
ingenuity to allect the vorlJ positively, some have converteJ this
great repository ol greatness to perpetuate evil anJ nothingness.
Here are the nuggets that shoulJJictate the inlormationve go lor
anJthe ones ve shoulJol necessityJiscarJ.
w|et is mvaros: oressiooioiij:`
Until you have a passion lor something specilic, you voulJ
only continue to gallivant vith no real locus on issues ol lullilling
Jestiny. Certain questions you must sincerely ask yoursell
incluJe, vhat really turns me on` Vhat gets me exciteJ` Vhat Jo
I have a lurJen lor` Vhat Jo I vant to change` This is the
leginning vhere you Jiscern vhat inlormation you neeJ anJ
Jont neeJ in lile. Vrite Jovn the ansvers that come to your
minJ anJ note them lecause they coulJ le the pointers to your
purpose inlile.
You Jont neeJ to knoveverything to le reckoneJ vith. But
you neeJ to knov something to le reckoneJ vith. A jack ol all
traJe is olten master ol none. Vhen you Jiscover your passion in
lile, yougrala holJol the keyto the inlormationyoumust court to
w|et iojormetiooo:s wit|mvessioo`
Il you knov your passion, you can then pursue relevant
inlormationthat go hanJinhanJvithyour passionor purpose. It
voulJle unnecessary to go alter inlormationyouJont neeJ. You
coulJ get relevant inlormation lrom looks, tapes, seminars,
conlerences amongst others.
The lottomline remains that yougo lor vhat youneeJ.
EowcoI eivmvs:ij tow|et I roow`
Certainly, knoving a thing is not enough. Vith knoving
comes Joing. Heint V. Bergenonce saiJIojormetioois t|: s::c jor eo
ic:e eoc ooiv rows w|:o its wet:r:c` AnJ that vatering relers to
Joing. Inlormationonits ovnis ol no lenelit until it is organiteJ,
processeJ anJ applieJ to prolitalle use. KnovleJge is not pover
lut applieJknovleJge is pover.
Vhatever you think you knov anJ possess lut choose to
hoarJ is ol no use to anyloJy. So knoving is not enough, lut
Joing vill sullice. AnJ this is vhere I have a prollemvith lolks
most times, youknovvhat it takes to succeeJlut youchoose not
to Jo it lor onlyGoJknovs.
This look lor instance is a proJuct ol inlormation gathereJ
over a perioJ ol stuJying, research, olservation anJ experience
amongst others. Its inlormation JesireJ, acquireJ, analyteJ,
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 80
processeJ anJ shareJ. Il a step vas not taken tovarJs vriting,
organiting, eJiting, revieving, correcting, pullishing anJ
Jistriluting or marketing this look, the lunch ol knovleJge
voulJhave leensomevhere vasting insomeones lrain, unuseJ,
reJunJant, stinking anJmost Jelinitelyol no lenelit to noloJy!
IrienJknoving is not enough, there must le the part ol Joing
to prove youknov.
Successlul living on this siJe ol eternity vill le a lunction ol
the inlormation you have access to Jaily. The inlormation you
chose to honour lrought you right vhere you are toJay, anJ the
inlormation you voulJ honour toJay vill leaJ you to vhere you
voulJle tomorrov.
In the school ol Jestiny, only people that Jesire acquire, anJ
only those that acquire get to share vhat they knov. Inlormation
toJay controls the vorlJ. Its the currency ol the vorlJ. Vhat you
knovcan get you to places untolJ. In the acaJemia, there is one
language that is spoken arounJ the vorlJ anJ its r:s:erc|. AnJ
vhat is research` Simply linJing or seeking lor nevinlormation!
The lest universities in the vorlJ toJay are knovn lor their
lreakthroughs in research spanning various lielJs ol human
enJeavour. The air is lull ol vaves ol inlormationmoving lromone
place to the other. Vhere you are right novis a leehive ol gooJ
anJlaJinlormationthat canaJJor sultract lromyou. Mayle all
you neeJ to Jo is to connect to this moment right vhere you are
anJ gather the right inlormation that can propel you to your next
The truth is that everyloJy you come across toJay knovs
something you Jont knov. So unJerstanJ you cant knov
everything lut you can knovanything you Jesire to knovto get
to the place prepareJlor youinJestiny.
Irom inlancy through teenage years to aJulthooJ youll linJ
persons that knovvhat you Jont knov. Its a gilt to le humlle
enough anJ open to learn all you can lecause you might not have
access to that inlormationagain.
The Jillerence letveen a success anJ a lailure is the
inlormation they loth have access to! An inJiviJual is really not a
lailure until he gives up. A person consiJereJ a lailure coulJ have
leensome inlormationavay lromlreakthrough. That is vhy you
must openyour minJto relevant anJright inlormationthat coulJ
translormyouto greatness anJrelevance.
Let me concluJe on this note. Il you vere Jriving anJ your car
eventually lroke Jovn along a lonely roaJ, the most likely
response voulJ le an agitation il you vere an ignoramus vhen it
came to the knovhovol lixing vehicles. On the other hanJ, you
coulJ le relaxeJ il you knevyour onions alout lixing cars. Nov
the Jillerence letveen the tvo possille responses voulJ le a
result ol the inlormationyouhaJat the saiJtime.
Your ultimate success irrespective ol vhomanJvhere youare
toJay voulJ le as a result ol the inlormation you acquire anJ
applyinrelationto your passionanJpurpose inlile.
The InIormation Nugget: The inlormationyouvielJJetermines
your leaJ.
Scriture Nugget: Aoc v: s|eii roowt|: trat|, eoc t|: trat| s|eii mer:
voajr::` jo|o:`2 (Kj\)
The InIormation Questions: Vhat channel ol inlormationhave I
sulscrileJto` HovJo I Jevelopa rolust inlormationparaJigm`
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 82
Quotes on InIormation
Koowi:c: is ow:r Iojormetioo is iio:retio Fcacetioo is t|: r:mis: oj
ror:ss, io :v:rv soci:tv, io :v:rv jemiiv`
KoIi Annan
w: iiv: io eo e: t|et is criv:o ov iojormetioo 1:c|ooioicei
or:ert|roa|s er: c|eoio t|: jec: oj wer eoc |oww: r:er: jor wer`
ViIIiam . Perry
Iojormetioo is e soarc: oj i:eroio Fat aoi:ss it is oreoiz:c, roc:ss:c,
eoc eveiieoi: to t|: ri|t :oi: io e jormet jor c:cisioo merio, it is e
oarc:o, oot e o:o:jit`
ViIIiam PoIIard
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 84
The Pover Paradigm oI oy
I o:ii:v: |eio:ss c::ocs oo t|: |e:oios eroaoc,
oat ov is eo oatwerc oatoarst oj eo iowerc ceimo:ss
t|et oatiests |e:oios
]onathan Olise
oy is the ultimate expression ol happiness svelling lrom the
soul ol aninJiviJual. Most times, its reasonlor expressioncan
harJly le lathomeJ lecause it transcenJs the realm ol the
physical happenings arounJ. ]oy remains ever gloving through
the thick anJ thin ol lile. The American author Anne Morrov
LinJlergh haJ this to say ol joy For |eio:ss oo: o::cs s:caritv, oat
ov ceo srio iir: e jiow:r :v:o jrom t|: ciijjs oj c:seir` Hov can you
explaina situationvhere aninJiviJual has lost loveJones so Jear
to his heart lut still pulls throughlile sharing love anJenjoying it!
]oy grants access to supernatural help anJ llessings. It opens
up the Joor ol llessings unspeakalle, stops the mouth ol the
Jevourer anJ causes the greatness ol GoJ to speak lorth in ones
It is certainly true that the challenges encountereJ vith every
passing Jay, leaves us in Jespair, Joults anJ unleliel ol the
luture. All these gears tovarJs Jepriving us ol true joy vhich
conquers, triumphs anJ overcomes in the heat ol liles lurnaces.
AnJthat is vhyit lecomes necessaryto sulscrile to a higher than
happiness kinJ ol lilestyle that transcenJs happenings anJ rests
onthe sveetness ol aninvarJpeace anJtranquillity.
True joy that overcomes is a llessing lrom GoJ anJ must le
seenas such. It is one ol the lruits ol the regenerateJhumanspirit.
AccorJing to Ceietieos 522, 2` Fat t|: jrait oj t|: Sirit is iov:, ov, :ec:,
ioosajj:rio, :oti:o:ss, ooco:ss, jeit|, m::ro:ss, t:m:reoc: eeiost sac|
t|:r: is ooiew`
GoJs intention vas lor man to enjoy the llessings that lile
ollereJ vith no restriction. But the Jevil alvays trieJ to
counterleit GoJs master plan. So he JeceiveJ man in the
leginning ly ollering temporary pleasure anJ he still Joes this ly
ollering temporary happiness to inJiviJuals vithout knovleJge
ol GoJs promises lor their lives. The gooJ nevs is that he has
alvays leena lailure anJvill not succeeJinyour lile!
Have youleenJovntroJJenlelore` Take your joylack! Have
you leen JisappointeJ lecause you trusteJ so much in some
temporary happiness` GoJ never intenJeJ you to go through lile
leing happy as a result ol the happenings arounJ, rather he
intenJeJ you to le joylul laseJ on His VorJ! The Bille says in I
Peter I.3 Accorcio es |is civio: ow:r |et| iv:o aoto as eii t|ios t|et
:rteio aoto iij: eoc ociio:ss, t|roa| t|: roowi:c: oj |im t|et |et| ceii:c
as to iorv eoc virta:` Dont let no Jevil Jeprive ol your sole
inheritance inChrist. His vorJsupplies all the joyyouvoulJever
neeJinthis lile.
]oyaccesses the supernatural anJunveils the uncommonglov
ol glory that engulls the true leliever. Be rest assureJ that GoJs
promise lor you is too sure to lail. As His vorJ says in Isaiah I2.3
Aoc wit|ov|: seic s|eii v: crewwet:roat oj t|: w:iis oj seivetioo`
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 86
A joylul person is a songlull person. ]oy anJ songs go hanJ in
hanJ. Fveryjoylul personhas got to have meloJyinheart.
King DaviJ, the man alter GoJs ovn heart vas joylul even in
the miJst ol all the laJ times he experienceJ. The look ol Psalms
proves the lact that you can only le joylul through the thick anJ
thin ol lile vhen you JepenJ on GoJ anJ not your strengths or
circumstances. The Bille says inPsalm5.II L:t eii t|os: t|et at t|:ir
trast io t|:: r:oic:, i:t t|:m :v:r s|oat jor ov, o:ceas: t|oa c:j:oc:st t|:m,
i:t t|:m eisot|et iov: t|voem: o: ovjai iot|::`
To le a canJiJate lor a joylul lile, you must learn hovto ignite
every moment vith some light lrom GoJs vorJ that alvays
keeps you on a lrequency ol neverenJing joy. Vhen you Jont
have anyloJyto JepenJon, youjust turnanJleanonHimlecause
He Joes care more thanyouevencare!
w|:ovoav: tri:c voar o:st eoc it eii taros oat as:i:ss, w|:ovoav: iv:o
voar eii eoc t|:r:s oo mor: to iv: et eii, w|:o voar o:st s|ot :rjorm i:ss
t|eo voa t|oa|t, voa ceo eiwevs trast Eim o:ceas: |: cer:s mor: t|eo voa
ReIayGod's IaithIuIness
Fvery time you realise your joy lank is running lov, then you
have got to relill vith some Jeep anJ sincere rellection ol all He
has leen to you anJ lor you. Only those that think can give true
anJ sincere gratituJe to GoJ lor His unenJing laithlulness anJ
lovingkinJness intheir lives.
Praise is the secret lor an uncommon lile ol consistent raise.
Until you lecome gratelul, you vill remaina great lool. Only lools
lail to realise that the mouth they use to complain vas given to
themol GoJ! The eyes they use to castigate anJ Jemean olvious
Joings ol GoJ vas given also ly Him! All you neeJ to access the
virtue ol joy is to count GoJs llessings in your lile, your legs to
valk, your hanJs to eat, your mouthto speak, your nose to lreath,
your ears to hear amongst others.
Complaining alout lile is a step tovarJ restraining your
lilting inthe school ol Jestiny.
Think alout the sun that lrightens up the Jay, the moon that
gives light at night, the stars that aJJ leauty to the sky at night,
the lirJs in the air, the lishes in the river anJ a host ol others. I
Jont see any reason vhy your joy shoulJ run lovlecause even il
you have lost something, GoJ is the same reason you havent lost
Someone says I have no shoes, vhy shoulJ I le gratelul` I Jare
to say vhy not thank GoJ you have got legs lor shoes! Someone
else has got no legs, not to talk ol shoes. Another lolk might say I
have got no legs, vhy shoulJ I le gratelul` I Jare to say vhy not
thank GoJ you have got your minJ intact to knovthat you have
no legs! Ior GoJs sake, someone else is JerangeJ anJ on the
streets vho cant even coorJinate his senses to see that he neeJs
some help!
IrienJ youve got thousanJs anJ thousanJs ol reasons to le
gratelul. GoJ has leen gooJ to you. Let nothing steal your joy,
lecause GoJhas leenanJvill alvays le gooJto you.
Reach Out and Touch Someone
I personallylelieve living is giving.
True joy springs lromgiving anJ selJomlromreceiving. True
joycanle realiseJlromreaching out to le a llessing to someone in
neeJ. So many persons are lar lromthe true source ol joy lecause
they have not lounJ a vay ol leing a llessing to people in neeJ.
The German Lutheran pastor anJ theologian Dietrich Bonheoller
seic Ij voa co e ooc oo jor ot|:rs, voa |:ei voars:ij et t|: sem: tim:,
o:ceas: e cos: oj ovis e siritaei car:`
Il your lile vill le ceaselessly joylul, youmust unJerstanJthat
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 88
giving is a vay ol leaJing a joylul lile. The Bille says in Acts 2J.35
It is eiwevs mor: oi:ss:c toiv: t|eotor:c:iv:`
The Jillerence letveen the vealthy that is lull ol joy anJ
another vealthy person that is ri:jstricr:o is the giving lilestyle.
It has leen proveJ overtime that those vho give never cease to le
joylul inlile.
ReIieve YourseII oI Vorryand Anxiety
Vorry anJ anxiety is prool that you havent JiscerneJ the gilt
ol the moment.
Fvery moment gives youanopportunity to le joylul il only you
Jiscernthe llessing it lrings alongsiJe. The Americanvriter Dale
Carnegie noteJ this vhen he saiJ Jo: oj t|: most treic t|ios I roow
eooat |ameo oetar: is t|et eii oj as t:oc to at ojj iivio w: er: eii cr:emio
oj som: meicei ros: erc:o ov:r t|: |orizoo, iost:ec oj :oovio t|: ros:s
oioomio oatsic: oar wiocows tocev` Vorry anJ anxiety has never
leen lenelicial to anyone. AnJ since history repeats itsell,
alloving the Juo to have a place in your lile vill only result in
making your lile miseralle.
Peace anJ lavour are aJJenJumto a joylul heart anJ soul. You
sulJue the enemy anJ put to nought his viles vhen the joy ol the
LorJ reigns in your heart. The llessings ol the LorJ lollov the
joylul soul. VithjoyyouvoulJpossess the gates ol your enemies.
Vorry anJ anxiety sulmit to you vhen you learn hov to
count the llessings ol GoJinyour lile anJlive lythat realityJaily.
The Bille says in Isaiah 6I.IJ I wiii r:etiv r:oic: io t|: LJPD, mv soai
s|eii o: ovjai io mv Coc, jor |: |et| ciot|:c m: wit| t|: erm:ots oj
seivetioo, |: |et| cov:r:c m: wit| t|: roo: oj ri|t:oaso:ss, es e oric:room
c:cr:t| |ims:ij wit| oroem:ots, eoc es e oric: ecoro:t| |:rs:ij wit| |:r
Fvery time you slip into a state ol anxiety anJ vorry, linJ a
reason to trust GoJ anJ regain your joy in himagain. He remains
the onlytrue source ol joyanJlullillment inlile.
ReIease Your PotentiaI
A lullilleJmanis a joylul man.
Iullilling your passion as you engage your skills, alilities anJ
gilts is a step tovarJ a joylull lile. There is a link letveen
lullilling ones passionanJleing joylul. Your lile vill le JecorateJ
ly the alunJance ol the potential you put to gooJ use. There is so
much you are capalle ol, il only you can kill that lear anJ release
yoursell to it. I concur vith the vorJs ol Vill Schultt that says
jovcom:s jrom asiovoarot:otiei`
Irustration is prool that potential is unJerutiliseJ. Doing
vhat you Jont have a passion lor is enlisting yoursell lor a lile ol
regrets anJ sorrovs. It vas Antonie De SainteFxupery that saiJ
It is io t|: com:iiio z:st oj |i| ecv:otar: eoc oj victorv, eoc io cr:etiv:
ectioo, t|et meo jiocs |is sar:m: ovs` It is also my conviction that
true joy springs lromJoing vhat you love to Jo. People vho linJ
lullilment in lile are those vho use their potential in vays that
soothes their makeup.
You must unlock you potential to lullil Jestiny il you must
enjoy the leauty that lile has got to oller. Il you Jesire a joylul lile
thenyoumust linJa vay to le ol service to your generation. Until
youstart giving, youcant claimto le living just yet.
Iullness ol joyis a possililityanJa realitylor as manythat linJ
a vayto renJer service outsiJe sell anJpersonal comlort.
ReIate Vith oyIuI Persons
Lile vas JesigneJto le enjoyeJ.
The easiest vay to get joylul is to linJ joylul persons anJ stick
to them, not to go reaJing a sell help look! Dont hang arounJ
people vho only Jelight in sharing their troulles anJ cant think
enough to tell you alout the gooJ that has lrought joy to their
lives at some point in time. Il you Jont ignite some lire ol joy in
their hearts ly counteracting their negative attituJes they coulJ
enJ up quenching the river ol joy you have got lloving on your
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 90
Fvery Jay is a gilt vaiting to le unvrappeJ. ToJay is a special
gilt lrom GoJ to you. Fnjoy the company ol gooJ lrienJs anJ
relationships you have anJ give the glory lack to GoJ lor the gilt
ol lile! Il youcant think, youcant le praiselull.
Cherish relationships. In the vorJs ol the Irish scholar anJ
priest Vincent Mcnall Som:tim:s it is e r:et ov ast to iist:o to
som:oo: w: iov: teirio` Never allov your joy lank to run Jry nor
run lovlecause it is the catalyst lor right thinking that leaJs to
greatness inthe school ol Jestiny.
ReIieve Your Past
Companies take inventory ol Jaily lusinesses lor letter
analysis ol market perlormance anJ prolits amongst other things.
GooJ inventorying anJ look keeping is crucial in lusiness vhen
it comes to tracking prolits anJ making luture plans anJ
It voulJ le interesting to note that these companies get to
vrite oll Jelts they regarJ as oec c:ots It is also relerreJ to ly
some linancial institutions as nonperlorming loans.
]ust like these companies anJ linancial institutions, you must
learn to acknovleJge anJ vriteoll some relationships as laJ
Jelts. Your past is gone anJlet It remainas such. The truthis that
il you Jont like the picture ol your past, minimite its ugly ellect
on you ly going lor nev horitons anJ lreaking nev lrontiers in
your chosenlielJol enJeavour.
Dont get tieJ ly the |ec I roow ol yesterJay. You have got a
lrighter luture to cherishanJpursue.
Vhen you linJ a neeJ to meet, you might as vell have lounJ
the path to lasting joy untolJ. Seek out hov you coulJ lless
someone toJay anJ you voulJnt lack a reason to le thanklul anJ
joylul. Share your resources vith your neighlour lecause you
vill never lack joyinJoing that.
Material possessions only lring temporary happiness, lut joy
springs as a result ol the lenevolence ol the heart. It is natural that
the human nature loves to accomplish goals anJ in turn enjoy the
revarJ ol joy. There is joy in completeJ tasks, setting anJ
accomplishing goals.
In the vorJs ol Mike MurJock jov is t|: r:werc jor cisc:roio t|:
civio: ijt cemoajie:c io t|: imm:ciet: mom:ot` The Philosopher anJ
theologian St Thomas Aquinas avoveJ Veo ceooot iiv: wit|oat ov,
t|:r:jor: w|:o |: is c:riv:c oj tra: siritaei ov, it is o:c:sserv t|et |:
o:com:s eccict:c to ceroei i:esar:s` Ol course carnal pleasures can
onlygive happiness ol the moment lecause it thrives onthe vings
ol present happenings, lut true spiritual joy springs lrom the
insiJe anJtranscenJs the |oto:ss orcoico:ss ol the natural realm.
Here is the lottomline, traJe your happiness lor His joy anJ
youvill never have anyreasonto le sorrovlul again.
The oy Nugget: Happiness JepenJs on the happenings vithout
lut joyJravs strengthlromthe happenings vithin.
Scriture Nugget: 1|:o |: seic aoto t|:m, Co voar wev, :et t|: jet, eoc
crior t|: sw::t, eoc s:oc ortioos aoto t|:m jor w|om oot|io is r:er:c
jor t|is cev is |oiv aotooar Lorc o:it|:r o: v: sorrv, jor t|: ov oj t|: LJPD
is voarstr:ot|` X:|:mie|:I0(Kj\)
The oy Questions: Have I JepenJeJ on the happenings
vithout` Have I sat Jovn to think ol all the gooJ that I have
enjoyeJto Jate`
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 92
Quotes on oy
A ov s|er:c is e ov coaoi:c`
A s:os: oj |amoaris o::c:c ermoar jov io oo:s |:ert eoc som: iea|t:r
oo oo:s iis is e sio t|et t|: :rsoo cowo c:: |es e r:ttv ooc res oj
Hugh Sidey
D:seir is t|: cem oj |:ii, es ov is t|: s:r:oitv oj |:ev:o` ]ohn Donne
Foov iij: 1|is is oot e cr:ss r:|:ersei`
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 94
The Pover Paradigm oI KneeIing
1|: croor:c iec:s oj iij: :t smoot|:o:coat vie t|: ow:r oj ro::iio,
1|: |erc:o:c oj |:erts :t sojt:o:c vie t|: ow:r oj ro::iio,
1|: coojasioo oj iij: :ts soa|toat vie t|: ow:r oj ro::iio,
1o o: io ooc steocio io iij:, voa |ev: to co e iot oj ro::iio
]onathan Olise
UnJerstanJing is the secret to igniting the seeJol greatness in
an inJiviJual. Vithout aJequate unJerstanJing ol my issue at
hanJ, aluse lecomes inevitalle.
Kneeling in this context relers to the place ol lervent anJ
ellective prayer. As the popular song goes Prev:r is t|: r:v, rev:r is
t|: r:v, rev:r is t|: mest:r r:v, j:sas stert:c wit| rev:r eoc :oc:c wit|
rev:r, rev:r is t|: mest:r r:v` Hallelujah! The place ol prayer is a
veryimportant local point inmaking tremenJous pover availalle
lor the one vho Jesires to le atop the circumstances ol lile. The
place ol kneeling is the place ol generating enough pover lor the
present anJ luture yet unseen. Prayer changes things in the
supernatural anJ makes the eviJence seen in the natural. It is
alsolutely true that a lot ol kneeling vill keep you in gooJ
stanJing viththe issues ol lile.
Until you get Jovn you Jont get up anJ stay up long enough.
Its the secret lor llying high anJ staying there come rain or
BurJens are lilteJinthe place ol prayer, troulles are traJeJlor
victories in the place ol prayer, sorrovs are turneJ to joy in the
place ol prayer, lroken hearteJness gets turneJ to unlimiteJ
happiness in the place ol prayer. The pover ol kneeling turns
arounJthe vorst ol trageJies to the lest ol victories. TremenJous
results are alvays availalle vhen ve plunge into the realm ol
ellectual anJlervent prayer. Surely, menought alvays to pray anJ
not to laint. It is not alout GoJs gooJ vhen ve pray, rather its
alout our ovngooJ.
AccorJing to Thomas Paine A meo co:s oot s:rv: Coc w|:o |:
revs, jor it is |ims:ij |: is trvio to s:rv:` Here is an account ol ]esus
aJmonishing his Jisciples on the ellicacy ol kneeling vithout
lainting. The Bille says in Luke I8.I Aoc |: ser: e ereoi: aoto t|:m
to t|is :oc, t|et m:o oa|t eiwevs to rev, eoc oot to jeiot` Prayer is the
lileline ol the true leliever vho vants to make tremenJous impact
onthe sanJs ol time.
Vhento hit the lloor relers to vhenyouneeJto communicate
vithyour Iather via the instrumentalityol prayer. Not just prayer
lor religiositylut lor results!
Inthe school ol Jestiny, it lecomes paramount to make a halit
ol hitting the lloor to see GoJs anointing anJ pover take over
ones lile. It coulJ le in thanksgiving, praise or supplication. But
the goal is to Jevelop a relationship vith GoJ lecause that vas
the original plan GoJ haJ lor man in the GarJen ol FJen. AnJ
]esus came to restore lack that relationship anJ its only
accessille in the place ol consistent communion vith GoJ via the
pover ol kneeling.
Sometimes lile hanJs you more than you are prepareJ to
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 96
vithstanJ anJ it looks like all hell is lreaking loose on you. The
lest place to le is on your knees seeking lor mercy anJ help.
Unquantilialle help is availalle vhen you tap into the pover ol
Vhenlile hits youharJanJyouleel like the lest thing to Jo or
the easiest to Jo is to throvinthe tovel anJthenvalk avay a lree
lut JeleateJ man, voman, loy or girl. Its thenI lelieve the vorJs
ol Philip Brooks soothe Do oot rev jor :esv iiv:s, rev to o: stroo:r
m:o' Do oot rev jor tesr :aei to voar ow:rs Prev jor ow:r :aei to voar
tesrs` Persons vho make things in the physical happen Jo a lot ol
kneeling inthe secret place.
Vhen your money is running lov, at this time you neeJ
Jirection on hovto Jo prolitalle vork that ushers in prosperity.
Vhen your goals, Jreams anJ plans are lar lromleen realiseJ. In
suchtimes all youhave to Jo is to praylor Jivine visJomthat vins
anyhov. Daniel prayeJ anJ he got the interpretation ol Jreams.
]oseph unJerstooJ the pover ol kneeling in ansvering Pharaohs
lugging questions. FlijahprayeJanJthe ansver came as a mighty
outpour ol raininno small Jimension.
Kneeling is a symlol ol sulmission to a higher pover or
Servants alvays kneel lelore their masters as a sign ol
oleisance anJ sulmission to authority. GoJ is the greatest ol all
that exist in the universe, he createJ all creations incluJing you
anJ me. Hence, the neeJ lor an unJerstanJing that can grant us
access into the heart ol the king.
Vithout an aJequate grasp ol the pover ol kneeling anJ the
Jivine involvement in it, ve might remain grounJeJ vith no
expectations met as JesireJ.
UnJerstanJing is the secret ol lecoming outstanJing in the
school ol Jestiny. Vhen you unJerstanJ an issue, the
valkthroughlecomes easyanJless tasking.
Prayer vorks vhenlackeJupvithunJerstanJing. AccorJing
to Angelica Grimke I |ev: oot iec:c r:ecio o:jor: revio I r:erc it
mor: imorteot, oat o:ceas: ioorc:r toreveri|t, w: mast aoc:rsteoc w|et
w: er: revio jor` Vithout this unJerstanJing, all lalour in prayer
vill enJinlutility. But GoJlorliJlor you!
So the lottomline you neeJ to pray ellectively are, :t r:i:veot
scritar:s that relate to your Jesire, stacv eoc m:citet: on those
scriptures then|it t|: jioor oovoar ro::s inprayer anJlet GoJJo the
Youmust lelieve that GoJis alle to Jo vhat he says he vill Jo.
AnJ that he can Jo exceeJing alunJantly alove all you coulJ ever
ask or think. The Holy Spirit enlighteneJ me vith this truth
sometime ago that, il I can think it, He is committeJ to Jo
exceeJing alunJantly alove all that I ask or think! So il I can
conceive it in my spirit, He lecomes committeJ to exceeJ my
conception. Hallelujah! AnJ my laith is laseJ on the F|:sieos `20
Xowaoto|im t|et is eoi: toco:xc::cioeoaoceotiveoov: eii t|et w: esror
t|ior, eccorciotot|: ow:rt|et worr:t|ioas`
Here is another truth I gralleJ lromGoJs vorJ anJ its that I
canlase mylaithonthe lact that His vorJis the eviJence I neeJto
have all my neeJs met! That is to say all I neeJ to have is His vorJ.
All antilaith conJitions notvithstanJing, His vorJ remains
inlallille! So I rest my laith on a scripture like Verr II2+ w|et
t|ios so :v:r v: c:sir:, w|:o v: rev, o:ii:v: t|et v: r:c:iv: t|:m, eoc v: s|eii
|ev: t|:m` anJ go to sleep knoving my neeJ is as gooJ as catereJ
GoJ is a holy GoJ anJ our relationship vith Him in prayer
must le laseJ on His terms, vhich is, even il you are lilthy, come
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 98
anJ I vill make you vhiter than snov then Ill Jo vhatever you
vant ol me. AccorJing to ]ames 5.I6 .t|: :jj:ctaei j:rv:ot rev:r oj e
ri|t:oas meoeveii:t|mac|`
A son vho is arrogant to his parent shoulJ expect nothing
lrom them vhen he Joes ask. GoJ loves his chilJren vho Jo his
vill anJ the things that are pleasing in his sight. AccorJing to I
]ohn 5.I+, I5 Aoc t|is is t|: coojic:oc: t|et w: |ev: io |im, t|et, ij w: esr
eov t|io eccorcio to |is wiii, |: |:er:t| as Aoc ij w: roowt|et |: |:er as,
w|etso:v:rw: esr, w: roowt|et w: |ev: t|: :titioos t|et w: c:sir:c oj |im`
GoJ remains the most important personality in the school ol
prayer. In the leginning, vhen men starteJ praying, their prayers
vere JirecteJ anJ centreJ on GoJ. The Bille says in Genesis +.26
t|:o o:eo m:o to ceii aoo t|: oem: oj t|: Lorc` Fvery lormol prayer
JirecteJ to any human, iJol, statue, saint or goJ is a pervasion ol
GoJs intention.
BesiJes GoJ, there is no other creature vhether on air, lanJ,
vater or the cosmos that prayers shoulJ le ollereJ or JirecteJ to.
The creature can never le greater than the creator, lut remains
sulject to the Jictates ol the creator. Saint Augustine assertsPrev
es t|oa| :v:rvt|io c::oc:c oo Coc worr es t|oa| :v:rvt|io c::oc:c
oovoa` The emphasis remains GoJanJGoJalone!
GoJs worcis His wiii.
Fven ]esus acknovleJgeJ the Iathers vill vhen He prayeJ in
the GarJen ol Gethsemane. He saiJ in Matthev26.29 Aoc |: w:ot
e iitti: jart|:r, eoc j:ii oo |is jec:, eoc rev:c, sevio, J mv Fet|:r, ij it o:
ossioi:, i:t t|is ca ess jrom m: o:v:rt|:i:ss oot es I wiii, oat es t|oa wiit`
Hence you must appropriate His vorJ to have unhinJereJ
ansvers to your prayers. The reason vhy so many persons Jont
have ansvers to prayers is lecause their ovn wiii alvays come as
priority, not Eis wiii. Injem:s +` it sevs Y: esreoc r:c:iv: oot o:ceas: v:
esremiss, t|et v: mev coosam: it aoovoar iasts` GoJis saying youask
out ol context vithmyvill anJvorJ.
]esus Christ lelore leaving earth gave a pattern lor result
orienteJ prayers. It goes thus in Vett|:w e` Ajt:r t|is meoo:r
t|:r:jor: rev v: Our Iather w|ic| ert io |:ev:o, Eeiiow:c o: t|v oem:
1|v riocom com: Thy vill o: coo: io :ert|, es it is io |:ev:o` The
emphases are mine.
Ve unJerstanJ lromthe loregoing that Eis wiii anJ not ours
take priority in the place ol prayer. Therelore anything that is not
in consonance vith Eis wiii is a vaste ol time, energy anJ
Therelore, praying lor ansvers must le Jone accorJing to Eis
worc anJ Eis wiii. GoJ vorJ says in Iseie| +`2e Pat m: io
r:m:moreoc: oj mvworc, i:ec voar ceas:, c:cier: t|oa, t|et t|oamev:st o:
astiji:c` Inthe court ol lav, eviJence is the language that prevails.
AnJ the eviJence to get the attention ol GoJ vho is the ]uJge is
Eis worc Only Eis worc moves himto act on your lehall. So have a
gooJ grasp ol Eis worc as your eviJence anJ then go visit the place
ol kneeling lor uncommonresults!
GoJ is not a man that he shoulJ lie. Vhatever He says He vill
Jo anJ vhatever He speaks, He vill surely make it come to pass.
E: sevs w|et E: m:eos eoc m:eos w|et E: sevs AnJ here is prool that
GoJ is a prayer ansvering GoJ lrom ages past He remains the
same also toJayanJlorever!
Il He ansvereJthe prayers ol the lolloving Patriarchs, he sure
vill ansver youil onlyyourevaotii som:t|io|e:os'
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 100
Vhen the chilJren ol Israel crieJ out lor vater to Jrink in the
vilJerness, GoJ ansvereJ their cry ly giving Moses instruction
on vhat to Jo. The Bille says in FxoJus I5.2+, 25 Aoc t|: :oi:
marmar:c eeiost Vos:s, sevio, w|et s|eii w: crior` Aoc |: cri:c aoto t|:
LJPD, eoc t|: LJPD s|:w:c |im e tr::, w|ic| w|:o |: |ec cest ioto t|:
wet:rs, t|: wet:rs w:r: mec: sw::t t|:r: |: mec: jor t|:m e stetat: eoc eo
orcioeoc:, eoc t|:r: |: rov:c t|:m` Look up to GoJ, in Himlies your
Vhen he prayeJ concerning a sign ol the Jevon the grounJ
anJ the lleece. GoJ shoveJ up anJ ansvereJ his request. The
Bille says in ]uJges 6.39, +J Aoc Cic:oo seic aoto Coc, L:t oot t|io:
eo:r o: |ot eeiost m:, eoc I wiii s:eroat t|is ooc: i:t m: rov:, I revt|::,
oat t|is ooc: wit| t|: ji::c:, i:t it oowo: crv ooiv aoo t|: ji::c:, eoc aoo eii
t|: roaoc i:t t|:r: o: c:w Aoc Coc cic so t|et oi|t jor it wes crv aoo t|:
ji::c: ooiv, eoc t|:r: wes c:wooeii t|: roaoc`
Her request lor a male chilJ vas granteJ her ly GoJ vhen she
vaiteJ on the LorJ in the place ol prayer. The Bille says in I
Samuel I.2Jw|:r:jor: it cem: toess, w|:ot|: tim: wes com: eooat ejt:r
Eeooe| |ec cooc:iv:c, t|et s|: oer: e soo, eoc ceii:c |is oem: Sema:i,
sevio, F:ceas: I |ev: esr:c |im oj t|: LJPD`
GoJ honoureJ his prayers anJ stroke all the Philistines JeaJ.
The Bille says inI Samuel .9, IJ Aoc Sema:i toore sacrio iemo, eoc
ojj:r:c it jor e oarot ojj:rio w|oiiv aoto t|: LJPD eoc Sema:i cri:c aoto
t|: LJPDjor Isre:i, eoc t|: LJPD|:erc |im Aoc es Sema:i wes ojj:rio
a t|: oarot ojj:rio, t|: P|iiistio:s cr:wo:er tooetti: eeiost Isre:i oat t|:
LJPDt|aoc:r:c wit| e r:et t|aoc:r oo t|et cev aoo t|: P|iiistio:s, eoc
ciscomjit:c t|:m, eoc t|:vw:r: smitt:oo:jor: Isre:i`
The glory ol the LorJ lilleJ the temple in ansver to his prayer.
The Bille says in I Kings 9.3 Aoc t|: LJPDseic aoto |im, I |ev: |:erc
t|v rev:r eoc t|v saiicetioo, t|et t|oa |est mec: o:jor: m: I |ev:
|eiiow:c t|is |oas:, w|ic| t|oa |est oaiit, to at mv oem: t|:r: jor :v:r, eoc
mio: :v:s eoc mio: |:ert s|eii o: t|:r: :r:taeiiv`
He prayeJ anJ lire consumeJ the sacrilice, the vooJ, stone,
Just anJ JrieJ up the vater alout the altar. The Bille says in I
Kings I8.3, 38 E:er m:, J LJPD, |:er m:, t|et t|is :oi: mevroowt|et
t|oa ert t|: LJPD Coc, eoc t|et t|oa |est taro:c t|:ir |:ert oecr eeio
1|:ot|: jir: oj t|: LJPDj:ii, eoc coosam:c t|: oarot secrijic:, eoc t|: wooc,
eoc t|: stoo:s, eoc t|: cast, eoc iicr:c a t|: wet:rt|et wes iot|: tr:oc|`
GoJ honoureJ his prayer against Sennacheril king ol Assyria.
The Bille says in 2 Kings I9.I9, 2J Xowt|:r:jor:, J LJPDoar Coc, I
o:s::c|t|::, sev: t|oaas oat oj |is |eoc, t|et eii t|: riocoms oj t|: :ert|mev
roow t|et t|oa ert t|: LJPD Coc, :v:o t|oa ooiv 1|:o Iseie| t|: soo oj
Amoz s:ot to E:z:rie|, sevio, 1|as seit| t|: LJPD Coc oj Isre:i, 1|et
w|ic| t|oa |est rev:c to m: eeiost S:ooec|:rio rio oj Assvrie I |ev:
GoJ vas there vhen he neeJeJ his attention the most. The
Bille says inDaniel IJ.I21|:oseic |: aotom:, F:er oot, Deoi:i jor jrom
t|: jirst cev t|et t|oa cicst s:t t|io: |:ert to aoc:rsteoc, eoc to c|est:o
t|vs:ij o:jor: t|vCoc, t|vworcs w:r: |:erc, eoc I em com: jort|vworcs`
GoJansvereJhis prayer anJhis vile FlitalethconceiveJanJ
lrought lorth. The Bille says in Luke I.I3 Fat t|: eo:i seic aoto |im,
F:er oot, 2ec|eries jor t|v rev:r is |:erc, eoc t|v wij: Fiiseo:t| s|eii o:er
t|:: e soo, eoc t|oas|eit ceii |is oem: jo|o`
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 102
The EarIyChurch
Vhen they tarrieJ in the upper roomlor the promiseJ release
ol the Holy Ghost, GoJansvereJanJpover came Jovnmightily
on all that vere present. The Bille says in Acts +.3I Aoc w|:o t|:v
|ec rev:c, t|: iec: wes s|er:o w|:r: t|:v w:r: ess:moi:c to:t|:r, eoc
t|:v w:r: eii jiii:c wit| t|: Eoiv C|ost, eoc t|:v ser: t|: worc oj Coc wit|
PauI and SiIas
They prayeJ anJ praiseJ anJ the angel ol the LorJ vas sent to
set themlree. The Bille says in Acts I6.25, 26 Aoc et micoi|t Peai
eoc Siies rev:c, eoc seo reis:s aoto Coc eoc t|: risoo:rs |:erc t|:m
Aoc sacc:oiv t|:r: wes e r:et :ert|aer:, so t|et t|: joaocetioos oj t|:
risoo w:r: s|er:o eoc imm:ciet:iv eii t|: coors w:r: o:o:c, eoc :v:rv
oo:s oeocs w:r: ioos:c`
YOUare next in Iine
GoJ vill alvays hear vhen you call on him accorJing to His
The scriptures valiJate the truth that GoJ ansvers vhen ve
pray accorJing to His vill anJ purpose. Vhen the kingJom ol
GoJ lecomes the local point ol your prayers, your neeJs lecome
His concern.
The Bille says in Isaiah 65.2+Aoc it s|eii com: to ess, t|et o:jor:
t|:vceii, I wiii eosw:r, eoc w|ii: t|:ver: v:t s:erio, I wiii |:er` ]eremiah
33.3 Ceii aoto m:, eoc I wiii eosw:r t|::, eoc s|:w t|:: r:et eoc mi|tv
t|ios, w|ic| t|oa roow:st oot` ]ohn I5. Ij v: eoic: io m:, eoc mv worcs
eoic: io voa, v: s|eii esr w|et v: wiii, eoc it s|eii o: coo: aoto voa` I ]ohn
3.22 Aoc w|etso:v:r w: esr, w: r:c:iv: oj |im, o:ceas: w: r:: |is
commeocm:ots, eoc cot|os: t|ios t|et er: i:esioio|is si|t`
Vhen you master the art ol kneeling lelore GoJ in prayer,
prollems cease to Jrive you to your knees in pain. You lecome
ligger than any challenge you encounter vhen you get Jovn on
your knees. Fvery mountainlecomes surmountalle via the pover
ol kneeling.
At Gethsemane, Christ shoveJ the results that prayer can
achieve il onlyve learnol its potency.
IrienJ vhat is aching you` You can overcome il only you can
genuinely pray anJ le still. Destinies get shapeJ in the place ol
prayer. Nations get sulJueJ ly the pover ol kneeling. KingJoms
are overtaking in the place ol kneeling. The truth remains that
tremenJous pover that is maJe availalle in the place ol prayer
remains untappeJ ly many. In the vorJs ol the poet laureate
AllreJ LorJ Tennyson Ij t|oa s|oaic:st s:: mv jec: eeio, rev jor mv
soai Vor: t|ios er: wroa|t ov rev:r t|eo t|: woric cr:ems oj` Fvery
physical manilestation has a spiritual unJertone. To change
things inthe physical, it must lirst le changeJinthe spiritual.
Svitch on your laith lutton via involving the channel ol
kneeling. The great preacher ]onathan FJvarJs once asserteJ
Prev:r is es oetarei eo :xr:ssioo oj jeit| es or:et|io is to iij:` Hov
comlorting to knovthat I can alvays have strength in my time ol
neeJ, vhen I svitch on in the place ol kneeling to receive signals
lrom GoJ! I love the place ol kneeling. There trials lecome
victories anJpains lecome gains. I concur vithFmilyDickinsons
vorJs Prev:r is t|: iitti: imi:m:ot t|roa| w|ic| m:o r:ec|, w|:r:
r:s:oc: is c:oi:c t|:m` Hallelujah!
AlrahamLincolnonce saiJ
I |ev: o::o criv:o meov tim:s to mv ro::s ov t|: ov:rw|:imio coovictioos
t|et I |ec oow|:r: :is: to o Vv owo wiscom eoc t|et oj eii eooat m:
s::m:c iosajjici:ot jor t|et cev`
Delinitely, status Joes not short change the neeJ lor kneeling.
Vhenall else lails to proler solutions, the place ol kneeling vill Jo
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 104
Those vho go Jovn on their knees never stay Jovn in the
school ol Jestiny. IrienJ, going Jovn on your knees vhen all
seems Jark anJ Jreary is the ansver to getting lack up anJ
staying right there.
The KneeIingNugget: The place ol kneeling is the secret place lor
outstanJing living.
Scriture Nugget: F: cer:jai jor oot|io, oat io:v:rvt|ioovrev:r eoc
saiicetioo wit| t|eorsivio i:t voar r:a:sts o: mec: roowo aoto Coc`
P|iiiieos +e (Kj\)
The KneeIing Questions: Do I value my place ol kneeling` Hov
canI le consistent to mykneeling paraJigm`
Quotes on KneeIing
I |ev: oot iec:c r:ecio o:jor: revio
I r:erc it mor: imorteot, oat o:ceas: io orc:r to rev eri|t,
w: mast aoc:rsteoc w|et w: er: revio jor`
AngeIica GrimIe
Do oot rev jor :esv iiv:s, rev to o: stroo:r m:o'
Do oot rev jor tesr :aei to voar ow:rs
Prev jor ow:r :aei to voar tesrs` Philip Brooks
Prev eoc i:t Coc worrv`
Martin Iuther
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 106
The Pover Paradigm oI Iove
Lov: iv:s r:esoo to iiv: iij:,
It iv:s r:esoo to o: oatsteocio,
It iv:s r:esoo to o: veiieot,
It iv:s r:esoo to o: :xc:tiooei,
Lov: is t|: r:esoo to r:: iivio iij: to t|: jaii:st
]onathan Olise
ove is one ol the propelling catalysts lor lullilling Jestiny. It
is the raJical stimulus that gears persons tovarJ achieving
Lgreat leats in the school ol Jestiny. It changes our
perspective to lile anJliving.
Vhen you love lile, you live it vith all excitement, anJ to the
lullest. You can give it all your lest anJ cherish it the exceptional
vay you can. Il not lor love, lile vill le loring. Love makes you
vant to Jo more anJle all youcanle lor the sake ol persons tieJto
your Jestiny. It consumes every iota ol hatreJ, Jisgust anJ gives
energy to lorge aheaJ in the race ol lile. It accomplishes the
impossille. It propels to unlathomalle heights ol greatness anJ
But lor love Christ voulJnt have given His lile on the cross ol
Calvary. It vas lor love that He lelt His glory alove to Jie lor the
reJemption ol humanity. Surely, love is the reason lor lullilling
Genuine love legins vith the One vho is seateJ in the
heavens. GoJ is the creator ol all there is. Therelore vithout Him
there vill le no love. The Bille says in 2 Corinthians I3.I3 For oow
t|:r: er: jeit|, |o:, eoc iov: Fat oj t|:s: t|r::, t|: r:et:st is iov:. Any
amlition or vision that is not estallisheJ or rooteJ in love is a
timeloml vaiting to go oll! Il GoJ Himsell coulJ attest to the
pover ol love, thenyouanJI have got no reasonto live lile vithout
Our plans anJ goals must le ruleJ ly the love paraJigm. As a
matter ol lact, love is the root lor any Jesire to attain great leats in
the school ol Jestiny.
GoJis the emloJiment ol love. The Bille says inI ]ohn+.I Coc
is iov:, eoc |: t|et cw:ii:t| io iov: cw:ii:t| io Coc, eoc Coc io |im` AnJ ol
course you cannot le in GoJ anJ remain a meJiocre! So love is the
pathvayto signilicance anJgreatness.
Love linJs its root in Him. He createJ the heavens anJ the
earth to vork in sync, all lecause ol love. All that love entails is
emleJJeJ in GoJ. E: is t|: :rsooijicetioo oj t|: ossioiiiti:s oj iov:. He
is the greatest ol the entire universe ly the pover ol love He
exhilits. His love is lrom everlasting to everlasting, lrom
generation to generation, His love never lails. His greatness is
prool that love Joes make great! He is love anJ lives in love,
therelore He remains the great GoJol the vhole universe.
It therelore luttresses the lact that everyJestinythat is rooteJ
in the GoJ kinJ ol love is a Jestiny set to llossomleyonJ lounJs!
Lov: mer:s t|: :t:roei cijj:r:oc: o:tw::o :ocario r:eto:ss eoc t:morerv
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 108
Nov that you knov GoJ is love, vhat Jo you have to Jo to
enjoy the unlathomalle llessings ol valking in love` Ve
unJerstanJlromthe Bille that alter GoJJestroyeJthe earthvith
vater Juring the time ol Noah, it vas lor love ol man that GoJ
JeciJeJnever to Jestroythe humanrace again!
Here is the account ol GoJs covenant vith Noah in C:o:sis
`III Aoc I wiii :steoiis| mv cov:oeot wit| voa, neither shall all llesh
le cut oll any moreov t|: wet:rs oj e jiooc, o:it|:r s|eii t|:r: eov mor: o:
e jiooc to c:strov t|: :ert| Aoc Coc seic, 1|is is t|: tor:o oj t|: cov:oeot
w|ic| I mer: o:tw::o m: eoc voa eoc :v:rv iivio cr:etar: t|et is wit| voa,
jor :r:taei :o:retioos I co s:t mv oow io t|: cioac, eoc it s|eii o: jor a
token ol a covenant o:tw::o m: eoc t|: :ert| Aoc it s|eii com: to ess,
w|:oI orio e cioac ov:r t|: :ert|, t|et t|: oows|eii o: s::oiot|: cioac Aoc
I vill rememler my covenant, w|ic| is o:tw::o m: eoc voa eoc :v:rv
iivio cr:etar: oj eii ji:s|, eoc t|: wet:rs s|eii oo mor: o:com: e jiooc to
c:stroveii ji:s| Aoc t|: oows|eii o: iot|: cioac, eoc I wiii iooraooit, t|et I
mev r:m:mo:r t|: :v:riestio cov:oeot o:tw::o Coc eoc :v:rv iivio
cr:etar: oj eii ji:s| t|et is aoo t|: :ert| Aoc Coc seic aoto Xoe|, 1|is is
the token ol the covenant, vhich I have estallisheJ o:tw::o m: eoc
eii ji:s|t|et is aoot|: :ert|`
Take note ol the emlolJeneJphrases, the vorJcov:oeot keeps
reappearing, it emphasises the concreteness ol GoJs stance not to
Jestroy man again vith vater. AnJ this calls lor the reason vhy
youmust love Himviththe vhole ol your heart.
The question to ask voulJ le Jo you think you really Jeserve
GoJs love lor all youve Jone in lile` But He still overlooks your
limitations anJ says I iov: YJHirrespective ol voa In other vorJs
vith all your messing up anJ lalling every nov anJ then, I
overlook anJstill call youmine.
FnJuring greatness is rooteJ in your love lor GoJ. Little
vonJer, DaviJ saiJ in Psalms 3I.23 J iov: t|: LJPD, eii v: |is seiots
jor t|: LJPD r:s:rv:t| t|: jeit|jai, eoc i:otijaiiv r:werc:t| t|: roac
co:r` Your love lor GoJ vill preserve you in the race ol lile. Il it
preserveJ the lile ol DaviJ in the lace ol oppositions, GoJ vill
preserve youas youlove Himrecklessly.
It vas lor love He gave His only legotten son to Jie lor your
sins anJlimitations. InI ]ohn3.I6 it says E:r:ovw: :rc:iv: t|: iov: oj
Coc, o:ceas: |: ieic cowo|is iij: jor as eoc w: oa|t toievcowooar iiv:s jor
t|: or:t|r:o` So il He loveJ us vhile ve vere yet sinners then ve
have a responsililityto love Himmore anJmore.
Il GoJ loveJ you so much that He gave His lest lor you, then
youve got to love people to shovyoutrulylove GoJ.
To make signilicant contrilution to humanity, you neeJ no
small measure ol love lor your lellov man. You cannot truly
contrilute to the comlort or lilting ol others il you are not
motivateJ ly love. Love makes you give your lest lor the lest in
others to come out. But lelore you love others unconJitionally,
you must love yoursell lor vhat GoJ createJ you to le! The Bille
says inMark I2.3I Aoc t|: s:cooc is iir:, oem:ivt|is, 1|oas|eit love thy
neighloures t|vs:ij 1|:r: is ooo: ot|:rcommeocm:ot r:et:rt|eot|:s:`
To lullyexpress love, youmust linJa neeJto meet. Vhenyour
reason lor living is rooteJ in solving neeJs arounJ you per time,
your lullilling Jestinylecomes unJenialle.
AccorJing to Mother Teresa ol Calcutta I |ev: joaoc t|: erecox
t|et ij I iov: aotii it |arts, t|:o t|:r: is oo |art, oat ooiv mor: iov:` It is love
lor people that shovs hovmuch ve really Jo care. NoloJy really
cares hovmuch you claimyou care until they see hovmuch you
care! Its vorth noting that every lorm ol human enJeavour that
has culminateJ in proJucing positive results in terms ol impact,
has leenrooteJinlove lor people.
Hov much love you generate anJ give vill go a long vay in
making your lile letter anJ more colourlul. Do not hesitate to
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 110
shovlove il youclaimyoulove.
Love people real lig lecause you voulJ reap it ligger anJ
letter in thousanJ lolJs. I lelieve the greatest inventions in
history anJ current glolal changes in our present time have
alvays leencookeJint|: ritc|:o ol JeepseateJiov: jor:oi:.
Ve see the realityol the love paraJigminsome lolks vho have
maJe increJille impacts inrecent times. Amongst suchincluJe.
Martin Iuther
He vas the man vho singlehanJeJly lought against the ill
Jogmas ol the Catholic Church. He strongly JisputeJ the claim
that lreeJomlromGoJs punishment lor sin coulJ le purchaseJ
vith money. He also pullisheJ his lamous 95 theses that have
changeJChristianitytill Jate.
Martin Iuther Kingr
His greatest achievement vas attaineJ ly stuJying anJ
earning Jegrees lut ly committing his lile to the emancipation ol
the llack race lromthe ills racismanJ segregation in the UniteJ
States ol America.
Mahatma Ghandi
He is not rememlereJ toJay lor his achievements as a lavyer
anJ various avarJs he got lrom Jillerent organisations arounJ
the vorlJ, lut lor his JoggeJness in the enlranchising ol the
Mother Teresa OI CaIcutta
She is most loveJ anJ recogniseJ toJay not lor her choice ol
celilacy lut lor the vork she JiJ among the JejecteJ anJ
sullering InJians ol Calcutta.
NeIson MandeIa
A vorlJ renovn statesman vho is not just celelrateJ just lor
his achievements in lile as an activist anJ lavyer ol no mean
repute lut lor the cause he lought lor, vhichvas rooteJinhis love
lor his countrymen.
This is just to mention lut a levol sung anJ unsung heroes.
Most ol vhichare JeaJ, vhile some are alive.
I lelieve you vill matter to your generation! But having lame
anJ making a name is not the vhole essence ol living. The salient
question to le askeJ is, w|et em I oio to o: r:m:mo:r:c jor` w|et is
oio too: t|: t|:m: oj mv oem:` w|et wiii o: t|: r:ectioooj :oi: w|:omv
oem: is m:otioo:c io circi:s eoc iec:s` woaic it orio ov or eio` A lile
liveJlor the lurtherance ol the lives ol others is the lest lile to live.
There are names that are very lamiliar toJay lut the stigma
that goes alongsiJe those names lrings pain lecause ol the lile
they liveJvhile alive. Youvill concur vithme that certainnames
lring painto the memory ol a lot ol persons toJay. But at the same
time there are names that give joy to the soul vhen rememlereJ
toJay. Vhat causes the Jisparity` Love lor people!
To accomplish all that you have a Jesire to accomplish, you
must love lile lecause lile is GoJs gilt to you. Love changes things
anJ makes lile vorth living. It vas Henry Von Dyke that saiJ F:
iec oj iij: o:ceas: it iv:s voa t|: c|eoc: to iov: eoc to worr eoc to iev eoc
to ioor a et t|: sters` Lile is gooJ. Live it to the lullest ly
appreciating it.
The American novelist ]ames Vilcox saiJ Civ: e meo iov:, eoc
|: wiii o: |ev jor e tim: 1:ec| e meo |ow to iov:, eoc |: wiii |ev: ov eii
t|roa| :t:roitv` Vhen you shovlove to someone, it makes them
happy lor a vhile lut until they learn hov to love others, they
themselves Jont realise the lull potency ol the ow:r erecim oj
Until you legin to valk in love, you have not lounJ the real
essence ol living just yet.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 112
Lov: c|eo:s t|ios eoc mer:s LJ\F wort|iovio GoJgave manthe
alility to love anJ to le loveJ anJ until you legin to see that
perspective ol GoJ, you voulJ lall short ol the gooJness that
LOVF has instore lor you.
Love gives more than it Joes receive. The paraJox is that the
more youlove, insteaJol running out ol love youcontinue to enjoy
love more anJ more. AccorJing to Gary Zukav Fv:otaeiiv voa wiii
com: toaoc:rsteoc t|et iov: |:eis :v:rvt|io, eoc iov: is eii t|:r: is`
Genuine love expresses itsell in the time it gives out. In other
vorJs, love is giving. GoJ vill not open the heavens anJ pour out
moneylut he gave us time to exchange lor everything that ve ever
neeJeJ or JesireJ. You cannot give anJ not receive in return
lecause nature vas JesigneJto go that vay.
Let genuine love le the reason vhy you must Jo vhat you
have to Jo in lile. Let it le the Jriving lorce to living lile to the
lullest. Love conquers all things. It turns mountains to plains, it
turns Jryness to lreshness, it turns larrenness to lruitlulness, it
turns lailure to success. Love vill alvays vin vhen all else lails
anJgives up.
Theres no gainsaying that love alvays vins. Its not sellish,
its kinJ, patient, its not prouJ, it never lails, it alvays thinks the
gooJ ol others alove itsell. In summary, love alvays triumphs in
the school ol Jestiny.
So vhats next` IinJa reasonto love GoJtoJay. IinJa reason
to love people anJalso a reasonto iov: love!
The Iove Nugget: Love gives reasonto live lile.
Scriture Nugget: For oow t|:r: er: jeit|, |o:, eoc iov: Fat oj t|:s:
t|r::, t|: r:et:st is iov:` 2 Coriot|ieos I`I` (CF\)
Iove Questions: Do I sincerely love GoJ anJ people` Vhat
shoulJI Jo to harness mylove paraJigm`

Quotes on Iove
X:v:r i:t e rooi:m to o: soiv:c o:com: mor:
imorteot t|eo t|: :rsoo to o: iov:c`
Barlara ohnson
A iovio |:ert is t|: tra:st wiscom`
CharIes DicIens
A meo is ooiv es ooc es w|et |: iov:s`
SauI BeIIov
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 114
The Pover Paradigm oI Mentorshi
1o :t to t|: to, simiv |eo oo t|: s|oaic:rs oj t|os: oo to,
o:jor: ioo voa woaic o: emoo t|os: oo t|: to,
t|: simi: s:cr:t oj :ttio to t|: to'
]onathan Olise
t vas Isaac Nevton that saiJ Ij I |ev: s::o jart|:r t|eo ot|:rs,
it is ov steocio aoo t|: s|oaic:rs oj ieots` NoloJy gets
Ianyvhere vithout someloJy giving a helping hanJ. It
voulJ le sheer arrogance to think you can get anyvhere vithout
the help ol others. It is certainly true that giants legat giant.
Therelore it lecomes very important anJ paramount vith regarJ
to this Jiscourse, to luttress the meaning anJ importance ol the
mentors place in lullilling Jestiny, anJ more so to make this
A mentor coulJ le a man or a voman. GenJer is no larrier. A
JictionaryJelinitionsays a mentor is a vise anJtrusteJguiJe anJ
aJvisor, a counsellor or trusteJ teacher. A mentor coulJ le
relerreJ to as a sage. The visJom a mentor possesses coulJ le
lromyears ol accumulateJ knovleJge, experiences, skills or even
olJ age. Your greatness in lile is sulstantially JetermineJ ly the
persons that speak into your lile anJ Jestiny. AnJ that makes the
place ol mentors veryimportant inthe school ol Jestiny.
]ust like a lion cannot give lirth to a Jonkey, so also an
intellectual or lusiness guru cannot give lirth (though not
liologically) to a laggarJ or lailure in the school ol Jestiny! To a
certain extent, your mentor or mentors eventually JeciJe your
I lelieve the same vay you Jont teach linancial management
to a neonate (chilJ), you cant teach mentorship to a person going
novhere. Trying to Jo that voulJle simplyriJiculous!
But can tvo valk together except they le agreeJ` No
sagacious personvoulJaccept to mentor a personvho has got no
goals in lile. Vhat qualilies you lor the gilt ol a mentor is the lact
that you have a luture you vant to realise anJ you are reaJy to
pursue. The lottom line is that il you have got Jreams then you
measure up to neeJing a mentor to instruct you on your path to
greatness. You Jont have to reinvent the vheel. Fverything that
there is toJay sprang up lromsomething that has leing! So il you
have a Jream, soar ly the helpol people vho have valkeJthe path
youvant to valk.
I personally have sulscrileJ to the testeJ truths in the look ol
Proverls as regarJing the priority ol instruction in the school ol
Jestiny. There voulJalvays le salety inthe multituJe ol counsel.
AnJmentors Jo just that! The Bille says inProverls 8.IJ,II P:c:iv:
mv iostractioo, eoc oot siiv:r, eoc roowi:c: ret|:r t|eo c|oic: oic For
wiscom is o:tt:rt|eoraoi:s, eoc eii t|: t|ios t|et mevo: c:sir:c er: oot too:
comer:c toit` Il I give youmoney, youmight vaste it onlrivolities.
But il I give you instruction, it coulJ mean the vorlJ to you il you
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 116
It is letter to learnhovto le vealthythanto le at the mercyol
receiving. Surely, visJom is lar letter than choice golJ anJ
instructionis lar alove silver anJrulies. AnJthat is vhythe ow:r
erecim oj m:otors|i lecomes a treasure, il you must lullil Jestiny
YouneeJa mentor lecause youhave a JreamanJyouJesire to
le great, lut to get to that JestinationGoJhas structureJlor you,
you neeJ helpers to give you a lilt so you Jont have to struggle on
the journey. You Jont neeJ to make mistakes vhen youve got
mentors. It is lar letter to learnlrommentors thanlrommistakes,
lecause some mistakes can get you JerangeJ anJ coulJ le too
costly lelore you realise your vrong! But mentors can make you
live out your potential to optimum vhile you evaJe those
Greatness is never lorn in isolation. You neeJ people to
achieve greatness. Fvery great Jestiny neeJs people lor the
manilestation anJ lullilment ol it. No vonJer GoJ Himsell
neeJeJmanto extenJHis kingJomto this earthlyrealm!
To lring out the greatness in Flisha, GoJ lrought Flijah along
his path. GoJ placeJ Moses in the path ol ]oshua lelore his
Jestiny emergeJ. Ior Samuel it vas Fli. I have come to agree vith
the lact that you Jont have to like the looks ol the person GoJ
lrings your vay. But you letter get all that GoJ has JepositeJ in
themlor your Jestinyor youshortchange your great tomorrov.
The journey cantruly le stress lree vhenyouarent the person
in the Jrivers seat! You can actually le the pilot vhile your
mentor remains in charge ol operations at the control tover! I see
your Jestiny llossoming as you emlrace this paraJigm ol

Vhose track recorJ Jo you aJmire` Vhose success Jo you
revere` A mentor shoulJ le someone you aJmire. It shoulJ le
someone vhose success, achievements, charisma, courage or
carriage youJesire to possess.
The person you Jont share a common interest vith cant le
termeJ a mentor lecause a mentor helps channel your passion
tovarJs attaining greatness in your chosen lielJ ol enJeavour. At
least youshoulJshare a commoninterest ol a passionlor success.
Vhoare youviIIingtosulmit to:
Vho Jo you respect lor their achievement` You must commit
to respecting the person anJ gilt you crave lor in a mentor. The
person you Jont respect anJ honour cant le a llessing to you.
The gilt you Jont respect cannot le imparteJ to you ly hook or
Genuine reverence must le shovn tovarJs ones mentor or
mentors, il you must get the lest lrom them. Vhen you respect
people lor vho they are anJ vhat they have, you commit themto
respecting you lor you. The ow:r erecim oj |oooar has Jone
justice to this I lelieve.
Fventhe Bille says inMatthevIJ.+IE: t|et r:c:iv:t|e ro|:t io
t|: oem: oj e ro|:t s|eii r:c:iv: e ro|:ts r:werc, eoc |: t|et r:c:iv:t| e
ri|t:oas meo io t|: oem: oj e ri|t:oas meo s|eii r:c:iv: e ri|t:oas meos
r:werc` It voulJ le practically inconsistent vith nature to le
llesseJvithsomething youJetest.
Understand Your Uniqueness
Some people say imitetioo is iimitetioo lut I personally Jont
agree vith that phraseology lecause its simply hall truth. The
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 118
reason leen there is nothing nev unJer the sun. Fvery lorm ol
civilisation toJay is a lunction ol luilJ up lrom vhat great men
anJ vomen haJ Jone in time past. You cannot anJ I reiterate you
cannot truly lring out the true voa, il you Jont have something
you look up to that gives you the vill to press on anJ the strength
to carry on. It is practically impossille to imitate an inJiviJual
IJJ`. There is alvays some sort ol uniqueness alout a personthat
cant le imitateJvholesomely!
Ior instance, your voice pitch cant le the same as the person
you aJmire so laJly. Your tone in speaking vill Jelinitely le out
ol sync vith each other. The tempo ol speech can never le the
same. The vayyoullink your eyes is unique to youalone. The vay
youlaughis unique to you! A lot ol things cannever le the same.
I can give more examples to luttress the lact that you are
unique to you. A mentor is just a guiJe to help you on the path ol
Jiscovering, recovering anJlullilling Jestiny.
Fven a set ol tvins lor example are no total replica ol
themselves. Vhen you imitate, your originality has a vay ol
shoving lorth itsell. Imitation ly association vith your mentor
legins to lring the change in you that reveals the real you vith
time. Your gesture is unique to you, your smile is unique to you,
your charisma is unique to you, your Jisposition to things is
unique to you. Let noloJyshort change youlor anything less!
Your Uniqueness ShouId Determine Your Mentor
Until you unJerstanJ hovunique anJ enJoveJ you are, you
might le roaming alout vith the vrong set ol lolks. Imagine an
inJiviJual vho has a passionlor music going alter a mentor vho is
a lootlaller! That Joesnt mean you cant learn lromothers not in
your line ol passion. But il you vant to le ol maximumimpact in
your lielJ, Jiscover your passion anJ pursue alter people vho are
successlul inyour line ol passion.
Ol course, you can pick traits that are aJoralle lrom people
vho are successlul intheir various lielJs ol humanenJeavour. But
your mentor shoulJ le someone vho has troJ the path you are
treaJing, som:oo: w|o |es teir:c t|: teir voa er: teirio eoc |es weir:c
t|: weirvoaer: weirio
Youare unique inpursuit ol your passionlut others have gone
aheaJ ol you in lile anJ that, you must acknovleJge. Hence you
must locate your mentors so you Jont enJ up lrustrateJ anJ in
Discover yoursell lirst lelore you move on to linJ vho anJ
vho is requireJ to support you in the marathon race ol lile. It is
very crucial that you knov anJ unJerstanJ yoursell. Also you
must le alle to ansver the lolloving questions, vhat Jo you
vant to attainvithyour lile` Vhat luture Jo youvant to live in`
Your HumiIity Determines HovMuch Your Mentor Pours
Fvery priJe must le pocketeJ vhen seeking a mentor. As a
matter ol lact, priJe eroJes lrom any gooJ you coulJ enjoy lrom
your mentors. Vatch out lor priJe it kills anJ Jestroy. The Bille
says inProverls II.2w|:oric: com:t|, t|:ocom:t|s|em: oat wit|t|:
iowiv is wiscom` It also reiterates that in Proverls 29.23 A meos
ric: s|eii orio |im iow oat |oooar s|eii a|oic t|: |amoi: io sirit`
Surelyhumilityis unavoiJallyneeJeJinthe school ol JestinyanJ
most especiallyinthe mentorshipparaJigm.
Your Association ShouId Determine Your Mentor
Shovme your lrienJanJI vill tell youvho youare or vho you
are going to le in the near luture. In the same vay, shovme your
mentor anJI vill preJict vhat your tomorrovis going to le like.
Vho Jo you vant to le associateJ to` Vhose association Jo
you revere` Vho are you unalraiJ to le associateJ vith`
Rememler not every acclaimeJ success is gooJ that appears
gooJ. The error ol measuring success in terms ol money is a
granJiose llav toJay! I lelieve prosperity is not just having
money. But money is aJJenJumto prosperity. Success to me has
to Jo vith success in the secular, lamily anJ also spiritual. To me
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 120
money is a tool lor achieving your GoJgivenpassionanJpurpose.
It is never anenJinitsell lut a means to anenJ.
SticI and Don't Iet Go
Vhen you get a mentor you aJmire anJ respect, Jont let go
until you get changeJ lor gooJ. Il possille reaJ all the looks
theyve vritten, listen to as many recorJs in tapes, CDs or DVDs.
Pursue alter their conlerences, seminars, talks or vhatever! The
goal is that youconsume as muchas youcancontain.
The secret ol leing on the top is to never give up, let up or shut
upuntil GoJlilts youup!
Youmight not like everything alout your mentor lut youmust
honour him lor vhat he has got anJ can oller you. Humans vill
alvays have a veakness in one area or the other lut you go lor the
strengths in your chosen mentor anJ not the veaknesses. You go
lor areas vhere they are succeeJing anJ achieving great leats.
Celelrate their strengths anJ learn lrom their veaknesses. The
Bille says in Proverls 23.23 Fav t|: trat|, eoc s:ii it oot, eiso wiscom,
eoc iostractioo, eoc aoc:rsteocio`
Greatness is contagious. Il you Jo vhat great people Jo, talk
the talk they talk, valk the valk they valk, pay the price they pay
anJ shun the lun they shun on a consistent or Jaily lasis, then the
topis vhere youlelong.
Mentors Jont only give you lish lut they teach you hov to
Mentorship goes vay leyonJ estallishing relationships lor
sake ol lecoming vealthy. Vealth is a lunction ol solving a
prollem. Il you linJ a prollemto solve in lile, you voulJ lecome
The lolloving pinpoints vhat you shoulJ expect lromsincere
As a mentee unJerstanJ that your mentor has a responsilility
to guiJe you on utilising your potentials lor optimum
Also mentors aJvise you on the Jos anJ Jonts ol lasting
impact anJgreatness.
They ignite the you can lire in you vhenever your passion
seems to le Jying Jovn. They energise you to attain great
heights ol impact, success anJsignilicance.
TheyenJure your shortcomings anJignorance most times (lor
those you get to meet one on one). Sometimes you coulJ le so
impatient lecause youJesire to have everything lall inplace at
once. But they unJerstanJ your lurning passion lecause
theyve leen through that roaJ, anJ they can help you
unJerstanJthat everylasting success is a lunctionol time.
A journey ol a thousanJ miles starts vith a step! Vith time,
everything challenge lrittles out as you get viser, letter anJ
stronger lythe Jay.
Sincere mentors voulJ reluke you vhen you Jo neeJ some
scolJing. No stuJent loves reluke lecause the human nature
naturally resents it. But gooJ mentors unJerstanJ that to
lring the lest ol anyone, nonchalance must le checkeJ vhen
necessary. Fven the Bille says in Proverls 2.5 J:o r:oar: is
o:tt:rt|eos:cr:t iov:`
You voulJ le short changing your Jestiny il you Jetest vise
reluke. There is nothing that kills laster than praise lrom a
meJiocre vho vont tell you the truth. The Bille says in
Fcclesiastes .5 It is o:tt:r to |:er t|: r:oar: oj t|: wis:, t|eo jor e
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 122
meoto|:ert|: soooj joois`
Sees Through
GooJ mentors Jont just leave you to Jo vhat you think is
gooJ lor you knoving it coulJ hurt you in the long run. They
Jo vatch your lack. They proviJe you vith the covering ol
seeing through anJ lar aheaJ ol the consequences ol your
actions. There is truly nothing nev unJer the sun. Patterns
more oltenthannot repeat themselves. That is vhyI sulscrile
to the Chinese Proverlthat goes 1oroowt|: roec e|:ec, esrt|os:
So vhats next` Il you Jont have a mentor, get one. AnJ il you
Jo have one, legin to appreciate the alorementioneJ qualities in
themso you can emerge the next great you! Rememler that vho
or vhat youaJmire JeciJes vhat youacquire.
The Mentorshi Nugget: Il you vant to get to the top, simply
hang onthe shoulJers ol those ontop.
Scriture Nugget: E: t|et r:c:iv:t| e ro|:t io t|: oem: oj e ro|:t
s|eii r:c:iv: e ro|:ts r:werc, eoc |: t|et r:c:iv:t| e ri|t:oas meo io t|:
oem: oj e ri|t:oas meo s|eii r:c:iv: e ri|t:oas meos r:werc` Vett|:w
I0+I (Kj\)
Mentorshi Question: Do I lelieve in my uniqueness` Vhat
shoulJI Jo to harness the lest ol mymentor`
Quotes on Mentorshi
F:io oriiiieot is oo r:et j:et ij voa r:s:ct oot|io`
ohann VoIIgang Von Goethe
Fv:rvoo: s|oaic o: r:s:ct:c es eo iocivicaei, oat oo oo: icoiiz:c`
AIlert Einstein
A meo ooiv i:eros io two wevs, oo: ov r:ecio, eoc t|: ot|:r ov
essocietioo wit| smert:r :oi:`
ViII Rogers
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 124
The Pover Paradigm oI NetvorIing
Yoar o:t wort| io iij: woaic o: e cir:ct jaoctioo oj voar
eoiiitv to :jj:ctiv:iv o:tworr io voar r:ietioos|is
]onathan Olise
he unlathomalle leat achieveJ ly the unity ol the
Trinity, can le replicateJ ly personalities agreeing in
Tunity ol Juty. It voulJle completely out ol place to Jo
justice to this pover paraJigmvithout taking cue lromthe unity
inthe Trinity! Here ve see the perlectionol the pover paraJigmol
unityat vork.
A stick ol lroomlor instance can lreak easily, lut a lunch ol
lroom voulJ require some gooJ Jeal ol energy to get it in tvo.
Unity strengthens netvorks, anJ renJers them highly
impenetralle. Netvorking creates netvorth only one inJiviJual
Netvorking relers to a netvork ol inJiviJuals vith prolally
Jiverse interests, skills anJ resources agreeing to contrilute their
quota tovarJs achieving a set goal. A netvork is a comlination ol
resources anJ expertise in a closeJ loop lor progress. Netvorking
is all alout leen interJepenJent just like ve have in the Trinity.
GoJ the Iather vorking together vith the Son anJ the Holy
Spirit, making everything leautilul inits time.
Ve unJerstanJ in the leginning that GoJ the Iather
netvorkeJ vith the Son anJ the Holy Spirit lelore creation
starteJ. Here is the account inC:o:sis I2e Aoc Coc seic, Let us mer:
meo io our image, ejt:r our likeness eoc i:t t|:m |ev: comioioo ov:r t|:
jis| oj t|: s:e, eoc ov:r t|: jowi oj t|: eir, eoc ov:r t|: cetti:, eoc ov:r eii t|:
:ert|, eoc ov:r :v:rv cr::io t|io t|et cr:::t| aoo t|: :ert|` The
emphases are mine.
Note the use ol the vorJs L:t as, oar ime: anJ oar iir:o:ss. So il
GoJ the Iather in His almightiness netvorkeJ to unlolJ all that
there is toJay, it then suggests the lact that you neeJ people to
make things vork the vay you vant themto vork! People make
things happen.
Your progress in lile is a lunction ol hovinterJepenJent you
can le anJ not hov inJepenJent you may vant to le. True
progress comes lromvorking together.
Il the ants Jespite the lact that they have no overseers, vork
together to ensure they store all they neeJ Juring the Jry season,
so they Jont have to go out Juring the rainy season, it only
reiterates the necessity ol netvorking lor uncommon results!
Vhether you like it or not, you voulJ have to netvork at some
point in time or the other to realise some goals you Jesire to have.
But it all legins vithyour personal inJepenJence.
It is vorthy ol note that, ellective interJepenJences can only
le JevelopeJ on the platlorm ol personal or inJiviJual
inJepenJence. The TrinitymaJe upol GoJthe Iather, the SonanJ
the HolySpirit is a prool ol the alorementioneJ. The inJepenJence
ol the Iather inHis lunctions, that ol the SonanJol the HolySpirit
makes it explicitly possille lor the interJepenJence that exists
vithinthe Trinity.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 126
]esus Christ speaking ol the Iather saiJ in ]ohn 2J.2I As mv
jet|:r |es s:ot m:, so s:oc I voa` Again in another scripture, precisely
]ohn I6.I+, He saiJ ol the Holy Spirit E: s|eii iorijv m:, jor |: s|eii
r:c:iv: oj m: eoc s|eii s|ow it aoto voa. Allirming His relationship
vith the Iather, He saiJ in ]ohn I6.I5 Aii t|ios t|et t|: Fet|:r |et|
er: mio: t|:r:jor: seic I, t|et |: s|eii ter: oj mio:, eoc s|eii s|:wit aotovoa`
A prool ol InterJepenJence. Therelore I Jare to say ellective
netvorking eliminates ao|:eit|v com:titioo lut velcomes
rocactiv: coiieooretioo
Ve see lromthe loregoing thenthat leing inJepenJent is very
crucial to your personal involvement vith teams. It is practically
impractical to le successlul vithteams vhenyouhavent paiJthe
price ol personal inJepenJence. Until you take personal
responsilility lor yoursell, you most likely voulJ enJ up a mislit
in teams. Teams are estallisheJ to vork vith unity in Jiversity.
Fvery teamplayer lor instance lrings their inJiviJual uniqueness
to the lore so the teamcoulJemerge a success!
People neeJ people to make people vork. AnJ connecting
vith people that make things vork is vhat I call netvorking.
There are no shortcuts to achieving greatness inlile. It must spring
lrom your :rsooei ioc::oc:oc: to your iot:r:rsooei c::oc:oc:.
UnJerstanJing yoursell anJ succeeJing vith you is the secret ol
unJerstanJing anJsucceeJing vithothers.
The Pow:r Perecim oj X:tworrio is illustrateJ in this prolounJ
scripture lounJinLeviticus 26.8Aoc jiv: oj voas|eii c|es: eo|aocr:c
eoc eo |aocr:c oj voa s|eii at t:o t|oaseoc to jii|t eoc voar :o:mi:s s|eii
jeii o:jor: voaovt|: sworc`
Fvery opposition you lace in lile is at the mercy ol agreeing in
unity vith the right person lor it to le overturneJ in your lavour.
No circumstance is too lig to le conquereJ vhen the right
netvork is in place. The tremenJous package in unity ol Juty
cannot le overemphasiteJ, lut until ve are villing to attain real
inJepenJence vith ourselves, ve voulJ le trying in lutility to
luilJsuccesslul relationships.
Most times in lile all coulJ le just line vhen ve try to lypass
the process ol ioc::oc:oc: to iot:rc::oc:oc: But vhen lile storms
hit harJ the right lounJation neeJeJ to keep going comes calling
The right lounJationleing your :rsooei ioc::oc:oc: Until youare
inJepenJent, you might not attract the right persons you neeJ to
lullil your Jestiny.
People, people are the locus ol netvorking.
There is a concept calleJSociei Ceitei insociology anJit has to
Jo vith the relationships humans lormthat gear tovarJ success.
It has leen researcheJ anJ stuJies also prove that sociei ceitei is
responsille lor the primary success ol progress in various lielJs ol
human enJeavour. AccorJing to ]ohn Stuart Mill It is |erciv
ossioi: to ov:rret: t|: veia: oj iecio |ameo o:ios io cootect wit| :rsoos
cissimiier to t|:ms:iv:s, eoc wit| moc:s oj t|oa|t eoc ectioo aoiir: t|os:
wit| w|ic| t|:v er: jemiiier Sac| commaoicetioo |es eiwevs o::o, eoc is
:caiieriviot|: r:s:ot e:, oo: oj t|: rimervsoarc:s oj ror:ss`
I personally must say that lor every relationship to thrive vell
anJ succeeJ, there are lactors that mustnt le lreacheJ anJ must
ol necessityle reacheJlor, respecteJanJhonoureJas such. These
lactors therelore lecome quintessential.
Though JiscusseJ extensively unJer the Pow:r Perecim oj
C|erect:r, lut as they say, repetition is lor the sake ol emphasis.
InJulge me to highlight a levthings here.
In the school ol Jestiny, your character must le such that lets
people le! Have youever come across people vho just vant youto
le like them` They can le so annoying! But in case you are not in
that category, unJerstanJ that your character must le very
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 128
accommoJating il you must succeeJ vith people. Il your
character is unJevelopeJ in the light ol maturity, then there vill
le a prollemvorking vithothers. BuilJing your character is very
crucial to the Pow:rPerecim oj X:tworrio
Vhen you are alle to luilJ your character, premiseJ on the
right paraJigms anJ principles in lile, only then can you choose to
luilJ lasting relationships vith others that voulJ le enriching,
enJuring anJhighlyproJuctive.
In relationships, Jisagreements on issues alvays arise. But
Jisagreements are not meant to lreak relationships. Rather they
are meant to strengthen relationships laseJ on the maturity anJ
unJerstanJing ol the parties involveJ.
Oltentimes paying attention to vhat others neeJ coulJ le a
huge secret to keeping hurts lar lrom your relationships. Ior
instance, I might not like lootlall lecause Imnot just cut out lor
it. But I have this colleague ol mine vho loves Jiscussing lootlall
every Jay anJ it pisses me oll every time he tries to Jo that. The
solution to maintaining my relationship in this case voulJ le
Another scenario voulJ le in lamilies vhere the huslanJ lor
instance loves pressing the toothpaste lromthe miJJle vhile the
vile prelers pressing it lrom the lottom. Nov that can cause all
hell to lreak lose, vhen there is no common grounJ lor
unJerstanJing eachother.
Netvorking is people. AnJ vorking vith people, require
some serious Jepthol unJerstanJing.
Netvorking is people anJ relationships thrive on integrity
lromparties involveJ. Integrity is very crucial to luilJing lasting
relationships, lecause it helps inluse trust. Fvery lorm ol
relationship requires trust to thrive. Its paramount therelore to
unJerstanJthat people vant to relate vithpeople lut people also
vant to le alle to trust people!
Trust helps netvorking to le proJuctive in every vay. Vhen
people trust you, success lecomes yours all the vay.
Give honour to vhom honour is Jue. People love to le
respecteJ lor vho they are, rather than vhat they arent.
Genuinely respect the competencies anJ shortcomings ol people
all the same. The lact that youJont have a llavina particular area
ol strength Joesnt mean everyloJy shoulJ le you! Because the
other person might le llavless in something you alvays mess up
Joing. So respect people lor leing themselves.
In situations vhere you are vrong concerning an issue, le
kinJ enough to aJmit it anJ accept correction. AccorJing to Leo
RoskinIt is t|: w:erw|oer: cra:i C:oti:o:ss ceoooivo: :x:ct:c jrom t|:
stroo` Strong people anJ truly inJepenJent persons learn hovto
honour others strength or veaknesses. Sometimes, you might
hurt people so laJly that they Jont vant to talk to you, lut to
keep the relationship going, you must le given to making sincere
anJgenuine apologies.
Martin Luther King ]nr once stresseJ w: mast i:ero to iiv:
to:t|:r es orot|:rs or :ris| to:t|:r es joois` AnJ ol course living
together Joesnt meaneverything vill alvays le just line. It means
youaccommoJate the shortcomings ol other people.
A lootlall team training to vin a championship, must ol
necessity nurture their skills lut most importantly, they must
play in unity, unJerstanJ anJ respect each others strength anJ
veakness to vinthe championship.
Here is another important ingreJient to ellective netvorking.
The vhole essence ol netvorking is to value Jillerence. BuilJ on
peoples strengths anJcompensate lor their veaknesses.
Netvorking multiplies strengths. As the popular saying goes,
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 130
tvo are letter than one. But lor tvo to valk together they have to
agree anJ you agree ly communicating vith each other. Research
inJillerent lielJs ol humanenJeavour has estallisheJthe lact that
communication keeps relationships going. Fven among marrieJ
couples, communication is one ol the most vital ingreJients lor
staying together.
Fvery team Joes have people vith Jillerent competencies
vorking together. It lecomes paramount to communicate anJ
unJerstanJ people vho see things lrom perspective you Jont.
Creativity is alvays lorn out ol Jiversity. I love to communicate
vith persons vho see things Jillerently than I Jo lecause only
thenJo I see a viJer perspective to mynarrovminJeJopinion.
Vhats the essence ol communicating vith a seconJ me
(som:oo: w|o s::s t|ios t|: sem: wev I s:: t|ios) Truly Jiversity is in
the root ol netvorking.
I lelieve everyloJy netvorks at every stage in lile vhether
consciouslyor unconsciously.
A group ol kiJs Jesiring to get something lrom their parents
lor example, get together inagreement anJmapout w|et tosev, |ow
to sev eoc w|o to sev w|et to sev! So you have a scenario vhere they
approach their parents in unison, starring at each other vaiting
lor the supposeJ spokesperson vith the guts to say vhat they
have agreeJto say! NovI call that o:tworriojorrics'
Also the operators at the control tover ol an airport lor
instance must netvork viththe pilots lor takeoll anJsale lanJing
Il there le any communication lreach letveen the Juo ol the
operator onthe control tover anJthe pilot inthe cockpit, it coulJ
result to catastrophe anJlatal Jisaster.
The truth is that you are a proJuct ol netvorking. Your
parents netvorkeJ lelore you came to le! They netvorkeJ anJ
you vere the result. GoJ the Iather, the Son anJ the Holy Spirit
netvorkeJlelore the universe anJall there is came into leing!
Nature also netvorks to remain intact, harvest time comes in
alter seeJtime, the sunshines Juring the Jay anJthe moonJuring
the night, Jry season gives vay to rainy season, anJ on anJ on the
circle continues.
Sequoia Trees
The Sequoia trees ol Calilornia tover as highas 3JJ leet alove
the grounJ, yet these giants have unusually shallovroot systems,
vhich reach out in all Jirections to capture surlace moisture.
SelJom Jo reJvooJs stanJ alone, lecause high vinJs voulJ
quickly uproot them. They grov in clusters, their intertvining
roots proviJing support lor one another against the storms.
Netvorking makes teams succeeJ anJ lrings out the
inJiviJual vorthol teamplayers. Great lusinesses are luilt onthe
platlormol interJepenJence. Fvery great enterprise yousee toJay
vas luilt ly people netvorking anJ putting resources together
lor optimumperlormance, proJuctivityanJsuccess.
The Tover oI BaleI
The tover ol Balel is another classic example ol the pover ol
netvorking! To luttress hov humans can attain anything they
conceive to achieve, GoJ the Iather, the Son anJ the Holy Spirit
haJ to come Jovn to spy on man! The people that vere existent
then gathereJ themselves together anJ JetermineJ to luilJ a
structure that voulJ house all humanity reaching to the heavens.
They vere locuseJ anJ vere all ol one minJ tovarJs their
conceiveJ goal. Ol course, they spoke one language vhich maJe
Vhen the Trinity sav that nothing coulJ stop them lrom
achieving their goal, they haJ to conluse their language so they
coulJnt unJerstanJeachother again vhensomeone says come, it
meant go lor another, hello in someone elses language novmeant
a curse in anothers language anJ so on. They haJ to go separate
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 132
vays anJ the project vas alanJoneJ lecause they coulJnt
unJerstanJ themselves again. But here ve unJerstanJ that the
Pow:r Perecim oj X:tworrio coulJ have gotten them anyvhere
they thought possille! Insomuch that even the Trinity
acknovleJgeJ their Jetermination anJ locus anJ haJ to conluse
their language.
The story ol the Tover ol Balel teaches salient issues on the
Pow:rPerecim oj X:tworriothat are vorthnoting.
1|:v sor: oo: ieoae: In essence to achieve great leats in lile,
you must all speak the same language il you must get to your
JesireJgoal. The same oljectives must le the locus ol everyone on
1|:vaoc:rstooc t|:ir iocivicaei aoia:o:ss eoc cijj:r:oc:s Delinitely
that vas their secret ol keeping together. ImmeJiately they
starteJ speaking Jillerent languages, misunJerstanJing came in
anJall goals got alanJoneJ.
1|:vw:icom:c eoc r:s:ct:c oo: eoot|:r Since theyspoke the same
language, unJerstooJtheir Jillerences anJtheir goals, they haJto
respect anJhonour eachother so theycoulJvork together.
All these points to the lact that to achieve your optimumyou
voulJ neeJ people, in other vorJs velcome the skill, expertise
anJ contrilutions ol others to achieve all GoJ vants you to
Imagine, il your alility alone can start up a company (eit|oa|
voawoaic o::c :oi: jor crejtio i:ei e:rs, mevo: c:siooj t|: stractar:,
eoc e w|oi: iot oat w:r: essamioooivvoaceocoeii t|:s:). This implies il
you netvork vith other people ol your competence, say IJ
persons, you coulJ Jo more than you alone can! Or lets say those
IJ persons voulJ make your company ten times letter than you
alone can. Nov thats vhat the Pow:r Perecim oj X:tworrio can
I therelore challenge you that il you locus on the Pow:r
Perecim oj X:tworrio, I lelieve you voulJnt succuml to leaJing
anaverage success or meJiocre lile.
The NetvorIing Nugget: Your alility to netvork vill
Jetermine your net vorthinthe long run.
Scriture Nugget: Aoc Coc seic, L:t as mer: meo io oar ime:, ejt:r
oar iir:o:ss eoc i:t t|:m |ev: comioioo ov:r t|: jis| oj t|: s:e, eoc ov:r t|:
jowi oj t|: eir, eoc ov:r t|: cetti:, eoc ov:r eii t|: :ert|, eoc ov:r :v:rv
cr::iot|iot|et cr:::t|aoot|: :ert|` C:o:sis I2e (Kj\)
NetvorIing Questions: Vhat must I Jo to improve mysell lirst`
Vhat must I Jo to improve mynetvorking paraJigm`
Quotes on NetvorIing
Yoar most r:cioas oss:ssioo is oot voar jioeociei ess:ts Yoar most
r:cioas oss:ssioo is t|: :oi: voa |ev: worrio t|:r:, eoc w|et t|:v
cerrv eroaoc io t|:ir |:ecs, eoc t|:ir eoiiitv to worr to:t|:r`
Rolert Reich
Faiic jor voar t:em e j::iio oj oo:o:ss, oj ioc::oc:oc: oo oo eoot|:r eoc
oj str:ot| to o: c:riv:c ov aoitv`
Vince Iomlardi
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 134
Comio to:t|:r is t|: o:iooio K::io to:t|:r is ror:ss worrio
to:t|:r is sacc:ss`
Henry Iord
I em e m:mo:r oj e t:em, eoc I r:iv oo t|: t:em, I c:j:r to it eoc secrijic:
jor it, o:ceas: t|: t:em, oot t|: iocivicaei, is t|: aitimet: c|emioo`
Mia Hamm
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 136
The Pover Paradigm oI Oortunity
Fv:rv oortaoitv com:s wit| e r:soosioiiitv,
o:crooio oo voar eoiiitv to taro :v:rv ossioiiitv ioto r:eiitv.
]onathan Olise
ile is lull ol limitless opportunities leckoning on us to
take responsilility. Fverytime youhave sought reasons
Lto complain alout any situation, it points to the lact
that youve got an opportunity to make a Jillerence! You must
realise that your Jiscomlort most olten than not coulJ le your
opportunitylor a lreaking lorth. Youhave to aJopt the attituJe ol
no complaints vith regarJs to anything or situation that causes
Jiscomlort. You have got to celelrate prollems lecause they are
pointers to opportunities lor greatness. Il all the prollems in the
vorlJvhere solveJ, thenyou anJI voulJhave nothing lelt to Jo.
There voulJle no essence lor living. But thank GoJlor prollems
lecause theyare opportunities inJisguise!
The salient truth remains that every gooJ or laJ situation
veve leen through presents us vith Jotens ol opportunity to
make a Jillerence il onlyve cansit Jovn, think throughanJact in
sync vith the right timing. Lile is gooJ anJ alvays vill le vhen
ve leginto harness the treasures hiJJenineverypassing moment
or opportunity. Fvery closeJ Joor is an opportunity to Jiscover
another open Joor to valk in. It vas Oscar VilJe that saiJ A
:ssimist is som:oocv w|o comieios eooat t|: oois: w|:o oortaoitv
In the vorJs ol AlexanJer Graham Bell, the inventor ol the
telephone w|:o oo: coor cios:s, eoot|:r coor o:os, oat w: ojt:o ioor so
ioo eoc so r:r:tjaiiv aoo t|: cios:c coor, t|et w: co oot s:: t|: oo:s w|ic|
er: o:o jor as` Lile has its vay ol giving us a call to a higher level ol
responsilility anJ positive impact, lut sometimes ve are so
lockeJ in our comlort tone that ve ignore opportunities in the
challenging tones. Let me relay a story ol a single mother vho vas
JovnsiteJ lrom her vorkplace in the restaurant lusiness, lut
turneJher challenge into a llessing.
Dr Myles Munroe tolJa story ol a vomanvho happeneJto le
a single mother vith kiJs in college anJ lills to run her home,
other householJ responsililities notvithstanJing. Vith her last
pay check, she ranto her pastor, Jelinitely perplexeJ, conluseJon
vhat to Jo to saythe least.
On seeing her, her pastor smileJ anJ tolJ her that she vas
sullering lrom vhat I choose to call oortaoiti:s ootas:o:ss It
relers to a situation vhere you unconsciously unaligneJ yoursell
lromanopportunitylecause ol ignorance.
Nov, prior to this time, she haJ given some hanJmaJe
cookies to her pastor as love ollering a couple times. He then
reminJeJ her that those cookies she haJ given hima couple times
vere the lest cookies he haJ ever eaten! He askeJ her il she maJe
the cookies hersell. AnJ the reply vas in the allirmative. He then
vent onto ask her il she haJanovenat home anJshe replieJinthe
allirmative again. Alter getting the necessary inlormation he
neeJeJlromher, he vent lurther to instruct her to use some ol the
moneyshe haJto get ingreJients lor making themcookies. He also
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 138
instructeJ her to take those cookies to the restaurant she once
vorkeJ to give her lormer colleagues anJ superiors as a t|eor voa
lor vorking viththemall these years.
Ol course, it sounJeJ a little veirJ, lut lless GoJ she oleyeJ!
Alter Joing vhat vas instructeJ her ly her Pastor in person ol Dr
Myles Munroe, in tvo Jays orJers starteJ coming in lor her
cookies! Belore long her one anJ only oven that vas useJ on
special occasions anJ SunJays only vas nov vorking 2+/ to
keep up vith the nev JemanJ lor her cookies! She coulJnt
contain it, so she hireJ tvo ol her nephevs anJ a cousin to help
her meet upviththe JemanJlor themcookies.
In no time, the prolit margin vas ol course increasing, so she
purchaseJ a commercial oven lromthe startup lamily siteoven
she once haJ. At this time, her vorkers haJ gotten to 2JJ anJ
vere still counting! In aJJition she also haJ to purchase a vare
house anJ vas Jistriluting her cookies to stores. As a matter ol
lact, her cookies vere nov solJ lesiJe ones that vere importeJ
into her country, talking ol The Bahamas.
To cut the long storyshort as theysay, presentlyshe is a multi
millionaire vith her kiJs college tuition lully paiJ lor! She visiteJ
her pastor to thank him vith some gilt cookies, anJ she maJe a
leautilul statement lelore leaving his ollice that Jay anJ the
statement vas this I t|eor Coc, I iost mv oo'` Ol course she vas
happy lor the Jay her challenge turneJ to an opportunity lor her
Let me challenge you vith the truth that you have a cookie in
you! Believe me, its just vaiting anJ yearning to le exploreJ ly
you. Are you in a situation vhere you leel like all hell has lroken
loose` That might just le the challenge that coulJ make you lor
lile. But youve got to see that light in the Jarkness anJ the
opportunityinthe challenge.
The interesting part ol her story vas that she lecame
successlul Joing her holly. Do you leel unlullilleJ vith vhere
you are right nov` Mayle you neeJ to get out anJ Jo your holly!
Thats a pointer to your place ol making.
Are you lockeJ Jovn vhere you Jont lelong` Break out,
accept responsilility anJ turn your latent potentials into reality.
Fvery opportunity is a llessing vaiting to le unlockeJ. Fvery
challenge is an opportunity vaiting to le turneJ arounJ lor the
greater gooJ ol your vorlJ! Truly opportunities oltentimes shov
up in overalls as vork anJ thats vhy so many people run avay
lromtheir prepareJplace inthe school ol Jestiny.
I lelieve lile coulJ le saiJ to le lair il everyone coulJ see the
Think alout this. Fvery challenge you go through in lile
someone, somevhere, somehovhas leen through a tougher anJ
more Jillicult challenge thanyours.
Greatness is lorn ly simple people vho laceJ certain
challenges lut lraceJ up themselves ly thinking anJ applying
principles anJ strategies that eventually got them to their
prepareJplace inJestiny.
The lounJer ol the moJern success movement in America,
Orison Svett MarJen saiJ Doot weit jor :xtreorcioerv oortaoiti:s
S:iz: commoo occesioos eoc mer: t|:m r:et w:er m:o weit jor
oortaoiti:s, stroo m:o mer: t|:m` Most successlul lusiness men
toJay starteJ lrom almost nothing, lailing over anJ over again
until their lailures lecame opportunities that catapulteJ themto
greatness anJsuccess! So many a times the challenges JespiseJly
manyturnout to le the opportunities onlya levutilite.
So in reality your lackgrounJ is not a reason lor your lack to
le on the grounJ! Vake up anJ create your opportunity in that
challenge. Look arounJ you anJ you voulJ Jiscover that in the
same environment or locality vhere others are complaining anJ
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 140
nagging ol things not vorking the vay they shoulJ, you have
persons vho are vealthy anJ stinking in it at that! Vhats the
prollemvithlolks` I guess sometimes its just s|::roiioco:ss
Let it le on recorJ toJay that every challenge you shy avay
lrom coulJ le someone elses opportunity lor greatness. I
therelore challenge you to Jiscover the neeJ arounJ you anJ
create your opportunities right avay!
Vhat are you vaiting lor` Get thinking! In the vorJs ol Peter
]. Daniel Vest:rv ov:r rocrestioetioo` is one ol the greatest lavs ol
success. Some challenges require that you just Jo it nov! You can
change your challenges to your opportunities lor lreaking nev
grounJs anJ Jiscovering nev horitons. Someone rightly saiJ
Fv:o w|:o oortaoitv roocrs, e meo stiii |es to :t a ojj |is s:et eoc o:o
t|: coor` Stopprocrastinating anJget that Jreamoll the grounJ!
BolIelter asserteJFv:rvcevis e o:woortaoitv Yoaceooaiic oo
v:st:rcevs sacc:ss or at its jeiiar:s o:|ioc eoc stert ov:r eeio 1|ets t|:
wev iij: is, wit| e o:wem: :v:rv cev, eoc t|ets t|: wev oes:oeii is. Fvery
Jay is a gilt given to you to unravel the opportunities hiJJen in
each moment. The lounJer ol the VisJom centre, Dr Mike
MurJock saiJ jov is t|: r:werc jor cisc:roio t|: civio: ijt cemoajie:c
io t|: imm:ciet: mom:ot` Until you lreak the strangle holJ ol
procrastination in your Jaily living, opportunities vill continue
to eluJe you.
In the school ol Jestiny, joy is the revarJ lor Jiscerning
opportunities hiJJen in moments. I hope to lring you to a place
vhere youcancreativelythink anJtake onopportunities that vill
get youto your place ol signilicance inJestiny.
Oltentimes I hear people use cliches like t|: r:esoo I em w|:r: I
em tocev is o:ceas: I coot |ev: t|: oortaoitv t|is ot|:r joir |ev: ot'
Vhile some others say stull like ij ooiv I |ec t|: rivii::s t|:v |ec, I
woaic o: o:tt:r oj anJ a host ol other excuses. But the truth remains
that your prepareJness Jetermines hov you take holJ on
opportunities. Until you are prepareJ lor a takeover, you Jont
take over nothing!
You are too young to give up on Jreams. Age is no larrier to
Jreaming lrienJ. In the vorJs ol one time PresiJent ol the UniteJ
States ol America, AlrahamLincoln I wiii r:er: eoc som: cev mv
c|eoc: wiii com:` He vas one inJiviJual vho laileJ again anJ again
until his lailures aJJeJ up to success anJ he lecame one ol the
most celelrateJPresiJents ol the UniteJStates. He never gave up
on his Jreamor himsell lut kept at it until his chance came. Until
your chance come never give uponpreparation. Preparationis the
mother ol manilestation. Vithout preparation, there voulJ le
nothing to shovlorthvhenopportunitypresents itsell.
Though Alraham Lincoln knev his onions, he vas leaten
severally at various elections. He laileJ over anJ over again until
he maJe it at his appointeJ time. A numler ol the PresiJents that
serveJ lelore him are harJly rememlereJ toJay. But Alraham
Lincoln remains evergreen toJay in the hearts ol thousanJs
arounJthe glole as a role moJel thoughJeaJ.
Il you are gooJ at vhat you Jo, keep at it, your set time vill
surely come. Il you are not too gooJ, keep improving on your
skills, gilts, talents, anJ alilities. In the vorJs ol Milton Berte Ij
oortaoitv co:sot roocr, oaiic e coor` Sometimes you have to le
aggressive in letting your shine out. Some lolks might vant to
siJeline youlecause youJont just look it at the moment. Intimes
like these you neeJ to create your opportunities to make your
mark anJyour Jillerence.
Opportunity vill only le recogniseJ ly prepareJ persons. Il
your greatest Jream shovs up toJay, vill you le reaJy` The
Americancivilrights activist, Vhitney M. Young ]nr once saiJIt
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 142
is o:tt:r to o: r:er:c jor eo oortaoitv eoc oot |ev: oo: t|eo to |ev: eo
oortaoitv eoc oot o: r:er:c` Il preparation voulJ mean that you
learn lrom people you Jont like, please Jo lecause you voulJ
remain vhere you are until you accept to learn anyvays. Il you Jo
learnvhat youought to learnvhenyouought to learn, youvoulJ
le gratelul youJiJinthe luture.
Rememler these salient points. Fvery opportunity comes
vith a responsilility on your part to accept anJ vork act on it. In
the vorJs ol Anthony Rollins, the author ol the look Hoiimit:c
Pow:r Lij: is e ijt, eoc it ojj:rs as t|: rivii::, oortaoitv eoc
r:soosioiiitv to iv: som:t|io oecr ov o:comio mor:` Theres nothing
like luck lecause luck itsell is the meeting point ol opportunity
Alvays seek to create your ovn opportunities ly staying
prepareJ at vhatever you Jo. Thats the secret ol successlul
people. Most successlul men anJ vomen JiJnt stumlle on
success ly chance. They prepareJ, vorkeJ anJ translormeJ their
challenges to opportunities that have JecorateJtheir lives!
The questionI voulJlove to put across to youis this, vhat can
youtranslormlor your uplilting anJsuccess to come to a reality`
As I concluJe I voulJ inJulge you to shine your eyes vell so
you Jont mistake your opportunity vhen it comes. Sometimes it
might not look as lig as you Jesire it to le. But in that little
challenge lies great opportunities more than vhat meets the eye.
Opportunities alvays look ligger going than coming anJ that is
vhy some lolks Jespise their set time lor success. Look out, its
your turnto make nevs!
The Oortunity Nugget: Shine your eyes, there is an
opportunityineverychallenge youencounter toJay.
Scriture Nugget: Pr:er: t|vworrwit|oat, eoc mer: it jit jort|vs:ij io
t|: ji:ic, eoc ejt:rwercs oaiic t|io: |oas:` Prov:ros 2+2(Kj\)
OortunityQuestions: Vhat present challenge canI translorm
to an opportunity` Am I prepareJ to take responsilility lor the
opportunityI Jesire`
Quotes on Oortunity
Smeii oortaoiti:s er: ojt:o t|: o:iooio oj r:et :ot:rris:s`
Ao oosteci: is ojt:o eo aor:coois:c oortaoitv`
Fec: voar j:er eoc coaots eoc o:wworics wiii o:o to voa`
Rolert KiyosaIi
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 144
The Pover Paradigm oI Priorities
A iij:stvi: oj roveitv ceo ooiv o: sasteio:c ov iivio eoc
:x:catio eroaoc w|et is rioritv :r tim:
]onathan Olise
earn to live your lile arounJ your priorities lecause it
Jetermines the royalties anJ loyalties you enjoy in lile.
LThe lamous Philosopher Van Goethe once saiJ 1|ios
w|ic| mett:r most mast o:v:r o: et t|: m:rcv oj t|ios w|ic| mett:r i:est`
Priorities in lile connote the most important tasks that really Jo
matter to lullilling your Jestiny anJ purpose in lile. They are the
little hints that connect the Jots to our lives. They Jetermine our
total anJvholesome vell leing inlile.
Priorities coulJ le saiJ to le neeJs anJ not vants. Your neeJs
are olligations you must ol necessity honour anJ attenJ to. They
make your lile to really matter. Vhile your vants are things you
think you neeJ lut in actual lact can le Jone vithout. I vill vant
to state here that it really Joesnt matter il your vants arent
satislieJ, lecause they only please your appetite not your purpose
Imagine a scenario vhere a sick lellovgoes to see a Joctor lor
some Jiagnosis anJ the Joctor tells him he neeJs to le
aJministereJ some meJication. Novthats a necessity right there
not a vant. Its manJatory he sulmits to the Joctors aJvice il his
health is a priority to him. In this situation lor example his pholia
lor meJication voulJnt change the lact that he neeJs to le most
Most times, priorities are not alvays the things ve naturally
voulJlove to Jo lut anyvays neeJto get themJone.
Certain things in lile are nonessentials anJ I categorite them
as vants. Vhile some others I consiJer very essential I categorite
themas neeJs.
Il leeJing vell is essential to living vell anJstaying healthy lor
example, then leeJing lecomes a neeJ essential lor staying alive!
Having a gooJ exercise program is also a neeJ lor living long.
Because il the loJy neeJeJ to carry the vision is lroken lor
carelessness, the vision might just as vell perish. Also il sleeping
vell is essential lor staying healthy, then resting lecomes a neeJ
lor the healthy lile you Jesire! Lack ol aJequate rest coulJ result
into total lreakJovn ol your loJy system. Therelore it lecomes
quintessential to pay attention to your neeJs alove your vants.
These are among the lev things I lelieve are necessary lor Jaily
Until you Jiscover your purpose lor living, your priorities vill
le alsolutely misplaceJ. Vhen you have your purpose in viev, it
lecomes easy to set your goals anJ pursue them vith no
Jistraction. Your purpose inlile also helps youorganite your goals
anJ execute arounJ priorities. In ]ohn 9. +, ]esus saiJ I mast worr
t|: worrs oj |im t|et s:ot m:, w|ii: it is cev t|: oi|t com:t|, w|:ooomeoceo
worr` AnJ this truth concerning His purpose on earth vas one ol
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 146
the propelling reasons vhy the tears at Gethsemane coulJnt
Jerail Himlromthe ultimate planol going to the cross.
Inthe pursuit ol purpose, Jistractions anJsiJe attractions are
lounJ to leaJ you lrom achieving your utmost. In the vorJs ol
TimReJmonJ1|:r: er: meovt|ios t|et cetc|mv:v:, oat t|:r: er: ooiv
e j:wt|ios t|et wiii cetc|mv|:ert` AnyloJy Jesiring to make lasting
impact on the sanJs ol time must ol necessity live lile anJ execute
arounJpersonal priorities JeciJeJlypurpose.
Your Jaily activity is a pointer to vhat you place value on. I
lelieve every locuseJ inJiviJual must allov his activities to go
through the priority test lelore running vith any activity.
Questions to le askeJ lelore emlarking on certain ventures
shoulJincluJe, hovJoes this activitylit into the realitationol my
purpose` Hov vell can I Jo this task` Vhen you are Jone vith
ansvering these questions sincerely, youcanthenproceeJ. Il not,
quit anJmove onto something else.
Learn a lesson lrom successlul lusiness moguls vho
unJerstanJ that every lusiness venture that looks attractive
might not le as promising as it appears. It therelore lecomes sine
qua non to silt through olvious gooJ iJeas anJ goals to ensure
theyare executeJanJplanneJarounJour utmost priorities.
There is reallynothing nevunJer the sun. The pathto making
a glorious anJenvialle Jestiny is emleJJeJinancient truths that
have leen testeJ lor JecaJes anJ have leen proveJ to le truly
true. Ior example successlul inJiviJuals unJerstanJ that to le
lusyvithsome activityJoes not alvays meanyouare vorking on
priority. Being lusy vith activities Joes not equal leing
proJuctive vith activities. You must note that statement right
there! Busyness Joes not alvays equal proJuctivity. Il your
purpose Jictates your priorities then it lecomes necessary to
aJhere to strictly activities that have a connection to your
Imagine a lootlaller vho is meant to le training lor a major
competition alsconJing lrom his training camp to attenJ
concerts, or mayle a concert pianist vho has got a major recital
coming up going lor various game shovs vhile he shoulJ le
practising. The result vill le as gooJas your guess! So the lact that
youare involveJvitha gooJactivity Joes not meanyouhave got a
hook on the right activity. Here are some simple truths that state
vhat priorititing ellectivelylor proJuctivityshoulJinvolve.
Fvery activity you get engageJ vith must culminate in
proJuctivityas relating to purpose.
You must constantly think anJ silt through activities, so
youcanlorge aheaJinthe right Jirection.
You must le reaJy to get the lest ol every activity.
Vhether interesting or uninteresting as long as it gears
tovarJs lullilling your purpose.
Priorititing ellectively is the secret tool lor optimum
perlormance anJ grovth in the school ol Jestiny. Il you lecome
JisciplineJ at controlling unessential activities that sap your
energy anJ resource, you vill le alle to prioritise your lile to
greatness anJsignilicance.
Short/IongTerm Revard
Priorities must le JetermineJ on the scale ol revarJs in the
short or long term. Your aJvancement in any lielJ ol specialty vill
require this truth. But those goals must le laseJ on the revarJs
theygive inreturnto investeJor sacriliceJresources.
Vital questions you must constantly ask yoursell incluJe.
Vhat long or short termrevarJ can I get lromthis goal ol mine`
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 148
HovJoes this goal lit into my overall purpose` Does the revarJ
justily the resources investeJ or sacriliceJ` The aim is to ensure
that the important questions le askeJ, il our priorities must le set
Short/IongTerm IuIIiIment
Iullilling Jestiny is alout Joing anJ lullilling purpose. Lile
hanJs us vith so much to Jo that sometimes ve miss out on the
things that really Jo matter. The truth is that no one inJiviJual
can solve the prollemol the vorlJ alone lut every inJiviJual has
got a share ol the puttle to Jecipher.
Your activities must revolve arounJ things that give you
lullilment not just achievements. The reason leing you can
achieve so much in a venture lut le so empty anJ unlullilleJ!
Irustration is prool that you have JiscerneJ vhat gives you
lullilment just yet. Irustration coulJ also arise as a result ol
pursuing activities that only lring achievements vith no
Il youmust move onto your next level inthe school ol Jestiny,
you must then emlrace lullilment as the criterion lor inJulging in
any activity. It must le the reason lor setting goals anJ pursuing
alter their attainment. Its the secret ol successlul people vho leaJ
their lives accorJing to the ow:rerecim oj rioriti:s
FveryloJy has got 2+hours ina Jay lut everyloJy has not got
the same proJuctivity output in 2+hours. The reason lor this is
simple FveryloJy has not learnt the secret ol ellective time
management or time utilisationvhenit comes to priorititing.
Ol course priorititing ellectively increases proJuctivity. But
the question most people ask goes thus hov Jo I really get to
execute my plans in orJer ol importance` The ansver is simple
anJthe secret lies inthe ellective usage ol time.
Ior instance, vhat activity vill I invest my time into toJay`
Not just vhat activity can get me lusy toJay`! Your time JeciJes
your vealth. Fverything I Jo toJay speaks to my luture. My
investment toJay in some certain projects vill JeciJe my luture
vealth anJ vorth tomorrov. So an unJerstanJing ol this truth
voulJJeciJe the activities I choose to engage in.
Il youare a prolessional speaker lor example, youJont just lill
your calenJar vith speaking engagements vithout some Jue
consultationvithyour :rsooei ow:r erecims. Youvill le keenol
knoving alout some necessary things that shoulJ inlluence your
Jecision to accept or turn Jovn the request. Your supposeJ
auJience. Jo they Jeserve your time` Your time JeciJes your
vealth. Do they place value on your time` These questions anJ
lots more vill Jetermine hov you plan anJ prepare lor the talk
anJ it voulJ ol course increase your proJuctivity anJ sky rocket
youto relevance anJsignilicance.
Successlul people Jont just hang arounJ any people. Neither
Jo they inJulge in every chitchat. They have mastereJ the art ol
time utilisation. Fvery Jiscussionthey get into must le important
to their purpose anJ must le in line vith their priorities. Hov
much importance vill a PresiJent ol a topnotch organisation
place on the calls he makes anJ receives` The truth is that they
alvays Jo hang arounJ people vho give vorthy returns on time
investeJ. Simple things really Jo count in the school ol Jestiny.
Oltentimes, the simple carelulness or carelessness Jetermine the
revarJs or regrets ve enjoyor enJure inlile.
ToJay the vorlJ has metamorphoseJ into an Inlormation
Technology village. Vork has leen maJe easy ly various
technological innovations anJ inventions. At the same time, this
has lrought along siJe inlormation overloaJ that has contriluteJ
to making priorititing perplexing.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 150
It therelore lecomes paramount that ve enhance our
prioritisation IQ. It has lecome necessary to set out priorities so
as not to le caught inthe technological lrouhaha ol Joing so much
lut Joing so little. Sarcastically, running alter your priorities
vithout priorititing your priorities canresult inlailure.
The Jillerence letveen lusinesses that lail anJ those that
succeeJ, is that one unJerstanJs the art ol putting the right
priorities in locus as imperative to success, vhile the other
chooses not to pat attentionto priorities.
Any organisation pursuing excellence unJerstanJs that
having anJ pursuing multiple priorities at the same time coulJ le
a stumlling llock to achieving set goals. Also any lapse in
organisational alignment vith the right priorities coulJ have a
colossal impact on the organisations overall proJuctivity anJ
AccorJing to Steve Andrade, the presiJent anJ lounJer ol
TrueVinJ AJvisors LLC, lusiness leaJers anJ ovners, vho
consistently execute their strategies Jemonstrate a talent lor
priorititing the right issues anJ opportunities to aJJress at the
right time anJcanle JescrileJas having highpriorititationIQ.
He also stresseJ that the necessary traits JemonstrateJ ly
leaJers having a highpriorititationIQincluJe.
CIarityoI Oljective
Vithout personal clarity on your oljective, there vill le no
lases lor scrutiniting issues anJ opportunities as priorities. The
Bille says in]ohn2J.2I 1|:oseic j:sas tot|:m eeio, P:ec: o: aotovoa
es mv Fet|:r |et| s:ot m:, :v:o so s:oc I voa` You must unJerstanJ
vhere you are going to, or vhat you vant, to le alle to ellectively
prioritite. Successlul people unJerstanJ that leing SMART
(Specilic, Measurealle, Attainalle, Relialle anJ TimelounJ)
alout your set goals is the secret to optimumproJuctivity.
Comline anaIysis and exerience
Having necessary Jata anJlacts coupleJvitha gooJpersonal
experience coulJ enhance priorititing. Successlul people knov
hovto tapinto their experiences or that ol others to increase their
proJuctivity, as it valiJates analytical linJings anJ helps in
Jelining priorities that are critical to achieving personal or
organitational oljectives.
Inthe school ol Jestiny, youmust master the art ol saying no to
enterprises that Jont go alongsiJe youmajor priorities, regarJless
ol their allure.
Caacityand comosition oI resources
Determining your personal or organisational rolustness in
terms ol availalle resources (human or capital) helps in Jelining
priorities that shoulJ le locuseJ on or JiscarJeJ as the case may
Connectingthe Dots (Communication)
Successlul people unJerstanJ that communicating nev
lusiness priorities vith overall personal or organisational
oljectives is crucial to maximumanJcontinuous proJuctivity.
Conclusively, your personal commitment to priorititing your
priorities is crucial to your accent inthe school ol Jestiny.
The Priorities Nugget: Alvays plan anJ execute arounJ your
Scriture Nugget: I mast worr t|: worrs oj |im t|et s:ot m:, w|ii: it is
cev t|: oi|t com:t|, w|:ooomeoceoworr` jo|o`+(Kj\)
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 152
Priorities Question: Are my current plans, projections anJ goals
in sync vith my purpose in lile` HovJo I get to organise arounJ
Quotes on Priorities
Som:tim:s it is t|: smeii:st c:cisioos
t|et ceo c|eo: voar iij: jor:v:r`
Keri RusseII
A soici:r wiii ji|t ioo eoc |erc jor e oit oj coioar:c rioooo`
NaoIeon Bonaarte
1im: is mor: veiaeoi: t|eo moo:v Yoa ceo :t mor: moo:v, oat voa
ceooot :t mor: tim:`
im Rohn
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 154
The Pover Paradigm oI Quietness
_ai:to:ss oj t|: soai eoc sirit is e jr:: ijt oj iij: ooiv
e j:w|ev: oot|:r:c to r:c:iv: eoc |ev:
ciscov:r:c t|: ow:r t|et ii:s wit|io.
]onathan Olise
n my early teens, I loveJ louJ music so much that I vasnt
content using just heaJphones, lut personally JiJ enjoy
Illaring my music all over the house! I voulJ alvays use
the sounJ surrounJ system in the sitting room anJ llast the
vhole place vith music! It vas either you love the sounJ or you
get out! Ol course that vas limiteJto vhenDaJanJMomverent
at home. I rememler viviJly hov my DaJ voulJ selJom return
home unexpecteJly anJ happeneJ to meet the music llaring, ol
course automatically the music comes to an enJ. Then he voulJ
say these vorJs jooet|eo, sc|oiers coot mer: oois: I rememler him
saying that over anJover again!
I must conless that at the time I sincerely JiJnt grasp the lull
import ol that statement, though I voulJ alvays turn the music
Jovn vhen I senseJ his presence. But until my late teens, JiJ I
really get starteJ on lathoming anJ appreciating the meaning ol
that statement. Fven the Bille says in Fcci:siest:s `I 1o :v:rvt|io
t|:r: is e s:esoo, eoc e tim: to :v:rv aros: aoc:r t|: |:ev:o` There is
time lor everything, time to shout anJ time to sing, time to make
noise anJtime to keepsilent, time to Jo vhatsoever unJer the sun.
ToJay, I have learnt the art ol quietness as one ol my pover
paraJigms in the school ol Jestiny. Ol course Im grovn nov
thoughI havent arriveJlut at least Ive lelt!
Fvery sane human leing neeJs a time to engage the ow:r
erecim oj ai:to:ss Oltentimes you neeJ to isolate yoursell lrom
the noise vithout to locus on the nevs vithin. There is so much
vaiting to le unravelleJ lrom vithin. ]ust like the negative ol
pictures are JevelopeJina Jark place, so also Jo great iJeas spring
up in the quiet recesses ol the heart. There is a particular Sviss
inscriptionthat says Sr:c|:oist siio:ro, sc|w:i:oist oic:o` meaning
S::c| is siiv:r, sii:oc: is oic:o` Another proverl goes t|as Do oot
s:er aoi:ss voa ceo imrov: t|: sii:oc:` Sometimes even a lools
quietness is thought as visJom! In the same vay empty larrels
make the louJest noise, so also ligmouths Jo not aJvertise lig
Prolally you have also noticeJ that a major Jilliculty some
persons have is the inalilityto keepquiet vhentheyought to. As a
matter ol lact the vorJ quietness Joes not exist in the Jictionary
ol some persons at all!
Have you ever come across persons vho have alvays got
something to say concerning everything` They alvays vant to
pass a comment on everything anJ anything, vhen they smell
something, they vant to say something alout it. Vhen they see
something, they vant to say something alout it. Vhen they hear
something, they vant to say something alout something. Vhen
they think you are thinking something, they vant to say
something alout vhat you are thinking! They are increJille
people. As a matter ol lact some I have leen privilegeJ to meet can
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 156
say something alout nothing! A particular HelrevProverl says
Ij e worc o: wort| oo: s|:r:i, sii:oc: is wort| two` Greatness is lorn in
the place ol quietness anJmeJitation.
It has leen proveJ that creative thinking requires quietness.
This has leen the secret ol great scientists, artists, anJ music
composers in the likes ol Beethoven, Motart, LeonarJo Da Vinci
amongst others. They imlileJ the art ol secluJing themselves
lrom noise anJ Jistraction vithout to le alle to commune vith
the true leauty anJ essence nature is laJen vithin. Quietness is a
gilt that has leen JiscovereJ only ly a lev. Opportunities lor
greatness have leen misseJ ly so many people lecause they have
leen too noisy to listen to the silent vhispers ol the heart. The
great InJian nationalist leaJer, Mahatma GhanJi taught that Io
t|: ettitac: oj sii:oc: t|: soai jiocs t|: et| io e ci:er:r ii|t, eoc w|et is
:iasiv: eoc c:c:tiv: r:soiv:s its:ij iotocrvstei ci:ero:ss`
Iools speak lecause they alvays vant to say something lut
the vise speak lecause they have something to say. Someone
humorously saiJA co is o:tt:r t|eo som: :rsoos o:ceas: it wes its teii
oot its tooa:` I guess a lot ol persons vill laugh at that lut its the
truth. Until you are alle to lring your tongue unJer control, the
llessings inherent in solituJe anJ quietness vill continually
eluJe you.
There is this story that vas tolJ ol a man vho got marrieJ to a
vealthy laJy ol class anJ status. He vas in constant lear ol leing
riJiculeJ ly his viles guests at home anJ every time they vent
out lor events. A clergy man once aJviseJ himthat anytime they
haJguests he shoulJw:er e oiecrcoet eoc |oic |is tooa:` Ol course
the nev huslanJ lolloveJ the aJvice anJ vas soon consiJereJ
one ol the linest gentlemen in the country. The pover ol keeping
quiet voulJ have llesseJ a lot ol persons il only lolks vhose
tongues are constantly letraying their ignorance voulJ learn a
lesson. Rather some priJe in their ignorance anJ their llaveJ true
Quietness llesses himvho is yearning lor its llessings. It also
llesses lrienJs anJneighlours one vay or the other. A quiet spirit
is truly a lertile grounJ lor iJeas to spring up in no small
Jimension. An Italian proverl says, E: w|o s:ers co:s sow, |: w|o
|oics |is :ec: co:s r:e` The pover to le quiet is the character ol the
strong, lrave, nollest anJ mighty. Il you Jo lelong to this mighty
army ol strong, lolJ anJ lrave, you have got to legin harnessing
the tremenJous ow:rerecim oj ai:to:ss
Creativity thrives in the place ol quietness. I must state here
that meJitation is not exclusively thinking lecause sometimes
you coulJ le thinking the vrong things. Rather meJitation
connotes creative thinking that commanJs pragmatic results anJ
lirths inJescrilalle lut unJenialle changes anJ positive
I personally lelieve GoJ vanteJ us to le given to quietness in
our Jailyliving thanto talking. That is the reasonve have tvo ears
lor listening more than ve Jo vant to talk! This is not to say ve
Jont voice out our opinions alout certainimportant things, it just
suggests that quietness is a virtue that shoulJ le honoureJ vhen
Paul the apostle instructing Timothy saiJ in 2 Timothy 2.I5
Stacv to s|:wt|vs:ij erov:c aoto Coc, e worrmeo t|et o::c:t| oot to o:
es|em:c, ri|tiv civicio t|: worc oj trat|` The truth is that keeping
silent ollenJs no man lecause more men are sorry lor speaking
than lor keeping silent. A Moorish proverl asserts P::oteoc: jor
sii:oc: is o:tt:r t|eo r::oteoc: jor s:erio` Can you recall hovmany
times someone tolJ you sorry lor keeping quiet` HarJly mayle.
But I let you can viviJly rememler hovmany times persons have
tolJyousorrylor speaking amiJst or out ol sync vithexpectation.
MeJitation is only harnesseJ ly nolles vho Jesire to make
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 158
their lives count lylistening to the sounJeveryloJyharJlylistens
to The sounJ ol silence. In the place ol meJitation greatness is
lornanJmeJiocrityis overhauleJ. Il your lile must impact people,
then you must learn the art ol meJitation as the veapon lor
conquering the giants ol Joult in your minJs. Mother Teresa ol
Calcutta saiJS:: |owoetar: tr::s, jiow:rs, ress:s rowiosii:oc:, s:: t|:
sters, t|: moooeoc t|: sao, |owt|:vmov: iosii:oc:w: o::c sii:oc: too: eoi:
to toac| soais` Its in the place ol quietness anJ meJitations that
change is lorn. To make maximum impact that vill allect your
generation, you have to come out lrom the noise anJ conlusion
perplexing your generation. In other to lirth the change your
People Jont lecome great ly remaining a part ol the noise anJ
nuisance. You must scheJule yoursell to listen to vhat your
contemporaries Jont listen to, then anJ only then vill you have
something they must listen to! Silence or quietness is a gilt anJ
that is vhy there is so little ol it. Only a levhave unJerstooJ anJ
utiliteJ the immense pover ol quietness. You can also join the
vagonol great menanJvomenthat have paveJthe vay.
Silence is never more golJen than vhen you holJ on enough to
get all the lacts lelore you speak. The Irench Poet BernarJ De
BonnarJsaiJSii:oc: is t|: :oias oj joois eoc oo: oj t|: virta:s oj t|: wis:`
It is true that lools are thought as vise vhen they keep quiet anJ
the vise knovhovto use silence to shovoll strength. The alility
to Jiscern vhen to say something or vhen to shut up is calleJ
There is a time lor everything anJ mastering the art ol
quietness helps in strengthening relationships. In human
relationships there is alvays a time to le quiet anJa time to speak.
Gloria Naylor once saiJ A tim: to i:t o eoc eiiow:oi: |ari t|:ms:iv:s
ioto t|:ir owo c:stiov` The revarJ in silence anJ quietness ol the
soul is to le JesireJalove the revarJs ol garrulousness. It vas the
Dutch rationalist anJ Philosopher Baruch Spinota that saiJ 1|:
woric woaic o: |ei:rij m:o|ec t|: sem: ceecitvtoo: sii:ot t|eot|:v|ev:
to s:er` I concur vith that lecause most ol the prollems
experienceJ arounJ the vorlJ toJay resulteJ lromsome persons
misguiJeJ comments on Jelicate anJ sensitive issues. I reler to
that as the negative pover ol silence senseless talks.
It vas saiJ ol Bill Gates that at a young age, his mum vas
looking lor himarounJ the house calling out his name, in reaction
to his mothers incessant call, he replieJ Im t|iorio, coot voa
Greatness is really never lorn out ol meJiocrity anJ
misappropriation ol priority. Fvery enJuring anJ lasting
enterprise vas lorn Juring times ol creative meJitation anJ
quietness. The minJ is alle to conceive, analyte anJ propounJ
iJeas vhen its at rest anJ relaxeJ lrom noise anJ Jistractions.
Your proJuctivity increases vhen you Jevelop your minJ to
create iJeas anJproler solutions inquietness. Quietness enhances
I have JiscovereJ personally, that anytime I vant to le
proJuctive I go into my closet vhere no one can Jistract me anJ it
has paiJ oll a vhole lot ol times. I also JiscovereJ I spenJ more
time Joing vhat I Jo in a noisy environment than in a quiet anJ
serene environment. Your proJuctivity vill skyrocket vhen you
cultivate the ow:r erecim oj ai:to:ss lor greatness. Sometimes
you just have to shut yoursell lrom lamily, lrienJs anJ loes to
commune vithyoursell so as to lring lorthsolutions to issues that
lother onyour vorlJanJyou.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 160
The American vriter Fllert HullarJ asserteJ, Aii oois: is
west: So caitivet: ai:to:ss io voar s::c|, io voar t|oa|ts, io voar
:motioos S:er |eoitaeiiv iow weit jor ett:otioo eoc t|:o voar iow worcs
wiii o: c|er:c wit| cvoemit:` Vhen your vorJs are such that come
lrom Jeep meJitation anJ communion, it has more ellicacy than
mere vorJs conjureJupto appease the ears.
Here is the secret.
Be slovto speak
You vere given one mouth anJ one tongue so you voulJ
le slovto speak. As a matter ol lact, youshoulJle tvice as
slovto speak as the ear is to listen.
Be svilt to hear
Your tvo ears are meant to listen more than the mouth is
to speaking. These are the tvo major ingreJients il you
must cultivate the attituJe ol quietness lor greatness.
It has leen authenticateJ ly researchers that most peoples
thought legin to vonJer alter the lirst live sentences in any
Jiscussion they are involveJ in. People alvays vant to say
something than they Jo vant to listen, even though they Jont
have all the Jetails necessaryto pass a comment.
The summary ol this chapter voulJ le this note, think
through every vorJ you vant to say, listen more than you vish to
speak anJ emlrace the gilt ol silence lor your Jestiny to have real
The Quietness Nugget: The gain ol quietness lar outveighs the
painol noisiness.
Scriture Nugget: Stacv tos|:wt|vs:ij erov:c aotoCoc, e worrmeo
t|et o::c:t| oot to o: es|em:c, ri|tiv civicio t|: worc oj trat|` 2 1imot|v
2I5 (Kj\)
Quietness Questions: Hov can I improve my proJuctivity via
quietness` Do I have a private place vhere I can alvays harness
this paraJigm`
Quotes on Quietness
A ro:riv r:t sii:oc: is e o:eatijai t|io, it is oot|io i:ss
t|eo t|: jet|:r oj v:rv wis: t|oa|ts`
A sii:ot moat| is sw::t to |:er`
Irish Sayings
Its ooc to s|at a som:tim:s`
MarceI Marceau
List:o to t|: soaoc oj sii:oc:`
PauI Simon
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 162
The Pover Paradigm oI Reason
wit|oat r:esoo, iij: |es ot oo s:esooio
to iv: it tra: m:eoio.
]onathan Olise
ile vill le alsolutely out ol place anJ lull ol loreJom
vithout a genuine reasonlor living.
Fvery envialle Jestiny comes into reality on the platlorm ol
genuine reason lor success. Il lile is Jriven ly reason, vhat then is
the reason lor living` In other vorJs, there is a reason lor living.
AnJalso there is a reasonlor lullilling Jestiny. This estallishes the
lasis lor the locus ol this chapter. AnJ I lelieve the creation story
encapsulates that truthas seeninthe leginning vhenGoJcreateJ
all there is.
Ve see in Genesis I.26 Aoc Coc seic, L:t as mer: meo io oar ime:,
ejt:r oar iir:o:ss eoc i:t t|:m |ev: Jominion ov:r t|: jis| oj t|: s:e, eoc
ov:r t|: jowi oj t|: eir, eoc ov:r t|: cetti:, eoc ov:r eii t|: :ert|, eoc ov:r
:v:rvcr::iot|iot|et cr:::t|aoot|: :ert|` So GoJcreateJlecause
He haJ a r:esoo anJ a aros: lor creation. The r:esoo GoJ createJ
vas to extenJ His kingJom to another realm. AnJ this He
JesigneJ to accomplish through man. Ve see the conlirmation ol
that truth vhen ]esus Christ taught His Jisciple hov to pray in
Matthev 6.IJ 1|v riocom com: 1|v wiii o: coo: io :ert|, es it is io
|:ev:o` The unJerlineJphrase allirms the initial statement I maJe
that the reasonlor creationvas to :xt:oc Eis riocom toe o:wr:eim.
As a matter ol lact this nevkingJomvas JesigneJ to exist ly
His vill! Hallelujah! I lelieve a lot ol persons have erreJ vhen it
comes to unJerstanJing anJ oleying this Eis wiii aspect, lecause
so many a times ve locus on t|is is w|et I weot to co anJ lorget that
Eis wiii is really vhat ve shoulJ vant to Jo! Also ve see that the
aros: ol creationvas lor manto |ev: comioiooiot|is o:wriocom'
So inessence the Bille vhichis the inlallille vorJol GoJtells
us that the heavens anJ the earth came into leing on the premise
ol r:esoo The Trinity agreeJ to create man in their image laseJ on
mans aros: vhich is Jominion. Therelore our purpose in lile is
to have Jominion over the lishes ol the sea, the lirJs ol the air
amongst others. This presupposes that it Joesnt matter vhat
prolession or career path you have chosen, the purpose lor your
leing there is to have Jominion!
Notevorthy also is the lact that you anJ I are no acciJental
Jischarge lecause GoJ haJ a r:esoo lor creating us anJ lackeJ it
upvitha aros: lor our lives. The vorJol GoJJoes lormthe lasis
lor the ow:rerecim oj r:esoo
It vas Martin Luther King ]nr that saiJ A meo w|o woot ci: jor
som:t|io is oot jit to iiv:` Dying lor something voulJ require
knovleJge ol the Jominion manJate ol man. In other vorJs il I
unJerstanJmypurpose lor living I canJie lor it, lecause anything
outsiJe it voulJ le vorthless. Take a look arounJ anJ you vill
Jiscover that everything Joes have a aros: lor existing or living
as the case may le. Irom the chairs in your house to the Joors,
vinJovs, talles, loot mats, chanJelier, everything Joes have a
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 164
purpose lor leing.
The Joor lor instance is vorthless outsiJe its JesignateJplace
ol lunction. Il you place the Joor on your leJ, it voulJ le useless
lecause that is not its place. It voulJ merely exist vithout
lullilling its lunction. It coulJ le saiJ it has no lile. So vithout
purpose there is no lile to live. Inthe same vay, youlecome useless
anJlileless vhenyouare not lullilling purpose.
I Jare to say that it voulJ le unlair to go through lile vithout
knoving your purpose lor living lile. The purpose lor this look lor
example is to lring the reaJer to a place ol Jiscovery ol testeJ
truths anJ also to a place ol valking the JiscovereJ truths. A
popular saying goes thus wit|oat aros:, eoas: is io:viteoi:` In
other vorJs vithpurpose, aluse is evitalle!
The salient truthremains that reasonis a visille propeller into
action or inaction. Il you sving into action, it voulJ le laseJ on
reason. AnJ your inaction coulJ le preJicateJ on the premise ol
reasontoo. So the important questionto ask voulJle, hovsounJ
is your reason lor action or inaction` There is surely a reason lor
everything unJer the sun even vhen ve Jont seemto unJerstanJ
all the intricacies at a particular time. ]ust like knoving vhat to
Jo is not gooJ enough lut knoving anJ Joing the right things
lecomes gooJenough.
That is to say having a reason lor Joing something is not gooJ
enough lut having the right reasons vill sullice. The inlluential
vriter ol the Irench renaissance Michel De Montaigne saiJ, E:
w|o :steoiis|:s |is eram:ot ov oois: eoc commeoc s|ows t|et |is r:esoo is
w:er` This postulates the notionthat reasonshoulJle the Jriving
lorce lor engaging inanyventure.
Taking cue lrom scriptures ve grasp a picture ol the reason
vhy GoJ sent His only legotten Son to Jie a crucial Jeath on the
cross! Imagine a GoJ Jying a mean Jeath just lor you anJ me. The
Bille says in ]ohn 3.I6, For Coc so iov:c t|: woric t|et |: ev: |is ooiv
o:ott:o Soo, t|et w|oso:v:r o:ii:v:t| io |im s|oaic oot :ris|, oat |ev:
:v:riestio iij:` So here is an analysis ol this scripture as it Joes
reveal the inJepthtruths that lurther explainthe ow:r erecim oj
The reasonGoJsent His onlylegottenSonto Jie lor the vorlJ
vas lecause E: so iov:c t|: woric This vas the reason ]esus haJ to
Jie the Jeath on the cross. This vas also the reason He JiJnt
retaliate vhen the Roman solJiers spat on himanJ tore his cloth.
This vas the reason he JiJnt call on an angel to kill the solJiers
that mockeJanJcrucilieJHim.
This also tells much ol the initial purpose ol creating man as
illustrateJ in the look Genesis I.26. Belore the lall, man haJ
uninterrupteJaccess to GoJinlellovship. But the lall severeJthe
relationshipletveenmananJhis maker. That culminateJinman
losing the Jominion manJate GoJ gave himin the leginning. But
thank GoJlor inHimve linJlove lully expresseJ. He so loveJthe
vorlJ that He haJ to restore man to his lormer estate anJ in so
Joing He sent His onlylegottensonto Jie lor mans reJemption!
It lecomes necessaryto note the lact that reasonalso JemanJs
a :rsooei commitm:ot lelore the revarJcanle realiseJ. Actioo is the
luel that gives lile to the vehicle ol reason. Vithout r:soosioiiitv all
reasonlecomes lutile.
Its common place to hear people say vorJs like, Ij ooiv I |ec t|:
moo:v, I woaic co t|is eoc co t|et A lot ol inJiviJuals I have come
across envy the revarJ ol accomplishments lut selJom
appreciate the call to r:soosioiiitv It is not gooJ enough to have
gooJintentions, it must le lackeJupvithpragmatic approaches
lytaking r:soosioiiitv lor the JesireJrevarJ.
Ve have an example in DaviJ, a laithlul young shepherJ loy
vhen he lrought Jovn the giant Goliath ly taking r:soosioiiitv
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 166
lor a JesireJ r:werc premiseJ on gooJ r:esoo. The r:esoo vas to
justily the unJenialle truth that the GoJ ol Israel is the One anJ
Only true GoJ alove all else. Ol course he got to knovthe Kings
promise to the manvho kills the giant! But until youJetermine to
take r:soosioiiitv in the lace ol challenges, you Jont Jeserve a
r:wercinthe race ol lile.
The right reasons lor Joing anything vorthvhile generates
unsoliciteJ revarJs to mention the least. The emlolJeneJ vorJs
emphasite the revarJ ol GoJs reason lor creating man. ]esus
Jeath on the cross vas on the platlorm ol reason lecause E: so
iov:c t|: woric` as ve see in ]ohn 3.I6. That reason haJ revarJs,
talking ol its purpose w|oso:v:r o:ii:v:s io|im s|oaic not perishoat
have everlasting lile.` Here ve see that the purpose vas the
revarJ. It therelore asserts that your aros: inlile is your r:werc in
lile as seen in Genesis I.26 .i:t t|:m |ev: Jominion ov:r t|: jis| oj t|:
s:e` GoJs aros: lor man vas lor man to have dominion.
Therelore ve see here that the r:werc ol r:esoo lor the creation ol
manis to have Jominion vhichis mans aros:!
Note that lelore r:werc comes the part ol r:esoo anJ
r:soosioiiitv w|oso:v:r o:ii:v:s lecause vithout a commitment to
the Joing part there cant le a revarJ anJ reason voulJ
ultimately le JeleateJ. So the sequence goes thus, r:esoo
r:soosioiiitvr:werc. This therelore reinstates the premise that
every right r:esoo lackeJ up ly r:soosioiiitv woaic generate the
right r:werc
David: An FmloJiment ol Reason, Responsilility anJ
Here is an interesting analysis ol the unlolJing ol events on
that latelul Jayvhenthe arrogant Goliathvas lrought Jovn.
Note that the vise shepherJ loy, DaviJ knevthat there vas
going to le a revarJ to the killer ol the giant. AnJ here vas vhat
he askeJ in I Sema:i I2e Aoc Devic ser: to t|: m:o t|et stooc ov |im,
sevio, Vhat shall le Jone to the man that killeth this Philistine,
eoc ter:t| ewev t|: r:roec| jrom Isre:i` jor w|o is t|is aocircamcis:c
P|iiistio:, t|et he shoulJ Jely the armies oj t|: iivio Coc`` Note the
question in lolJ. It vas the question that gave hima scoop on the
r:werclor taking r:soosioiiitv
Sometimes you have to ask the right questions to lay holJ on
the right ansvers. Also the unJerlineJ vorJs lormeJ the r:esoo
vhy he took r:soosioiiitv. He vas smart lecause he knev the
pover ol the right reasons coulJ generate the right r:wercs lor
taking any vialle action! Its also interesting to note that knoving
the r:werc is not enough to get you the r:werc. You must take
r:soosioiiitv lackeJ up ly gooJ r:esoos to enjoy the envisageJ
There vas a time in my lile vhen I JesireJ to see pragmatic
results vith some certain projects I vas involveJ vith. In process
ol time I vas getting lrustrateJ lecause nothing seemeJ to le
coming through at the time. Alter taking some time out to think
anJ restrategite, I ligureJ out I haJ veakr:esoos lor pursuing the
r:werc I JesireJ, so the requireJ r:soosioiiitv the project neeJeJ
vas lacking on my part. Until I vas alle to go leyonJ just seeing
the r:wercs to asking the right questions anJ lelieving the r:wercs
then I starteJ to take r:soosioiiitv anJ lelieve me the r:wercs came
rushing in!
The secret to DaviJs victory onthat Jay vas that he askeJthe
right questions, sav the r:werc anJ lelieveJ it to the minutest
Jetail. He got a hook on the r:soosioiiitv the r:werc conlerreJ on
him, he took r:soosioiiitv anJol course got the r:werc!
I voulJlove to ask il youJo have something youare villing to
take r:soosioiiitv lor` Can you gral a holJ on the r:werc vith the
eyes ol vision` Do you lelieve the r:werc` Can you Jare take
r:soosioiiitv` Il you can envisage anJ lelieve the r:werc then I
conceive in my spirit that you are reaJy lor your prepareJ place in
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 168
Truly no envialle Jestiny emerges vithout a commitment to
r:soosioiiitv. Do you really vant to see change` Then live up to the
change youJesire to see.
esus Christ: An FmloJiment ol Reason, Responsilility anJ
In ]ohn +.3+ ve see the account ol ]esus vhen he stateJ the
reasonlor his valking the earth, j:sas seit|aotot|:m, Vvm:et is toco
t|: wiii oj |im t|et s:ot m:, eoc tojiois||is worr` He also restateJthat in
jo|oe`:ForI cem: cowojrom |:ev:o, oot tocomio: owowiii, oat t|: wiii oj
|im t|et s:ot m:` Also injo|o`+I mast worrt|: worrs oj |im t|et s:ot m:,
w|ii: it is cev t|: oi|t com:t|, w|:o oo meo ceo worr` He unJerstooJ
the reasonlor His leensent anJhe knevthe revarJas vell, so He
gave upeverything lor all He coulJsee!
Are youvilling to give upyour all lor all youcansee` Until you
have a reason that is larger than your latiness, you cant achieve
your JesireJ revarJ. ]esus explicitly stateJ His reason at every
opportunity He haJ Juring his earthly ministry. He vas literally
olsesseJ vith Joing the vill ol His lather anJ nothing else vas
vorthtaking the place ol His assignment.
Little vonJer that vithin three years ol ministry He valkeJ
the valk anJ talkeJ the talk ol Himthat sent Him. The vorlJ is
yet to recover lromthe valk anJtalk He talkeJanJvalkeJto Jate
anJ you knovvhat` It vill never recover lromit! He JiJ not just
say the r:esoo lor His leensent lut He also took r:soosioiiitv to see
to the ultimate r:wercol His leensent.
Many have acknovleJgeJ Christ as their LorJ anJ savior
toJay in consonance vith the vill ol the lather anJ ve see His
revarJ so eviJently stateJ in Philippians 2.9II w|:r:jor: Coc eiso
|et||i|iv:xeit:c |im, eoc iv:o|im e oem: w|ic|is eoov: :v:rvoem: 1|et
et t|: oem: oj j:sas :v:rv ro:: s|oaic oow, oj t|ios io |:ev:o, eoc t|ios io
:ert|, eoc t|ios aoc:r t|: :ert|, Aoc t|et :v:rv tooa: s|oaic cooj:ss t|et
j:sas C|rist is Lorc, tot|: iorvoj Coc t|: Fet|:r `
So ultimately your reason JeciJes the level ol responsilility
yourequire to attainthe envisageJresult.
I must emphaticallystate here that oltenthannone reasonhas
got no place vhen it comes to oleying GoJ. Il you must please
GoJ, you must valk ly laith anJ not ly sight. The only sight you
neeJto have lelore oleying GoJis the sight ol His vorJ. AnJyou
knovvhat` His vorJ is inlallille anJ vill never change lorever!
He is the Alpha anJ the Omega, the Beginning anJ the FnJ, the
Iirst anJthe Last. He is the emloJiment ol eternity inall totality,
He is the Past anJPresent.
So it lecomes imperative that ve Jrop all sense ol r:esoo asiJe
in the liJ to oley GoJ. Oltentimes you have to oley His
instructions to unJerstanJ the r:esoo lor the instruction. Vhen
GoJsays something all yougot to Jo is oley anJask no questions.
Reason coulJ le the greatest enemy ol laith on the path to
realiting Jestinyina granJstyle.
Il GoJ is the creator ol everything, that means I can lelieve
GoJ lor anything lecause He is the reason lor everything! Alvays
rememler that jeit|ioCoc is r:esoo:ooa|toc:jvr:esoo
Alraham: An FmloJiment ol Reason, Responsilility anJ
Vhen GoJ tolJ the Patriarch Alrahamto arise anJ go to a lar
avay country vhere the luilJer anJ maker vas GoJ. Alraham
JelieJ all reason ol Joult anJ oleyeJ GoJ! E: coaot:c |is coaot to
oo:v Coc Ve see that in Helrevs II.IJ For |: ioor:c jor e citv w|ic|
|et|joaocetioos, w|os: oaiic:r eoc mer:r is Coc` Ve must unJerstanJ
here that GoJ knev the w|v |: iostract:c Aore|em, vhile Alram
knev the w|et it ter:s to ooteio t|: oi:ssio Alrahams laith vas
reasonenoughto trust anJoleyGoJ! InGenesis I2.I+,
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 170
Xowt|: LJPD|ec seic aoto Aorem, C:t t|:: oat oj t|v coaotrv, eoc jrom
t|vriocr:c, eoc jrom t|vjet|:rs |oas:, aotoe ieoc t|et I wiii s|:wt|::
Aoc I wiii mer: oj t|:: e r:et oetioo, eoc I wiii oi:ss t|::, eoc mer: t|voem:
r:et, eoc t|oas|eit o: e oi:ssio
Aoc I wiii oi:ss t|:m t|et oi:ss t|::, eoc cars: |im t|et cars:t| t|:: eoc io
t|:: s|eii eii jemiii:s oj t|: :ert|o: oi:ss:c
SoAorem c:ert:c, es t|: LJPD|ec sor:oaoto|im`
The preceJing scriptural relerence tells ol the account ol GoJ
instructing Alramto leave his kinJreJ anJ his lathers house to a
place He voulJ tell him. I lelieve Alraham ly lellovship vith
GoJ knev He vas too laithlul to lail, not even to turn lrom His
vorJs. In Isaiah 55.II, the Prophet illustrateJ the integrity ol GoJ
vhenhe saiJSos|eii mvworc o: t|et o:t|jort|oat oj mvmoat| it s|eii
oot r:taroaotom: voic, oat it s|eii eccomiis|t|et w|ic|I i:es:, eoc it s|eii
ros:r io t|: t|io w|:r:to I s:ot it` Alram oleyeJ GoJ anJ GoJ
llesseJhimexceeJing his imagination.
Truly the loolishness ol GoJis viser thanthe visJomol men,
anJ the veakness ol GoJ is stronger than the strength ol men. It
therelore inlorms ol the lact that vhen it comes to oleying GoJ,
your only option is to lelieve His vorJ as the reason lor taking
responsililityanJthe reasonlor expecting a revarJ.
In summary your laith anJ trust in His vorJ is reason enough
to Jelyall reasonol Joult.
The truth is that you have got Jreams, visions anJ goals. But
hov Jo you plan to get to that place vhere the vorlJ stanJs at
attention lor you anJ applauJ you vhen you Jont have reason to
get you going` Nov you must unJerstanJ that the vorlJ in the
context ol the preceJing sentence relers to your Jomain, that is
your sphere ol inlluence. As a matter ol lact, you voulJ have to
lace oppositions even in your Jomain so Jont get liJgety vhen
youhave people vho oppose you. Believe me its a norm. Sincerely
vhen everyloJy applauJs you vithout opposition, I think you
have a lig prollemto Jeal vith! Or mayle persons arounJyouare
not sincere vithyouor are not smart to challenge you!
Is your reason lor pursuing that r:werc strong enough to push
youinto taking r:soosioiiitv`
GoJ haJ a r:esoo lor creating man anJ that r:esoo vas to
extenJ His riocom to a o:w r:eim anJ its aros: vas lor man to
have comioiooover the creatures GoJhaJmaJe.
Alramlelt his country anJ kinJreJ lecause he lelieveJ GoJ
as the r:esoo lor taking the giant steps he took. DaviJ killeJ
Goliath lecause he haJ a gooJ r:esoo that spurreJ himinto taking
r:soosioiiitv ]esus Christ came anJ JieJ on the cross ol Calvary to
lullill the Iathers plan lor the reJemption ol mankinJ. AnJ nov,
you vere createJ to lullill a aros: anJ that aros: has got r:esoo
to lack it up!
A gooJ place to legin vith voulJ le these questions. Do you
knov your assignment (aros:) on earth` Vhat Jrives your
aros:` Do you have enough lackup or r:esoo to lullil your lolty
Jreams anJ goals` Surely, you can achieve anything il only you
have strong r:esoos to spur you into taking r:soosioiiitv lor the
r:werc youenvisage anJhave chosento lelieve! The ow:r erecim
oj r:esoois one ol the lunJamental pillars inthe school ol Jestiny.
The Reason Nugget: The right r:esoos lackeJ up vith
uncommonr:soosioiiitv vill yielJuncommonr:wercs
Scriture Nugget: I eii:c mio: |:ert to roow, eoc to s:erc|, eoc to
s::roat wiscom, eoc t|: r:esoooj t|ios` Fcci:siest:s 25 (Kj\)
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 172
The Reason Questions: Vhy Jo you Jo vhat you Jo` Do you
have enoughreasonto luel your pursuit ol purpose`
Quotes on Reason
Aii oar roowi:c: o:ios wit| t|: s:os:s, roc::cs t|:o to t|:
aoc:rsteocio, eoc :ocs wit| r:esoo 1|:r: is oot|io |i|:r t|eo r:esoo`
ImmanueI Kant
E:er r:esoo or s|: woaic mer: voa j::i |:r`
Benjamin IranIIin
`Ij w: woaic aic: ov t|: ii|t oj r:esoo w: mast i:t oar miocs o: ooic`
Iouis D. Brandeis
Vv jeit| ooaris|:s mv jeit| eoc mv jeit| mv r:esoo`
Norman Cousins
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 174
The Pover Paradigm oI Service
w|:o voa s:rv:, iij: s:rv:s voa, w|:o voa s:rv:, iij: r:s:rv:s voa,
w|:o voa s:rv:, iij: r:m:mo:rs voa, w|:r:v:r voa er:,
w|et:v:r voa co, coot c:t:r to s:rv:.
]onathan Olise
Service must spring uplromJeepseateJlove onour insiJe.
It is only in this vay that the universe responJs in revarJing
us inreturn. It is a provenlact that every neeJinaninJiviJual or a
community leckons on someone vho unJerstanJs the ow:r
erecim oj s:rvic: to lenJa helping hanJ.
GoJ has JesigneJ nature in such a vay that it revarJs those
vho linJ a place to serve vith their talents, skills anJ gilts. Il you
can meet the neeJ ol someone, you get revarJeJ in multiple lolJs
lor your kinJ gesture. Fvery neeJ is an opportunity lor you
I alsolutely concur vith Dr Allert Schveitter I coot roow
w|et voar c:stiov wiii o:, oat oo: t|io I roow t|: ooiv oo:s emoo voa w|o
wiii o: r:eiiv |ev er: t|os: w|o wiii |ev: soa|t eoc joaoc |ow to s:rv:`
True lullilment anJ satislaction in lile is not rooteJ in acquiring
money, lame or gains! Rather it is rooteJ in true service lor a
vorthy cause. Il your lile must make meaning, then you must linJ
a neeJto meet, a reasonor place to serve, lecause it is the secret lor
having lullilment inlile.
Youare not living, until youstart giving!
Vealth anJ riches Jont equate lullilment anJ satislaction in
lile. Have you ever vonJereJ vhy persons ol supposeJ status in
the society ol toJay live in lrustration anJ Jepression` That is
lecause they have not lounJ a reason anJ a place to truly serve.
Vealth anJ riches Jont lring lullilment alongsiJe lut lullilment
comes via service vithvealthanJriches aJJenJumto it.
Your happiness anJ joy in lile is Jirectly linkeJ to hovmany
opportunities you have JiscovereJ anJ ceaseJ to serve genuinely.
Lile is ligger than:t eii voaceoeoc ci:, it consists inw|et voaiv: oat
as aninJiviJual.
Numerous great men anJ vomen that are rememlereJ toJay
vith joy anJ gratelulness to GoJ lor their lives are celelrateJ lor
the w:eit|oj s:rvic: theyamasseJJuring their liletime onearth! The
likes ol Mother Theresa, Nelson ManJela, Bill Gates, Martin
Luther anJ Martin Luther King ]nr vho in his lamous I |ev: e
cr:em speechsaiJI |ev: e cr:em t|et mvjoar c|iicr:owiii oo: ceviiv: io
e oetioo w|:r: t|:v wiii oot o: ac:c ov t|: coioar oj t|:ir srio oat ov t|:
coot:ot oj t|:ir c|erect:r` ToJay, he is not rememlereJ lor the
money he lelt in his lank account or the property he ovneJ lut
lor t|: s:rvic: he gave his lile lor.
Vhenall is saiJanJJone anJyour time onearthis gone, vhat
voulJyoule rememlereJlor` Some lolks are not rememlereJlor
gooJJeeJs lecause theyonlyliveJlor sell.
Mother Theresa ol Calcutta is rememlereJ toJay not lor the
material possession she haJ or never haJ vhile she vas on
earth lut lor the lives she gave hope anJ meaning to. She lelt
the comlort ol her convent anJ moveJ into the slums ol
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 176
Cal cutta. She remai ns a moJel ol hospi tal i ty
generations/years alter her Jemise. She once saiJ L:t oo oo:
:v:r com: to voa wit|oat i:evio o:tt:r eoc |ei:r F: t|: iivio
:xr:ssioooj Cocs rioco:ss rioco:ss iovoar jec:, rioco:ss iovoar :v:s,
eoc rioco:ss io voar smii:` I strongly lelieve that you are not
living until you start giving, lecause lile llesses only those
vho learnto give.
Nelson ManJela toJay is a vorlJ statesman, not lor his
vealth lut lor the light against apartheiJ in South Alrica. He
gave his lile lor the cause ol lighting lor the emancipation ol
South Alricans. Thank GoJ South Alrica is inJepenJent
toJay. He haJ this to say I |ev: o:v:r cer:c v:rv mac| jor :rsooei
riz:s A meo co:s oot o:com: e jr::com ji|t:r jor t|: |o: oj wiooio
ewercs, oat w|:o I wes ootiji:c t|et I |ec woo t|: I``` Xoo:i P:ec:
riz: oiotiv wit| Vr D: Ki:rr, I wes c::iv mov:c 1|: Xoo:i P:ec:
Priz:` Sellless service is the secret to enJuring greatness in
the school ol Jestiny.
It vas Allert Finsteinthat saiJA :rsoosterts toiiv: w|:o|: ceo
iiv: oatsic: |ims:ij` All his inventions vere not lor personal
consumption alone lut vere lor the gooJ ol humanity. He
gave his intellect to the vorthy cause ol serving humanity
throughhis inventions.
Bill Gates the lounJer ol Microsolt, vho is one ol the
vealthiest in the vorlJ toJay, is a lona liJe philanthropist
vho has lounJ the secret ol living. He uses his vealth to
sponsor researches into the cure lor Jiseases like AIDs, asiJe
his lounJation, the Bill anJMelinJa Gates lounJation.
Mahatma KaranchaJGhanJi Another inJiviJual vho lounJ
a vay to serve anJ vorthy ol note is Mahatma KaranchaJ
GhanJi letter knovn as Mahatma GhanJi vas one ol the
greatest leaJers ol the vorlJ, vho in the early hall ol the 2J
century lought anJ shook the mighty British empire through
his veapons ol truth anJ nonviolence. He pioneereJ the
movement ol civil JisoleJience anJ inspireJ the oppresseJ to
light lor their rights. He lounJ a vay to serve through his
JoggeJness in the light against the oppression ol the InJian
people lythe British.
Martin Luther singlehanJeJly lought against the Jogmas ol
the Roman Catholic Church in his liJ to lilerate the people
lrom the Jeception anJ Jisposition ol the Catholic
Church. He lought harJ anJ toJay ve are leneliciaries ol
the lolJ step he took. He lounJ a vay to serve a cause
greater thanhimsell anJsucceeJeJ.
These levamongst others are celelrateJ not lor their vealth
anJ lame lut most nolly lor their service to humanity. Time
voulJnot sullice me to mentionthe many scientists that have
contriluteJto making lile letter anJgooJ.
]esus Christ The greatest man in all history that serveJ
humanity vas ]esus Christ. The Saviour ol the vorlJ. The
One, vho lelt His throne in glory alove, came Jovn to the
earth lelov, to leaJ humanity lrom the path ol eternal
Jestruction to the path ol eternal lile vith GoJ! Vhat greater
sacrilice there is, lor GoJ to give His only legotten son lor the
salvation ol mankinJ! Vhat have you given just yet` Is your
lile a llessing to those arounJyou` Have youtrieJyour lest to
solve a prollemvhere youare right nov` Do youcare to knov
the neeJs ol the people in your community` Il you Jo, kuJos!
But il not, youcanstart toJay.
You can make your lile count ly linJing a vay to serve people.
You might not le alle to change the vhole vorlJ lut you can
change your vorlJ!
Novthese leaJs to the part youve got to play in the scheme ol
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 178
APPRFCIATF your gilts, passion, talents anJskills.
You can Jo vhat you can Jo lecause you have a responsilility
to use that lor lullilling your purpose on the earth. Until you
accept you lor voa, you voulJ selJom vant to le ol help to
those arounJyou. Il yousee yoursell inthe light ol the lact that
you are createJ vith your Jistinctiveness lor a reason, you
voulJhonour the llessing ol your Jillerence.
BUY into opportunities lor service.
The secret is never let an opportunity to serve pass you ly. All
you can Jo is a rooj to all you can le lor others. You have the
skill you have to luy into the opportunities that come to you.
Sometimes you have to go alter those opportunities. But
unJerstanJ that greatness voulJ not come to you, you must
go lor it!
Its saJ vhen I see people vho Jesire to le great, Jo nothing
tovarJs harnessing the ow:r erecim oj s:rvic:. Until you serve,
youJont Jeserve llessings.
Il ]esus lought into the opportunity ol lecoming the one that
vas rejecteJol men, leatenanJlattereJlythose He createJ, spat
upon ly mortal men, lut still chose to serve anyvay. Hovmuch
have youollereJyoursell to the opportunities that have come your
vay` You can start toJay vith this unJerstanJing that vhatever
yousow, youvoulJsurelyr:e
CONSOLIDATF your Pover ParaJigmol Service.
By this I mean, make it a point ol call to alvays throvyoursell
into service, especially vhen you Jiscern an opportunity lor
one. The great men anJ vomen in every generation anJ age
lounJa secret to greatness anJthat is this. ij voas:rv: ot|:rs, Coc
|es c:sio:c iij: to s:rv: voa oecr io r:taro. AccorJing to Dr Mike
MurJock w|et voa mer: |e:o jor ot|:rs, Coc woaic mer: |e:o
jor voa` Il you live ly this truth, your lile voulJ le lorever a
llessing to youanJothers arounJyou.
Giving is living. Until you linJ a reason to give, you are not
living just yet.
Your gilts, passions anJ talents are a pointer to vhat you can
contrilute to humanity. You must lreak out lrom your comlort
tone anJ treaJ the path great men anJ vomen ol yesteryears have
troJ, anJthe pathgreat menanJvomenol toJayare treaJing.
Dont settle lor the status quo. Break the jinx lecause you are
too loaJeJnot to matter to your generation.
Lile is more than vhat you are alle to acquire anJ possess. Its
more ol vhat you are alle to give out. This shoulJ make you ask
yoursell some heart searching questions.
w|et em I iiviojor` w|et woaic I o: r:m:mo:r:c jor` w|et imect em I
merio r:s:otiv` w|os: iij: is o:io c|eo:c ov mv cootrioatioo to iij:` Do I
weot to o: r:m:mo:r:c es t|: o:i|ooar w|o ast iiv:c o:xt coor or es t|:
o:i|ooarw|oimect:c t|: o:i|ooar|ooc`
Its never late to revrite your story toJay. Your lile can have a
letter meaning toJay. ThousanJs have JieJ unsung lecause their
lives allecteJ noloJy positively vhen they vere alive. Your name
can le vritten in the annals ol history il you can linJ a genuine
reasonanJplace to serve. Vhat is your resolve toJay` Vake upto
service anJJuty.
Your lile is ligger than you, lecause Jestinies are tieJ to your
Jestiny. You cannot traJe it oll ly Joing nothing. Get to the point
vhere you can say like Vanna Bonta I coosic:r mvs:ij mor: :xorteot
Choose to put some smile on the laces ol other people ly
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 180
ollering your lile lor service. 1ra: ov com:s oot ov iivio jor s:ij oat ov
iivio oat oj s:ij. True service can only le rooteJ anJ grounJeJ in
love. Its the propeller lor service. But lelore voa cr:em oj coio t|:
:xtreorcioerv, trvvoar|eocs oot|: orcioerv
The Service Nugget: Never Jeter to serve inlile.
Scriture Nugget: L:t :v:rvoo: oj as i:es: |is o:i|ooar jor |is ooc to
:cijicetioo` Pomeos I52 (Kj\)
The Service Questions: Vhat are my strengths` Hov can I
harness themto serve others`
Quotes on Service
A oasio:ss eosoiat:iv c:vot:c to s:rvic: wiii |ev: ooiv oo: worrv eooat
rojits 1|:v wiii o: :moerressioiv ier:`
Henry Iord
Eec I oat s:rvc mv Coc wit| |eij t|: z:ei, I s:rvc mv rio, |: woaic oit io
mio: e:, Eev: i:jt m: oer:c to mio :o:mi:s`
ViIIiam ShaIeseare
Aoc v: s|eii saccoar m:o, 1is oooi:o:ss to s:rv:, E:i t|:m w|o ceooot
|:i eeio F:wer: jrom ri|t to sw:rv:`
RaIh VaIdo Emerson
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 182
The Pover Paradigm oI Time
A cim: oj mv tim: is too r:cioas to oioc jor eov rioc t|et
is oatojsvoc wit| mv aros:, t|oa| or:oas
]onathan Olise
ime is a universal commoJity that is availalle to every
human on the lace ol the earth. But our unJerstanJing
Tol its pover anJ possililities vary. Until ve come to
grips vith all it entails, ve larely stanJ a chance ol enjoying its
numerous llessings.
In the vorJs ol the American actor anJ comeJian Charles
RicharJs, Doot o: jooi:c ovt|: cei:ocer 1|:r: er: ooives meovcevs t|et
voa mer: as: oj` Truly time is lrienJ to noloJy except those that
have unJerstooJ hovto utilise it lor their gooJ. I strongly lelieve
time cannot le manageJ lut can only le utiliseJ lor optimum
proJuctivity. Vhether you pray anJ last, time vill not stop lor
youto catchupvithit. But youcanle maximally proJuctive vith
your time.
Time is one ol the many lactors that separate the successlul
lromthe unsuccesslul. The irony ol it all is that, its a commoJity
that is availalle anJat the Jisposal ol all. Its unlortunate that a lot
ol persons are yet to master the secret ol ellective time
Imagine there is a lank vhich creJits your account each
morning vith S86,+JJ. It carries over no lalance lromJay to Jay,
allov you to keep no cash lalance, anJ every evening cancels
vhatever part ol the amount youhaJlaileJto use Juring the Jay.
Vhat voulJ you Jo` Drav out every cent ol course! Vell,
everyloJy has such a lank. Its name is TIMF. Fvery morning, it
creJits you vith 86,+JJ seconJs. Fvery night it vrites oll, as a
loss, vhatever ol this amount you have laileJ to invest in gooJ
purpose. It carries over no lalance. It allovs no overJralt.
Fach Jay it opens a nevaccount lor you. Fach night it lurns
the recorJs ol the Jay. Il youlail to use the Jays Jeposit, the loss is
yours. There is no going lack. There is no Jraving against that ol
tomorrov. You must live in the present on toJays Jeposits.
Invest it so as to get lromit the utmost in health, happiness anJ
success! The clock is ticking, make the most ol the Jay.
The Jillerence letveen an inJiviJual living in the UniteJ
States ol America anJ another inJiviJual living in Alrica is time.
Giving the same resources, they coulJlothle at the same place at
the same time.
The Jillerence letveenthe current PresiJent ol a countryanJ
a little loy in elementary school is time. Given the same time anJ
resources, the little loy ol toJay coulJ le the PresiJent
tomorrov. The Jillerence letveen the lillionaire anJ the
povertystricken inJiviJual is time. Il exposeJ to the same
resources anJ time as the lillionaire, the pauper coulJ le a
Fverything happens in time. Time Jetermines seasons anJ
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 184
llessings. The Bille says in Fcclesiastes 3.I, 1o :v:rv t|io t|:r: is e
s:esoo, eoc e tim: to:v:rvaros: aoc:rt|: |:ev:o`
Your choice toJay vill Jetermine your tomorrovin time. I am
vho I amtoJay lecause ol all I have Jone in time that has shapeJ
me over the years into lecoming me toJay. A Chinese Proverlsays
Disteoc: mevr:v:ei e |ors:s str:ot|oat tim: r:v:eis e :rsoos c|erect:r`
Giving enoughtime eventhe vorst ol hypocrites get veary!
Ior instance I have goals anJ amlitions that are all time
lounJ. Some have leenlullilleJvhile others are yet to le lullilleJ.
But time vill play its Jue course. Fvery Jestiny locuseJ inJiviJual
must ol necessity consiJer time too precious to le traJeJ lor
lrivolities. That is vhy you must personally Jiscipline yoursell to
utilite your time viselylor optimumproJuctivityanJproliting.
My encouragement to you toJay is that as much as lies in your
pover, utilite your time visely. Vhat you Jo vith your time
toJay JeciJes vhat happens to you tomorrov. The American
science liction vriter Margaret Bonnano saiJ F:io ric| is |evio
moo:v, o:io w:eit|v is |evio tim:` I agree vith that statement laseJ
on the lact that your vealth voulJ le a lunction ol the time value
youplace onyour enJeavours toJay.
Vhat youinvest inJeciJes vhat youeventuallyreap.
It is important to note that your tomorrov voulJ le
JetermineJ ly your use ol time toJay. Your input into toJay,
Jetermines the output ol tomorrovanJyears to come. Fvenil you
are lailing toJay Jont vaste your time trying to complain alout
your unJoing, rather invest that time into learning lrom your
lailures anJplanyour granJcomelack.
ToJay is the lest Jay ol your lile. You canuse your time visely
lor your maximumproliting anJalso lor aJJing colour to your lile.
Invest everylit ol toJay, seconJ, minute, anJhour into proJuctive
causes anJ ventures. Then vatch your quantum leap to
signilicance anJstarJom.
Dont allov iJle moments ol unproJuctiveness in your lile.
Theyconstantlysteal lromyour time lank anJaJJnothing to you.
Leave the camp ol noise makers to the camp ol nevs makers ly
cutting avaylromall iJle moments. Ior instance youJont have to
partake in hearsays llying arounJ. Fngaging in Jiscussions that
Jont aJJ to your lile in the positive is a minus to your glorious
Jestinythat youmust consciouslyrunavaylrom.
You are JesigneJ lor maximum impact to your vorlJ anJ
generation. Dont let oll anJsell oll lythe vrong use ol your time.
GoJcreateJcreationintime insevenJays!
ToJayvas yesterJays tomorrov. YesterJaysavthe Jestinyin
toJayanJthat is vhyyouare here toJay.
Vhenyoulearnthe art ol utiliting time lor your proliting, you
can le rest assureJ lailure anJ excuses voulJ linJ another client
to serve. As much as lies in your pover, eliminate excuses lecause
they rol you ol your luture. You must constantly vatch out lor
Jestiny Jestroyers such as procrastination anJ excuses. They are
silent killers ol Jestiny.
To succeeJ in lile, you must consciously eliminate excuses
lromyour Jictionary anJ vocalulary. It has never leing ol help to
anyone to accuse someone else lor personal lailure. You are solely
responsille lor your actions anJ inactions. Blaming others lor
your lailure Joes not luyyousuccess anJtime. So stopit!
In the school ol Jestiny, time is so much ol essence lecause it
Joes JeciJe tomorrov.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 186
I lelieve time cannot le manageJ lecause GoJ is the
custoJian ol it. Rather it can le utiliteJ lor optimum
Ior instance il I have an important meeting to attenJ that has
to Jo vithmy companys loarJmemlers, it Jelinitely means leen
there lecomes my priority. Lets say I choose to go to the leach to
have some lun vith lrienJs Juring the supposeJ time ol the
meeting, your guess voulJ le gooJ as mine. Anything aJverse
To ellectively utilise your time, let every chitchat you have
vith most persons le part ol moulJing the Jestiny you envision
lor yoursell. Let every activity line up tovarJs achieving your
goals anJ plans. Let every conversation matter to your Jestiny.
The Jillerence letveen a successlul lusiness executive anJ an
unsuccesslul lusiness executive is the alility to utilite time
maximallylor proJuctivity.
Fllective time utilitation entails gooJ alility in priorititing
activities anJ locusing energy on activities that yielJ the highest
returns oninvestment vhether ol time or resources.
Youcanle all youcanle il onlyyouutilise your time as Jestiny
requires ol you.
Here are the nuggets that can aiJ you on your journey to
signilicance anJsuccess as youmanage your time ellectively.
Masteryover Procrastination
One ol the greatest lanes ol a lot ol persons is procrastination.
It is the tenJency to transler responsilility ol the present to a
presumeJ, supposeJ or nonexistent luture. AvoiJ
procrastinationly the Do it nov principle, w|et is wort|coio,
is wort|coiooow
Some lolks are masters vhen it comes to procrastination. It
cant le sulJueJly vishing lut ly putting out Jelinite steps
that voulJ measure your perlormance vithin a time limit.
AnJthat leaJs to the next nugget.
Setting JeaJlines
Vhen it comes to planning anJ achieving goals, set
reasonalle anJ measurealle JeaJlines that voulJ keep you
locus on your goals anJ plans. Vithout JeaJlines,
procrastinationalvays sulsists.
Naturally humans avoiJ leen unJer guilt. AnJ setting
JeaJlines Joes lring youunJer suchvhenyouJont meet up.
So naturally a lot ol persons Jelilerately Jont set JeaJlines to
their goals to avoiJ coming unJer sellguilt vhen they Jont
leat the JeaJlines! But avoiJing JeaJlines is not the lest lor
anyone Jesiring to achieve uncommon goals. So it lecomes
necessaryto have JeaJlines il success must le inevitalle.
The Pareto Principle
The generalitation that, in any group ol items, 8J` ol the
value vill le JeriveJ lrom 2J`ol the items. Il a car ovners
manual, lor example, vere to list 2J leatures, you can expect
to Jerive 8J` ol your satislaction lrom the purchase ol that
car lrom only + ol those leatures. Many people use this
principle to veigh the relative importance ol activities in
setting priorities.
Marc Mancini pointeJout inhis look 1im: Veoe:m:ot that an
Italian economist, VillreJo Pareto, olserveJ in I9J6 that 2J`
ol Italians ovneJ 8J`ol that nations vealth. Over time, this
ratio has leen applieJ in various situations anJ has lecome a
rule ol thuml. the value ol a small numler ol items in a group
lar outveighs that JeriveJlromthe other items.
It then asserts that 8J` ol your goals voulJ le realiteJ ly
giving attention to 2J` ol your most important tasks anJ
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 188
Fngaging inJiscussions that Jont contrilute to your luture is
simplya vaste ol time anJresources.
Using a ToDo List
Alvays make it a halit to pen Jovn your assignments anJ
tasks every Jay. It helps to keep you in check so you coulJ
locus on the right things per time. AnJ rank your tasks ly the
ABC system, vhere A stanJs lor most important tasks, B lor
next most important tasks anJC lor least important tasks.
Time remains a universal resource that is availalle to all anJ
sunJry. Fvery Jick anJ harry has got the same allocation ol time
every single Jay lut some Jont recognise that, neither Jo they use
it lor their maximumuplilting.
Time is the only availalle commoJity that makes rich,
vealthy or poor, anJ is availalle to everyloJy. To le vealthy is
simple. Invest your time into vhat the vealthy invest their time in
anJ you voulJ have the same results! Also lecoming vretcheJ
anJpoor is the easiest. ]ust sit JovnanJJo nothing, Jont pursue
your Jreams, sleep all through your entire liletime anJ you voulJ
emerge a lailure! Theres no tvo vayalout that.
Il GoJ himsell is concerneJ alout time in the unlolJing ol
Jivine events, then it points to the lact that its one ol the greatest
assets availalle to man in the school ol Jestiny. The theologian
anJ Fnglish Puritan church leaJer RicharJ Baxter once saiJ F:
cer:jai |owvoa s:oc voar tim: s:oc voar tim: io oot|io w|ic| voa roow
mast o: r::ot:c oj` Vhenits all saiJanJJone, youvoulJle happy
il youuseJyour time to lullil your Jestinyonearthor le inregret il
youvasteJyour time allocationonlrivolities anJvantonness.
Let your lile count. Dont count the hours in a Jay, make every
hour ina Jaycount!
Let me concluJe on this note, never complain alout anything
lecause time is a lree gilt accessille to everyloJy. Youhave access
to the same hours ina Jay the likes ol Bill Gates, AlrahamLincoln,
Mother Theresa, anJ Mahatma GhanJi, LeonarJo Da Vinci,
Thomas ]ellerson, Allert Finstein, Michelangelo anJ a host ol
others haJ! But the Jillerence vas that they investeJ their time in
their passion anJ purpose. You knov vhat` They vere not all
technology lreaks, their success spanneJ through various lielJs ol
humanenJeavour. But theyutiliteJtheir time vell.
Set your goals anJ lollov through till you see through to
greatness, success anJsignilicance.
The Time Nugget: Dont count the hours in a Jay, make every
hour ina Jaycount!
Scriture Nugget: P:c::mio t|: tim:, o:ceas: t|: cevs er: :vii`
F|:sieos 5Ie (Kj\)
The Time Questions: Do you knov your purpose` Are you
investing your time prolitally`
Quotes on Time
1im: is mor: veiaeoi: t|eo moo:v Yoa ceo :t mor: moo:v, oat voa
ceooot :t mor: tim:`
im Rohn
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 190
F: oo t|: ei:rt to r:cooiz: voar rim: et
w|et:v:r tim: oj voar iij: it mev occar`
MurieI SarI
F:tt:r iet: t|eo o:v:r is oor coosoietioo to t|: meo w|o |es iost t|:
oortaoitv oj e iij:tim:`
F:tt:r iet: t|eo o:v:r, oat o:v:r iet: is o:tt:r`
D:j:r oo tim:, c:ievs |ev: ceo:roas :ocs`
ViIIiam ShaIeseare
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 192
The Pover Paradigm oI Uniqueness
w|:o voa :t ewer:o:c to t|: aoia:o:ss oj voar ert
io t|: svm|oov oj iij:, t|:o wiii voa ciscov:r
|owmac| voa mett:r io t|: svm|oov oj iij:.
]onathan Olise
our uniqueness is your Jillerence. Your unJerstanJing
ol your Jillerence vill give push to your pursuing
Ypurpose anJlullilling Jestiny.
In the game ol lootlall lor example, every player has an
unJerstanJing ol their various role in the team. Though they are
all lootlallers, they still Jont have the same responsilility anJ
role ina game. The attackers go lor goals, the JelenJers protect the
goal area, the miJlielJers control the centre area, support the
attackers anJ JelenJers as the case may le. The vingers have a
responsilility ol lringing the cross shots lromthe siJes anJ on it
goes! FveryloJy has got some uniqueness unique to them alone.
The coach instructs lromoutsiJe the pitch lecause thats vhere
he lelongs vhen the game is on. The reserves or sulstitutes sit on
the lenchlecause thats vhere theyare meant to le!
Nov the unJerstanJing ol their uniqueness lrings out the
lest ol the team. A very gooJ attacker vho goes JelenJing might
unJerperlormanJ lose his place in the hearts ol the lans lecause
that is not vhere he lelongs (uniqueness)! A goalkeeper vho
chooses to use his legs rather than his hanJs (his uniqueness)
vhen the lall comes entering the goal tone is Jone lor! He might
le luckynot to le shot lylans.
Another illustration voulJ le an ensemlle ol an orchestra.
FveryloJy has a part to play lor the leauty ol the music to come
alive. The lrass instruments Jont play vhat the string
instruments are meant to play. So inreality, il youare not lullilling
Jestiny, you reJuce the spiciness ol lile! In essence, you are too
important that lile neeJs youto have its sveetness come alive. You
are unique to yoursell, youJont have to playanother persons part
inthe symphonyol lile.
So the question is this. Do you unJerstanJ your uniqueness in
your lielJol enJeavour` Il youJo or Jont, still reaJonlecause Ive
got so muchthat I knovvill lless youimmeasurally.
Accept youlor leing you.
Youare so special anJJillerent that noloJy canimitate youor
Jo the things you Jo IJJ`. The Irench artist Henri Matisse saiJ
It |es oot|:r:c m: eii mviij: t|et I cooot eiot iir: :v:rvoocv:is:`
Ol course, you Jont have to live your lile vonJering vhy you
are Jillerent lrom everyloJy, accept your Jillerence anJ
uniqueness, anJ then move on to make your Jillerence anJ
uniqueness eviJent. You can only le you anJ you must accept you
lor leing you! There can never le any voa t|eo voa lecause you
vere createJto look like youanJle you!
The Bille says in Psalms I39.I+, I wiii reis: t|::, jor I em j:erjaiiv
eoc wooc:rjaiiv mec: merv:iioas er: t|v worrs, eoc t|et mv soai roow:t|
ri|t w:ii` So unJerstanJing anJ knoving your uniqueness is
crucial to making your mark on the sanJs ol time. Your smile is
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 194
unique to you, your set ol teeth is unique to you, the numler ol
times you vink your eyes is unique to you, in lact you are too
llesseJto live less thanyouhave leenllesseJ!

Vhenyouhave accepteJyoulor youthenyoumust lelieve in
your makeup lecause you are the mirror ol you. In other vorJs,
lelieve that you must accept your uniqueness lor your Jestiny to
unlolJ. The American vriter Dr Seuss asserteJ 1ocev voa er: voa,
t|et is tra:r t|eo tra: 1|:r: is oo oo: eiiv: w|o is voa:r t|eo voa` AnJ I
aJJ, this is surer thansure!
Next to accepting you lor leing you, you must lelieve in your
uniqueness to ascenJ your place ol Jominion anJ Jominance.
Persons vho unJerstanJ their makeup Jont struggle lor status
lecause theyare secureJinvho theyare anJvhat theyhave.
Youmust lelieve your uniqueness lecause that is vhat makes
you voa. Vithout that Jillerence, you are just existing lut
Jelinitely not living. Living is giving. It coulJ le your skill, talent,
gilt or vhatever that impacts lives in the positive. But until you
Jiscover anJ emlrace your uniqueness, that voulJ remain lar
lromyour reach.
You unJerstanJ that you can never le someone else lut you
anJthat vill enalle youto velcome the uniqueness youvoulJle
Jiscovering alout your gilts, skills anJ talents. You must accept
your Jillerence vith joy, lelieve in your Jillerence vith gratituJe
anJ improve on your uniqueness vith conliJence. So vhen I see
yousomeJay, I Jare not mistake youlor someone else lecause you
are simply you! You must emlrace this truth lor yoursell so you
coulJle a llessing to as manyvhose Jestinies are tieJto yours.
Sai :o:ris is the Latin vorJ that means aoia: io its
c|erect:ristics. UnJerstanJthat youare one anJonly. There are no
other you than voa There is no reason to envy anyloJy lecause
youcanJo vhat they cant Jo. But rather appreciate themlecause
they have got some uniqueness also. Your Jillerence vill
Jetermine the crop ol people you attract. It voulJ also Jetermine
hovlong theycancontinue to trust youanJlollovyou.
Lile is a race that only unique people get to perlorm in anJ
come out tops. Your uniqueness vill give you a place in Jestiny.
The Bille says in Proverls I8.I6, A meos ijt mer:t| room jor |im, eoc
orio:t| |im o:jor: r:et m:o` The vorlJ stanJs asiJe lor the person
vho has JiscovereJ his uniqueness anJ is villing to make
something happen!
Accepting your Jillerence is not anavenue to allovmeJiocrity
have a say in your lile. You must commit yoursell to improving on
your s:ij Dont say stull iir: I ceo o:v:r o: es ooc es |:/s|: is, o:ceas:
Im cijj:r:ot jrom |im/|:r Ol course, you cant le exactly as gooJ as
the other person you aJmire. But you coulJ le gooJ as the person
or letter thanthe person! So keepgroving.
Your Jillerence calls lor investment in excellence. You must
make Jeveloping your Jillerence a priority il you must lullil
Jestiny. Dont cringe in the lace ol lives oppositions anJ storms.
Toughtimes Jont outlive toughpeople. It vas the Americanactor
anJ comeJian Rolin Villiams that saiJ Yoar: ooiv iv:o e iitti:
serroj meco:ss Yoamastot ios: it`
I must conless that its a privilege to le unique. As they say,
veri:tvis t|: sic: oj iij: So accept it, lelieve it anJimprove it. The sky
is the starting point lor you il only you commit yoursell to
improving your Jillerence anJuniqueness.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 196
One ol the traits ol a champion is that they recognise anJ
honour the Jillerence inother people. Il I cannever le youanJyou
can never le me, then I voulJ glaJly velcome your uniqueness
anJtapinto the treasure youcarry.
The truth remains that people Jont alvays think alike, talk
alike, lelieve the same thing, nor pursue the same goal, lecause
GoJ createJ man in His image anJ likeness not in the image
anJ likeness ol another man! Since GoJ is a multilaceteJ GoJ,
there must le that spark ol uniqueness lromGoJinone manto the
other. You cant lathom GoJ, therelore the lact that I Jont look
like youmeans I look like GoJ!
In your path to lullilling your purpose, you vill Jiscover that
people neeJpeople inthe lullilling Jestiny. There is noloJythat is
an emloJiment ol knovleJge. Therelore your unJerstanJing ol
the uniqueness ol others vill in no small measure help you attain
great leats inthe race ol lile.
The Bille says in Romans I2.+6, For es w: |ev: meov m:mo:rs io
oo: oocv, eoc eii m:mo:rs |ev: oot t|: sem: ojjic: Sow:, o:io meov, er: oo:
oocv io C|rist, eoc :v:rv oo: m:mo:rs oo: oj eoot|:r Eevio t|:o ijts
cijj:rio eccorcio to t|: rec: t|et is iv:o to as, w|:t|:r ro|:cv, i:t as
ro|:sv eccorcio to t|: roortioo oj jeit|,` No one person is totally
exclusive ol everyloJy. I can Jo vhat you cant Jo, you can Jo
vhat I cant Jo, therelore ve emlrace our uniqueness anJ
together ve canlring Jovngiants.
The American televangelist anJ Pastor Rolert Schuller saiJ
As w: rowes aoia: :rsoos, w: i:ero to r:s:ct t|: aoia:o:ss oj ot|:rs`
You have got all the resources you neeJ to succeeJ anJ lullil
Jestiny. By utiliting your uniqueness anJ unJerstanJing that ol
others, youset yoursell ona peJestal lor greatness.
I learnt something very important sometime lack, il I knov
vhat I knov alout a thing anJ someone else claims to knov
something alout the same thing, I simply allovthe person to say
vhat he/she knovs so I can learn vhat I prolally never knev
alout that thing! The secret is that il I stop the person lrom
talking, I might lose a very gooJ anJ sounJ perspective I shoulJ
have haJaccess to.
Therelore accept the Jillerence you see in others lecause
variety is truly the spice ol lile. Imagine il everyloJy vas you,
vhat voulJ the vorlJ look like` Dont you think you voulJ le
tireJ ol seeing you anJ you anJ you` Vith all the grully things
youJo that onlyyouknovalout`!
GoJ createJ the sun to le Jillerent lromthe moon in lunction
lor a reason. The moon has got no reason to envy the lrightness ol
the sun Juring the Jay. That is lecause it has its ovn uniqueness
anJ a time to shovit! The sun also cannot perlormthe Juty ol the
moon, neither can the moon perlormthe lunction ol the sun. But
their uniqueness makes them more important coexisting than
theyvoulJhave leenlythemselves.
It Joesnt matter hovgooJ you think the other person is, you
are lar letter in your makeup to Jo vhat only you can Jo.
UnJerstanJyour place anJoccupyyour space.
Only insecure people get intimiJateJ ly the uniqueness ol
others. But you are secure anJ you have a luture to leature in,
therelore accept hov others are structureJ lecause you have a
luture that is too sure.
You have got the responsilility to iJentily, accept anJ lelieve
your uniqueness, il the vorlJmust stanJstill lor you.
Imagine il everyloJy haJyour looks, there vont le variety to
spice up lile. As a matter ol lact, you voulJ le loreJ looking at
yoursell a liletime. As much as you are unique, you must conJone
the Jillerence inothers.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 198
Let me concluJe ly saying this, the ow:r erecim oj aoia:o:ss
is encapsulateJinthis jast o: voacos voaceoooivo: voa
The Uniqueness Nugget: Your uniqueness is your Jillerence.
Scriture Nugget: A meos ijt mer:t| room jor |im, eoc orio:t| |im
o:jor: r:et m:o` Prov:ros I:Ie (Kj\)
The Uniqueness Questions: Do you lelieve you are Jillerent anJ
that makes you unique` Il you Jo, hov are you utiliting your
Quotes on Uniqueness
I woaic mac| ret|:r |ev: r:r:ts eooat oo coio w|et :oi: seic, t|eo
r:r:ttio oot coio w|et mv |:ert i:c m: to eoc wooc:rio w|et iij: |ec
o::o iir: ij Ic ast o::o mvs:ij`
Brittany Renee
It is t|: c|iic io meo t|et is t|: soarc: oj |is aoia:o:ss
eoc cr:etiv:o:ss, eoc t|: ievroaoc is t|:
otimei miii:a jor t|: aojoicio oj |is ceeciti:s eoc tei:ots`
Eric HoIIer
F: w|o voa er: eoc sev w|et voa j::i o:ceas: t|os: w|o mioc coot mett:r
eoc t|os: w|o mett:r coot mioc`
Dr Seuss
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 200
The Pover Paradigm oI Vision
I o:ii:v: visioo is t|: eoiiitv to s:: t|roa| t|: :v:s oj t|: mioc
eoc iiv: io t|: jatar: oj voar essioo It is t|: eoiiitv
to cooc:iv: t|: aoasaei, o:ii:v: t|: aos::o,
eoc ec|i:v: t|: aocommoo
]onathan Olise
hatever the minJcanconceive it cantrulyachieve.
The only conJition voulJ le il Jiligence anJ
Vcommitment is put in place. The eye ol vision
lelieves anything anJ achieves anything. Greatness is inevitalle
to any inJiviJual that can apply himsell to seeing into the unseen
anJlringing the unseeninto the seen.
In lile all you can see is all you can get. So il your minJ can see
leyonJ the conventional, it can achieve the unconventional. The
skyis the starting point lor the Jreamer anJvisionary.
Until youallovyour minJto Jream, youJont realise anything
real. In the vorJs ol the HarvarJ Business School Prolessor,
RosalethMoss Kanter A visioois oot ast e ictar: oj w|et coaic o:, it is
eo e:ei to oar o:tt:r s:iv:s, e ceii to o:com: som:t|io mor:` Your lile is
ligger than you, anJ until you allov your minJ to Jream, you
remaincageJanJlimiteJinlullilling your ultimate Jestiny.
IJeas. Sometimes an iJea coulJ le the premise on vhich
vision materialises. I have met inJiviJuals vho have luilt
successlul companies lromjust aniJea. Ior instance, youhave
this iJea ol hov something coulJ vork letter anJ then you
legin to have pictures ol hovthat iJea coulJ grovligger anJ
ligger! Il you keep at it, you voulJ le amateJ hovthat iJea
coulJ metamorphose into a compelling vision ol a luture you
Jesire. Fvery reality toJay vas once an iJea lockeJ in
someone, somevhere lut lounJexpressionsomehov.
IJeas coulJ le the generators ol visions. They coulJ le the
lasis on vhich great visions are unlolJeJ. AnJ until your iJea
is compelling enough to get you olsesseJ, there coulJ le no
visionto pursue.
Vision is the alility to see into the unseen. AnJ an iJea coulJ
le the gatevayinto anunloreseenluture.
Dreams. These are pictures ol a luture you Jesire anJ voulJ
love to live in its reality. Dreams coulJ le relerreJ to as seeing
the reality ol vhat others term unrealistic. Fvery great
enterprise toJay vas once a Jreamsomeone haJanJsomeone
else also thought it impossille anJtoo Jaring!
Imagine il someone never Jreamt ol the possilility ol having
humans lly, vhat alout il noloJy thought it possille to have man
on the moon, even more il noloJy thought it possille to
communicate vithsomeone ina Jistant place!
But thank GoJ, Orville anJ Villur Vright Jreamt the jivio
mec|io: into existence, thank GoJ lor AlexanJer GrahamBell lor
the t:i:|oo:, thank GoJ lor Rolert GoJJarJ lor Pocr:t Sci:oc:,
thank GoJ lor Herlert Boyer, Stanley Cohen lor their vork in
C:o:tic Foio::rio, anJ thank GoJ lor you lecause you have vhat
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 202
GoJhas JesigneJyouto Jo!
The gooJnevs alout Jreams is that they are not the exclusive
right ol some select group ol inJiviJuals. Dreams coulJ le
harnesseJ ly everyloJy anJ anyloJy. You must open your minJ
to the realityol the truththat voaceoo: eii voaweot too: ij ooivvoaceo
cr:em eoc cr:em eeioeoc eeio'
Never le intimiJateJ ly challenges anJ olstacles vhen they
shov up lecause they surely voulJ shov up. It vas the Irish
vriter anJ poet Oscar VilJe that saiJ A cr:em:r is oo: w|o ceo ooiv
jioc |is wev ov moooii|t, eoc |is aois|m:ot is t|et |: s::s t|: cewo o:jor:
t|: r:st oj t|: woric` You are cralteJ to make a Jillerence in your
time. But you can only Jo that ly keeping your Jreams ever alive
no matter the resistance you encounter on your path to its
lullilment. Keep Jreaming lig Jreams lecause someJay they
voulJlecome possililities.
Lessons Irom]oseph. The Dreamer Boy.
The Bille talks alout a young loy]osephvho haJa Jreamlut
laceJ ceaseless oppositions on the path to lullilling that Jream. In
Genesis 3.5, it says Aoc jos:| cr:em:c e cr:em, eoc |: toic it |is
or:t|r:o eoc t|:v |et:c |im v:t t|: mor:`The interesting thing alout
]oseph vas that he kept his Jream alive in the heat ol resistance
lromhis lrothers anJeveninthe loreignlanJvhere he vas solJas
slave! It vasnt easy lut it vas vorth the prite to hang on. Ol
course he JiJhang onanJeventuallylecame the Prime Minster in
a lanJvhere he vas solJas slave!
Never give up on your Jreams lecause they voulJ eventually
Jetermine your making in lile. The promise Joes not eliminate
resistances anJ hating lut it Joes consist ol the certainty ol the
prite il you enJure the price. Il you JiscarJ your Jreams, it coulJ
mean your unJoing. The British Philosophical vriter ]ames Allen
saiJDr:em iojtv cr:ems eoc es voacr:em sovoas|eii o:com: Yoar visioo
is t|: romis: oj w|et voa s|eii oo: cev o:, voar ic:ei is t|: ro|:cv oj w|et
voa s|eii et iest aov:ii` Your Jream is given to you lor your
aJvancement anJ progress. Dont sell it oll lor meJiocrity anJ
True to everyvisionthere is a purpose.
The lullilling ol Jestiny is JepenJent on the expression ol
vision. Vhen vision lecomes a reality, Jestiny is inevitally
lullilleJ. Vision helps channel our resources to proJuctive use.
Vithout vision, availalle resources get vasteJ anJ
unJerutiliteJ. Vision is the soul ol Jestiny, just like the loJy
cannot exist vithout the soul. Destiny goes unJer vhen vision is
not inplace.
A lile vithout a sense ol purpose is JoomeJ lor lailure.
Purpose is achieveJ via the articulation ol vision. It therelore
implies that vision in the right Jirection is the secret ol lullilling
Jestiny. Someone rightly saiJ 1|: most jrastret:c :rsoos er: oot
iocivicaeis wit| oo jet oeor eccoaots oat iocivicaeis wit| oo visioo or s:os:
oj aros:'` That is the most tragic situationto le lockeJin.
GoJ haJ a plan lor humanity lelore ve all came in to leing.
GoJ saiJ in Genesis I.26 L:t as mer: meo io oar owo ime: eoc
iir:o:ss` Nov, right there vas GoJs Jreamin its initial phase ol
conception. It grev lrom just a Jream into a vision vhen GoJ
legan to moulJ man lrom the earth! So your Jream remains a
Jream until you legin to take Jelilerate steps tovarJs the
actualisationol it.
The heavens, the earth anJ all it consists, testily to the lact
that GoJ vas Jriven ly vision Juring creation. He loresav
creation lelore he actually starteJ creating anything. As a matter
ol lact, He saiJ to Prophet ]eremiah in ]eremiah I.5 F:jor: I jorm:c
t|:: iot|: o:iivI ro:wt|::` Hallelujah!
This therelore inlorms that GoJ loresees lelore he creates.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 204
The pover ol loresight lenJs to the pover ol lringing into sight.
Until you can see anJ conceive a thing, you cant achieve that
Look arounJ anJ you voulJ see proJucts ol vision all arounJ.
It coulJle the chair youhave right there or the electronic gaJget in
your apartment. It coulJ le the look you holJ right nov or
vhatever youcanset your eyes onright nov.
Fverything anJI meaneverything is a proJuct ol vision. Do you
knov I loresav you reaJing this look lelore you got it in your
hanJs` Do youknovI knevthis look vas going to le a llessing to
numerous persons` You might vonJer vhat inlormeJ me ol that
reality, it vas simply vision! I sav anJ I acteJ upon lringing the
picture into my luture. So youvere part ol the visionI haJinminJ
vhen I vas putting Jovn my thoughts to vrite this look. Hov
Vision on its ovn Joes not lring alout translormation. But it
Joes have a vay ol translorming you lromthe insiJe out. In other
vorJs, you conceive a thing vithin your spirit anJ act it vithout
your loJy.
The author ol the look 1|: Coojic:ot L:ec:r Laurina Kase saiJ
Fovisiooio sacc:ss orios voaeoiosirio ime:, oat orioio t|et ime: to
iij: r:air:s ectioo` Also the lamous Business executive anJ author
]ack Velch asserteJ Cooc oasio:ss i:ec:rs cr:et: e visioo, erticaiet: t|:
visioo, essiooet:ivowot|: visiooeoc r:i:oti:ssivcriv: it toe comi:tioo`
An airplane is useless il it remains grounJeJ. Until it gliJes
through the skies, its purpose remains JeleateJ. Vision must le
lackeJupvitha planol actionto realite purpose. Visionis action
As I vrite this, my hearts Jesire is that you lreak lorth into
your place ol relevance as you act out the vision GoJ has placeJ in
your heart. It is Jelinitely not enough to knov, you must apply
yoursell to Joing! Allov that Jream to grov into a compelling
vision. Another interesting virtue that accompanies the lullilment
ol purpose is captureJinthe next heaJing.
Time vithout numler I have come across persons vho ask
questions such as. w|v co I |ev: to weit ejt:r erticaietio mv visioo`
Some vho have prolally reacheJ their lreaking point go on to
complain thus, t|is visioo t|io is oot ast worrio oat' But lelore you
throv in the tovel, let me encourage you vith this. The C|io:s:
oemooo is a special type ol tree that goes to great heights lut lelore
it gains that tremenJous height, it takes years groving
JovnvarJs, Jeveloping strong roots lor its up shoot. The
interesting thing alout these species ol tree is that they grov to
great heights in a very short time. Nov that is alter it has
JevelopeJ the neeJeJ root to sustain its height a prool ol
Most times, people vant to see things happen spontaneously
vithout an unJerstanJing that every vision is not lor the novanJ
immeJiate. Some are meant lor the luture, vhile others are meant
lor the present moment.
The Prophet Halakkuk noteJ this vhen GoJ instructeJ him
inthis light, writ: t|: visioo, eoc mer: it ieioaooteoi:s, t|et |: mevrao
t|et r:ec:t| it` The art ol vriting the vision is the initial stage ol
receiving mer: it ieio` connotes unJerstanJing its intricacies,
requirements anJ responsililities t|et |: mev rao t|et r:ec:t| it`
signilies action lackeJ ly Joing all it voulJ require to see the
GoJ proceeJeJ to instruct himin Halakkuk 2.3 For t|: visioo
is jor eoeoiot:c tim:, oat et t|: :oc it s|eii s:er, eoc it s|eii oot ii:, t|oa|
it terri:s, weit jor it, o:ceas: it wiii sar:iv com:, it wiii oot terrv` An
appointeJ time means that all visions are not lor the oow anJ
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 206
imm:ciet: as I noteJ earlier. Most visions voulJ have to pass the
eti:oc: t:st to see the light ol the Jay.
It might take some time, lut it vill surely come to lruition in
its appointeJtime. The eti:oc: perioJis the weitio anJr:eretioo
:rioc to accommoJate the greatness a visionlrings along its path.
Please note the vorJs r:eretioo :rioc As I vrite this look, GoJ
has placeJ lurJens in my heart that it voulJ take Him luilJing
me upto a certaincapacitylelore I canrunvithcertainvisions He
has shoveJme.
GoJ can give you a vision lut olten than not, you might neeJ
the weitio eoc r:eretioo :rioc to grov into capacity! Dont
Jespise your weitio :rioc, neither shoulJ you give in to
Jiscouragement Juring your weitio :rioc. Its an opportunity lor
your making in Jisguise. The Bille says in Helrevs IJ.36 For v:
|ev: o::c oj eti:oc:, t|et, ejt:r v: |ev: coo: t|: wiii oj Coc, v: mi|t r:c:iv:
t|: romis:` So relaxlecause GoJis vithyouanJlor you!
Let me reiterate ly saying, roowio is oot :ooa|, voa mast eiv
voars:ij tocoio
Lile is useless vithout vision anJ a sense ol purpose. Il people
perish vhere there is no vision, then an inJiviJual vithout a
visionis a JeaJmanvalking anJtalking.
The picture ol the llessings that vas to le unveileJ through
reJemption Jrove ]esus Christ to the cross to Jie lor you anJ me.
The agoniting anJ excruciating Jeath he vas to go through
coulJnt intimiJate him lecause he haJ a vision anJ he vas
villing to paythe price to oltainthe prite lor your reJemption!
Trulyvisionmakes lile vorthliving.
IrienJ, vhat is keeping you lrom lullilling your Jreams` Il
your vision is lig enough, it vill take you through the t:sts anJ
storms ol lile. Vhat are you prepareJ to Jie lor` Vithout vision,
you cant make your mark on the sanJs ol time. The American
author anJ political activist Helen Keller lelieveJ 1|: most
et|:tic:rsoooo:ert|is som:oo: w|o|es si|t oat |es oovisioo`
Vithout vision anJ a purpose lor living, you just go through
lile a noloJy anJ eventually enJ up as noloJy. Fvery man is
createJ to lullil a purpose, the securing ol that purpose requires
the push anJ Jrive ol vision. Talking the vision is not enough,
valking the talk vill sullice. So start taking vialle anJ Jelinite
steps tovarJs the picture GoJ has shovn you lor your luture to
lecome a reality!
The Vision Nugget: Until yousee it, youcant le it.
Scriture Nugget: w|:r: t|:r: is oovisioo, t|: :oi: :ris|. Prov:ros
The Vision Questions: Do you have a vision` Do you lelieve in
your vision` Do youhave vhat it takes to actualise your vision`
Quotes on Vision
1|: most et|:tic :rsoo oo :ert| is som:oo:
w|o |es si|t oat |es oo visioo`
HeIen KeIIer
1|: most jrastret:c :rsoos er: oot iocivicaeis wit| oo jet oeor eccoaots
oat iocivicaeis wit| oo visioo or s:os: oj aros:'`
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 208
Ao ertist is oot eic jor |is ieooar, oat jor |is visioo`
ames VhistIer
Fi:ss:c er: t|:v w|o s:: o:eatijai t|ios io
|amoi: iec:s w|:r: ot|:r :oi: s:: oot|io`
CamiIIe Pissaro
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 210
The Pover Paradigm oI Vords
Yoar worcs cr:et: voar woric.
]onathan Olise
he pover anJ value ol vorJs can only le measureJ ly
its ellect vhen useJ. The heavens anJ the earth came
Tinto leing ly vorJs. VorJs are so poverlul that they
coulJ create the gooJ picture ol a glorious luture or the gloomy
picture ol a JoomeJ luture. The vorJs ve use lrom Jay to Jay
contrilute to the happenings ve experience lrom Jay to Jay. Il
GoJ useJ vorJs to create the vorlJ anJ all that there is in it, the
animals, the galaxies, the oceans, the Jeepsea creatures, the lirJs
in the sky anJ YOU inclusive! Then there is nothing that can le
impossille to the harnesseJpover ol right vorJs.
In lact in the leginning, GoJ starteJ vith unravelling the
ow:r erecim oj worcs. The lirst chapter ol Genesis is loaJeJ vith
a lot ol Aoc Coc seic at Jillerent instances. The phrase also
appears throughout scriptures. Iromthe time ol the Patriarchs to
the Prophets, Alraham, Moses, Isaiah, ]eremiah anJ Jovn to the
time ol ]esus, ve see the vorking pover ol vorJs. Vhen ]esus
Christ curseJthe lig tree, he haJto saysomething, vhenhe stilleJ
the loisterous vinJ, he haJto say Peace le still. At the garJenol
Gethsemane all alone, vorJs gave him hope anJ reviveJ Him
again, vhen he leJ the lour anJ live thousanJ at Jillerent
instances, He saiJFet|:r I t|eort|::, o:ceas: t|oa|:er:t|m:`, vhen
he raiseJ Latarus lromthe JeaJ, he saiJ Lezeras, com: jort|'` The
truthremains that your vorJs JeciJes your Jestiny.
There is vhat I call the worcs oeor anJ it Jescriles the
catalogue ol vorJs that make up your worcs erecim. Your
vocalulary goes a long vay in Jetermining the llov ol lavour or
Jislavour you attract in your lile. VorJs are seeJs anJ vhat you
say, might alvays come to stay. So alvays say anJ sovvhat you
vant to reap.
So il my vorJs Jetermine to a large extent my output in the
school ol Jestiny, vhat can I Jo to improve my worcs erecim`
Here is it, in your tongue lies an uncommon pover that coulJ
make or mar your vorlJ. Il vhat you say is crucial to vhat comes
to stay in your lile, then you voulJ have to insure your vorJs
against negative intruJers or inlluences that coulJ mar your
envialle Jestiny.
Simply put, the vorJs you hear over anJ over again Jetermine
the vorJs you eventually lelieve. AnJ the vorJs you lelieve
overtime lecome the vorJs you legin to utter. Have you ever haJ
an experience vhere you utter a statement anJ later on trace the
source ol those vorJs to a particular time you hearJ someone use
the same vorJs`!
Personally it has happeneJ to me a couple ol times. I lelieve it
happens to a lot ol people. Its just a situation vhere you never
planneJsaying something lut yousaiJit anyvayjust lecause you
hearJ someone say the same vorJs sometime, someplace! Ior
some people its as laJ as not knoving the meaning ol the vorJs
theysay. But theyjust sayit anyhov!
To luilJyour ow:rerecim oj worcs, youmust vatchvhat you
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 212
listen to, vho you listen to, vho you hang arounJ or vho hangs
arounJ you! Ve unJerstanJ lrom Vett|:w I2`+ oat oj t|:
eoaoceoc: oj t|: |:ert cot| t|: moat| s:er:t|` Another translation ol
the Contemporary Fnglish Version says voar worcs s|oww|et is io
voar|:erts` Il youmust Jevelopa rolust ow:rerecim oj worcs, you
must vatch vhat you consciously anJ unconsciously leeJ your
The vorJs ol a man coulJ allay or letray him. VorJs Jo make
or mar people. Therelore it lecomes quintessential to JeJicate
time to the luilJing ol a rich vorJ pover paraJigmthat cant le
mistaken lor grulliness. AccorJing to Prov:ros I:+ 1|: worcs oj e
meos moat| er: es c:: wet:rs, t|: w:iisrio oj wiscom is es e jiowio
The llesseJ anJ vealthy Christian lusiness magnate Peter ].
Daniels once saiJol Sir VinstonChurchill that he coulJlalricate
the Fnglish language anJ senJ it to lattle! AccorJing to him Sir
Vinston Churchill so mastereJ the art ol the use ol vorJs that he
useJit to attainanJaccomplishgreat leats Juring his liletime.
I lelieve inJiviJuals vith a sincere Jesire to achieve greatness
must Jeveloptheir ow:rerecim oj worcs ina vayit shoulJproject
their passion, protect their purpose, anJ propel them on the
peJestal ol progress unlimiteJ. Your ow:r erecim oj worcs shoulJ
le seeninyour :rsooei missioostet:m:ot anJ:rsooei cr::cs lor lile.
Ior example I have a personal mission statement that goes
thus, I vow jor aritv, I vow jor s:eretioo eoc I vow to o: EIS o:st' Nov
vorJs that Jont Jepict this personal vorJs paraJigm have got
no lusiness coming out lrom me. The lottom line remains that
your ow:r erecim oj worcs Jetermines hovlar you succeeJ in the
school ol Jestiny.
It vas Peter ]. Daniels that saiJX:v:r iv: a, i:t a or s|at a aotii
Coc ter:s voa a' Nov right there is a pover paraJigm ol vorJs
that turneJ a 26 year olJ illiterate to a vealthy sellmaJe
millionaire vith 6 honorary Joctorates anJ 3 amlassaJorships
vithout having the JisaJvantage ol visiting the lour valls ol a
university class room! He has stuJieJ accounting, economics,
history, theology, lav amongst others. He has reaJ over 6JJJ
liographies. All these vere achieveJ ly Jeveloping a strong ow:r
erecim oj worcs that have catapulteJ him lrom rags to riches to
saythe least.
Il someone like that coulJ translorm his lile, then you anJ I
have got no excuse lor the vrong use ol vorJs to Jestroy our
luture anJJestiny.
It is popularly saiJ that you lecome vhat you repeateJly Jo. I
choose to rephrase that statement this vay, voa o:com: eoc o:io to
meoij:st w|et voa r::et:civ sev The vorJs you speak have a vay ol
shaping anJJeciJing vhat results youcommanJinlile. So il I can
penetrate your ow:r erecim oj worcs, I canJeciJe the Jirectionol
your lile anJultimatelyallect your Jestiny!
AnyloJy that can inlluence your vorJs paraJigm can
eventually JeciJe your course in Jestiny. Because vhat you keep
saying is vhat you legin to lelieve anJ vhat you lelieve
eventuallylecomes vhat youleginto see.
I Jare to ask, vhat Jo you lelieve` Because your leliel system
JeciJes vhat happens to you.
Il you lelieve in your Jestiny then you have a responsilility to
continue to say it lelore yousee it. Also youmust create a positive
atmosphere ol vorJs vhere your Jreams can le thoroughly
nurtureJ lor Jestinys sake. AnJ that can le simply achieveJ ly
the vorJs youcourt anJchoose to live ly Jaily. YoucanJo this ly
speaking pover vorJs everymorning or print the vorJs onpaper
anJplace it inyour roomvhere youcanalvays see anJreaJit.
I can preJict your luture ly the vorJs you utter in your
conscious anJunconscious state.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 214
Vhen you legin to live ly statements such as I ceooot o: sicr, Im
c:sio:c jor meximam imect, Im crejt:c jor r:eto:ss, Iii o:v:r iv: a,
i:t a or s|at a aotii Coc ter:s m: a, Iv: ot oor:ietioos|i wit|jeiiar:, I
iiv: ov t|: r:v:ei:c trat| oj w|o I em io C|rist, Im ooro to rai:, Sacc:ss is
mv oirt|ri|t, Fxc:ii:oc: is mv trec: merr, Pros:ritv is mv oetarei s|:r:
oj iivio Il you say these vorJs consistently, you voulJ le
amateJ at hov last you emerge the real person you ought to le.
Vhat yousayJeciJes vhat youattract.
Vhen you vake up in the morning vhat are the vorJs you
allovto shape your Jay` Do youallovthe nevs onthe TV or raJio
set to le the lirst prophecy youget inthe morning` Or Jo youeven
allovsome careless talker to tear youJovnvithvrong vorJs`!
You have the right to JeciJe vhat your Jay shoulJ go like ly
Jint ol vhat you allovarounJ your territory. Speak great things
to yoursell every morning lecause you are your greatest
Youmust Jeveloppover vorJs anJphrases that get yougoing
even in the vorst turn out ol events. VorJs paraJigms such as
that ol Peter ]. Daniels are prolounJ anJ ever lilting. He says Iii
o:v:r iv: a, i:t a or s|at a aotii Coc ter:s m: a` It says inthe look ol
joo e25 Eow jorcioi: er: ri|t worcs'` The enormous capacity
imleJJeJ in right vorJs can turn anyloJy into someloJy ol
In my little lile ol stuJying great minJs in Jiverse lielJs ol
human enJeavour, I have leen alle to link the usage ol the ow:r
erecim oj worcs to their journey to success anJ signilicance. The
truth remains that vorJs are lorcille anJ they can turn
nonentities to entities ol no mean repute. So the challenge comes
again, vhat are the ow:r erecim oj worcs you must start using to
JeciJe your envialle Jestiny` I personally Jo have a catalogue ol
pover phrases I use to speak mysell into lrenty ol lelieving my
purpose inlile againanJagain.
Sometimes things get so clouJeJ up that the lest solution out
ol those Jovntimes lecome the lorcille vorJs you have cralteJ
lor yoursell, lecause they JeciJe hov victorious or JeleateJ you
emerge lromsuch times. I challenge you to make a commitment to
rightlyinvest into your vorJs paraJigm that voulJspur youinto
your realmol greatness. So vhat are you vaiting lor` Gral a pen
anJput themJovnnov!
You see the unlortunate thing alout vorJs is that they luilJ
you up lut at the same time il misuseJ they coulJ tear you Jovn.
AnJthat is the locus ol this section.
Fven ]esus luttresseJ the increJille pover vorJs have got to
Jo vith Jestinies vhen he saiJ in Vett|:w I2`e, Fat I sev aoto voa,
1|et :v:rvici: worc t|et m:os|eii s:er, t|:vs|eii iv: eccoaot t|:r:oj iot|:
cevoj acm:ot`
It has also leen proven meJically that vorJs JeciJe hovyou
see yoursell anJlile ingeneral. It also Joes allect hovyoulare vith
your health also. Most people accept sickness lecause the vrong
vorJs lrom the misguiJeJ mouth ol a Physician or some person
got to an unguarJeJ ear to legin to manilest unlecoming
tenJencies vhich eventually leaJs to sickness, Jepression or the
The vorJs you speak or allov to le spoken to you have a
tenJencyol making or marring your Jestiny.
It has leen researcheJ that you can actually overcome some
ailments ly the use ol right vorJs. A lot ol sicknesses accorJing to
meJical reports have proven to le linkeJ to lolks lelieving the
vrong things! (Eowjorcioi: er: ri|t worcs)
Have you ever vonJereJ hov a vrong meJical report can
cause a person vho is not truly sick to get sick alter accepting the
report lromthe Joctor` AninJiviJual vithout HIV gets JiagnoseJ
anJthe report comes out saying he is positive vhile inreality he is
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 216
negative. But still gets on Jepreciating health vise lecause he has
lelieveJthe vrong Jiagnoses!
VorJs can kill. As a matter ol lact Jying is no lig Jeal.
Believing the vrong comments regarJing you vill in no small
measure Jestroy you. You have a responsilility to vatch your
worcs erecim in case the vrong type ol vorJs has crept in
]OB. OnThe Pover ol VorJs
The look ol ]oltells more alout the vorJs pover paraJigm. It
tells ol the tremenJous positive or negative impacts that can
accrue lromthe use ol vorJs. ]olspeaking injoo++, 1|vworcs |ev:
a|oic:o |im t|et wes jeiiio, eoc t|oa |est str:ot|:o:c t|: j::oi: ro::s`
]ol laments concerning the ill usage ol vorJs ly his lrienJs anJ
sympathiters in joo I`2 Eow ioo wiii v: v:x mv soai, eoc or:er m: io
i:c:s wit|worcs`
Never allovJevastating vorJs to le spokento you! Resist anJ
relull themspeeJily anJ steaJily. Il you are in a laJ situation, you
Jont neeJ another Prophet ol Joom in a lrienJ or relation vho
prelers to just see a liaseJ siJe ol the lig picture. In lact you Jont
neeJ a lrother, sister or vhatever to speak you craty! The vrong
vorJs canJevastate youleyonJhelpil not checkeJanJstoppeJ.
VorJs are trulylorcille. Be it right or vrong vorJs. Theyloth
canculminate into untolJgreatness or catastrophe as the case may
A Chinese ProverlnoteJA oec worc w|is:r:c wiii :c|oe t|oaseoc
mii:s` Another PersianProverlsays A oec woaoc |:eis oat e oec worc
co:sot` It then lecomes imperative that you learn hov to
construct vorJs lor the gooJol the Jestinythat lies aheaJol you.
You vielJ the pover to allect your Jestiny ly reason ol the
ow:r erecim oj worcs you imlile. AccorJing to Prov:ros e2, 1|oa
ert soer:c wit| t|: worcs oj t|v moat|, t|oa ert ter:o wit| t|: worcs oj t|v
moat|` Your ow:r erecim oj worcs truly Jelines vho you are anJ
vho youeventuallylecome.
Vhat gave DaviJ the inkling or letter still the certainty ol
Jeleating Goliath lelore he even laceJ himI lelieve vas the ow:r
erecim oj worcs he coineJ anJ chose to lelieve anJ live out that
latelul Jay. He vas so lost in the truth ol vhat he lelieveJ that he
coulJnt lut let it out vhen the enemy shoveJ up. Here is the
account inI Sema:i I`2+,
Aoc Devic seic to Seai, L:t oo meos |:ert jeii o:ceas: oj |im, t|v s:rveot
wiii oeoc ji|t wit|t|is P|iiistio:
Aoc Seai seic to Devic, 1|oa ert oot eoi: to o eeiost t|is P|iiistio: to ji|t
wit||im jort|oaert oat e voat|, eoc |: e meooj werjrom |is voat|
Aoc Devic seic aoto Seai, Thy servant kept his lathers sheep, anJ
there came a lion, anJa lear, anJtook a lamlout ol the llock.
AnJI vent out alter him, anJsmote him, anJJelivereJit out ol his
mouth. anJ vhen he arose against me, I caught himly his learJ,
anJsmote him, anJslevhim.
Thy servant slev loth the lion anJ the lear. anJ this
uncircumciseJ Philistine shall le as one ol them, seeing he hath
JelieJthe armies ol the living GoJ.
Devic seic mor:ov:r, The LORDthat JelivereJ me out ol the pavol
the lion, anJout ol the pavol the lear, he vill Jeliver me out ol the
hanJ ol this Philistine Aoc Seai seic aoto Devic, Co, eoc t|: LJPDo:
Aoc Seai erm:c Devic wit||is ermoar, eoc |: at eo|:im:t oj oress aoo|is
|:ec, eiso|: erm:c |im wit|e coet oj meii
Aoc Devic irc:c |is sworc aoo |is ermoar, eoc |: essev:c to o, jor |: |ec
oot rov:c it Aoc Devic seic aoto Seai, I ceooot o wit| t|:s:, jor I |ev: oot
rov:c t|:m Aoc Devic at t|:m ojj |im
Aoc |: toor |is stejj io |is |eoc, eoc c|os: |im jiv: smoot| stoo:s oat oj t|:
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 218
oroor, eoc at t|:m io e s|:|:rcs oe w|ic| |: |ec, :v:o io e scri, eoc |is
siiowes io|is |eoc eoc |: cr:wo:ertot|: P|iiistio:
Aoc t|: P|iiistio: cem: oo eoc cr:wo:er aoto Devic, eoc t|: meo t|et oer:
t|: s|i:ic w:ot o:jor: |im
Aoc w|:ot|: P|iiistio: ioor:c eooat, eoc sewDevic, |: cisceio:c |im jor |:
wes oat e voat|, eoc raccv, eoc oj e jeircoaot:oeoc:
Aoc t|: P|iiistio: seic aoto Devic, Am I e co, t|et t|oa com:st to m: wit|
stev:s` Aoc t|: P|iiistio: cars:c Devic ov|is ocs
Aoc t|: P|iiistio: seic to Devic, Com: to m:, eoc I wiii iv: t|v ji:s| aoto t|:
jowis oj t|: eir, eoc tot|: o:ests oj t|: ji:ic
1|:oseic Devic tot|: P|iiistio:, Thoucomest to me vitha svorJ, anJ
vith a spear, anJ vith a shielJ. lut I come to thee in the name ol
the LORD ol hosts, the GoJ ol the armies ol Israel, vhom thou
hast JelieJ.
This Jay vill the LORD Jeliver thee into mine hanJ, anJ I vill
smite thee, anJ take thine heaJ lrom thee, anJ I vill give the
carcases ol the host ol the Philistines this Jay unto the lovls ol the
air, anJto the vilJleasts ol the earth, that all the earthmay knov
that there is a GoJinIsrael.
AnJ all this assemlly shall knovthat the LORD saveth not vith
svorJanJspear. lor the lattle is the LORDS, anJhe vill give you
into our hanJs.
DaviJ vas too certain Goliath vas too lig a target to miss. He
knev he vas going to lring him Jovn ly virtue ol the ow:r
erecim oj worcs that haJset himinmotion.
Let me concluJe ly Jaring to ask you these questions. Vhat
have you chosen to lelieve` Do you lelieve the vrong vorJs ol
uninlormeJ lrienJs anJ lamily` Or you choose to lelieve the soliJ
vorJs paraJigmthat is imleJJeJ in testeJ truths` The outcome
ol your lile is a cumulative lunction ol the vorJs that get so
ingraineJinyour spirit anJtotal leing.
I challenge you to vake up to the reality ol lorcille right
vorJs. AnJ hov it can change you lor an unexplainalle lut
unJenialle great Jestiny.
I therelore velcome you to the realm ol pover paraJigm ol
right vorJs anJto the kingJomol champions.

The Vords Nugget: Your vorJs create your vorlJ.
Scriture Nugget: Fat I sev aoto voa, 1|et :v:rv ici: worc t|et m:o
s|eii s:er, t|:v s|eii iv: eccoaot t|:r:oj io t|: cev oj acm:ot` Vett|:w
I2`e (Kj\)
Vords Questions: Do I neeJ an overhaul on my present vorJs
paraJigm` Vhat measures shoulJ I take immeJiately that can
improve myworcs erecim`
Quotes on Vords
A oec worc w|is:r:c wiii :c|o e t|oaseoc mii:s`
Chinese Proverl
A cattio worc is wors: t|eo e oowstrio, e cat mev |:ei,
oat t|: cat oj t|: tooa: co:s oot`
AIrican Proverl
A :oti: worc o:os eo iroo et:`
BuIgarian Proverl
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 220
A roij: woaoc |:eis, e woaoc ceas:c ov worcs co:s oot`
TurIish Proverl
A voceoaierv oj trat| eoc simiicitv
wiii o: oj s:rvic: t|roa|oat voar iij:`
Vinston ChurchiII
A worc, ooc: s:ot eoroec, jii:s irr:voceoiv`

The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 222
The Pover Paradigm oI XIicitness
F:io aoemoiaoas eooat voar aros: io iij: c:t:rmio:s
|owjer voa o io jaijiiiio c:stiov.
]onathan Olise
plicitness simply means clarity. In the context ol this
chapter, the ow:r erecim oj xiicito:ss means the
Xpover paraJigm ol cieritv or c:jioit:o:ss Its easier
pursuing alter a clearcut goal than pursuing alter an amliguous
lantasy. Vithout a Jelinite plan on vhere you are heaJeJ to, any
Jestination coulJ look like it. AnJ that coulJ le Jangerous,
lecause you might le shortchanging your glorious Jestiny lor
something so cheap!
Your xplicitness alout your mission, visionanJpurpose inlile
voulJ Jeline the things you allov in anJ arounJ your lile. Ol
course it is easylolloving a goal vhenyoucansee the enJlromthe
leginning. Youcant le vell locuseJonattaining your nolle goals
anJ Jreams vithout leing clear on the requirements ol the
Alter you have leen inspireJ to succeeJ anJ excel, the next
thing you voulJ neeJ to Jo is sit Jovn anJ pen Jovn in Jetail
vhat the journey to your prepareJ place in Jestiny voulJ require
ol you. AnJthat leaJs to the importance ol locus.

Try this little exercise. Look up anJ look Jovn at the same
time. Vere you alle to Jo that` Ol course No! Nov rotate your
right hanJ in a clockvise Jirection anJ your right leg in an
anticlockvise Jirection. I lelieve you haJ a harJ time trying to Jo
that right` The lesson is this. vithout the Pow:r Perecim oj
Xiicito:ss lackeJ vith jocas tovarJ your Jestination, you might
just enJ up in struggles, lrustrations anJ ultimately not lullilling
your purpose inlile.
Alter you have utiliteJ the ow:r erecim oj worcs to Jeclare
anJ say vhere you are heaJeJ to, you then come to the place ol
xplicitness so youcoulJhave locus lor the journeyaheaJ.
The Bille says in Matthev6.22 1|: ii|t oj t|: oocv is t|: :v: ij
t|:r:jor: thine eye le single, t|v w|oi: oocv s|eii o: jaii oj ii|t` Also it
reiterates the truth in Luke II.36 1|: ii|t oj t|: oocv is t|: :v:
t|:r:jor: w|:o thine eye is single, t|v w|oi: oocv eiso is jaii oj ii|t`
Please Jo take note ol the phrase ij t|io: :v: o: sioi: It attrilutes to
the unJenialle reality that locus is the secret lor getting
unhinJereJ anJ uncommon results. Vithout locus, there voulJ
le no Jrive to attainsuccess.
Proving the pover ol locus, il you Jirect the rays ol the sun
unto a paper through a magnilying glass, you voulJ Jiscover that
alter a vhile the paper starts to lurnas a result ol locusing the sun
rays onto the paper! Novthat is the pover ol locus at vork. The
great inventor, Alraham Graham Bell saiJ Cooc:otret: eii voar
t|oa|ts aoo t|: worr et |eoc 1|: saos revs co oot oaro aotii oroa|t to e
The gooJ nevs right novis that even il your lile is presently
inexplicalle, congratulations lecause its getting reaJjusteJ as
you imlile the ow:r erecim oj xiicito:ss. To attain your lull
potential in the school ol Jestiny, you must get locuseJ on the
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 224
right things anJactivities.
So many times, events anJ circumstances try to circumvent
our resolutionol leing locuseJ, lut until a resolute resolve is maJe
to cutoll every lorm ol Jistraction, ve voulJ continue to leaJ
meJiocre lives.
An inJiviJual that is xplicit alout his purpose cannot le
stoppeJ long enough. The lire on his insiJe voulJ alvays linJ a
vay to lurn on the outsiJe. Can you imagine trying to put out the
lire ina lurning house vithluel insiJe` It voulJtake a lot ol vork
vith expertise anJ guts to put the lire out! Novimagine asiJe the
luel inthe house, youhave got gas inthe kitchenamong other lire
lrienJly materials, that voulJ le an ooiv r:eiitv ceo t:ii
Novthe ja:i, es anJother jir: jri:ocivmet:rieis coulJle relerreJ
to as the other ow:r erecims ve have talkeJ alout. Il the
preceJing pover paraJigms are in place in your lile, I lelieve you
are set lor unJenialle success anJsignilicance.
Take lor instance, the r:streioio weiis ol a cem. Il the vater that
is JammeJ is approaching overcapacity, the rational thing to Jo is
to allov the excess vater llov out through a channel to prevent
avoiJalle Jamages. In the same vay a locuseJ inJiviJual cannot
anJ vill never le restraineJ long enough, lecause he vill alvays
linJa means or channel ol expressing vhat hes got onthe insiJe.
The question in your heart might le, hov Jo I get xplicit
amiJst the hustles ol lile` In ansver to that question, I voulJ reel
out nuggets I lelieve voulJhelpyoutremenJously.
The lest place to legin is to knovvho you really are. ArmeJ
vith the ow:r erecim oj aoia:o:ss I unJerstanJ you have an in
Jepth grasp ol the truth ol vho you are, that you are an inJiviJual
createJ lor a Jillerence, not an acciJental Jischarge. Neither are
youa superlluous interventionlut a o:c:sserviot:rv:otioo.
One ol the lases lor the ow:r erecim oj xiicito:ss to gain its
place is sell Jiscovery, vhich is the starting point in the race ol
lullilling Jestiny. Knoving others is intelligence, knoving
yoursell is true visJom. Mastering others is strength, mastering
yoursell is true pover. Look vithin. Youve got so much on your
You must Jiscover yoursell through using your eoiiiti:s, tei:ots,
sriiis, ijts anJ w|et |ev: voa Discovering yoursell is not a onetime
thing lecause as you grov you voulJ still Jevelop anJ Jiscover
potentials you never thought you haJ! As a matter ol lact, it coulJ
le a lilelong commitment to personal Jevelopment, lut lor the
moment, youmust knovvhat youare capalle ol.
Ananonymous once saiJAoviij:, oomett:r|owiooeoc comi:xit
mev o: is mec: a oj e sioi: mom:ot, t|: mom:ot io w|ic| e meo jiocs oat,
ooc: eoc joreii, w|o|: is`
Greatness or Jestiny cannot le lullilleJ ly chance or luck.
Someone rightly saiJ F:jor: e meo ceo wer: a eoc jioc |ims:ij jemoas,
|: |es to wer: a eoc jioc |ims:ij` Your Jestiny is yearning lor you to
Jiscover yoursell lelore it comes into lullilment.
AccorJing to the Taoist Philosopher Lao Ttu E: w|o roows
ot|:rs is i:ero:c, oat |: w|o roows |ims:ij is wis:` It all legins vith sell
Jiscovery. Until you knovyoursell you cant help others Jiscover
IrienJ, you have got to knovvoa lecause thats the starting
point that voulJ make you. Knoving yoursell Jelivers lrom the
vrong script other people might vant you to lollov. Il you Jont
vrite your script, others vill Jo it lor you. So vake up to this
realityanJget xplicit!
I lelieve persons are calleJ to lullil various ollices in Lij:
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 226
Cororetioo But to ellectively Jo your part, asiJe knoving
yoursell, you neeJ to roow voar Ver:r, the one vho lreatheJ you
anJme into leing! He is your creator anJthe scripter ol your lile. Il
there is anyone that cares alout your proJuctivity anJ
lunctionality, its Him. Hence, only those that knov this GoJ
reallyget to lullil Jestinyina granJstyle.
Lile is useless vithout GoJ. The universe cant exist vithout
GoJlecause he createJall that there is.
Ve see that in the leginning Coc cr:et:c t|: |:ev:os eoc t|:
:ert| Only a lool vill say there is no GoJ as ve see in Psalms 53.I
t|: jooi |et|seic io|is |:ert, 1|:r: is ooCoc`
So knoving the lact that GoJ exists anJ knoving Him lor
yoursell helps you lace lile heaJlong, vith unJoulting courage.
Your personal connection to GoJ Jetermines your lullilling
Jestiny. Certainlyhaving the King ol kings anJthe LorJol lorJs as
your partner in Jestiny, makes your success too sure to le
The Bille says in Daniel II.32 .oat t|: :oi: t|et co roow t|:ir
Coc s|eii o: stroo, eoc co:xioits` It surely Joes pay to knovGoJlor
You cannot le xplicit vithout a goal, mission, anJ vision to
pursue. Vithout a sense ol purpose, youre just marking time.
There is a reason you vere createJ a human anJ not an animal, to
lullil a purpose inLij: Cororetioo Youare not a clause nor are you
an acciJent in lile. You are not an interjection in lile. You must
Jiscover your purpose il youmust succeeJinlile.
Vhat you knovalout yoursell yesterJay is gone vith it. You
must seek to knov more lecause only in Joing that vill you
Jiscover the sveetness ol lile. The American vriter anJ
Philosopher Fllert HullarJ asserteJ 1|: r:ci: jor :r:taei
iooreoc: is, o: setisji:c wit| voar oioioos eoc coot:ot wit| voar
Never le satislieJ vith the status quo. You must aim lor the
top lecause you vere not createJ to le stagnant. The American
Preslyterian theologian Villiam SheJJ noteJ A s|i is sej: io
|erooar, oat t|ets oot w|et s|is er: jor'` Discover anJ continue to
Jiscover until youlullil your Jestinyina granJstyle.
Il you must harness the pover ol xplicitness, you must le
reaJy to train yoursell to align vith your purpose in lile. Vithout
a sense ol purpose, youcant le xplicit onthe right part.
Vhen purpose is JiscovereJ, you can le rest assureJ that
aluse goes into the sea ol ollivion. The American author Og
ManJino saiJ I em |:r: jor e aros: eoc t|et aros: is to row ioto e
moaoteio, oot to s|rior to e reio oj seoc E:oc:jort| wiii I eiv ALL mv
:jjorts to o:com: t|: |i|:st moaoteio oj eii eoc I wiii streio mv ot:otiei
aotii it cri:s jorm:rcv` Novthat youknovthese, vhats next`
Many organisations have little s:os: oj aros: leyonJ their
ovn s:os: oj oreoizetioo. Knoving yoursell is having a sense ol
organitation. But youve got to move on vith purpose to lullil
JestinyanJthat is having a s:os: oj aros:
Alter you have JiscovereJ yoursell (str:ot|s eoc w:ero:ss:s),
your GoJ anJ your purpose, you have got to knovanJ celelrate
your Jillerence!
All humans are Homo sapiens lut yet veve got inJiviJual
Jillerences. In the same vay a lootlall team, play the same rounJ
leather lall in the same pitch, lut all lunctioning in various
capacities lor the success ol the team.
Therelore, you are unique anJ Jillerent in your responsilility
to lullilling purpose. I have also Jealt vith this in a letter
Jimension unJer the ow:r erecim oj aoia:o:ss But repetition
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 228
they say is lor the sake ol emphasis. It vas ]ohann Vollgang Von
Goethe, the German Philosopher that saiJ Veo is oot ooro to soiv:
t|: rooi:ms oj t|: aoiv:rs:, oat tojioc oat w|et |: |es tocowit|iot|: iimits
oj |is comr:|:osioo` The prollems ol the universe though createJ
Youmust knovvhat makes youJillerent inorJer to le xplicit
in lile. Your source ol strength anJ courage to move on vill le
Jravnlromthe Jillerence youpossess anJknovalout.
The onlyvayyoucantrulylullil JestinyanJlinJtrue joyinlile
is to Jiscover your purpose anJmaximise your potentials tovarJs
lullilling your Jestiny. Vhen you Jiscover your purpose, nothing
canJeter youinpursuing it.
The American ]ournalist Mitch Allom saiJ 1|: wev voa :t
m:eoio ioto voar iij: is to c:vot: voars:ij to iovio ot|:rs, c:vot: voars:ij to
voar commaoitv eroaoc voa, eoc c:vot: voars:ij to cr:etio som:t|io t|et
iv:s voa aros: eoc m:eoio` But you can only Jo this vhen you
harness the ow:r erecim oj xiicito:ss! It vont le aneasy cruise to
success lut the journeyvoulJle vorthit.
Iinally, knovvoars:ij, knovvoar Coc, knovvoar aros:, knov
voar cijj:r:oc: anJ o: xiicit or ci:ercat alout it. Vrite it Jovn to
Jetail, shout it on the rool tops. Il you keep saying it, you voulJ
eventuallysee it.
The XIicitness Nugget: Vhenyoulecome JetaileJanJlocuseJ
onyour goals, yousoonlecome the point ol locus.
Scriture Nugget: 1|: ii|t oj t|: oocv is t|: :v: ij t|:r:jor: t|io: :v: o:
sioi:, t|vw|oi: oocvs|eii o: jaii oj ii|t` Vett|:we22 (Kj\)
The XIicitness Questions: Hovxplicit are you vith regarJs to
your purpose in lile` Have you Jone enough to eliminate
Jistracters onyour pathto success`
Quotes on XIicitness
Do w|et:v:r voa co iot:os:iv`
Rolert Henri
w|:o weirio weir, w|:o :etio :et`
Zen Proverl
F:wer: i:st voa ios: t|: saosteoc: ov resio et t|: s|ecow`
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 230
The Pover Paradigm oI YieIding
Yi:icio to Coc io eii voa co, mer:s Eis romis: sar: jor voa,
vi:icio to Coc io eii voa co, mer:s voar :v:rvcev ori|t eoc o:w,
vi:icio to Coc io eii voa co, mer:s Eim jor:v:r jeit|jai eoc tra:
]onathan Olise
rienJ there is no gainsaying alout the lact that you
vere createJ lor GoJs glory anJ pleasure. The Bille
Iemphatically says in Revelation +.II 1|oa ert wort|v, J
Lorc, to r:c:iv: iorv eoc |oooar eoc ow:r jor t|oa |est createJ all
things, eoc lor thy pleasure t|:v er: eoc w:r: cr:et:c` Fven the Jevil
cannot Jelate that lact! The vhole ol creationtestilyto the reality
that He is the creator ol all things!
VhenGoJsaveverything that He maJe inthe leginning, ve
unJerstanJ lrom Scriptures that He saiJ It wes ooc'` AnJ most
importantly, vhen He createJ man (you), He vas happy anJ
satislieJviththe vork ol His hanJs. I lelieve this Jelies all reason
ol Joult that you vere createJ lor His pleasure anJ to raJiate His
This marks it out as one ol the most revereJ, highest anJ
nollest ow:rerecimyoucanever sulscrile to. The realityis that
it remains an unquantilialle privilege to yielJ your lile to the
Creator ol the heavens anJ the earth. He is the One vho is the
Beginning anJ the FnJ, the Unchanging Changer, the
Irremovalle Mover ol things, the One vho is I Am, the Alpha anJ
Omega. The Iirst anJ Last is He. He holJs the universe together
ly His visJom. InHimall things existeJthat presently exists. He
is more than your imagination can lathom. His Jominion
stretches through all eternity. All authority anJ pover linJ
resiJence inHim!
Im not talking alout a Jictatorial GoJ vho sits Jovn
somevhere trying to pick out on your mistakes, shortcomings
anJ laults, lut one that coulJ give His lest lor humanity to have
the lest ol youcome to light. The Bille says inRomans 5.8Fat Coc
comm:oc:t| |is iov: towerc as, io t|et, w|ii: w: w:r: v:t sioo:rs, C|rist ci:c
jor as` Let me talk to you alout a living GoJ that gave His lile lor
Youcanlear me vitness that harJlycananyearthlyPresiJent
ol any nation ol the vorlJ, neither the King nor queen ol any
kingJom give their lives lor their people. Fven a thought ol that
voulJnt le conJoneJ. Rather thousanJs ol masses Jie Jaily in
penury, Jisease anJ all sorts ol inlirmities, vhile the povers that
le enjoyall the gooJies lile has got to oller.
The call in this chapter, is a call to yielJ your lile to the One
vho lelt all splenJour anJ glory anJ majesty alove, came Jovn
anJ Jvelt among men, enJureJ all the pain anJ shame lor your
gain anJ lame! Imtalking alout the one vhomin ]ohn I.I+, it vas
saiJ Aoc t|: worc wes mec: ji:s|, eoc cw:it emoo as, (eoc w: o:|:ic |is
iorv, t|: iorv es oj t|: ooiv o:ott:o oj t|: Fet|:r,) jaii oj rec: eoc trat|`
He gave His all just lor you anJ me to have all. Oh, such an
avesome love expresseJlyGoJHimsell.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 232
He createJ you in His likeness to make you greatness lelore
the vhole vorlJ. You voulJ concur vith me that Cr:et:r iov: |et|
oo meo t|eo t|is, t|et e meo iev cowo |is iij: jor |is jri:ocs Vhat letter
vay canI express the magnituJe anJgranJeur ol the love GoJhas
got lor youlromcreation.
GoJ has JepositeJ so much in you that He alone can instruct,
inspire anJ guiJe you to lullilling your ultimate potential. You
voulJ agree vith me that the Jesigner anJ manulacturer ol a
proJuct knovs the luttons to svitch on lor his proJuct to
perlorm optimally! So also your sulmission to Him Jetermines
hov much you attain your lull potential. You must also
unJerstanJ that he is not ashameJ to call you His ovn vhen you
yielJyour all to Him!
]ust like every manulacturer is prouJ ol his proJuct vhen it
Joes vell in the market place, anJ tries to improve on the lranJ
anJthe proJuct inorJer to meet upvithpossille competition. In
the same vay, GoJ vants to make your lile sveeter anJ letter il
onlyyouvoulJsulmit your all to Him.
There is noloJy inthe universe that canJo youlike He voulJ.
NoloJy knovs you like He Joes. The manulacturer ol a proJuct
unJerstanJs anJ knovs the proJuct more than meets the
proJucts knovleJge! ]ust like the proJuct cant lix itsell ly itsell
perlectly, lut vith the help ol the manulacturer. In the same vay,
GoJ createJ you anJ He Joes care lor you, even il you Jont think
He Joes, He still loves youunreserveJly.
]ust ecroowi:c:, o:ii:v: eoc cooj:ss Christ in your heart as voar
Lorc anJ:rsooei Sevioar Il youJiJconless that, youhave takenthe
most remarkalle Jecision you can ever make in your lile anJ I
specially congratulate you! The Bille says inRomans IJ.8 For wit|
t|: |:ert meo o:ii:v:t| aoto ri|t:oaso:ss eoc wit| t|: moat| cooj:ssioo is
mec: aotoseivetioo`
AcknovleJging means you allov s:ij to stanJ asiJe to
recognise Himas your LorJ. The vorJLorc means He caninstruct
you on everything anJ anything as your Lorc! In other vorJs, you
Jont Jictate the path you must go anymore lecause you nov
hanJover everything to Him.
I lelieve that nov that you have yielJeJ your iij: to GoJ, it
means your eii novlelongs to Him. AnJ Hes leginning to shape
you into the greatest ol persons that ever valkeJ this earth right
novas youreaJthis! Hallelujahlecause youare anheir ol the Kio
oj rios anJthe Lorc oj Lorcs. Vhenyoucry, the heavens hear, vhen
you rejoice, angels rejoice vith you, you are the leloveJ ol the
King! You are untouchalle lecause you are novt|: ei: oj Eis :v:
The Bille says inZechariah2.8 For t|as seit|t|: LJPDoj |osts, Ajt:r
t|: iorv |et| |: s:ot m: aoto t|: oetioos w|ic| soii:c voa jor |: t|et
toac|:t|voatoac|:t|the apple ol his eye` The emphasis is mine. You
are nova lruitlul lranch connecteJ to the vine that never can run
Jryol nutrients anJllessings alike.
Vhen you yielJ your eii to GoJ, you vielJ the pover over
unlavouralle circumstances anJ happenings that Jont go vell
vith your Jesires anJ Jreams. It lecomes uncommonly easy to
yielJ to your aros: vhen you totally yielJ your lile to GoJ anJ
His vill concerning you.
The llessings ol yielJing to GoJ is tolJ in Deuteronomy 28.I
Aoc it s|eii com: to ess, ij t|oas|eit hearken Jiligently aoto t|: voic: oj
t|: LJPD t|v Coc, to oos:rv: eoc to co eii |is commeocm:ots w|ic| I
commeoc t|:: t|is cev, t|et t|: LJPD thy GoJ vill set thee on high
alove all nations ol the earth. The emphases is mine. I solely
lelieve that a lilestyle ol leen yielJeJ to GoJ voulJ prove the lact
that you can le a miracle to nations anJ kingJoms alike. Vhen
GoJlilts youup, noloJy canpull youJovn, vhenHe lilts youup,
He keeps youup!
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 234
Youvere createJlor His gloryanJpleasure.
The question ol purpose remains an intriguing question to a
lot ol persons every time it props up in a Jiscussion, talk or any
conversation. But GoJsaiJinPsalms 9I.I5 E: s|eii ceii aoom:, eoc
I wiii eosw:r |im I wiii o: wit| |im io troaoi:, I wiii c:iiv:r |im, eoc |oooar
|im` The truth is that GoJ is more villing to ansver our lugging
questions thanare villing to ask.
As a matter ol lact, I JiscovereJthat inGoJ, everyloJyhas got
a purpose to lullil on earth. The Cocs worc v:rsioo ol ]eremiah 29.II
says For I roowt|: ieos t|et I |ev: jor voa, sevs t|: Lorc I |ev: ieos to
ros:r voa, oot to |erm voa I |ev: ieos to iv: voa a luture lilleJ vith
hope.` Hallelujah!
Imso exciteJvriting this lecause I amtoo sure ol Cocs wiii to
unravel unto youHis purpose lor your lile at this point intime! Im
so perplexeJ alout the enormous vonJers GoJ has in store lor
youanJme. He tolJProphet ]eremiahin]eremiahI.5 that F:jor: I
jorm:c t|:: io t|: o:iiv I ro:w t|::, eoc o:jor: t|oa cem:st jort| oat oj t|:
womo I seoctiji:c t|::, eoc I orceio:c t|:: e ro|:t aoto t|: oetioos` In
other vorJs GoJ vas saying I haJ a picture ol your luture lelore
youcame into the picture ol realityanJhumanity!
That vas to say, even il you mess up vith your lile, you voulJ
have to lall lack to the original plan I haJ lor you. Many a times,
persons run avay lrom their GoJ orJaineJ Jestinies to pursue
their amlitions. But until youutterly sulmit to GoJs purpose lor
you, you might le lar avay lromlullilment in lile. But you knov
vhat` GoJ has got you in minJ anJ lor that reason He just haJ to
carve out a purpose onlyyoucoulJlit.
HovJo I knovGoJ has a purpose lor you` The Bille says in
Romans 8.3J Vor:ov:r w|om |: cic r:c:stioet:, t|:m |: eisoceii:c eoc
w|om |: ceii:c, t|:m |: eiso astiji:c eoc w|om |: astiji:c, t|:m |: eiso
ioriji:c` Irom the lounJations ol the vorlJ, He knev you anJ
calleJyouout lor glory.
Fvery chilJol GoJhas got anenvialle Jestiny to lullil inGoJ.
This look vont le complete vithout this chapter, lecause
vithout GoJ anJ His purpose lor your living, lile voulJ le
vorthless anJ hopeless. Only GoJ can give you the lest you neeJ
to make the lest ol your lile!
YielJing to your purpose entails Jiscovering it in GoJ ly
asking. It also entails making GoJ the heaJ ol your c:stiov cr:w.
OnlythenvoulJyoule sure to have a lunlilleJanJlullilleJlile.
PauI: AnFxample ol a YielJeJLile
Paul the apostle vas a learneJ man ol high repute lelore He
came to knov the LorJ lor himsell. But until he yielJeJ to GoJ
anJ GoJs purpose lor his lile, he vas tealously out ol sync vith
his tra: aros: in lile. One ol the lessons ve can learn lromhere is
that you can le sincerely out ol sync vith your tra: aros:, even
vhen you think youre successlul. He maJe an inJelille mark in
ChristenJom anJ he saiJ in 2 Timothy +., 8 I |ev: joa|t e ooc
ji|t, I |ev: jiois|:c mv coars:, I |ev: r:t t|: jeit| E:oc:jort| t|:r: is ieic
a jor m: e crowo oj ri|t:oaso:ss, w|ic| t|: Lorc, t|: ri|t:oas ac:, s|eii
iv: m: et t|et cev eoc oot to m: ooiv, oat aoto eii t|:m eiso t|et iov: |is
You anJ I have got our slates toJay to pen Jovn vho ve ove
our allegiance to 1o Coc eoc Eis aros: lor our lives. This single
Jecision vill Jetermine our Jestiny on this siJe ol eternity anJ
leyonJ. Its an immense privilege anJ llessing to le yielJeJ to
GoJanJHis purpose lor our lives. No other optionvill sullice.
Let me say at this juncture, that the vealthiest man on the
earthcannot satislyall your Jesires. Talk less ol giving youeternal
lile. But GoJ has got it all in one package lor all that come unto
Him, lecause He saiJ in Matthev 6.33 S::r v: jirst t|: riocom oj
Coc eoc |is ri|t:oaso:ss eoc eii t|is t|ios (that menare Jying lor) s|eii
o: ecc:c aotovoa` The emphasis is mine.
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 236
As a matter ol veracity, the Bille says inI Corinthians 2.9Fv:s
|et| oot s::o, oor :ers |:erc, o:it|:r |es it :ot:r:c ioto t|: |:ert oj meo, t|:
t|ios w|ic| Coc |es r:er:c lor themthat love him` Vov! This is
the lest that canever happento a anyman.
In yielJing to GoJ, He traJes your mortality lor immortality.
]esus saiJIomvFet|:rs |oas: er: meovmeosioos ij it w:r: oot so, I woaic
|ev: toic voa I otor:er: e iec: jor voa Aoc ij I oeoc r:er: e iec: jor
voa, I wiii com: eeio, eoc r:c:iv: voa aoto mvs:ij, t|et w|:r: I em, t|:r: v:
mev o: eiso` In yielJing to GoJ, He exchanges your limitations lor
His limitlessness.
Moreover, in yielJing to GoJ, He translorms your oec stori:s to
r:et iori:s AccorJing to Proverls +.I8 1|: et| oj t|: ast is es e
s|ioioii|t t|et s|io:s ori|t:reoc ori|t:raotot|: :rj:ct cev`
In GoJ, you are secureJ unto the luture that circumstances or
the Jevil anJ his cohorts cant puncture. You continue to go lrom
gloryto glory, lreaking nevhoritons anJlorging aheaJinlaith!
Vith GoJ as your captain (es voa vi:ic to Eim), the ship vill
salelyget to its c:stioetioo(vi:iciotoaros:) I challenge youto give
ol all your lest to GoJ (tei:ots, sriiis, ijts, eoiiiti:s eoc :v:rvt|io) He
is the specialist in causing the orJer ol in explainalle lut
unJenialle prools ol greatness inpeople to emerge. The American
country music artist Bolly Pinson saiJ Aoc Im oo :x:rt oo t|:
worc I ceot aot: voa c|et:r eoc v:rs: Fat Iv: |:erc voa iov: t|: worst
oo:s too, eoc Im t|: rooj` ]ust like the tvo lishes anJ live loaves ol
lreaJ, He canturnyour m:er: treasure to m:etreasures!
In consummation ol this chapter, a Jecision to yielJ to GoJ
anJHis purpose makes youa miracle that voulJprove the reality
ol His kingJomon earth. Only il you yielJ to Him, can you realise
the lull intent lor your creation.
The YieIding Nugget: Vhen you yielJ to GoJ, you vielJ the
secret to remainthe leaJinlile.
Scriture Nugget: 1|oaert wort|v, J Lorc, tor:c:iv: iorveoc |oooar
eoc ow:r jor t|oa |est cr:et:c eii t|ios, eoc jor t|v i:esar: t|:v er: eoc
w:r: cr:et:c` P:v:ietioo+II (Kj\)
The YieIding Questions: Do youlelieve youvere createJlor His
glory` Have youyielJeJyour all to Him`
Quotes on YieIding
Xo jri:oc |ev: I I mast iiv: ov mvs:ij eioo:, oat I rooww:ii t|et Coc is
o:er:r to m: t|eo ot|:rs io mv ert, so I wiii weir j:eri:ssiv wit| Eim`
Iudvig Van Beethoven
1o o: e C|ristieo is to oo:v C|rist oo mett:r |owvoa j::i` Henry
Vard Beecher
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 238
The Pover Paradigm oI ZeaI
Yoar z:ei io t|: ri|t cir:ctioo oecr:c wit| t|: ri|t sriii eoc wiii,
ceo :ero voa im:cceoi: sacc:ss wit| eo ecc:ocam j::i
t|et :ts voa to c|iii emicst iij:s storms.
onathan Olise
ave you ever leing tealous alout anything lelore` Has
your passion ever consumeJ you so much that you sleep
HanJ avake Jreaming alout it` Have you ever leen
olsesseJ alout a goal or Jream, that all else appeareJ
insignilicant inthe light ol it` Have youever pursueJa Jesire vith
the lest ol your alilities` Il your ansver to any ol the
alorementioneJ questions is yes, then you have experienceJ a
phase ol vhat Imalout to share vithyouinthis chapter.
But lirst things lirst, vhat is teal` Vithout an unJerstanJing
ol its meaning as it relate to the context ol Jestiny, purpose coulJ
le JeleateJ. So teal is a state ol strong eagerness, lervour to Jo
something, Jesire to attain a cause, enJeavour or an enJ. It coulJ
also meananenthusiastic Jiligence tovarJa cause.
Youcant le tealous alout a thing anJthe persons arounJyou
Jont even leel it. Vhen you are truly consumeJ vith a thing, it
rols oll on those you come in contact vith. Your teal tovarJs an
enJeavour coulJactually put some people oll anJat the same time
lring some people close! A maJ man Joesnt announce himsell
lelore you get to notice him. You just knov! In the same vay,
vhenteal Jrives aninJiviJual youmost Jelinitelyvill knovit.
As I unlolJ the last pover paraJigmIve got prepareJ lor you,
let me pause to congratulate you lor coming thus lar in stuJying
this look! AssureJly anJ conliJently, I lelieve you have pickeJ
nuggets anJlessons that voulJlast youa lile time.
But true to everyprite there is alvays a price to pay. AnJone ol
such prices ol course is luying anJ reaJing a gooJ look as this!
Novvhen a jet gets airlorne, it requires some push as per the
expertise ol the Pilot so it voulJnt crash anJ also a lot ol luel to
keep it going in the air. That push is the lorce that keeps it
airlorne. I voulJ love to reler to the chapters preceJing this
chapter as the necessary servicing ol the jet lelore takeoll. This
involves checking the engine, relilling the gas tank, lulricating the
movalle parts anJother maintenance requirements.
In that same vay the preceJing chapters have paveJ anJ laiJ
the lounJation lor the ow:r erecim oj z:ei to takeoll in lull lorce.
Its time to get airlorne anJstaythere!
In chemistry, teal coulJ le relerreJ to as t|: ceteivst. It keeps
the reactiongoing.
Vithout the lorce ol teal in place, lullilling Jestiny coulJ le
lar lrom realisation. This lrings me to the main locus ol this
chapter vhich is the ow:r erecim oj z:ei, the Jose that vill keep
yousoaring all the vay!
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 240
Let me share a storyol mylatter Jays inthe seconJaryschool.
Being a memler ol the pioneer set I never haJthe JisaJvantage
ol leen lullieJ. But some ol my mates JelighteJ in lullying
younger stuJents anJ vere lonJ ol teasing juniors vith a cliche
that lecame so common. Seniors voulJalvays shout out at junior
stuJents this vay, Crevitet: |:r: wit| tr:m:ocoas ecc:i:retioo eoc
eiecritv' It vas a play ol vorJs lut the aim vas to instil in the
junior stuJents a sense ol urgencyinresponJing to the call.
Vhenjunior stuJents hearJsuchannouncements, they ranto
responJ such that you knev they vere on call! Another
illustrationcoulJle seenvhenlire lighters responJto emergency
SOS calls, you see the teal vith vhich they responJ. Also vhen a
health amlulance rushes an acciJent victim to the hospital lor
immeJiate meJical attention, the sense ol urgency Jescriles the
meaning ol teal.
ToJay, lile might le screaming the same vorJs to you like the
juniors in my school then, Crevitet: |:r: wit| tr:m:ocoas ecc:i:retioo
eoc eiecritv. Your goals might le saying the same vorJs or mayle
its your passion thats saying that to you! Vhatever it may le in
your case, youve got to responJ anJ let that sense ol urgency le
lelt lythose arounJyou.
Vithout teal, nothing vorthvhile can le accomplisheJ. Do
you have lolty goals anJ Jesires` Then you letter put the teal lire
on or your Jreams voulJ just remain in the realmol lantasy. The
teal emanating lroma Jesire to accomplish an enJ is the Jriving
lorce that keeps aninJiviJual atopliles challenges.
You must keep the lire you have contacteJ lrom the pages ol
this look lurning. Never let it go Jovn. The teal youhave onyour
insiJe vill give youthe vinyourequire onyour outsiJe.
Ior instance, you only see smoke coming oll the chimney ol a
house vhen something is leen cookeJ insiJe. Hence until you
have a lire lurning on the insiJe, there voulJ le no ellect seen on
the outsiJe. This leaJs me to the next section.
Can someone le tealous lor the vrong things` The ansver is
inthe allirmative.
I lelieve il you have come this lar in reaJing this look, your
minJ voulJ le attuneJ to lullilling Jestiny in your GoJ given
place ol assignment. GoJ Joes not commission people vith ill
passions anJ amlitions. The Bille says in jem:s II Fv:rv ooc ijt
eoc :v:rv:rj:ct ijt is jrom eoov:, eoc com:t|cowojrom t|: Fet|:roj ii|ts,
wit|w|om is ooverieoi:o:ss, o:it|:rs|ecowoj taroio'`
Numerous examples alounJ ol people vho vere so tealous
viththeir causes lut vere tealous onthe vrong things. The cause
ol VorlJ Var II lor example vas premiseJ on sellishness
amongst other illamlitions. The truth is that every lorm ol teal
that enJs upJestroying persons is no gooJinits entirety.
Your teal or passion must le channelleJ tovarJ things that
luilJ other people up lor gooJ. The renaissance Fnglish preacher
anJ author RicharJ Hooker once saiJ 2:ei, aoi:ss it is aic:c, w|:o it
:oc:evoars t|: most oasiiv to i:es: Coc, jorc:t| aoo Eim t|os:
aos:esooeoi: ojjic:s w|ic|i:es: Eim oot`
PersonaI Change The Jegree to vhich you can allect lives
voulJ le JepenJent on hov much passion you have got lor a
personal change.
Fvery great movement starts vith the inJiviJual. Il you vant
to allect people in the positive, you must lirst legin vith yoursell.
Youcannot give vhat youJont have. It is certainly a reality. Only
vhen you are Jone vith changing you, vill you le alle to pass
that change to others.
Your teal must lirst le put to test in your personal lile lelore
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 242
others can leel the impact ol your teal anJ passion. Greatness
cannot le lorn lromvishlul thinking anJ aspirations it must le
rooteJ in Jeep seateJ teal lor change. It starts vith personal
The artist, poet anJ vriter Khalil Gilran saiJ 2:ei is e voiceoo,
t|: :er oj w|ic| t|: ress oj ioc:cisiv:o:ss co:s oot row` A volcanic
eruption Joes not happen vithout Jraving attention to itsell.
Your teal must lurn so others can leel the heat anJ knov vhat
youare upto.
Let your teal Jrive you to acquire all the knovleJge you neeJ
to lullil your Jestiny in granJ style. Zeal lenJs action to
knovleJge. Zeal is a vorJ that courts action. Its not a cool vorJ
lor playing lovprolile! Its a louJnoise maker. It moves people anJ
Your teal level must not go lovlut must stay aglovlor all to
Sometimes lile hanJs you llovs that tenJ to relegate all you
lelieve anJ holJ Jear to the lackgrounJ, lut that is vhen you
neeJto stanJuptall anJglovthe more. ]ust like a canJle that is lit
anJ cant le hiJ unJer a chair, lut must le alloveJ to glov, your
purpose in the same vein has leen lit anJ mustnt go unJer.
Consistentlylanyour teal to stayaglov.
The greatness that can le attaineJ ly leing rightly tealous
tovarJ a particular goal is leyonJ guessing. NoloJy nor
circumstance can stopyou vhen you knovvhere you are heaJeJ
to anJconsistentlylanthe passionthat Jrives you.
GoJ GoJ perlorms things in His teal. Ve see in Isaiah 3.32
For oat oj j:rasei:m s|eii o jort| e r:moeot, eoc t|:v t|et :sce: oat oj
Voaot 2ioo the teal oj t|: Lorc oj |osts s|eii co t|is` Also it is allirmeJ
in Isaiah 9. Jj t|: iocr:es: oj |is ov:rom:ot eoc :ec: t|:r: s|eii o: oo
:oc, aoot|: t|roo: oj Devic eoc aoo|is riocom toorc:rit eoc wit|astic:
jrom |:oc:jort|:v:ojor:v:r The teal oj t|: Lorc oj |osts wiii :rjorm t|is`
This encapsulates hovpoverlul the paraJigmol teal can le.
Il GoJHimsell accomplishes things lyHis teal, it means youanJI
have a responsilility to emlrace it as a vialle anJ sure paraJigm
lor greatness. The verses alove all enJeJviththe phrase t|: z:ei oj
t|: Lorc s|eii :rjorm t|is` In other vorJs, a villingness to Jo great
things is not enough. You neeJ the capacity to vork out vhat you
Jesire to accomplish. AnJ that capacity is imleJJeJ in the teal
that Jrives you.
Zeal consumes olstacles onits path. It vill alvays accomplish
vhat it sets out to achieve. Vhen GoJ speaks in His teal, things
happen. Ve come to terms vith that reality in Ftekiel 5.I3 eoc
t|:v s|eii roow t|et I t|: Lorc |ev: sor:o it io mv z:ei w|:o I |ev:
eccomiis|:c mvjarviot|:m`
King DaviJ 1|: meo ejt:r Cocs owo |:ert. He JiJ not merit that
ly chance per say. He vas surely a man that leareJ anJ JesireJ to
Jo GoJs vill at every point intime. The teal lurning onhis insiJe
lor the things ol GoJmaJe himattainthat status.
His vile, Michal lecame larrenvhenshe JespiseJhis teal lor
GoJ in her heart vhile he JanceJ lelore GoJ. Zeal truly makes
alive anJkills alike. DaviJsaiJ, Fort|: z:ei oj t|io: |oas: |et|:et:om:
a, eoc t|: r:roec|:s oj t|:m t|et r:roec|:c t|:: er: jeii:oaoom:`
]esus Christ He lelt glory alove anJcame Jovninto the earth
vitha missionto restore mankinJto its lormer estate. Vithinthe
space ol three years He turneJthe vorlJright siJe up!
Vhen He got into the temple anJ lounJ all the luying anJ
selling going on in the house ol His Iather, the teal on His insiJe
coulJnt contain it anJ there vas an outlurst lromthe insiJe that
leJ to the extermination ol every lorm ol merchanJiting in the
temple. His Jisciples then rememlereJ that it vas vritten in
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 244
Psalm69.9Fort|: z:ei oj t|: |oas: oj Coc |et|:et:om: a`
I Jont knov hov you leel right nov lut I leel a surge to go
right onlullilling Jestinyright avay!
On a personal note, the teal to lullil Jestiny vont allovme to
le a minus to people I come in contact vith every novanJ then.
Imalvays geareJ to le a plus to those I interact vith lromJay to
Jay. I amtealous to le the lest I canle as GoJvill have me le.
I challenge you to access the intensity ol the lire you have
lurning on your insiJe. Dont allov anything slov your passion
Jovn. Dont let your teal grovcolJ no matter the olstacles you
put upvithinyour pathto greatness.
Lile is no leJ ol roses. Ollences anJ oppositions are lounJ to
come, lut the potency ol your teal vill Jetermine il you quit or
keep kicking! Quit up yoursell lor the top lecause quitters Jont
vin anJ vinners Jont quit. Have you lorsaken your passion` Lilt
it upagainlecause youhave a throne to take.
Keep your llag high, the sky is not your Jestination, lut your
entry point to higher realms ol greatness anJ unlimiteJ
possililities. Congratulations as youtake the lull ly the hornanJ
velcome to your throne as you take your place in the school ol
The ZeaI Nugget: Your teal is the ticket to have anything you
Scriture Nugget: For t|: z:ei oj t|: |oas: oj Coc |et| :et:o m: a`
Pseim e`` (Kj\)
The ZeaI Questions: Is my teal rightly locuseJ` AmI set to lirth
Quotes on ZeaI
Iowercivcraorwit|e c:rteioo:ii:j.
RaIh VaIdoEmerson
1|: ooc w|ic| oioocs|:c coaic oot eio voar :ec:jai z:ei s|eii jioc`
ohn GreenIeaI Vhittier
2:ei wiii comor: t|eoroowi:c:`
ViIIiam HazIitt
The 26 Pover ParaJigms in the School ol Destiny 246
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