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Complete the sentences with the appropriate phrasal verb, each one can be used more than once.

Call off catch up with drop off

Bring up drop in come across
Back up drop out figure out
Break into fill in get by
Break up find out get along (with)
Blow up get over get rid of
Blow up give up hang up
1. If she doesnt believe in you, tell her to talk to me. Ill !!!!!!!!!!!! (to confirm the story)
". #hey need many balloons for the party. $ill you !!!!!!!!!!them !!!!!!% (to inflate)
&. #he construction company used dynamite to !!!!!!!!!! the old school. (to e'plode)
(. )eters parents died when he was a baby. *is grandparents !!!!!!!!!!!him !!!!!!. (to
+. I dont need to go to the office. #hey !!!!!!!!!!!!! the meeting. (to cancel)
,. #he thieves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my house during the holiday. (to enter by using force)
-. )eter and .ally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because of a silly argument. (to end a relationship)
/. 0y father walks very fast so we need to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!him. (to stop being behind)
1. I can !!!!!!!!!!!these maga2ines !!!!!!!! at her house. (to deliver something)
13. $hen you come to 4ondon, try to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!. $e will be happy to see you. ( to visit
11. I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the letter )eter wrote to me ages ago when I was cleaning my
wardrobe. (to find by chance)
1". 5or a long time I couldnt understand the last problem but I finally !!!!!!!!!!!it !!!!!(to
solve a problem by thinking about it carefully)
1&. #hey need your home address and phone number. Can you !!!!!!!!!!them !!!!!!! on
this form% (to add information to a form)
1(. Its going to be difficult for me to pay the rent now that you are leaving, but somehow I will
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (to survive, financially, in a difficult situation)
1+. 6o you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your sister% (to have a friendly relationship)
1,. .he had the flu, she spend some weeks to !!!!!!!!!. (to recover from an illness)
1-. 6o you have anything you want to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (to remove, throw away)
1/. )eter should !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smoking. (to 7uit a habit)
11. I am sorry but I have to leave. .o I need to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (to end a phone conversation
by replacing the receiver)
"3. .heila !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her boyfriend. (to meet by chance)
"1. #hey spend an hour trying to fi' the machine, but they finally !!!!!!!!!!!!! (solve a
problem by thinking about it carefully)
"". #heyre finding it increasily difficult to !!!!!!!!!!! since the husband was fired. (to
survive, financially, in a difficult situation)
"&. #he boys in the neighborhood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one another incredibly well . (to have
a friendly relationship)
"(. )eter had a hard time to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her wifes death. (to recover from an
illness or painful e'perience)
"+. 0y boyfriend couldnt say what he wanted as I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on him. (to end a phone
conversation by replacing the receiver)
",. #he terrorists intended to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the )entagon. (to e'plode)
"-. I was born in 8apan but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in Bra2il. (to raise)
"/. #he trip to 9ew :ork was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because of the weather. (to cancel)
"1. #he police reported the burglars had !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the bank during the night.
(to enter by using force)
&3. #he 0aths teacher is helping the slow students to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the rest of the class.
(stop being behind)