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In this internship report I will describe my experiences during my internship period. The
internship report contains an overview of the internship company and the activities,
tasks and projects that I have worked on during my internship. Writing this report, I
also will describe and reflect my learning objects and personal goals that I have set
during my internship period.
In compiling this report I have intended to provide a synthesis of theoretical approaches and methods of
implementing them in the world of business. I have tried to discover the relationship between
theoretical and practical type of knowledge. I have tried to bridge the gap between theoretical
assumptions and practical necessities. During the entire course of our academic study we remain
engaged in theoretical learning where the primary objective is academic success. A concise knowledge
of the modern business arena can only be attained through the pragmatic implementation of
hypothetical ideas, which we learn from our academic activities.

With these objectives, I have made all possible efforts and the necessary investigations to submit this
paper in an enlightened form in a very short time. I have tried my level best to eliminate errors from the
paper. As I had to complete my internship within a short period of time so the study admits its
limitations. The report first shall give an overview of the tasks completed
during the period of internship with technical details. Then the results obtained
shall be discussed and analyzed.
Report shall also elaborate on the the future works which can be persuaded as an
advancement of the current work.
I have tried my best to keep report simple yet technically correct. I hope I succeed
in my attempt.
In review this internship has been an excellent and rewarding experience. I have been able to meet and
network with so many people that I am sure will be able to help me with opportunities in the future.
One main thing that I have learned through this internship is time management skills as well as
self-motivation. When I first started I did not think that I was going to be able to make myself sit in an
office for eight hours a day, five days a week. Once I realized what I had to do I organized my day and
work so that I was not overlapping or wasting my hours. I learned that I needed to b organized and have
questions ready for when it was the correct time to get feedback. From this internship and time
management I had to learn how to motivate myself through being in the office for so many hours. I
came up with various proposals and ideas that the company is still looking into using.
I am going to continue to work for Steve LeVine Entertainment although I am still keeping my
options open for new opportunities. I enjoy this line of work, but I am not sure if there is enough room
to grow through this company. I will continue to work hard in my position and hope to continue to
learn about the industry and meet new people. This was an excellent experience and I hope that other
interns got as much out of it ass I did!
On the whole, this internship was a useful experience. I have gained new knowledge, skills and met
new people. I achieved several of my learning goals, however for some the conditions did not permit.
I got insight into professional practice. I learned the different facets of working within a NGO.
I experienced that financing, as in many organisations, is an important factor for the progress of
Related to my study I learned more about the biology and ecology of river dolphins and the threats they
face. There is still a lot to discover and to improve. The methods used at the moment are still not
standardized and a consistent method is in development.
In Bolivia education is an important aspect of the conservation of the dolphin species. I have seen
that local people can contribute to conservation, for example with their knowledge. Furthermore I
experienced that it is of importance that the education is objective and that you have to be aware of the
view of other people. Environmental education is not one sided, but it is a way of sharing knowledge,
ideas and opinions.
The internship was also good to find out what my strengths and weaknesses are. This helped me to
define what skills and knowledge I have to improve in the coming time. It would be better that the
knowledge level of the language is sufficient to contribute fully to projects. After my master I think that I
could start my working career. However I could perform certain tasks in research better if I
more the research methodologies applied in cetacean studies. It would also be better if I can present
express myself more confidently.
At last this internship has given me new insights and motivation to pursue a career in ecological
research abroad.
All praise to Allah, the most merciful, kind and beneficent, and the source of all
knowledge, wisdom within and beyond my comprehension. He is the only God, who
can help us in every field of life. All respect and possible tributes goes to my Holy
Prophet Mohammad (SAW), who is forever guidance and knowledge for all human
beings on this earth.
Heart full thanks for Mr. Muhammad Imran Wahid Principal IPS- Intellectual Prestige
Computer Science College Mailsi (PMLS01), for special arrangement of equipments
in computer lab and providing informative books in library. Without his co-operation
it was not possible for us to complete my MBA Program.
I am very grateful to my Project supervisor at Virtual University of Pakistan. He
guided and helped me through timely suggestions, valuable advices and specially the
sympathetic attitude, which always inspired me for hard work.
I am proud to say that I am very grateful to my family whose kind prayers and
cooperation helped us at every step of my work. Special thanks go to my parents for
their cooperation for the sake of my knowledge.
I am really very thankful to Ch. Ikram Ullah Operational Manager National Bank
Main Branch Mailsi for her cooperative attitude during the completion of my project
work. He helped and supported me during gathering and analyzing information. I am
really very thankful to one of my friend Mr. Mohsin Raza for his cooperative attitude
during the completion of my project work. He helped and supported us during
gathering and analyzing information. The whole praise is to almighty ALLAH, creator of this universe.
Who made us the super creature with great knowledge and who able me to accomplish this work. I feel
great pleasurein expressing my deepest appreciation and heartiest gratitude to my Teachers of Comsats
andto the staff of Servis Sales Corporation for their guidance and great help during the
internshipperiod.I would like to express my deepest affection for my parents and friends who prayed for
mysuccess and encouraged me during this internship period. I appreciate and acknowledge thepatience,
understanding and love provided by employees of SSC.A token of special thanks to the following people
who had been very friendly, co-operated withme throughout my internship period in Servis Sales
Corporation and made it possible for me tolearn and gather all the information needed for my
internship report with as much detail as Icould. These are the people who in spite of their busy
scheduling took time out to explain tome the procedures and mechanics of work in the organization. My
internship report would nothave been possible without friendly and helpful attitude of following people.