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St Columbas Catholic

Pupil Premium Report to
Overview o the school
!umber o pupils an" pupil premium #rant
Total number of pupils on roll in 2014/15
Total number of pupils eligible for Ever 6 81
Amount of PPG receive per pupil !1"250
Total amount of PPG receive !100"000
!ature o support $ Curriculum %ocus
At #t $olumba%s &e 'ave a clear p'ilosop'( t'at &e &ant to provie c'ilren &it'
opportunities t'at t'e( ma( not al&a(s 'ave access to) *e 'ave provie c'ilren
&it' &or+s'ops" t'eatre groups an t'e ,ife Eucation bus an subsiise visits to
places of interest to give c'ilren a range of e-periences) Earl( support strategies for
t'ose &'o nee aitional 'elp in &riting" reaing an number 'ave also been fune
t'roug' t'e pupil premium) T'is grant 'as contribute to&ars t'e costs of t'ese
&nrichin# the Curriculum
#ubsiise visits to en'ance t'e curriculum
Purc'asing .aterials an /esources to en'ance basic s+ills in .at's an ,iterac()
'ar#ete" Support
/eaing" *riting an .at's 0ntervention groups b( Teac'ing Assistants &it'in t'e
Teac'er 0ntervention for t'ose c'ilren in 16 &'o ma( not 'ave ot'er&ise met
t'e en of 2#2 targets)
Teac'er to &or+ &it' t'e c'ilren in 2#1 &'o ma( be missing targets" to narro& t'e
Teac'er to &or+ &it' c'ilren &'o 'ave #E3 to evelop t'eir learning)
&(ten"e" School Support
Part funing of a /esiential 4isit an an 5ut&ar boun e-perience)
/un a 6rea+fast $lub &it' subsiise cost" to improve attenance an punctualit(
)onitorin# the impact o PP* spen"in#
5ur sc'ool ata" &'ic' is also publis'e on our sc'ool s'o&s t'at &e are performing
above t'e national average at t'e en of 2#2 an in line &it' national7 average at
2#1) *e believe t'at ever( e-perience c'ilren 'ave 'as contribute to&ars t'eir
outstaning ac'ievements" incluing t'ose fune b( t'is )trac+ing internall( s'o&s
t'at t'is support given is eveloping 8lling in gaps in learning)

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