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SAP HR Employee Photos (4.7 - Enterprise)
Create Number Range
& number range must be created for &P &rch$ve '$n%.
ransa!tion !o"e# (&)R
*or th$s process# add$t$onal author$sat$on $s re+u$red for ,)-M"ER . /0 &R1HI2E')K.
In 3Intervals4# create number range /5 from /////////5 to 6666666666 w$thout the e7ternal number flag. 8h$s $s l$%ely to
already e7$st.
Assign $o!uments Class
!ocument type HRI1('*(8( must e7$st w$th document class 9P:.
ransa!tion !o"e# (&1;
able# 8(&2E
$o!ument type settings
!ocument type HRI1('*(8( must be l$n%ed to ob<ect type PRE' and Infotype ///;.
ransa!tion !o"e# M05
able# 2,8=>=( ?2$ew@
et all three columns here to m$nuses and donAt put a flag $n the chec% bo7.
earch Buery
%our &nput
Ce are always updat$ng our
art$cles and add$ng new
ones to the l$st. Please let
us %now $f there $s a
part$cular art$cle you would
l$%e to see.
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Content Repository
Create a content repository with storage type FILE archive.
ransa!tion !o"e# OAC0
or follow IMG path:
Basis Components Basis Services SAP Archive Link Basic Settings Maintain content repositories
Swap fro !isplay to aen!. Select a c"rrent entry an! #copy$ or %"st hit #create$. &hen select .
&hen fill in the !etails as 'elow:
Choose a two character nae ( can "se )* +where * is a n"'er, if yo" wish to "se the c"stoer naespace
Choose the relevant !escription
Set -ocArea to 'e #Archive Lin.$
Storage type ( set to /01 -ata'ase
2rotocol ( leave 'lan.
Choose 3ersion no. 0045 +or the latest one that is availa'le,
Contents ta'le ( set this to S-O6CO7&8
9asic 2ath ( c:: +this sho"l! 'e set to where the photos are all hel!,
Archive 2ath ( c:: +this is the area fro where the photos are retrieve!,
O"tp"t -evice ( can leave 'lan.
Enter the path nae where the photos are to 'e loa!e! fro. 7ote this is for loa!ing only. ;hen the photos are lin.e! into
the sap syste +see later,< act"ally< SA2 a #copy$ an! stores it elsewhere. &he path ay only nee! to 'e entere! to
#Arch.path$< '"t entering to all three !oesn$t see to h"rt.
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Maintain the required Basis Service
Transaction code: SICF
Here you activate the Content Server Interface.
First you need to create a user profile with sufficient authorisations to carry out the processes which are done by the
system in the background. Ideally this should be a background user for a notional/dummy user. ou can use your own
user I! after which S"# will warn you that this is a dialogue user account. If you do use your own user I!$ change it as
soon as you have tested the config. %nce you have finished the pro&ect$ the chances are that your user account will be
deleted from the system which will subse'uently stop this service from working.
!ouble(click on )content server* in the left hand tree structure. ou can find it under default+host , sap , bc , content
%nce you have done this$ click on the refresh icon and make sure that the service is activated. If it is activated$ the writing
should be in bold -as opposed to greyed out.
Check which content repository (Archive) is linked to document type H!C"#$"T" in o%&ect type
Transaction code: %"C/
Ta%le: 0%"%1+C
Set the 2Content 3epository4 field to the one you set up in the step above.
5ote the 3et.per. field is the retention period for the photo in 1%50HS. -so the default is 6// years and / months7.
#ink photo to personnel num%er
Transaction code: %""!
Click on the Create Store and "ssign button. 8nter 9usiness %b&ect #38: and !ocument 0ype H3IC%:F%0%. Click on
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Enter the Personnel Number of the employee you want to link the photo to. Choose also the infotype that you wish the
photo to be displayed on (not sure how relevant this is. It works if you use 0002 but should also work if left blank. Suspet
is only relevant if you wanted to store different photos for different infotypes!
Clik on Continue.
Enter the path and filename of the photo. "he dropdown will allow you to navi#ate to the appropriate diretory.
S$P will notify you that the Stored doument is reated suessfully and you end up with somethin# like%
If you #et an error &0' to do with missin# authorisations( then try and redo the above step. It often only happens the first
time you try and load the photo.
Displaying Photos
)ou an display your linked photos strai#ht away if you want( from any Infotype( by seletin# the employee in *isplay or
+aintain *ata and seletin# +enu item ,E-tras.( display all fasimiles%
/owever( this will open a new appliation (e.#. ,Paint.! and load the piture into it. "his is a bit umbersome. It.s muh
more likely that you really want the piture to appear ,niely. in the header of the appropriate infotype.
Amend Infotype Headers to display photo correctly
Transaction code: S+0'
Table: "1223
or follow I+4 path%
Personnel Management Personnel Administration Customising User Interfaces Change Screen
If followin# the I+4 path( you must now hoose ativity ,Infotype /eader *efinition.
Note( /eader struture per infotype and /eader modifier ativities desribe whih header is to be shown at the top of eah
infotype. "he entiin# ,Passport photo. option determines whether /5IC6786"6 or /5IE+P86"6 is used. Choosin#
either option is fine as lon# as all your other settin#s relate to that entry as well.
In the e-ample below( the piture has been plaed in header modifier ,9'.( whih orresponds to sreen header ,9'.( whih
is linked to Infotype 0002.
$ll you need to do is add an entry for PE5N5 with 8ield "ype ,PIC.. Column :1 puts the piture on the ri#ht hand side. "he
I" olumn is used to deide where to take the ,8ield Name. value from. 8or PE5N5( all infotypes have this field.
*on.t for#et to 4ENE5$"E the sreen header a#ain.
;hen you see the resultant Infotype display you an double lik on the piture will brin# up a ,lar#e. version of it.
Other Useful Hints
)ou an add more than one photo to the same employee <
If you do this( both photo.s are stored (with ,stored dates.!. "he latest one will be displayed on the infotype header.
Seletin# menu bar ,E-tra. ==> ,*isplay all fasimiles. will #ive you a list of all the photos for the employee. "o look at one(
selet it and hoose somethin# like ,*isplay from ontent server.. (some of the ,normal. display buttons don.t atually
display the photo( ?ust details about it<!.
)ou an find details of( and delete photos.
"his an be done from transation 6$$* by hoosin# ,8ind. rather than ,Create..
+ake sure you hoose the ri#ht ,8ind.. Photos are ,*ouments..
Selet @usiness 6b?et as ,P5E7. and doument type as A/5IC6786"6B or A/5IE+P86"6B C dependin# on whih one
you have used.
)ou may be further asked for a Personnel number. If you blank this out( you.ll #et all the entries in your
"o delete a photo( selet the entry and hit the ,dustbin. (or *elete!. $fter a number of ,are you sure. messa#es( and a
display of the doomed photo (probably in a separate window whih will need losin# a#ain!( the photo will be deleted.
Note( the deleted entry will N6" vanish from the urrently displayed list. )ou will need to ,bak arrow. out of the list and re=
e-eute the arhive display to see the han#es.
*isplayin# a photo an slow down the server durin# the transation( sine the photo has to be loaded from the arhive (this
is espeially the ase if you hoose to display the photo on the master data D appliant data entry sreen.!
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