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Education is the important part in journey of our life. Good education gives you
a better lime and understanding about the life. Education is the road of bright
future and good life. Today education is the base of our future. That's why
today everyone wants to pursue quality education. If our primary education is
good then it will give benefits to our future. In today world there are two
aspect of education Practical and Theoretical education. Now first we have to
understand between the two, which one is important and why has to be adopt
so that a quality education can be achieved.
Education is the movement from darkness to light. And whichever way you
adapt is good to increase your quality of education.
Practical education: - Practical education means gain knowledge with practical
experience. This education is mostly follow by the students. Practical
knowledge is the best way to gain knowledge. The best part of practical
knowledge is whatever we learn through practical way this knowledge will
remain in our brain for a long period. Practical knowledge enjoy by the student
because this is actual way of learning. In practical education we learn the facts
in interesting manner which is the best part of the learning. Practical
knowledge can give the best exposure of learn to students or those who want
to learn. If you ask successful individuals they will definitely tell that they are in
the favour of Practical education. The scope of practical knowledge is very
wide and you can enhance your knowledge through practical approach of
Interactive Education creates a Deeper Impact.
Can motivate team work.
Involves application and deals with real life situations =>which make it
Interesting and Easy.
Improves skills.
Develops a better Understanding
Knowledge retains in our mind.
And most important it does not require mugging up.

Theoretical education:- theory traditionally represents a kind of
knowledge that is the generalized distillation of observations for the
purpose of explaining other observations; its principal purpose lies in the
constant perfection of its own explanatory power. Theoretical
knowledge is rated by how well it explains as wide a range of
phenomena as possible. Theoretical education means learn anything
without adopting practical way. The most important is that it Teaches
the why. It helps you understand why one technique works where
another fails. It shows you the whole forest, builds the context, and
helps you set strategy. Theory prepares you to set a direction for your
future education. Theory teaches you through the experience of others.
Theoretical knowledge can often lead to a deeper understand of a
concept through seeing it in context of a greater whole and
understanding the why behind it.

The good thing about the theoretical knowledge is that it explains
the why. Where the practical knowledge fails it give the reasons
and way to get over with that problem.
Theory helps you apply what you learned solving one problem to
different problems.
Both of the above are important. You wont survive in any career unless you
can bring results and to do that you need practical knowledge. Theres no
avoiding it. They are the two faces of a coin.
Conclusion: - Basically theoretical and practical is like a key and a lock they
both have their own roles to open the gate of success. Theory gives the base
and practical give the confidence. Both are important.
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P practice