TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Please read carefully
Before booking a place as a candidate on the programme it is very important that you understand what you are here for! To view and study the GREAT WHITE SHARK is indeed a rare privilege and will for most people be a life changing event. Also when working in the field with other species of sharks at close quarter as on the tagging project, it requires teamwork, concentration and co-ordination. It is therefore important to know that you will be accepted on the Programme learn and work within a specialist field.

ALCOHOL: Consumption must be strictly kept to a minimum. This is very important due to the fact that most days will be spent at sea. The last thing we want is anyone being sea sick or hung over and not able to participate in the activities at hand due to drinking too much! It is illegal to work on a commercial vessel while under the influence of alcohol. If anyone is judged to be unfit, you will not be allowed on the boats that day Drunkenness or unruly behaviour will not be tolerated at any time. If such things occur or persist, you will be informed to leave the programme forthwith. A common sense approach is all that is required!

NARCOTICS: If any person is discovered to be in possession of drugs of any description not prescribed by a doctor (normal medication exempt) you will be told to leave the programme immediately and the local authorities informed. MEDICATION: If anyone is on medication or has special needs of any kind, please inform us when inquiring or making a booking so we can assist you where necessary. HOUSE RULES: Please remember, while living in the accommodation provided, it is not a hotel and should be kept clean and tidy at all times. As you could be living in a group of up to 10 persons, personal hygiene is of the utmost importance! Please show respect for any equipment provided, i.e. DVD or TV etc. If any equipment is damaged by neglect, the person or persons responsible will be charged accordingly. When preparing meals, you may wish to cater for yourselves; for instance if you are vegetarian or vegan. Or you may want to prepare communal meals together. You will be working with, and be part of a team that may consist of people from different countries and cultures to your own, so please respect that. No other persons will be allowed in the premises unless with a member of staff. It is also important to please show consideration for other residence living in the neighbourhood. No smoking is allowed in the premises. If you wish, after the days activities or in the evenings you will be able to go into town to local restaurants, cinema’s etc.

Again, please respect local customs.

WHITE SHARK BOAT: When on the boat, remember you will be sharing with paying clients on their holidays. On occasion it may even be a film crew! If you wish to be involved as a crew member and, or, be conducting data and behavioural studies on the sharks, please conduct yourselves in a professional manner, and also keep expletives to an absolute minimum at all times! No Smoking allowed on the boats

During your stay with us, we wish you to have the most exciting, enjoyable and rewarding experience possible, and we will endeavour to accomplish that on your programme. A booking fee of 20% will be required to secure your place on the Programme. Payment must be paid in full a month before the start date of your Programme. Cancellations will forfeit their deposit if they cannot attend their Programme booked. If they wish to book another Programme in the same year then the deposit will transfer to the re booked date. Last minute cancellations will forfeit all payment. Once you have read the above terms and conditions and agree to them, please acknowledge you have done so before committing to the programme. You will be asked to sign a copy of the terms and conditions on induction.



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