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Mukesh kumar
(Mechanical and Automation Engg.)

Education is significant and must be acquired by all in order to gain knowledge and learn skills.
Education is the only key that can develop a whole generation of responsible human beings who
can absorb good teachings and can impart it to many others. Education makes us able to stand in
the society and makes us aware about many thing. It teaches us about various things and opens
up a vast variety of career options in front of us which a uneducated person cant opt for. But the
question which comes next is that what type of education we should give importance? Education
can be imparted in a theoretical way or in a practical manner. But out of these two which is more
benefiting for the student this question arises her

Theoretical Views
Before anything else let me make it clear that I think knowledge is incredibly as we discussed
above the important aspects and drawbacks of Education. Personally saying am in favour of
practical knowledge as comparison to theoretical knowledge . Well we first discuss the
theoretical view of education and importance of theoretical knowledge.Theories summarize and
organize a great deal of information. Theory usually doesnt contradict itself in addition to
giving individual facts a meaningful context, theories focus research. Because many researchers
try to test theories, findings from theory-based research are not only relevant to the theorys
explanation of events, but also to the findings of other researchers. Lets understand it by a
example when we was infant we didnt know about these terminologies like forcs , motion and
many more terms related to physics which we even experience in real life also . but at that time
we just know It this will happen the result will be this or this but we know dont the reason why
it will be like this .
The Big question Theory gives or raise is that Why .
Einsteins theory of relativity had us look at matter and energy, Freuds theory had us look at
ourselves as being motivated by forces of which we werent aware.We undergo through many
such theories which helped us in expanding our mind limits and change our views to see a
thing.Even to perform practicals we have to go through the theoretical knowledge. But this point
will be not apply in the case in which you want to discover something. Because ideas can be new
, theories can be new. It can be best understand with the example of Newton and james watt and
many more scientists the theories on which they did research and make the worldwide aware of
many facts and invention didnt read the theories first about the reason behind falling a apple
from tree in downward direction or , why the platter placed over the kettle due to steam
experiencing force. They experienced these things when they were just juvenile and no proper
education were provided at that time. These ideas just click in your mind suddenly any where ,
anytime. Suppose Issac newton theory of apple which on later gives gravity theory not
discovered yet and you are at the place of newton then you will not read the theories first about
this gravity phenomenon why?? Because the theories are not yet discovered now the idea click
on your mind what is the reason behind this phenomenon now you will discover the theories n
later on practical basis invention will be done so now you created your own theory about this
phenomenon. So, the point is that you theories even comes from the practical daily life incidents.
Practical Views
Some people have an inborn talent of remembering everything they read, even if they have read
it once. But others have to cram it very hard in order to retain it. When we are cramming a lesson
for a test, our brain tends to remember it for a short. While doing it practically, it can be in form
of experiments, real life projects or educational trips, the knowledge and the whole learning
experience stays in our mind for long. While imparting practical knowledge to students, most of
the activities involve team projects or programs where students are required to work in a group
or as a team. On one hand it improves a students ability to interact with his/her fellow students
and encourage them all for team work. On the other hand it also makes the learning process more
fun as students are able to grasp more while learning it in a group. Even I also prefer the practical
knowledge mostly the alive example of I can give you is mine I am interested in automobiles
related stuff more not about the cars names but about their working the line I depicted about the
car name is because usually the peoples judge your automobile knowledge by knowing their car
name and all. I just always eager to know about the automobiles their workings . last year I had
gone through a interview of my college automobile club for selection of the team. At that I did
not know about the meaning of differentials , controls and many more thing I just only heard
about these things result in I was out of the selection process. But in few months I just expand
my knowledge self by practically experiencing these things . This happens due to practical
knowledge only . I am not saying that I become completely perfecto now No because education,
knowledge has no limits it will expand further and further. suppose I may know that the secret
password for my PC is rohan, but I may not be able to express this knowledge in words.
I think these examples are enough to know the distinction between Theoretical and practical
view of education. But practical knowledge is needed must. Practical knowledge has a big role
in comparison to theoretical knowledge but not completely. Example given above are genuinely
belongs to me . However, focusing only on one side while ignoring the other will limit you in
ways you may never even realize..In last, these line will be best suitable to explain the summary
of whole essay that are