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[10 marks]
[Time suggested: 15 minutes]
Answer all questions in tis !a!er
The text below is about preserving the environment.
"uestion 1
Read the text below. The frst and last lines are correct. For the remaining
lines, there is one grammatical error in each line.
#nderline te error. Then, write one word to $orre$t te error in the
space provided. An example has been provided. The correct word must not
$ange te meaning of the sentence. There are no spelling and
punctuation errors in the text.
There are many organisations that actively strive to
protect and
preserve the environment. This is because Earth is an
only home
for all living things. t is important to get more %oungers
participate in activities that does not damage the
!oung people should get involved on environmental
activities such
as separating waste products, planting trees and set up
centres. These are simple or valuable actions. The best
place to
create awareness &rom the environment is in schools. t is
the best
place to educate students on ways tem can help save
the Earth. For
example, they can be tea$ how to sort rubbish. tems
such as used
)+* (do(((((((
)$* (in((((((((
)e* ((+ut(((((((
)&* (o&((((((((
paper, cans, glass and plastic should be separated wile
they are put
into rubbish bins. All of us, young and old, should play us
roles to
protect #other $ature from further damage. Although we
all live
in the cyber age, it is most important to learn to live in
harmony with
#other $ature.
[.0 marks]
[Time suggested: /0 minutes]
"uestion 0
Read the following text. Then, answer %uestion &a' ( &)'.
#alaysia ( diverse, multiracial, multicultural country exudes warmth and love
to each and every one of her people. t is indeed heartening to see people of
di+erent beliefs and culture interacting and communicating with one another in the
,ahasa #elayu, the national language, or in English, a trademar- of the colonial rule
of the past. The people.s own lingo is also commonly used. t is this tolerance and
the willingness to set aside cultural and religious di+erences that has enable
#alaysia to move forward as a fast developing and united nation. n short, the
people.s tolerance and love for their motherland has brought her peace, unity and
prosperity. That is the very essence of the catchphrase /0nity in diversity..
#alaysia.s unity in diversity is also evident in cuisines she proudly called her
own. Food li-e the Assam 1a-sa and $asi 2agang, are exotic mouth3watering cuisine
of the proud #alaysians.
#alaysian unity is further strengthened through the #alaysian 4ag, or better
-nown as the 5alur 6emilang. t consists of "7 red and white stripes of e%ual width, a
dar- blue canton that contains a yellow crescent and a yellow star. The crescent
symbolises slam as the o8cial religion while the "73point star represent the unity of
the "9 states and the federal government. The 5alur 6emilang is our identity of an
independent country free from the colonial rule.
Another popular catchphrase that is uni%uely #alaysian is /#alaysia ,oleh:.
which literally means /#alaysia can do it:.. ;hen we won models in the <lympic
6ames or reached the pea- of #ount Everest, this triumphant phrase is always
around. ;e, #alaysians, always want to be the best, be it in the local or global
"uestion )a* 1 ),*
0sing the information from the text, complete the following graphic
&"= mar-s'
"uestion .
Read the poster below. Then, answer %uestions &a' ( &)'.
2o3e &or te $ountr%
4roud to +e
A &orm o&
-aasa 5ela%u
A $ountr%6s identit%
o& &reedom &rom
$olonial rule
A s%m+ol o& unit%

"uestion )a* 1 )d*: ,ased on the lea4et, state whether the following
statements are T7#E or
9 S4EA: #4 AN; 7EAC< O#T 9
As students, you may sometimes face problems in school, be it with
your friends or with your schoolwor-. ?ere are some groups of people
that you can turn to for help.
@arents are the people that are closest to you. Ao, when you face
problems, you should pour your hearts out to your parents. !ou should
tell your parents about what is troubling you. !our parents will be eager
to help. They often o+er advice, provide support and show their
understanding based on their own experiences.
There are counselors in every school. Bounselors are trained to help
students overcome their fears, anxieties and worries. They are %ualifed
to give professional help to students to deal with personal, social and
even problems related to school wor-. Aometimes they o+er students
career guidance. To do this, the counselors help students identify their
personalities and attributes so that the students can choose the right
career path.
There are many volunteers who wor- in these help centres. They are
trained to tal- to troubled students through phone cells. Aome students
prefer to tal- about their problems to someone they do not see face3to3
face. <ne help centre that o+ers this service is ,efrienders.
n school, there are peer facilitators who assist the counselors. These
peer facilitators are selected by students themselves, and they are
interested to help other students. They are given training on how to be
)a* @arents often o+er advice to their children based on their
True &" mark'
own experiences.
)+* Achool counselors give professional help to students because
8alse &" mark'
they have the right personalities and attributes.
)$* Achool counselors give students professional help, o+er
True &" mark'
students career guidance and suggest the right career for students.
)d* @eer facilitators are better than adults because they are
8alse &" mark'
well3 trained.
"uestion )e* 1 )i*: Read the lea4et carefully and answer the following
)e* ?ow do troubled student get in touch with the volunteers in help
-% tele!one
&" mark'
)&* ;ho are peer facilitatorsC
Students wo are interested to el! oter students wit teir
&" mark'
)g* Fill in the table with an appropriate phrase from the lea4et.
5eaning 4rase
i. to tell someone everything
that you are feeling
!our %our earts out
&" mark'
ii. in4uence from people of the
same age group
!eer !ressure
&" mark'
)* ;hy do some students prefer to see- help from volunteers in
help centresC
Te% !re&er to talk to someone wom te% do not see &a$e9to9
&" mark'
)i* ;hy do you thin- some students fnd it easier to tal- about their
problems to peer facilitatorsC
Te% tink !eer &a$ilitators understand tem +etter as te%
are o& te same age grou!'
&" mark'
),* !our friend, who is studying in a boarding school, is facing problems
with schoolwor- and needs help. n about >= words, send an email to
your friend. n your e3mailE
suggest who heFshe can get help from
give a reason why heFshe should get help immediately
add other relevant information to ma-e your writing interesting
ToE amar>%mail'$om
Aub)ectE S$oolwork !ro+lems
2ear Amar?
I am sorr% to ear tat %ou are a3ing !ro+lems wit %our
s$oolwork' @ou must seek el! qui$kl% as te 4T. eAams are ,ust around
te $orner' I tink te +est !eo!le to el! %ou are te s$ool $ounselors'
Te% are qualiBed to gi3e !ro&essional ad3i$e to el! students o3er$ome
all kinds o& !ro+lems in$luding s$oolwork' I o!e %ou will see tem soon'
All te +est?
[00 marks]
[Time suggested: 00 minutes]
"uestion /
Read the article about ways to help a victim who feels faint.
Read the speed carefully and answer the %uestions &a' ( &i'
&a';hat will happen if a person who feels faint falls to the groundC
It $an $ause in,uries to te !erson'
&b';here should you place the cold compressC
Fainting can be frightening thing, especially when you do not -now why it is
happening or what to do. t is more frightening than serious, but do ta-e
precautions. ?ere are ways you can ta-e care of yourself or someone else it occurs.
To avoid in)uries, try to stop the victim from falling to the ground. f the
person is standing upright, lay him down on the ground or sit him down on a couch.
#a-e sure it is not a chair without armrests. This will still allow the victim to fall o+
it and cause in)ury.
$ext, open the window or door to allow more air into the room. Another way
to help a person who feels faint is to get a cold compress and place it on the
forehead. ;rap the compress in a cloth before applying it.
;hen the victim recovers from the fainting spell, get the person bac- into an
upright sitting position slowly. Bontinue to give the victim support, even after they
are sitting upright. 2on.t allow him to wal- immediately. f the person is conscious,
then give him some water. 2on.t let him gulp a mouthful of water. #a-e sure he
ta-es small sips at a time to prevent cho-ing.
f you feel faint, you may be able to ta-e these steps. f possible, lie down.
This can help prevent fainting as it allows blood to circulate to the brain. 2on.t let
yourself get dehydrated. 2rin- enough 4uids, especially when your body is losing
more water due to sweating or being in a warm environment.
Finally, ensure there is good blood circulation. f you have to stand or sit for a
long time, periodically stretch your leg muscles. Also, cross your legs to help
improve blood 4ow to the heart and brain. Try to avoid overheated or cramped
On te &oreead'
&c' 1ist two preventive steps to ta-e if you thin- that you are going to
i' 2ie down
ii' ;rink enoug Cuids
&* mar-s'
&d';hat will happen if a victim who feels faint gulps a mouthful of waterC
<e ma% $oke'
&e'Fill in the table with an appropriate wordF phrase from the article.
5eaning 4rase
i. safety measure !re$aution
&" mark'
ii. a short period of time s!ell
&" mark'
iii. able to use the senses to
understand what is
&" mark'
iv. losing a large amount of
&" mark'
&f' ;hy is it necessary to ma-e a person who feels faint lie downC
Tis will allow +lood to $ir$ulate to te +rain and !re3ent &rom
&g'Atate two other ways to improve blood circulation to the brain.
i' Stret$ te leg mus$le
ii' Cross te legs
&* mar-s'
&h';hy do you thin- that a person who feels faint should avoid
overheated and cramped areasC
-e$ause tose !la$es would make te 3i$tim6s $ondition
&i' Atate two other ways to help a person who has fainted.
i. 2oosen te tigt $loting around te 3i$tim6s +od%'J
ii' ;on6t $rowd around te 3i$tim'
&9 mar-s'
"uestion 5
Read the poem below carefully. Then, answer %uestions &a' ( &d'.
&a' ;ho spea-s in the frst stanKa and to whomC
JTe grand$ild s!eaks to isDer grand!arents'
&b' ;hat did the old generation revereC
Te old generation re3ered Eod and nature'
&" mar-'
&c' ;hat does the new generation worshipC
Te new generation worsi! mone%'
&" mar-'
&d' ;ould you li-e to live in the era of the 6randadC 6ive your reasons.
@es' I like to li3e in a !ollution9&ree world' I would +e a!!% and
$ontented li3ing a sim!le li&e and among nature' I want to a3e ,o%?
!ea$e and a!!iness in m% li&e'
No? I would Bnd li&e too +oring and sim!le' I !re&er to li3e in a digital
era as I $annot li3e witout te$nologi$al gadgets'
[/0 marks]
[Time suggested: /5 minutes]
"uestion F
!ou are re%uired to give a speech for @riKe 6iving 2ay. ;ith the help of the
notes below, write out your speech entitled L?ow to be a successful
;hen writing your s!ee$, you shouldE
use all the notes given
elaborate on the notes to ma-e it more interesting
add other relevant information
ma-e sure your speech is between "*= ( ">= words
Eood morning to te 4rin$i!al? tea$ers and &ellow students' I am
ere on tis G4riHe Ei3ing ;a%6 to !resent a s!ee$ on I<ow to +e a
su$$ess&ul studentJ' It takes a lot o& eKort on te !art o& te student to +e
8irst and &oremost? a student as to +e 3er% ardworking' As te
sa%ing goes? INo 4ain? No EainJ' A student as to work ard in all as!e$ts
o& is or er li&e' Onl% ten te student will a$ie3e te intended goals' I&
%ou want to s$ore A6s? ten %ou will a3e to !ut in / to 5 ours o& stud%
dail% at ome a!art &rom stud%ing in s$ool'
In addition? +eing dis$i!lined is 3er% im!ortant' To +e
ardworking? %ou need to +e dis$i!lined? in terms o& +eing !un$tual to
s$ool? +eing attenti3e in $lass? Bnising u! omework and doing eral%
!re!aration &or tests and eAaminations' To +e a+le to do all tese? a3ing
!ositi3e attitudes and 3alues !la% im!ortant roles' Te ne3er gi3e9u!
attitude sould +e instilled in %ou' Onl% ten su$$ess will $ome %our wa%'
-esides? time management is im!ortant' A student as to stud%?
does s$ool work? omework? &a$es eAaminations and also needs to $o!e
wit eAtra9$urri$ular a$ti3ities' It is also equall% im!ortant to s!end
leisure time wit &amil% and &riends' So? te student as to manage is
time wisel%' A !ersonal timeta+le $an +e 3er% use&ul'
2astl%? %ou sould $oose %our &riends wisel%' Eood? sensi+le
&riends will el! %ou su$$eed in studies'
Lell? in sort? to +e a su$$ess&ul student? %ou need to work ard?
+e dis$i!lined wit !ositi3e 3alues and attitudes' ;on6t &orgetM Time
management is 3er% im!ortant'
Tank %ou and good lu$kM
).0 marks*
"uestion N
The following are the novels studied in the 1iterature Bomponent is English
". Around the ;orld in H= 2ays ( Jules Verne
*. ?ow #et #yself 3 David A. Hill
9. The Railway Bhildren 3 Edith Nesbitt (retold by John
,ased on one of the novels above, write on the main theme.
6ive evidence from the novel to support your answer.
!our response should beE
not less than >= words
in continuous writing form &not note form'
Te main teme in te no3el I<ow I 5et 5%sel&J is teme o&
8irstl%? Oon Ta%lor lo3es is wi&e and $ild' Tere&ore? e sees it
as is res!onsi+ilit% to sa&eguard tem' Len Oon Ta%lor realiHes
tat te do!!elganger is tr%ing to $on3e% to im someting
im!ortantP to sa&eguard is &amil%'
-eing a res!onsi+le &ater and us+and? Oon tries is +est to
Bnd out more a+out te do!!elganger' Oon Bnds out tat te
do!!elganger? Oanos SHa+o? ad lost is wi&e and $ild in a tragi$
+om+ing in te war' Oon knows te do!!elganger was tr%ing to tell
im someting to sa3e is &amil%' Oon tries is +est to lo$ate te
8inall%? wit te el! o& te do!!elganger? Oon6s wi&e and $ild
es$a!e te eA!losion at te $a&Q' Te teme o& res!onsi+ilit% is
igligted troug Oon Ta%lor wen e &ulBlls is duties as a
lo3ing us+and and &ater'
&"= mar-s'

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