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The SCN Rules of Engagement
SAP Community Network (SCN) is a great place for SAP professionals to connect, collaborate and build their
reputations. For the best collective experience on SCN, we ask that members adhere to rules of engagement.
These rules of engagement are not intended to provide any legal advice, nor do they replace the terms of use.
However, these give a good overview of how to behave in SCN.
Good Community Etiquette and Behavior on page 1
Grounds for Rejections of Posts or Account Removal on page 2
More about Copyright on page 2
When Someone Breaks the Rules on page 3
Good Community Etiquette and Behavior
1. Log in to fully participate, giving feedback to those who help you through likes, ratings and comments.
Use your real identity to build your own personal brand.
2. Be yourself. Provide as much information as you can in your profile. Please use a clear picture of
yourself, to put your face with your name. Don't use logos or other graphical content that you copied
from somewhere else.
3. Search before you post. There are many answered questions and helpful postings already in
SCN. Before posting a new question, please search SCN to see if its already been asked /
answered. Thats the fastest way to get your information.
4. Avoid slang. There are many languages and cultures represented in the community. The primary
language of most spaces is English. Non-English content should be posted in the appropriate language-
specific space (see the Site Index) or posted in the original language with translation to English included.
Please avoid slang and SMS Text Speak.
5. Share expertise transparently. SCN is a community site that encourages public knowledge sharing. Be
open about your knowledge and how you obtained it.
6. Avoid solicitations. Avoid marketing your companys products and services. If you want
people to know your affiliation with your company, put those details in your profile to make
the information available to the community. Do not embed links to ads in your posts. The
same applies to email solicitations and advertising. If you want someone to trust you
enough to buy what you offer, share your expertise and they will seek you out. If you want
people to contact you, you can choose to make your email visible in your profile, but we ask
you not to post it elsewhere on the site.
7. Be professional and courteous. Temper negative emotions, keeping communications
professional. Do not berate other members for asking questions or posting something you
dont like. The community is intended to be open on a variety of topics.
8. Be responsive. If an SCN member has answered your question, please mark the answer as
"helpful or correct. Mark the discussion as answered, so that other members can find
the answers more easily.
9. Dont copy / paste others content. Be original.
10.Report rule violations: Click the abuse button if you believe an SCN member is violating the rules of
engagement. For more details on this, read Reporting Abuses and Notifying Moderator on SCN.
The SCN Rules of Engagement
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Grounds for Rejections of Posts or Account
There are a few things you cannot do in SCN. These are actions that could lead to removal of your content or
disabling / deleting your account. Please be diligent and avoid these behaviors.
1. Points-cheating: Engaging in activity for the purpose of increasing ones own or anothers
points. This includes working with other users to rate content highly, creating fake users
to rate ones content highly, or any other points-focused activity that does not benefit the
community at large.
2. Defaming another member: Posting content that discriminates against members based on any
perceived differences, including but not limited to differences in culture, race, ethnicity, age, gender,
sexual orientation, gender identity or expression and physical ability. Read more on SAPs diversity
3. Copyright infringement: The Terms of Use require that all content submitted to SCN be original
content created by the author or reproduced with the permission of the copyright owner.
More about Copyright
Copyright gives authors and creators the exclusive right to make copies, license, and/or otherwise exploit
content, regardless of the media. See for more information. Copying someone elses
work into your own post may violate copyright laws. Please do not copy others work without
first gaining written permission from the originator. This includes SAP help files and training

There are three general categories of copyright issues that typically occur in SCN. The table below describes
these common scenarios as well as actions SAP may take:

Scenario Actions
Someone copies another persons content
(from inside or outside SCN) and posts it as
their own content in SCN.
SAP may take action and remove the content
in question. SAP may also disable or delete
the infringing members account. SCN Global
Moderators may notify SAP Legal when the
original content owner complains.
Someone copies a members content from
SCN and posts as their own content to another
website outside of SCN.
SAP is not authorized to take any action
on behalf of individuals who are not SAP
employees. Only the copyright owner of
the material can take action when someone
has copied content without permission. In
the event that another site is copying SAPs
The SCN Rules of Engagement
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content from SCN, SAP Legal may be notified
and may take action to protect SAPs content.
Someone copies SAP-owned content (Help files,
training materials, product documentation, etc.) and
posts as their own on SCN or another website.
SAP may take action to defend its copyrighted
materials. This could result in disabling or
deleting the infringing members account and
may also result in legal actions against the
member. SCN Global Moderators may notify
SAP Legal about SAP content being copied
without permission.
When Someone Breaks the Rules
Click the abuse button if you believe an SCN member is violating the rules of engagement. Select the
appropriate type of abuse when you report it, and provide a comment so that the moderator knows how to
handle it.
If you are a copyright owner and someone has used your content without your permission please follow the
instructions at SAPs Copyrights and Copyright Agent, Disclaimer and Trademarks page.