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(Annexure :A) (4)

(4.2.3) Calculation of one-hour Rainfall in the region of Kamakhyanagar dit.

!henkanal " #diha .
$aed on Annexure -4.4" u%&one 3(d) of flood etimation re'ort of (ahanadi
u%&one 3(d) re)ied " 'reented %y the central *ater commiion for hea)iet 24
hour and horter duration rainfall recorded in u%&one 3(d) for the tation +alcher in
the ditrict of !henkanal " one hour rainfall in the region of Khamakhynagar ha
%een calculated for #diha +hermal ,o*er Cor'oration -imited for deigning the
drainage channel " a no .(! rainfall data for Kamakhyanagar *a made a)aila%le.
Rainfall data for /RRC /tation at +alcher
(aximum 24-hour rainfall 0231 m.m on 23.34.2561
(aximum 1-hour rainfall0223 mm on 23.34.2561
(aximum 3-hour rainfall0233 mm on 23-34-2561
(i) #ne-hour Rainfall from 24-hour rainfall data
(ii) #ne-hour Rainfall from 1-hour rainfall data
.o0 r
(iii) #ne-hour Rainfall from 3-hour rainfall data
.o0 r
7ote : +he correct 'rocedure for finding i take a num%er of hea)y and 'rolonged
torm and *ork out .o from 8 and + of each of them " a ho*n a%o)e " and the
maximum of the )alue of .o thu found hould %e ado'ted a one hour rainfall of
the region for deigning %ridge " ec.
.n the a%o)e cae " the maximum one-hour9 rainfall i found to %e 222.52
$ut in reality" deigning the drainage cheme *ith the a%o)e maximum one hour
rainfall *ould %e o)eretimated and *ould not %e cot effecti)e . Alo" it i not
deira%le and economically ound to %e di'oing the unuual or un'recedented
hea)y 'reci'itation. ;ater logging for a limited 'eriod *ould ha)e to %e tolerated
for a%o)e reaon.
#ne-hour rainfall calculated %aed on 3-hour rainfall data at +alcher on
23.34.2561 i of the order of 13.16 mm:hour. +hi one-hour rainfall data i
eemingly )ery cloed to the )alue of 13 mm: hour a found %y gum%el9
fre<uency analyi of the rainfall data of =ena'ur a recei)ed from .(!
$hu%ane*ar " *ith > year return 'eriod. (oreo)er" one-hour rainfall data
calculated from 24-hour" 1-hour" and 3-hour rainfall data at +alcher doe not
indicate 'ecific return 'eriod of occurrence . A uch one-hour rainfall of 11
mm:hr *ith >-year return 'eriod ha %een ado'ted for the 're'aration of #+,C-
drainage 'ro?ect near Kamakhyanagar a realitic conce't and techno-economic
)ia%ility .
7ote : (i) Co'y of Annexure : 4.4 for u%&one 3(d) i annexed *ith the calculation
for reference .
(ii) 80 +otal Rainfall
(iii)!uration of +otal Rainfall
,ending detail hydraulic deign of torm *ater drain %aed on actual ur)ey
and ground reality " conultant ha)e 'ro'oed the conce'tual a'ect a regard
tructural deign of R.C.C o'en drain" *here a)aila%ility of ade<uate 'ace for o'en
unlined drain i u%?ect to limited retriction: !etail of uch R.C.C o'en drain
ection and related a'ect ha)e %een 'elt out in cha'ter :22 of draft !.,.R
4.4 Calculation of antici'ated dicharge through the exiting cul)ert on !henkanal-
Khamakhynagar road coming from eatern ide of the catchment and contri%uting to
.ndra?it 7ullah and alo the run-off dicharge at different reache of .ndra?it 7ullah
%ae on one hour rainfall intenity of 13 mm:hr *ith >-year return 'eriod coming from
the catchment ha)e %een made and ho*n in dtail in cha'ter : 23 of !.,.R " along
*ith deign of unlined channel ection.
4.> ,re'aration and u%miion of !raft !.,.R for neceary a''ro)al of the client.
/u%mitted to /hri R.! Rao" ,ro?ect (anager for 'eronal and n.a. +he a%o)e
executi)e ummary may %e included in the final !.,.R after neceary addition and
alteration if deired %y the client .