Book 3: Success in

Shopping for Food
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At the Supermarket Dialog: It's in the Dairy Section, Aisle 3 Map: In the Supermarket Sam Goes Shopping: Too Expensive! What's the Question? Shopping Quiz: Ask Your Classmates! At the Check-Out Counter Dialog: At the Check-Out Counter Paying for Food; Unit Prices Reading Coupons; Read the Fine Print Coupons Buying Fresh Food: Package Labels Grocery Shopping Quiz Story: Bad Chicken Dialog: Returning Bad Food Discussion Questions Count/Non-Count Review: Ask Your Classmates Supplement 1… Irregular Past Tense Verbs


At the Supermarket
With your partner: What are the food names? What are the names of the supermarket sections?





Success in Shopping for Food

page 25

Dialog: It’s in the Dairy Section, Aisle 3

A: B: A: B: A: B:
milk, fish: oranges, eggs:

Excuse me, where is the milk? The milk? It’s in the dairy section, aisle 3. I’m sorry, did you say aisle C? No, 3. Oh, okay. Thanks very much. You’re welcome.
Where is the _______? Where are the _______s ?  It’s .....  They’re....





produce aisle 15 aisle 50?
page 26

seafood aisle 30 aisle 13?

dairy aisle B aisle D?

produce beside the tomatoes beside the potatoes?
Success in Shopping for Food

Map: In the Supermarket

 Instructions:
1. Write the letter for each on the map: A - Pharmacy; B - Bakery; C - Meat; D - Aisles; E - Produce; F - Dairy; G - Customer Service; H - Frozen Food; I - Check-out Counters 2. Write “s” for count noun or “x” for non-count noun beside each food item. 3. Use the map to practice the dialog on page 25. In the dialog add: “It’s/They’re in the ____ Section (It’s/They’re in Aisle __) beside the ____.
Success in Shopping for Food page 27

Count: Non-Count:

___s no “s”

how many? how much?

a few a little

Sam Goes Shopping: Too Expensive!

Fill in the blanks. Use “little” or “few”. Sam lives alone, so he doesn’t buy a lot of groceries. Yesterday he went to the supermarket. He bought a _________ bananas, a _________ toilet paper, a _______ fish, a _______ eggs, a __________ rice, a __________ grapes, a _______ carrots, and a _________ chicken legs. He also bought a ______ muffins, a _________ cheese and a _________ medicine. Even though he only bought a _________ groceries, the total came to $97.13. Sam was very upset. He felt that was really too expensive!

What’s the Question?
Fill in the blanks with “much” or “many”. Then answer the questions.
1. How _________ groceries did he buy? 2. How _________ bananas did he buy? 3. How ________ toilet paper did he buy? 4. How _________ fish did he buy? 5. How _________ eggs did he buy? 6. How _________ rice did he buy? page 28 7. How _________ grapes did he buy? 8. How _________ carrots did he buy? 9. How _______ chicken legs did he buy? 10. How ________ muffins did he buy? 11. How ________ cheese did he buy? 12. How ________ medicine did he buy? Success in Shopping for Food

Shopping Quiz: Ask Your Classmates!
1. Name 2. Who buys all the groceries in your house? 3. Where do you (does he/she) go to buy groceries ? Why? 4. How often do you (does he/she) go grocery shopping?


a) ______________________________________________________________ b) ______________________________________________________________ c) ______________________________________________________________ d)

Use some of these to ask and answer the questions above:
1. How do you spell that ? Pardon me ? 2. I do. (My ________ does.) (My ______ and I both do.) 3. I shop (My ____ shops) at _____*. Because.... a) it’s near our house. b) it has convenient hours. c) the prices there are very cheap. d) I go past it on my way home. 4. every day every week / once a week every weekend every Friday every few days twice a week
Success in Shopping for Food page 29

At the Check-Out Counter
With your partner, tell about the picture in English. Then write in the new words with your teacher.

 New Words
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

page 30

Success in Shopping for Food

Dialog: At the Check-out Counter
A. B. A. B. A. Good morning. How are you today? Fine, thanks. How about you? Pretty good. Will that be everything for you today? Yes. Okay, that comes to $67.43. ...(B hands the clerk her credit card.)... From your credit card? Okay, please sign here. B. Okay. A. And here’s your receipt. Have a nice day. B. You too. Joe's Market
GST R13619077

milk oranges GST Total Cash Change 1.79 3.23 .35 5.37 10.00 4.63

Paying For Food
A. How else can you pay for things at the grocery store?
1. _______________ 2._______________ 3._______________ 4._______________

B. Ask your classmates: “How do you usually pay for your groceries?” Write their names and the answers in your notebook. Which way of paying is most popular in your class?

Unit Prices

Write the number from A beside the one in B with the same meaning.
A. 1. 2. 3. 4. ¢ pkg. lg. sm. 5. kg. 6. lb. 7. g. 8. ea. 9. 2 for 1 10. 2/$1 __ ounce __ pound __ gram __ kilogram __ each __ __ __ __ 11. oz. 12. L. 13. exp. package large small cents

B. __ two for a dollar __ expiry date __ litre __ 2 for the price of 1
= buy one, get one free

Success in Shopping for Food

page 31

Look at the coupons below and answer your teacher’s questions.

grade A broccoli, product of Canada. 5 lb. bag.

Whole Frozen

$1.00 off
Produce City With this coupon you may receive $1.00 off your purchase of the above stated item. One coupon per family. Coupon must be presented at the time of purchase. Coupon expires Sat., Dec. 22. No rainchecks, no substitutions.

Pink Salmon


Limit of one per customer. Coupon good while supplies last. Offer expires Jun.3. Sam’s Fish Market Coupon #L183

Read the Fine Print!
1. coupon expires Apr. 1

Match the coupon words and their definition. ____ a. you can’t keep this coupon to use later ____ b. small number ____ c. you must show this coupon when you buy the food ____ d. one coupon for every family ____ e. previously frozen: this food was frozen before ____ f. coupon ends Apr. 1 ____ g. you can’t use this coupon for something else ____h. 1 bag only for each customer ____i. 10 lbs. or more in every package
Success in Shopping for Food

2. coupon must be presented at time of purchase 3. no rainchecks 4. no substitutions 5. prev. froz. (previously frozen) 6. one coupon per family 7. min. (minimum) 10 lbs./pkg. 8. limited quantity 9. limit of one bag per customer

page 32

 Coupons
Find coupons in the flyer and answer the questions with your partner.

Buying Fresh Food: Package Labels
Pkg.* Oct. 4 = packaged on October 4. Used on meat items. Best before* Oct. 4 Before Oct. 4 this food is good to eat. After Oct. 4 it may be old. Used on bakery and dairy items. Exp.* Oct. 4 =expiry date. After Oct. 4, you shouldn’t use the item. Used on medicine and some food items.

 Today is October 4. Are these foods good to eat?
1. Pkg. on Oct. 2 2. Best before Oct. 2 3. Exp. Oct. 6 4. Best before Oct. 4 5. Pkg. on Sept. 20 6. Pkg. on Oct. 3 7. Exp. Nov. 11 8. Pkg. on Sept. 29 9. Best before Oct. 30 10. Best before Sept. 30 11. Pkg. on Oct. 4

Success in Shopping for Food

page 33

page 34

Success in Shopping for Food

Dialog: Returning Bad Food
Practice the dialog with the new words in the box at the right. A. Hi. Can I help you? Substitutions: B. Yes. I’d like to return this meat. 1. fruit: rotten A. What seems to be the problem? 2. milk: turned (sour/gone bad) B. I think it’s gone bad. 3. bread: mouldy A. Hmm. Okay, I’ll give you a receipt. Take it to any of our checkout counters and they’ll refund your money. B. Thanks. A. Sorry about that. B. No problem.

Discussion Questions
Have you ever returned bad food? What was it? Did you get a refund? Do people return bad food in your country? Explain.
Success in Shopping for Food page 35

Count/Non-Count Review: Ask Your Classmates!
COUNT how many? a few a little a lot (of) a lot (of) a --- (no 'a') ___s ___ (no ‘s’)

NON-COUNT how much?

Fill in the blanks with “much” or “many”. Then ask each classmate a different question.

1. How ________ money did you spend? 2. How ________ friends did you see?


Short Answer

3. How ________ time did you spend on English? 4. How ________ times did you brush your teeth? 5. How ________ T.V. did you watch? 6. How ________ meals did you eat? 7. How ________ people did you phone? 8. How ________ hours did you sleep last night? 9. How ________ hours did you work? 10. How ________ cups of tea did you drink? 11. How _________ pieces of bread did you eat? 12. How _________ glasses of milk did you drink? 13. How _________ water did you drink? 14. How _________ bananas did you eat? 15. How _________ phone calls did you get? 16. How _________ shopping did you do? 17. How _________ exercise did you get?
New Words: spend moneyspend time   exercise alcohol page 36 meal time brush (your) teeth times  

Success in Shopping for Food

Irregular Past Tense Verbs
For most verbs, add "-ed" to make the past. Example: work - worked For irregular verbs, do not add "-ed". Example: write - wrote

be: am, is, are

become begin bite bleed break bring buy catch come cost cut do drink drive eat fall feel fight find forget freeze get give go have hear hit hold hurt keep

was, were became began bit bled broke brought bought caught came cost cut did drank drove ate fell felt fought found forgot froze got gave went had heard hit held hurt kept

know leave lose make mean meet put read ride run say see sell send shake sing sit sleep speak spend stand steal take teach tell think throw up understand wake wear write

knew left lost made meant met put read rode ran said saw sold sent shook sang sat slept spoke spent stood stole took taught told thought threw up understood woke wore wrote
supplement 1

Success in Shopping for Food

SAMPLE PAGE from Success in Pronunciation for Levels 1 & 2: Student Workbook


short: eleven twenty-three long: eleven dollars and twenty-three cents

$11.03 short: eleven o three long: eleven dollars and three cents

1. $ 13.43 2. $ 7.10 3. $ 24.53 4. $ 2.16 5. $ 73.54 6. $ 19.12 7. $ 13.30 8. $ 4.05 9. $ 11.21 10. $ 78.37 11. $ 10.89

13 7 24 2 73 19 13 4 11 78 10

43 10 53 16 54 12 30 5 21 37 89

1. 2.

3. 4.

5. 6.

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