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For nearly forty years, the

Harkin Steak Fry has been a

signature part of Iowa just like
Tom Harkin himself. Senator Harkins
support has helped make Iowa a world
leader in safer, cleaner renewable fuels.
Were grateful to Senator Harkin for his
leadership, and are proud to welcome
you to Iowa for the last Harkin Steak Fry.
As one great Iowa tradition ends,
another is growing.

Since 2007, Iowa has doubled
its production of renewable
fuels. We now support over
seventy three thousand jobs,
and produce almost as much fuel
for the United States as we import from
Iraq. But Big Oil is attacking the Renewable
Fuel Standard. They want more Middle East
oil and less Iowa ethanol in our gas tanks.

Secretary Clinton, you know rsthand how
Americas addiction to Middle East oil
threatens our national security.

Iowans need to know if youll stand
up for the one energy policy that
can end that dependence
with Iowa leading the
way in the production
of safer, cleaner
Secretary Clinton,