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Possible discussion questions? • how did the Aztec feel regarding the incoming travelers • Bring picture to discussion section Sample questions/study guide for the discussion section on the site • red words are words we are responsible for • all the words are in the book • few things from the lecture, if we know the study guide then we are set Mark Kishlansky, “How to read a document” • • html
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Goals for today • defining the terms • put the empires into a broader perspective Most of the theme for today is POWER some movement and ideology mixed in

The history of a word • etymology • the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Speaking about stockings in the east Florida paper Terms can take a life of their own • we need to make sure we understand the context of the terms • key terms often come in clusters o how we understand the word in that cluster, can affect the cluster Empire and Imperialism is usually termed as a negative • usually as a hostile term o star wars, lord of the rings Empire • From the Roman word Imperium o meant to make or execute laws o someone able to make warxf o rule over extensive far flung territories o sovereign  no allegiance to the Pope or anybody else

o universality  no limits, no boundaries modern definitions of EMPIRE o there are big, extensive  composite  form out of previous separate units  diverse by definition  ethnicities, religions, cultures o it has a core, and a periphery  the core is the dominant force  the periphery is the one dominated  fundamentally unequal  Ireland  The English set up plantation and conquest to bring Ireland under the control of England  not long after Ireland becomes incorporated into the metropole • they fall somewhere between metropole and empire  most of the time the periphery is conquered through violence and maintained most of the time as well through violence o a mixture of direct and indirect control  direct control  send army and take over and send in administrators to run things  indirect control

take over land, then use local people under the control of the empire to control the place collaborators are not necessary a negative term  a strategy for surviving  to negotiate the power brought it from the outside empires are about force and violence but also about collaboration 

Imperialism • a variety of contested meanings • DOMINATION o used to describe anything that is dominant or it’s influence over another group or thing o cultural imperialism  Mickey mouse can be called as a dominant cultural figure • FORMAL IMPERIALISM AGAINST INFORMAL o Latin America was considered as an informal part of the British • THE PROCESS OF CREATING AN EMPIRE Imperialism is the process to reach the empire Colony/Plantation • variety of uses and meanings • traces back to the classical period

• •

o in Rome  farming settlement a distant places to where colonial settlers immigrate plantation o planters going over to Ireland to plant crops o a settlement established by emigration o New Zealand would count as a colony of the British o India would not, they did not send people to live there o Any distant area subject to political rule of control by another state  under this definition India would be a colony of the British the professor prefers the more older definition of colony/plantation

Colonialism and Colonization Land-based empires • from land • took over lands around it Sea-based empires • mainly European • used navy to take over much larger amounts of land

much longer lasting

Empire is the most used keyword in world history text books Ancient Empires • fragile o unstable, short lived o big exception is Egypt o an example of a tragent empire is Alexander’s  famous empire, yet lasted only a decade • limited o confined to waging war o collecting taxes • focused on the ruler o the family he came from o the household o the ruler WAS the state • did not have much impact in everyday life o some exceptions  the Romans, the Chinese, ancient Egyptians Rome was not the most important empire of the pre-modern period • the Chinese empire o had more technology advances o more populous o middle kingdom o could claim the center of the world was china Speaking about the maps

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