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GAD Activity 3.

Activity 3.73
War at Sea Game
Introduction: Simple games can be created with simple software. Lets create a
simple war game to take a look at game conflict.
D software package !"S #aint$
'. (sing %orel Draw) paint) or other D graphic software) import or copy the grid
image below.
. *&rn yo&r monitor away from the other player.
3. +ach player now places his,her five ships anywhere on their own target grid.
(se five different colors to prod&ce the following five -ships-.
Carrier !si/e ' 0 1 cells
on the grid$ 2ed
Battleship !si/e ' 0 3
cells on the grid$ 4l&e
estroyer !si/e ' 0 3
cells on the grid$ Green
GAD Activity 3.73
Su!marine !si/e ' 0 3 cells on the grid$ 5range
"atrol Boat !si/e ' 0 cells on the grid$ 6ellow
"layin# the #ame:
1. 7ind someone in the room to play against. Sit opposite or beside each other.
Some type of barrier or shield sho&ld be placed between the comp&ters to
keep yo& from seeing the opponent8s target grid. 6o& might be able to t&rn
the monitors to the side.
2. 7or this game) it doesn8t matter which player goes first. #erhaps yo& co&ld
take t&rns going first if yo& play m&ltiple games.
3. 6o& sho&ld have yo&r ships on yo&r target grid !see e0ample image$.
4. *ake t&rns calling o&t the grid coordinates 9 e.g.) -41.-
5. :f the opponent has a ship on that cell) then he answers) --;it.- :f not) he
answers) -"iss.- <hen all segments of a ship have been hit) the opponent
says) -6o& sank my ship=-
6. *rack yo&r hits and misses on the target grids. :f -41- is a hit) mark the cell
with -;)- misses can be labeled with ->.-
7. #layers take t&rns calling coordinates &ntil one player sinks all five of the
opposing ships th&s winning the game.
%. <ho was yo&r main opponent? Mor#an
&. %o&ld yo& play this game with a team of three players? 'es
3. <hat obstacles did yo& have to overcome to win the game? I lost !ut luc(
). <hat dilemma did yo& have to overcome to win the game? Where and *hich
directions the ships *ere +acin#.
,. Did yo& &se any reso&rces in the game? @ame them. We used paint and *ord
-. Describe the kinds of graphics yo& wo&ld like to see added to this prototype.
.ancier ships and a !lue ocean
7. <hat age gro&p wo&ld yo& p&t this game into? +0plain yo&r reasoning. All a#es
!ecause it is simple and +un to play.
A. @ow) consider the name of the game is *reas&re ;&nt. Beep the basic r&les of play
the same. Develop an idea for this new game and disc&ss what yo& wo&ld change.
"ake a demo of the game.
GAD Activity 3.73
*his new game wo&ld have an island theme) with different si/ed treas&re chests
instead of ships. #layers wo&ld compete to find each others treas&re.