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Servo-based Cut-to-Length
System for
Slicing Machine
Our client, an OEM of machinery for the adhesive manufacturing industry, needed a low-cost automation solution to accurately cut
adhesive tape and increase the production rate of a slicing machine.
The adhesive tape in its raw form is a long wrapped piece, which needs to be cut into standardized lengths. Manually performing this
operation requires constant vigil of the operator, even more so if there are multiple standard lengths to be cut in a single pass of the
slicing machine. Manual operation leads to errors and a slower rate of production.
Radix provided an automated solution for the slicing machine incorporating features to cut multiple standard lengths and an easyto-comprehend interface for the convenience of the operator. The system was servo-based with Delta Servo, PLC and HMI.


PLC and Servo-based system for faster and accurate output

Touch Screen HMI for change of value for cuts and size
Easy and operator-friendly system
Low cost automation solution
Increased production throughput

A slicing machine is used to cut raw adhesive tape into standardized cut lengths. Our client required automation to cut tape into
standardized lengths as well as easily change the standard length of the cut.
The automation system had to be incorporated within the compact spacing of the slicing machine. Radix provided a Delta make
servo based system with PLC.
With the PLC based system provided by us, the slicing machine cutting lengths, number of cuts and machine speed can be set by the
operator. After this, the machine performs the cutting with minimum supervision and error. Provision is made to change the cutting
lengths in the same pass thereby saving time and material. The servo-based system allowed smooth and quick speed transitions.
For operator convenience, the HMI was designed with a mimic to show the machine status. This HMI interface allowed the operator
to quickly input settings like Chuck ON/OFF, Automatic, Manual, Start, Home operation (i.e. start from the beginning) and more.
The overall solution resulted it much higher production and overall improvement in the quality of the cut.
Products Used
Delta PLC
Digital Input

24 nos.

Digital Output

16 nos.

Analog Output

04 nos.

Delta Servo Amplifier

1 KW, 220 VAC Single Phase, Low Inertia, 2500 ppr

Delta Servo Motor

Low inertia 3.3Nm, Rated Amps-6.8A, Rated RPM-3000

AC Drive 3HP / 5HP, 3 phase 440V AC Input & 3 phase 440V AC Output

Delta HMI

7 TFT Color Touchscreen

RS232/RS485 COM Port and USB Port
System Configuration

EL-135/136/137, Electronic Zone, TTC Industrial area, MIDC, Mahape, Navi Mumbai - 400710, India