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Carousel Kids is licensed to operate and is regularly inspected by the State of Georgia, and fully subscribes
to all rules and regulations mandated by governmental authorities. This center seeks to provide quality
care and education for children 6 weeks to 12 years of age. Children are continually supervised by a fully
certified staff, which are dedicated to providing all the love, care, attention and guidance that could be
expected in their own home.

From the moment you walk through the front door at Carousel Kids, you will feel the sense of
commitment from the owners, directors and staff members, and the feeling of being in a safe and secure
environment. We understand the level of trust placed in us when you enroll your child. Carousel Kids is
entrusted with familys most treasured possession, their children. Providing a safe, loving environment for
your children is of utmost importance to this center. We strive to make each day a great day filled with
love, patience, learning and playing.

Our teachers are trained to recognize each childs capabilities. The states training requirements allow
child care personnel to choose developmentally appropriate activities for each age group. Each age group
encompasses individual levels of growth and development in language, physical activity, thinking, social
and emotional skills.

To insure that we can meet and exceed all of our goals, we ask that you please read the following
information carefully. These policies are designed to answer most parent questions and for the protection
of all concerned. As with all policies and procedures, they are subject the change as conditions dictate.

No person shall, on the basis of race, religion, national origin, or sex, be excluded from participation, be
denied the benefits of, or subjected to discrimination under any program or activity.



Taking care of infants is an incredibly demanding, but rewarding job. Each infant has different individual
needs and each need must be met. We provide a loving, nurturing environment to help babies feel loved,
safe and happy. We encourage them to be active every day, to explore the world around them, and to
interact with others. Activity mobiles, small climbers and exer-saucers encourage reaching, grasping, and
standing. We also introduce them to activities that stimulate brain development, prepare them for talking,
and help increase motor skills needed for walking. Our loving environment will give your infant a safe,
secure environment and help them in the transition for separating from their parents during the day.

Safe Sleep Practices/Policies:

1) Infants will be placed on their backs in a crib to sleep unless a physicians written statement authorizing another sleep
position for that infant is provided. The written statement must include how the infant shall be placed to sleep and a
time frame that the instructions are to be followed.
2) Cribs shall be in compliance with CPCS and ASTM safety standards. They will be maintained in good repair and free
from hazards.
3) No objects will be placed in or on the crib with an infant. This includes, but is not limited to, covers, blankets, toys,
pillows, quilts, comforters, bumper pads, sheepskins, stuffed toys, or other soft items.
4) No objects will be attached to a crib with a sleeping infant, such as, but not limited to, crib gyms, toys, mirrors and
5) Only sleepers, sleep sacks and wearable blankets provided by the parent/guardian and that fit according to the
commercial manufacturers guidelines and will not slip up around the infants face may be worn for the comfort of the
sleeping infant.
6) Individual crib bedding will be changed daily, or more often as needed, according to the rules. Bedding for cots/mats
will be laundered daily or marked for individual use. If marked for individual use, the sheets/covers must be laundered
weekly or more frequently if needed. This facility will adhere to the following practice: _Daily and more often as
7) Infants who arrive at the center asleep or fall asleep in other equipment, on the floor or elsewhere, will moved to a
safety-approved crib for sleep.
8) Swaddling will not be permitted, unless a physicians written statement authorizing it for a particular infant is
provided. The written statement must include instructions and a time frame for swaddling the infant.
9) Wedges, other infant positioning devices and monitors will not be permitted unless a physicians written statement
authorizing its use for a particular infant is provided. The written statement must include instructions on how to use the
device and a time frame for using it.
I acknowledge that the director or designee has advised me of the safe sleep practices followed by the facility.



Toddlers are naturally curious and always exploring their environment. Developing self-confidence is
essential in preparing a child for future learning. We encourage toddlers to be very active every day, with
a variety of age appropriate indoor and outdoor activities. Building blocks, dramatic play, art, and exercise
are only the beginning.


Two and three year olds are naturally curious. At our center, children can safely explore, with a variety of
safe indoor and outdoor activities. Developing self confidence is essential in preparing a child for future
learning. We use structure and repetition to create a stable atmosphere. Building blocks, dramatic play,
literacy, art, science, and exercise are only the beginning. Treating each child as an individual is important
in helping each child develop his or her creative potential.


At this age, children are beginning to prepare for school. For this age group, we will provide a more
structured learning environment. Children will begin learning the alphabet and how to express themselves
verbally. Many other activities will help develop happy confident children who have fun learning while
singing, dancing, talking, rhyming, writing, listening, playing, and exploring. Plus, four and five year olds
will be introduced to computers, another tool our teachers use to help children learn at their own pace.


For children six through twelve years of age, Carousel Kids offers a great after school and summer
program. Our kids involve themselves in a variety of activities. We construct buildings, paint
masterpieces, visit mars, win Olympics and leap building in a single bound. A childs imagination takes us
places we only dream about. Our summer program provides fun and educational field trips to places,
such as Fernbank Science Museum, roller skating, area swimming parks, and lots more!


Carousel Kids is open to parents, at any time of operating hours. We do request that you make your
presence known immediately at the front desk to the person in charge. Although we request cooperation
in not disrupting our program, parents are permitted access to all parts of this facility at any time that
their child is present.



Carousel Kids operating hours are from 6:00am to 6:30pm, Monday through Friday, twelve months a year.
This facility is licensed for these specific hours of operation and early drop off or late pickup cannot be
allowed. If a situation occurs, where you are after 6:30pm picking up your child, a late fee will be due
upon arrival. Please allow yourself an ample amount of time to arrive at the center and gather your
child(ren) and their belongings, in order to comply with the closing of the center. (Example: If you arrive
at 6:28pm and still have to gather your children and their belongings, chances are that you will be past
6:30). If you remain in the center after 6:30pm, the following late fees will apply. The late fee is as
follows: $10.00 for the first fifteen minutes (per child) and $1.00 per minute thereafter. This late fee is
due upon arrival in order for your child to return to the center the next day.


To assure that we can provide the highest quality of services, we must require that each family financially
support the space guaranteed for your child(ren) even if the child(ren) are absent.
All fees are non-refundable. Never send money with a child. Always obtain a receipt when
paying with cash.
Full weekly rates are due for every week that a child(ren) is in attendance one or more days.
Holidays, school closings, vacations, etc. count as a day present. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Half the normal rate will be charged for any week (including vacation weeks) in which a child is
absent the entire week. Holidays count as a day present. NO EXCEPTIONS!
If your child normally attends for part time care, there will be an additional charge if the child is
in attendance for a significantly longer time. For example, the public schools close for any
reason. However, the total weekly fee will not exceed the normal rate for full time care.
Field trips are periodically scheduled to interesting educational and recreational locations. No
child will be allowed to attend any field trip unless the parent or guardian signs a permission
form. We are not allowed to get permission by phone for field trips. If you do not sign your
child up to go, he/she will have to stay with the four year old group.
A discount is provided to the full time rate of the oldest child. The school year rate does not
constitute a full time rate and discounts will not be given during the school year.
All weekly tuition fees are due on Monday for the week in advance. If tuition is not paid in full
by the close of business on Monday, there will be a $20.00 late fee added to your tuition.
If tuition plus late fee is not paid in full by Tuesday morning, we will have no other option, but
to dismiss attendance, until tuition is paid in full. Fees may be paid bi-weekly or monthly if
preferred, as long as they are paid in advance. Your child(ren) may be dismissed from the
center, should your account become past due.
All children must be signed in when arriving at the center, and signed out upon leaving the
center. This is a state requirement! If you fail to sign your child in or out of the center, a $5.00
fee (per child) will be added to your account, NO EXCEPTIONS! Failure to comply with this rule
may result in your childs dis-enrollment from the center.
For children who are in the process of potty training, tuition does not include diapers or wipes.
A $1 weekly charge will be added to tuition for Toddler & Two yr old room to cover wipes. A
diaper bag, diapers and a change of clothing need to be provided for your child(ren) every day.
A penalty of $45.00 will be charged for any returned check that is returned by your bank.
(Please note that our bank automatically submits a check for payment twice before returning it
to us), accounts will then be payable with cash only.
If a child(ren) is to be withdrawn, a two week written notice is to be given. If notice is not
given, you will be charged for two weeks beyond withdrawal, at the full time weekly rate. If a
child is absent for two consecutive weeks without prior notice, the child will be considered
withdrawn and readmission will be subject to space availability, payment of new registration fee,
and payment of all previously due charges.
If your child will need an extended leave of absence (2 weeks or more) from daycare you are
responsible for a written notice with the dates your child will be absent and paying week
tuition for each week absent. Otherwise, your child may be disenrolled and charged the two
week notice fee.
If a child will be absent or will arrive late, please call the center by 9:30 am, so that meals and
staffing can be planned accordingly.
Please refer to the price sheets provided for specific rates. Carousel Kids reserves the right the
change any fees or revise any policy with written notification to the parents. Please review our
Parent Information bulletin board regularly.


Prior to a childs first day, all enrollment forms must be completed and on file. A current certificate
of immunizations must be submitted with your childs enrollment packet, and updated thereafter as
indicated by a physician or local health department. Any information on your child must be
updated as needed, allowing for the continued quality care of your child. As a security measure,
we ask that you bring your child into the center and see that he or she is properly signed in and
safely inside his/her classroom. Equally important is that each child is escorted from the center.
Our staff is instructed not to allow any child to enter or exit the center without proper supervision.



Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack are included in tuition fees. Weekly menus are posted
near the main entrance and parents may refer to these at any time. Exceptions cannot be made in
the menu for individual children. In such cases, as food allergies or special diets, food must be
provided by the parent. Children will be taught the importance of good nutrition and they will be
encouraged, but not required, to eat all foods served. Additional servings will be provided at each
childs request. Parents are responsible for providing baby foods and other special dietary needs
for their children. Infants who are bottle fed must be provided with non-breakable bottles, bottles
are capped over nipples, labeled with the childs name and the date that the formula was prepared.
All bottles must be pre-made at home by the parent.


Carousel Kids observes the following holidays: (if the holiday falls on Saturday, we will observe the
holiday on Friday, if the holiday falls on Sunday, we will observe on Monday): New Years Day,
Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after, Christmas Eve
and Christmas Day. We will have to close the day after Christmas if no more than 15 children
attend. We will have a sign up sheet at the beginning of the week for this day. Please do not put
your child on the list if he or she will not attend.


Sick children may not be brought to the center for care. Should your child become ill while in our
care, we will immediately notify you to pick up your child: if we are unable to contact you by
phone, we will then contact the emergency contact in the order specified on your enrollment
application. It is required that we have on file the names, addresses, and phone numbers of
persons authorized to pick your child up. It is required by the state of Georgia, if any child in our
care becomes ill and produces a fever of 101 degree or over, the child must be picked up within
the hour and cannot return for 24 hours of being fever free. Children absent from the center with
a contagious illness will not be allowed to return to the center without a doctors note stating that
the child is no longer contagious. Also, any over the counter medications such as Tylenol, Motrin,
Benadryl, Robitussin, etc. will not be administered at the center. Any child who needs a fever
reducer every 4 hours should be at home.
All doctors prescribed medications must be in the original container and labeled with the name of
the physician, childs name, name of medication, and medication directions. All doctors prescribed
medications will be administered according to written directions on the prescription label. Carousel
Kids will only administer medications that specify three or more times per day. Any medication
prescribed less than 3 times per day need to be given at home. All medication must be signed in
with the front office upon entering the facility, no medications, ointments, creams, hair gels, etc. are
allowed in the classrooms. Parents must personally complete and sign a medication form for each
week it is to be administered. If at any time your child should have a noticeable adverse reaction
to a medication administered, you or your emergency contact will be notified immediately.
An emergency vehicle will be called when deemed necessary in the event of serious accident or
illness. In an emergency situation children would be transported to the pediatric unit of Gwinnett
Medical Center, 1000 Medical Center Blvd. Lawrenceville, GA 30045. You or your designated
substitute will be asked to transport your child in case of a less serious situation. Staff trained in
first aid and CPR will be available at all times.
Although Carousel Kids has a comprehensive safety program along with regular maintenance of the
building, playground and equipment, accidents may happen. Should an accident occur, you must
submit medical expenses to your individual health care plan, if expenses are denied coverage, we
will then submit any expenses to our medical insurance for payment.
Any suspected incident of child abuse, neglect or deprivation shall be reported to the local health
department of family and children services as required by law.


In case of serious injury/death, Carousel Kids will immediately utilize First Aid and CPR, while
instructing another staff member to call 911 and to locate and notify all of the childs emergency
contact information. If all emergency contacts have been exhausted without results, Carousel Kids
will ensure that child or staff member are transported by emergency vehicle to Gwinnett Medical
Center. After all child or staff medical needs have been met, Carousel Kids will then immediately
notify the appropriate State Authorities.
In case of a lost child from Carousel Kids facility, the staff member would immediately notify
management. The staff member would remain with their group of children to ensure that all other
children are accounted for. Management will immediately call 911 and then notify parents. In the
event the parent cannot be reached, all emergency contact will be exhausted. Every available adult
will begin searching for the child.
In case of a lost child from a field trip, on of the four staff members will immediately notify 911
and Carousel Kids management while the other staff members are gathering and accounting for all
other children on the field trip. One staff member will remain with the group of children, while
other available adults begin searching for the child. Carousel Kids management will notify the
parents immediately. In the event the parents cannot be reached, all emergency contacts will be
exhausted. A member of Carousel Kids management will then go to the field trip location, and
begin searching for the child. Carousel Kids will then immediately notify the appropriate State
Although Carousel Kids will make every effort to provide a safe environment for you child, we want
to be prepared for any situation. We also want to make you aware of every procedure we would
take to ensure your childs safety and well being while in our care.


A vehicle equipped for safe transportation of children will be available to the center at all times. A
qualified licensed driver trained in First Aid and CPR will attend the vehicle at all times when
children are being transported. Transportation is provided for field trips, with parents permission
and to a variety of Gwinnett County Schools, (check with management to ensure that we service
your childs school district). Carousel Kids is located in the Simonton Elementary School District.
A public school bus will transport these children to and from school. School Transportation Forms
must be signed at the beginning of every school year. Field trip forms must be signed before each
field trip in order for your child to attend.
If we take your child to school in the morning, then we will pick your child up at dismissal time
unless otherwise notified. If we do not take your child to school, then we will assume that he or
she is absent, unless it is agreed upon in advance that you will provide morning transportation and
we will provide afternoon transportation. You must notify us each time your child does not need
transportation to or from school when we would normally provide this service to you. Please have
your child at the center no later than 7:30 a.m. for school transportation.


If Carousel Kids closes overnight as a result of severe weather, notification concerning our closure,
and any instructions necessitated thereby, will be announced on our phone message system by
dialing our main line. If any emergency situation occurs during normal operating hours such as
severe weather, fire or physical problems to the building, power failure, the childrens safety is our
first concern. The center is equipped with fire alarms as well as a weather band radio. Also, fire
drills are conducted monthly. If there is power failure at the center, and it is determined that it is
necessary for the center to close, parents will be notified to make arrangements for the child(ren)
to be picked up immediately. Please make sure the properly fill out all emergency contact
information. Parents will be notified as quickly as possible of any situation which would involve
closure of the center.


The center will provide discipline as it deems appropriate to the situation. At no time will any
employee of Carousel Kids resort to cruel or corporal punishment, not even at the request of the
parent or guardian. The following measures will be taken depending on the circumstances and
generally in the order given: positive example by the teacher, individual counseling with the child
by the teacher, behavior modification techniques, isolation within the classroom, removal from the
classroom with appropriate supervision, parental notification, and call parent to pick child up from
the center. While working with your child to modify his or her behavior situation, if your child
becomes violent and physically abuses a teacher, Carousel Kids will have no other alternative but to
have that child suspended, according to his or her actions. In the event that three suspensions are
required for your child, Carousel Kids will have no other alternative but to expel your child from our
In order to provide the best care for your child, parents should notify the center of any changes in
the childs environment that may affect his or her behavior. Being aware of changes in the childs
life will help us in implementing the adjustment.
However, Carousel Kids reserves the right to ask parents to make alternative arrangements for the
care of their child in the event that their child cannot adjust to a group childcare setting.


It is Carousel Kids policy that the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco products is prohibited within
the childcare premises, all outdoor (even in our parking lot), or any vehicle used to transport
children. This applies to all staff members and to parents and visitors.


Parents are required to provide to the center a change of clothing for their child. All clothing must
be marked with the childs first and last name. Carousel Kids is not responsible for any items lost
or stolen. Children should wear washable clothing that is suitable for hands on activities. Please
understand that your child will be active in art, self help skills, outside activities, etc. All children
must arrive at the center fully dressed, with pants or shorts, shirts, socks and shoes.


The center provides many toys for the childrens playtime. Therefore, we request that parents do
not allow their children to bring toys from home. Carousel Kids will not accept liability for any
personal items brought from home.



1. Unless I specifically notify the center otherwise in writing in advance, I hereby grant
permission for my child(ren) to participate in all activities of the center appropriate to
my child(ren)s age group, including field trips and special activities away from the
2. Parents are required to authorize in writing, the center to provide routine
transportation to and from school. A form for the parents signature is attached to
the parent policies and procedures.
3. I hereby grant permission for emergency medical care to be given as deemed
necessary by qualified personnel. In case of a serious accident or illness, a medical
emergency unit will be called. If hospitalization is required, your child will be
transported to Gwinnett Medical Center, 1000 Medical Center Blvd. Lawrenceville, GA
30045, (770) 995-4321.
4. Carousel Kids requires your permission for your child to attend any field trip. If
permission is not obtained in writing, unfortunately he or she will not be allowed to
attend the trip. Permission by phone is not acceptable.
5. I hereby warrant that I am entitled to legal custody and possession of my child(ren),
in the care of Carousel Kids, and am further authorized to sign this agreement.
6. Carousel Kids will not release a child to anyone who is not listed as an emergency
contact on the enrollment packet. If arrangements must be made for someone other
than an emergency contact, you will need to give written permission in advance in
order for your child to be released. This form may be faxed (770) 513-0757., or
given in advance to the front office or person in charge. We will not be allowed to
take this information by phone.
7. All policies, rates, and fees are subject to change as conditions warrant.

I have read, fully understand, and agree to abide by all statements contained in these policies and

Signature (Parent/Guardian) ______________________________________ Date __________________

Carousel Kids (Director) __________________________________________ Date __________________

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