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Jens Jrgen Dammerud, November 2012, updated April 2014

This document contains brief information on the project data made available from the stage acoustics project carried
out by Mike Barron and J ens J rgen Dammerud (PhD student on the project). The data set is freely available from For more information about the project and available documents, please visit this web site.

The data set is being made available as is, in one large zip file. The background for making the data freely available
is two-fold: the project was funded by EPSRC, the main UK government agency for funding research and the results
may be seen as belonging to the public. Researchers and students are welcome to further analyse or verify the
results from the project or to make alternative interpretations of the objective and subjective results. All measured
acoustic responses are included, as well as transcriptions of all questionnaire responses. In addition, the
intermediate reports that cover some topics not included in published material or in the PhD thesis are included.
Four computer models implemented in CATT-Acoustic are available: a parametric generic concert hall (used in
Chapter 6 in the PhD thesis, The Lighthouse in Poole, The Anvil in Basingstoke and the scale model of a generic
concert hall (in scale 1:25, used in Chapter 7 in the PhD thesis). Based on received requests raw data for the scale
model investigations are now also included in the data set (added April 2014).

All measurements of acoustic room impulse responses were carried out with WinMLS 2004 build 1.08a. See the
WinMLS folder for the files used for installing WinMLS on Windows XP and the setup files for the different venues. In
principle the setups for the different venues are the same, they were mainly stored for logging purposes (for instance
if some setting accidently was changed). A full-working time-limited free evaluation version of WinMLS should be
available by filling in a contact form on A MATLAB function (loadimp.m) for reading WinMLS
WMB files in MATLAB (provided by WinMLS/Morset Sound Development) is included in the WinMLS folder.

Several of the folders and file names start with the relevant date for the measurements or document, in the form
YYMMDD. Some files also have the date indicated at the end of the file name, in the form YYmonthDD.

See Figure 7.4 in the PhD thesis for measurement positions. Also see BSO venues, measuring notes.pdf in the
Measured BSO venues folder. Repeated measurements at the same position and the configuration has -1 or -2
etc. at the end of the file name.

Measurements for calibrating/verifying G calibration
Files starting with Stage_cal_ is for calibrating or verifying the G calibration. If numbered from 1 to 29
measurements are carried out according to ISO 3382-1. If only a few measurements are carried out for verifying
purposes, a selection of the 29 measurements that showed the largest deviations were selected (measurements 1,
2, 6, 9 and 13 out of the full 29 measurements set) .

Stage measurements
For measurements of stage responses the file names start with Stage_. Measurements were carried out on empty
stage for some of the venues, indicated with Stage_empty_. The source position is indicated as S1 for source
position 1. Measurements numbered 15 are repeated ST measurements at same position (microphone at stage
left, facing the audience relative to the source). Measurements numbered 6 is ST measurement with microphone up-
stage (towards the back wall), while number 7 is for microphone at stage right (relative to the source).
Measurements 27 were not carried out at all of the venues. Numbers 912 is with microphone at the four other
source positions in ascending order. For instance with the source at S1, 9 is with the microphone at source position
S2, 10 at S3, 11 at S4 and 12 at S5. With the source at S3, 9 is with the microphone at S1, 10 at S2, 11 at S4 and
12 at S5.

Hall (audience area) measurements
Files for the hall (audience area) measurements start with Hall_ and are numbered from 1 and up. The relation
between number and seat is given in BSO venues, hall measurements positions.

File naming conventions for the scale model measurements are described in respective folders. MATLAB functions
for analyses are also included.

If you have any questions to the files or need more information, please contact me on
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