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Origins of New Spain

• Cristobal Colon

o Fernando of Aragon and Isabel of Castile

o The Ocean Sea

 Promised wealth for the king so they

could fight the Muslims

 He said that they would have enough

money to push the Muslims back and take

over Jerusalem

o Grenada

 Outpost under Muslim hands in southern


 The Spanish take over the outpost

 they were ecstatic for their

accomplishment and allowed Columbus to

take the voyage

o Reconquista
 the reconquest of the Iberian lands from

the Muslims

o Columbus leaves with three ships

 lands in the beaches of San Salvador (the


 ushered in a new area in world history

• Contact

o discovery vs. encounter

 they discovered them for Europe but they

have been there all along

 encounter is a much better way to explain

the event

o San Salvador (Hispaniola)

 lands in Hispaniola

 “many islands filled with people


o Tainos

 he encountered the Tainos
 “child like, primitive”

 thought they had no religion

 he observes gold in some places

 he learns about the Caribs from them

o Caribs

 war like, savage, practice cannibalism

o the natives believed the swords were from

another world, they did not have those metals

o they also believed the Europeans were god-


 their height and skin color

 Europeans are shorter

 Clothing

 Armor

 Intrigued with facial hair

 Horses

 ships
 bad breath, bad manners, repulsed the


o the Spaniards needed the help from the

Indians to feed themselves. The natives saw

this as weird.

• Colonization

o phases of Iberian conquest and colonization:

 1492 – 1570 main lines of administration

and economy established

 1570 – 1700 consolidation and maturity

 1700s reform and reorganization

o Columbus thought he landed in Japan and that

China was just a little further

o he was able to receive money for a second


 the second voyage was much larger and

equipped to built a town in the west

 17 ships and thousands of men

o their next step was the Caribbean Islands

 Caribbean Crucible

o Once the Indians realized the Europeans were

here to stay they did not like it and started to

fight them

o The king gave a grant of labor to indigenous

people to a conquistador

 the people and land were called

encomiendas and the conquistadors with

the grants were encomienderos

 the idea is to extract as many resources

as possible

 they basically institute a slave labor


o the Spanish were already experienced with

slavery so it wasn’t a big jump to have slavery

in 55Hispaniola
o They take over the lands of current day

 Puerto Rico 1508

 Cuba 1511

 Panama/North Coast of S. America 1513

 Mexico 1520s

 Peru 1530s

o Cortes and the conquest of México

 technology did not play as much of a role

 alliances were much more important

 Montezuma believes that Cortes is a God

 he comes the year that the God was

supposed to come back to México

 disease

 over the long run disease was of

enormous importance to the decline

of natives

 part of a broader process

o Columbian Exchange
 disease is one of those exchanges

 plants and animals

o By the end of 1570s

 Portugal had trading places in Asia

 had a claim of brazil

 Spain were claiming the 7Philippines

 Spain and Portugal come to an agreement

with the Treaty of Tordesillas

• Christianity: ally or critic?

o Universalism

o Roman Empire

 Benefited from the large empire

 the early bishops played a role as

proverbial governors in the empire

 appealed primary to the poor people

 it takes a while for the Romans and the

Christians to get together
 eventually there is an alliance between

the Church and the Empire

 Holy Roman Empire

 Charles V

o The Three Cs (for Roman Empires)

 Christianity

 seen as part of the Roman Empire


 Civilization

 Commerce

o De las Casas

 Debated the empires

 fought for the rights of American Natives

he did not want to stop the control over

the natives, he just wanted it to look

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