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Maths SL & HL

202 Exploration Ideas/Topics

Algebra & Nuber Theor!
Modular arithmetic
Goldbachs conjecture
Probabilistic number theory
Applications of complex numbers
Diophantine equations
Continued fractions
General solution of a cubic equation
Applications of logarithms
Polar equations
Patterns in Pascals triangle
Finding prime numbers
andom numbers
Pythagorean triples
Mersenne primes
Magic squares ! cubes
"oci and complex numbers
Matrices and Cramers rule
Di#isibility tests
$gyptian fractions
Complex numbers ! transformations
$ulers identity%
& '

+ =
Chinese remainder theorem
Fermats last theorem
(atural logarithms of complex numbers
)*in primes problem
+ypercomplex numbers
Diophantine application% Cole numbers
,dd perfect numbers
$uclidean algorithm for GCF
Palindrome numbers
Factorable sets of integers of the form ak - b
Algebraic congruences
.nequalities related to Fibonacci numbers
Combinatorics / art of counting
0oolean algebra
Graphical representation of roots of complex numbers
oots of unity
Statistics & Modelling
)raffic flo*
"ogistic function and constrained gro*th
Modelling gro*th of tumours
Modelling epidemics1spread of a #irus
Modelling the shape of a birds egg
Correlation coefficients
Central limit theorem
Modelling change in record performances for a sport
+ypothesis testing
Modelling radioacti#e decay
"east squares regression
egression to the mean
Modelling gro*th of computer po*er
(on2$uclidean geometries
Ca#alieris principle
Pac3ing 4D and 5D shapes
Ptolemys theorem
+erons formula
Geodesic domes
Proofs of Pythagorean theorem
Minimal surfaces ! soap bubbles
)esseract / a 6D cube
Map projections
)iling the plane / tessellations
Penrose tiles
Morleys theorem
Cycloid cur#e
7ymmetries of spider *ebs
Fractal tilings
$uler line of a triangle
Fermat point for polygons ! polyhedra
Pic3s theorem ! lattices
Properties of a regular pentagon
Conic sections
(ine2point circle
Geometry of the catenary cur#e
egular polyhedra
$ulers formula for polyhedra
$ratosthenes 2 measuring earths circumference
7tac3ing cannon balls
Ce#as theorem for triangles
Constructing a cone from a circle
Conic sections as loci of points
Consecuti#e integral triangles
Area of an ellipse
Mandelbrot set and fractal shapes
Cur#es of constant *idth
7ierpin3si triangle
7quaring the circle
euleaux triangle
Architecture and trigonometry
7pherical geometry
8i2Fi )riangulation
#alculus/Anal!sis & $unctions
Mean 9alue theorem
)orricellis trumpet :Gabriels horn;
.ntegrating to infinity
Applications of po*er series
(e*tons la* of cooling
Fundamental theorem of calculus
0rachistochrone :min<time; problem
7econd order differential equations
l+opitals rule and e#aluating limits
+yperbolic functions
)he harmonic series
)orus / solid of re#olution
%robabilit! & %robabilit! &istributions
)he Monty +all problem
Monte Carlo simulations
andom *al3s
.nsurance and calculating ris3s
Poisson distribution and queues
Determination of

by probability
0ayes theorem
0irthday paradox
(ormal distribution and natural phenomena
"aes & "ae Theor!
)he prisoners dilemma
Gamblers fallacy
Po3er and other card games
=nights tour in chess
Topolog! & Net'or(s
7teiner problem
Chinese postman problem
)ra#elling 7alesman Problem
=>nigsberg bridge problem
+andsha3e problem
M>bius strip
=lein bottle
Logic & Sets
Codes and ciphers
7et theory and different ?si@e infinities
Mathematical induction :strong;
Proof by contradiction
Pro#ing that a number is irrational
Nuerical Anal!sis
"inear programming
Fixed point iteration
Methods of approximating

Applications of iteration
(e*tons method
$stimating si@e of large cro*ds
Generating the number e
Descartes rule of signs
Methods for sol#ing differential equations
%h!sical) *iological & Social Sciences
adiocarbon dating
Gra#ityA orbits ! escape #elocity
Mathematical methods in economics
Computing centres of mass
$lliptical orbits
"ogarithmic scales / decibelA ichterA etc
Fibonacci sequence and spirals in nature
Predicting an eclipse
Change in 0M. for a person o#er time
Concepts of equilibrium in economics
Paper folding
Designing bridges
Methods of approximating

Mathematical card tric3s

Currys paradox / ?missing square
Applications of parabolas
Music / notesA pitchesA scalesA etc
9oting systems
Flatland by $d*in Abbott :boo3;
)erminal #elocity
)o*ers of +anoi pu@@le
Art of M<C< $scher
+armonic mean
(a#igational systems
A Beautiful Mind :film;
)he abacus
Construction of calendars
7lide rules
Different number systems
Mathematics of juggling
Global positioning system :GP7;
Airline routes