Srishti: Hiranya Garbha

The waters desired, “how can we be reproduced?” They toiled and performed fervid devotions [or, and became heated]; when they were becoming heated, a golden egg was produced. The year, indeed, was not then in existence; this golden egg floated about for as long as the space of a year. In a year’s time a man, this Prajapati, was produced therefrom. He broke open this golden egg. There was then, indeed, noresting place, only this golden egg. At the end of a year he tried to speak. He said “bhuh”; this [word] became this earth-bhuvah: this became the air-svah: this became yonder sky. Prajapati, according to this text, then continues to create through self-impregnation.

they were created in random order. All the elements were created from the subtle energy called ‘Tanmatra’. Another meaning of tan is mother, and matra also means matter- the mother of matter. The mother of this whole world is the tanmatras. The tanmatras are in the womb of the Cosmic Mother, Prakruti. It is this energy that gives rise to the objective five elements.

Samudra Manthan

Pancha Mahabhutha

The Asuras- demons and the Gods decided to churn the primordial waters to find nectar or elixir. Meru parvat was used as a pivot and the serpent Vsuki was used as a churning rope- with Gods and Demons on either side they began churning. One was one of the many precious entities that came out and perhaps that explains the relationship between tides and the moon.

mother goddess in present times. The jar is also considered to be symbol of Parvati’s organ, which when holds the organ of Shiva (linga) forms the source of manifestation, the union, along with an arrow, which symbolises the generative organ. Poorna Kalash- the lotus flower, represents the whole universe. Lotus- One petal of the flower represents the earth. A lotus is also the symbol of the womb, spreading fertility to each and every direction. It stands at the base of all cosmos. Purna Kumbha- An earthern pot filled with water symbolises prosperity. Conch- Shankha or conch was born during Samudra Manthan in primordial waters from which the creative word OM emerges. It is Sacred to vishnu.

According to Hinduism there are 5 subtle elements which are responsible for life. They are called the Panchamahabhutas: Earth or Prithvi; Water or Jal; Fire or Agni; Air or Vayu and then Ether or Akasha. It was not that

Rituals and Iconography

The Rig Veda hymns praise the water, which cleanses at both-spiritual and physical planes. The jar stands as a divine womb sometimes in the Vedas; the water-filled jar is a symbol of the

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Atman and Brahman

Water is life. Water is the creative feminine principle. From the womb of water fire was born and the Srishti or cosmos came into being. Water is the part of the macrocosm that is the world as well as the microcosm that is the self. Its a known fact that 70% of earth is covered by water. Same is the amount of water in the human body approximately. Thus each one of us is indeed a fragment of the whole that is the cosmos or the Brahman. Sustaining water is sustaining life. India is said to be Nadi-matrika, a motherlan fed by rivers. India has Seven main rivers. These rivers provide irrigation, potable water, cheap transportation, electricity and livelihoods. They help sustain valuable flora and fauna. The apa principle that flows in the form of rivers also flows through all the living beings. Apa takes form of honey, water, bllod, milk, sap, mestrual flux and semen in the the living creatures.


Symbolically, water is a source and grave of life a vehicle of cleansing a centre of regeneration The mass of water represents the infinite nature of possible, the formless potential represented by the Apsara. The primaeval waters, the image of prima matter, also contained all solid bodies before they acquired form and rigidity. Limitless and immortal, the waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth, forever in flow (pravah). It is the preserver of life, circulating throughout the whole of nature, in the form of rain, sap, milk, blood.

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Pralay: Chaos

Water: Social issues After more than 60 years of independence equitable access to safe and pure drinking water to all cross sections of society is merely a dream. Access or the lack of it based on the caste of the person is still a prevalent system in many places in rural India. Pollution:The amount of sewage treated and otherwise that is being dumped into rivers today will only lead to further contamination of the already scarce resource. Even industries dump effluents into water leading to poisoning and major destruction of human life as well as flora and fauna inhabiting those waters. Water and politics:As states battle it out over who gets more water from the said river dams are being constructed without taking into account the environmental impact and the displacemetn issues into account. Pushing nature over the edge.Water and corporate consumption- Big softdrink companies having established their base in fertile soils of India long back are not only draining the ground level of water but also contaminating the farmlands.

The situation as it stands today is such that you have no water or poisonous one to irrigate your barren land however you can purchase it bottled up at an expense. What was sacred, pure and available to all earlier, is contaminated, branded and comes at a heavy price. The sacred waters of India which were ones being respected are getting polluted today. Pollution, indiscriminate consumption, wastage and many such problems are the modern day asuras or the demons plauging the sacred waters of India. Whenever thers is an imbalance and disorder in the environment the life principle dissolves, absorbs everything into itself in order to start the creative process once again. Kali is chosen as the symbol of the sacred feminine principle that will cause the world to get completely destroyed so that new world can come into being again.

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