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Root Galaxy S4 I9500 on Android 4.4.

KitKat and Install CWM Recovery

By Vinod Yalburgi
February 21, 2014 12:00 BST
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Samsung has just started rolling out its first official KitKat update for the international
variant of Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500) via Android 4.4.2 build I9500XXUFNB3. The firmware
is currently available for download as Over-The-Air (OTA) update as well as through
Samsung KIES for Galaxy S4 users in Russia.

Nevertheless, those who have already installed the update via OTA or using our step-
by-step guide (install manually) can go ahead and root the same using Philz Touch
Recovery, which brings all the features of ClockworkMod (CWM) Advanced Edition.
Philz Touch Recovery is the creation of XDA recognised developer, Phil3759. Learn
more about Philz Touch Recovery and its features on the XDA Developers source page.
IBTimes UK reminds its readers that it will not be held liable for any damage to device
during or after root installation. Users are advised to proceed at their own risk.
1. Install necessary USB Drivers for Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 on the computer.
2. USB Debugging Mode should be enabled on the phone by navigating to Settings
>> Developer Options.
3. Back up your important data to avoid potential data loss during firmware installation.
4. Ensure the phone is factory unlocked (not locked to any specific carrier).
5. Verify Galaxy S4 has at least 80 percent battery charge.
6. The Android Philz Touch Recovery (CWM Advanced Edition) is compatible with
Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 only. Do not attempt installing it on incorrect variants as it may
brick the device. Verify the model number of the Galaxy S4 by navigating to Settings
>> About Phone.
Downloads Required
Philz Touch Recovery (CWM Advanced Edition) v6.12.8
Odin 3.07 (Alternative Link)
Steps to Root Galaxy S4 I9500 Running on Android 4.4.2 KitKat Official Firmware
Step 1: Extract Odin 3.07 .zip file using WinRAR/7-Zip or WinZip.
Step 2: Turn off the Galaxy S4 and boot it into Download Mode by pressing and
holding Volume Down, Home and Power buttons together until a construction Android
robot icon with a warning triangle appears on screen. Now keep tapping Volume
Up button to progress into Download Mode.
Step 3: Launch Odin on computer as an Administrator.
Step 4: Connect the Galaxy S4 to computer with USB cable while in Download Mode.
Wait until Odin detects the device and then the ID: COM box will turn light blue with the
COM port number. Furthermore, when the device is connected successfully, a message
saying "Added!" appears on screen.
Step 5: In Odin, tap PDA button and select CWM recovery .tar.md5 file. Ensure the Re-
Partition option is unchecked.
Step 6: After verifying step 5, click Start button in Odin. The installation process should
Step 7: After the root installation completes, your phone will reboot and soon
a PASS message with green background appears at the top left-most box in Odin. It is
now safe to disconnect the USB cable and remove the phone from computer.
Step 8: Once again Power off the Galaxy S4 and boot it into CWM recovery by
pressing and holding Volume Up, Home and Power buttons together.
Step 9: In CWM recovery, go to "Philz Settings" option and choose "Re-root system
(SuperSU)". Then choose "Yes" to Apply SuperSU and confirm the action.
Step 10: Return to main recovery menu and tap "Reboot System Now".
Step 11: Install SuperSU from Google Play Store.
Step 12: Launch SuperSU app and update the binaries as normal.
Step 13: Reboot your phone
Galaxy S4 I9500 is now rooted successfully on Android 4.4.2 KitKat official firmware.
Launch app drawer on the phone and check for SuperSU in the apps list to verify root
Alternately, verify the root status of the phone by downloading Root Checker app from
Google Play Store.
[Source: Honai of Android]
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Root Galaxy S4 One Click Root
Without PC
Umpreet Singh - - Android Rooting
If you own a Galaxy S4 and looking for some really easy ways to root the s4 without pc or with
theone click root method, you at the right place. Follow the tutorial below to root the device
Rooting Advantages and Disadvantages:
If you are a noob, or in other words a beginner you need to know about rooting and its
advantages along with disadvantages. Also you need to get an idea about rooting galaxy s4 and
understand what rooting is. So I suggest you read some of the things that Ive written in the
paragraph below. If youre well knowing about what rooting is, you skip this part, and head to
the next part of the tutorial.

Android Rooting in simple words is gaining the Admin rights for your device. Just like in the
Windows there is an administrator mode, you can have an admin mode in the phone also. It
would allow you to control your device fully. Like you can do anything with your device, control
any apps behavior, install or unninstall any app and manage permissions. So all in all if you are
a geek and you would like to play with your galaxy S4, you should be rooting it right now. To
know more about android rooting, read this post.
Well for the others who are seeking some more, advantages to root your S4. Well do not worry, i
got you back. Rooting your android device can open the door to many possibilities, like you can
do many cool things with your android devices. Like you can Increase internal
Memory, Increase RAM, Play HD Games and much more. Also you can flash Custom
ROMs on your device. Not only it ends here, there are many more tweaks that can be done once
you root your android device, like managing the battery backup ( obviously increasing it),
increasing and overclocking the processor and much more. The list of advantages is so long, that
I have written a separate post on it, and you can read it here.
But not only android rooting has advantages but also disadvantages. Like if you root your
android device you will void your device warranty and much more. To read more about the
disadvantages of rooting galaxy s4, read here.

About this Tutorial to Root S4:
In this tutorial there are two ways to root galaxy s4 with the one click method and also without
PC. First things first, One Click Root is a software that lets you root your device with just a
single click. And it luckily supports the Galaxy S4 device, and also the company that designed
the software gives a brickproof warranty for the device. So it is pretty safe, and you need not to
worry when your root s4 with the one click root software. Coming to the rooting the S4 without
PC, if you do not have the PC, you can still root the device. You just need an ext card and
transfer some files to it, and that you can also do by phone itself, but still i have mentioned doing
it with a PC in the procedure, but that can be done from phone itself. SO dont freak out in the
middle of procedure. And then we would use the emulator software to pass the commands from
the phone itself, and get the root access. And then install the SuperSU app from Play Store to
get and manage the root permissions for various apps and functions within the device. So now
you have a complete idea, you can proceed to root the S4.
Before we start out the procedure to root the galaxy S4 one click, first you should have these
A computer or a laptop with proper drivers installed on it. Get them from here. Also make sure
that Sasung Kies is installed.
Also the phone is charged upto 70 percent ad we do not want the mega to die in the midst of the
process due to low power.
You need to backup all your Data and internal contacts on your galaxy S4.
Try this tutorial to do so - Backup Apps for Unrooted Devices
You need to backup all your Messages and MMS
try this tutorial to do so - Backup and Restore SMS on device
Also you need to enable the USB Debugging mode, you can do that by going into the settings, of
your device.

Before starting out, also make sure that all the firewalls, and the anti-virus software are disabled.
As they might create some problems, and prevent the rooting to complete.
Also download all the files, that are necessary and will be required to root S4 from the download
section below.
Download these files, as they will be required in the rooting procedure.
Use one of the buttons below to UNLOCK the Download Link and
Continue your Download without any Issues !
Root Galaxy S4 Without PC:
Here follow the steps below, to root galaxy S4 version without PC.
First of all, format your micro SD card as exFat drive as opposed to FAT32. If you do not this step,
you might face errors in the rooting procedure of Galaxy S4.
Now connect the microSD card to the computer or laptop whatever you have, and place theRoot
Exploit kit file into it.
Then place the card in the device, and now run the Android Terminal Emulator.
In the Emulator window type these three commands.
cd /mnt/extSdCard
If you do not get what these commands do, in simple words the first command would mount the
Card onto the device, the second one roots you Galaxy S4 with one click, and the third command
will make the root access permanent.
Now after you have performed all these steps, now you need to head to the Play Store and
download the latest version of the SuperSU file.
Now after installing it, open it and let it update itself.
Reboot the device, and Congratulations, you have rooted Galaxy S4 without using the Laptop or
Also sometimes the device might take time to boot for the first time after rooting, but do not
worry. And if it gets stuck into the bootloop, make sure that you boot it into the recovery mode,
and then wipe data factory reset and wipe cache partition, and reboot the device again. it
would work absolutely fine then.
So it was as simple as that. You just rooted your Galaxy S4 simply.. If you face any problems or
any other doubts, feel free to contact us, and ask. You can also comment below, we would try to
get back to you as soon as possible. Also if you want a faster process to root your S4, you can
follow the steps below to root s4 with one click.
Read: Unroot Galaxy S4 and Stock ROM
Root Galaxy S4 One Click Root Method:

Here are the steps to Root the Galaxy S4 with the one click root method.
Download the One Click Root Software
Connect the Galaxy S4 to the PC or Laptop.
Launch the Once Click Software, and then click on Root.
Now you need to just wait for the process to complete.
Congratulations, you just rooted your device with the one click root method.
Read: Things to do after Rooting your Android device
So this was a post in which we discussed two methods to root the Galaxy S4 with One Click
Method and Rooting S4 without PC. So which method would you prefer and why?
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How To Install CWM Recovery ?
There are 2 methods for installing CWM
1.Method (dd method)
You need root before you continue.
now copy recovery.img from second post to your sd card and :
1.On PC :

Make shure that device is on usb debugging mode.
Plug device and open Terminal/command prompt.
Copy Pasta the Following Commands :
PHP Code:
adb shell
dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p10
make shure that partion is mmcblk0p10 or you will brick device !
now you can reboot to recovery (volume up + home +power) and enjoy CWM

2.On Phone :

Second Method Is Via ODIN.
First Download ODIN
Now Download the CWM-recovery- From Second Post and put it in same
directory as odin.
Go To Download Mod (Volume Down +Home+Power) and plug device.
Now in Odin You Will see {added} and a light blue figure on top that means that device has
been recognized if you dont get them uninstall devices drivers and retry.
Now click PDA and select CWM-recovery- And Then Click Start .
After Device reboots Your Done and CWM Is Flashed.