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kids care

In the month of August, we

got 19 kids from Patna dis-
trict and 5 kids from
Vaishali district admitted to
Nutrition Rehabilitation Cen-
ters (NRCs)
Registered Office:
Arpana Bank Colony, Phase-2,
Ram Jaipal Nagar, New Bailey Road
Contact: Nishant Ojha (+91 9663367484)
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issue 6 | august 2014
Head Office:
54/1, Block-UA2, Jawahar Nagar,
New Delhi-110007
Contact: Neeraj Saransh (+91 9868425466)
Ajay Kumar Ojha (+91 9873738043)
Regional Presence:
Bangalore (Karnataka)
Gurgaon (Haryana)
Alwar (Rajasthan)
Patna (Bihar)
programs updates:
The Curious Case of Missing IFA Tablets & the
Power of RTIs
Meera is a young pregnant woman from a remote village in Phulwari-Sharif Block
of Patna District in Bihar. Needless to say, she is from a poor household. But what
is to be noted here is that she is one amongst the 58% of the pregnant women in
India who are anemic.

Anemia, the antagonist of this story, is a deadly iron deficiency state responsible for
20-40% of maternal deaths in India. The Government of India, in an effort to save
women like Meera from this deadly villain, chalked out a plan to use a simple yet
potent method: IFA (Iron Folic Acid) supplementation to counter this villain.

The Government has entitled each pregnant woman 100 IFA Tablets for free under
a scheme called JSSK (Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram). A valiant effort in-
deed to begin with! Strong intent, thick budgets, dedicated delivery mechanism; a
whole infrastructure was created to realize the IFA plan. There was surely some
success but that was only the tip of the iceberg.
Seva Setu, a very young social initiative excited by all that was written in letter
(read JSSK), decided to get its hands dirty and started working along with Meera
and others to further drive away anemia. That is when the twist in the story takes
place. Many of the women didnt know about their right to have these 100 IFA tab-
lets free of cost. Even if they knew, they hardly got any. That set the ball rolling in
Seva Setus efforts to dive deeper using a focused weapon called RTI (Right to
Information) at various offices of state & central government. The results and re-
sponses received were no good at all. The promised IFA tablets were nowhere to
be found! The attached info-graphic says it all. And the women were still suffering
the old way. Obviously the villain was having a good and comfortable stay in Phul-
wari-Sharif atleast (we are sure situation in no different in other parts of India).

However, we at Seva Setu didnt give up and continued with our crusade. After
numerous RTIs and letters to local state machinery, we saw an increase in ac-
countability and so in the availability of the IFA tablets. The scarcity is less now.
Meera and other pregnant women like her were now proactively asking for these
IFA tablets. We feel happy in assuming that these little changes were because of
our efforts. Not only is this endeavor trying to bridge the demand supply gap, but it
is also bringing a silent revolution which is shaping up a new world order in a small
block of Phulwari-Sharif!

Seva Setu calls upon each person in the society to join in our efforts to bridge,
share, connect & take one more step towards driving the villain (Anemia) out. We
assure you that anemia is just one of many monsters we have to defeat!

Attached is an infographic illustrating the gap between demand and supply, the gap
between Life and Death!
Severely Acutely Malnourished
kids admitted in NRCs
mother care
In August, Mother Care Call
Champions generated 650+ call
points and connected with around
200 pregnant women do-
ing1600+ minutes of Baat Cheet.
Each One Reach One, the Call
Champion Connect initiative is trending fast on
Facebook (CLICK HERE)




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citizen care
In August, we facilitated:
185 Caste, Income, Resi-
dence Certificates, 46 Pen-
sions (Old Age+ Widow) 75
Birth Certificates, 12 PAN
Cards and 5 Bank Accounts
Seva Setu Helps Improve Effectiveness of VHNDs by Capturing and Analyzing Key Data/Information
VHNDs (Village Health & Nutrition Days) are one of the most interesting initiatives by the government towards communitisation under Na-
tional Rural Health Mission in addressing health & nutrition related problems at local community level in rural areas. Every Aanganwadi Centre
(AWC) has a VHND every month. A host of services like pre-natal check-ups, immunization, counseling, detection of malnutrition etc., are sup-
posed to be offered through collaborative efforts of ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist), ANMs (Auxiliary Nurse Midwife), AWW
(Aanganwadi Worker) & other community volunteers & representatives from Panchayat.
As shared in our previous editions of Samvaad, Seva Setu field team participates in these VHNDs as part of the aggregation strategy to collect
data for Mother Care, Kids and Citizen Care. Starting August this year, we have gone a step further and have developed a TEMPLATE (Click
Here) which is used by our field team to capture key information to analyze, assess the actual work being done at these VHNDs so that the
shortcomings are brought to light and remedial measures are taken. Some of the key things that are captured include:
Place of immunization to check whether it was done at the AWC or someones house. If it is done at someones house, it implies the AWC
centre is not in good condition and calls for immediate attention.
Was the VHND event publicized properly and if yes what kind of material was used for it?
Were key health parameters such as Blood Pressure, weight, etc. of the pregnant women, new born kids checked?
What items from the checklist (medicines, injections, etc. for various types of immunization) were not available or fell short on the day of
How many people in the immunization due list turn up on the VHND event? Did people other than those mentioned in the list also come for
the event? If yes, why were their names not there in the list?
Did the group meeting take place or not? Was the attendance of ANM and other workers done or not?

We compile and analyze these inputs in a structured way and decide on the strategies/solutions to address the same. It must be highlighted
here that presence of Seva Setu team on the day of VHND ensures proper functioning.

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