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Q.1) Tell me about yourself?

Ans.1) I am Adig, I stay in Mumbai, and my native place is Bihar. My father is working in a
pharmaceutical company and my mother is a housewife. I have done my tenth and twelfth from
KendriyaVidyalaya, Thane (Maharashtra). Currently, I am doing my B.Tech in Electronics and
Communication branch from VIT University, Vellore. My hobby is playing football and I like
watching English Premier League (EPL) Matches and I follow my favorite football club Arsenal.
I was the core committee member of the Instrument Society of India (ISOI). During my B.Tech I
have done a project on Hybrid ALU which was selected for the pre-final round of Cadence
Design Contest and I am also looking forward to publish it in a reputed scopus indexed journal.
Q.2) Why MBA after engineering?
Ans.2) Since my childhood, I have been influenced by my father who had a successful
management career. I had the opportunity to understand the importance of business education
early in my life and have aspired to become a successful leader even during my school days.
After school, I took up engineering due to my affinity towards science subjects and to get an
exposure to technology.The technical knowledge coupled with managerial skills is imperative in
today's corporate world. So, I now look forward to management education to learn and
understand business functions in-depth.
Q.3) Describe your Strength?
Ans.2) My strength is that I am a hard working person. I manage my time well and always
complete my job before the deadline. I never give up and leave no stone unturned in completing
my tasks.
Q.4) Describe your Weakness?
Ans.3) I take time to mingle with people, unlike a lot of my friends, I do not take initiatives to
go out of the way to make friends. I am also a quite person who takes time to be comfortable
with people before opening up to them. I only have a small group of friends but a very close
Q.5) What is your short term goal?
Ans.5) My short term goal is to complete my management education, and then work in an
organization where I can use my understanding of business function in real life business
scenarios. I look forward to learn the practical aspects in a real business environment as I take up
managerial responsibilities in the organization.

Q.6) What is your long term goal?
Ans.6) My long term goal is to become an expert in the functional area that I work in. I look
forward to gain as much exposure as possible from working in varied business environment and
business situations so as to gain a larger understanding of the function and business. In the next
15 years, I would also groom myself as a leader taking up large responsibilities both in terms of
decision making and management. I aspire to be a person who would be looked upon as an
expert in my functional area by the rest of the people in the industry.
Q.7) Why MBA in Operations? (As I am interested in doing MBA in operations)
Ans.7) Operations drives everything in the company. Operation includes all the activities
required to create and deliver a product or service, from selecting suppliers and raw materials to
supply chain management and distribution. It involves the responsibility of ensuring
that business operations are efficient in terms of using as few resources as needed,
and effective in terms of meeting customer requirements. So, operation is a key component of
the business. Therefore I want to take this domain in MBA.
Q.8) Why Should we select you?
Ans.8) In today's corporate world, there is demand for people having combination of technical
knowledge and managerial skills. I as an engineer have gained the technical knowledge and I
now need to learn and understand business functions in-depth. As I am a hardworking and
focused person, with my diligence I can certainly learn the nuances of business education.
Q.9) Why not work experience?
Ans.9) I want to complete my studies in one go. And if I do the job now then I will be working
only on the technical part but after doing MBA I will be doing the techno-managerial job.
Q.10) Why Should we reject you?
Q.11) Which new IIM will you choose?
Ans.11) I will choose IIM Ranchi, because I am interested in doing MBA in operations and in
IIM Ranchi good job profiles were offered in operations field by big companies.