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Astrology, The Natal (Birth) Chart and Soul, Pre-Birth Planning

The basic principle of astrology is that the planets have a fundamental, cosmically based
connection to specific archetypal forces or principles which influence human existence,
and that the patterns formed by the planets in the heavens bear a meaningful association
to the patterns of human affairs on the Earth. Where affairs takes on the dual meaning of
individual and collective (global).
strology preceded astronomy the latter born modern with the invention and
implementation of the telescope. strology is the most ancient of sciences and is r
ightfully believed for thousands of years to illuminate the fundamental archetypal
dynamics that deeply condition our lives, which is not to say they entirely determine our
lives. !ecause our individual response to life always contains an element of
unpredictability and potential freedom, and because astrology gives a greater
understanding of our basic archetypal complexes and their timing, then a knowledge of
our birth chart can significantly increase the range of options, flexibility, and intelligence
with which we approach life.
"ost cultures, including our own prior to the modern era, had some kind of astrology as
an element of their global view, for they understood the phases of the moon, sun, and
planets as profoundly significant. The astrological viewpoint observes the universe as
meaningful and integrated. #nstead of the modern partition between the purposeful,
meaning$seeking human consciousness unrelated to a random, meaningless universe,
astrology implies that individually and cosmically we are integrated at all levels% outer
and inner, macrocosm and microcosm, celestial and terrestrial. s was said by the
ancients, &s above, so below.&
The natal birth chart is created by determining as precisely as possible the exact time,
day, month and year of birth, using astronomical software, the position of the planets, sun
and moon is established and plotted in their relationship to Earth. 'rom this plotting
geometrical relationships emerge as these heavenly bodies form triangles, s(uares, and
other angular relationships something like a snapshot of the heavens at the moment of
one)s birth.
The nature of those patterns, which planets are involved and how they are positioned,
correlate in a strikingly consistent manner with the archetypal character of the
experiences one tends to have through life.
Archetype Defined
n archetype is a universal principle or force that affects, propels, constitutes and
saturates the human consciousness (psyche) and human behavior on many levels. *ne
can consider them as primordial instincts ('reud), as inspiring first principles (+lato), or
as gods of the psyche (Egyptians).
rchetypes (e.g. ,enus or "ars) have a motivating, mythic (uality, yet they also have
very explicit psychological expressions as in the longing for love and the experience of
beauty (,enus), or the inclination to forceful action and aggression ("ars). "oreover,
archetypes seem to work from within and without% they can express themselves as
impulses and representations from the interior psyche yet also as specific episodes and
situations in the external world.
rchetypes are not only visible in human psychology, in human experience and behavior,
but are also linked to the macrocosm i.e. to the planets and their movements in the
heavens. strology thus sustains the ancient paradigm of a collective consciousness
(-ung) or world soul, in which the human consciousness participates. #t is concept, not
pop horoscopes, that drew the ancient civili.ations to their gods and their views of
Ho Do The Planets Affect !s"
The familiar explanation put forward is the /un$"oon correlation such as the solar
flaring and its effects, the menstrual cycle)s following the waning$waxing "oon and
lunar tidal conse(uences.
#t is tricky at best, and we have no known mechanism for drawing such a conclusion, that
0ranus or /aturn or their astronomical placement to each other directly provokes life on
Earth events.
#f -ung is right and we are part of a collective consciousness, one is all, all is one, also
represented in the basic esoteric axiom, &as above, so below,& then there exists a universe
all of whose parts are incorporated into an intelligible whole.
'rom this viewpoint, the planets are not &sourcing& anything to be occurring in our lives
no more than the numbers on a digital timepiece are 1causing2 it to be 3456 +". 7ather,
the planetary positions are identifying the cosmic status of the archetypal vigors at that
The reality is the planets regularly appear to be a sign of archetypical events with such
precision strongly hints that the cosmic order is much more intense and persistent than
our conventional ideas have imagined. That the relationship between a particular
planetary pattern and a human experience is best seen as one of significant connection not
one of straightforward linear causality. The "oon does not create werewolves.
strology is the constant harmony linking planetary positions and human lives as a type
of universal cipher, the practical face of mathematical astronomy, for the human mind to
disentangle, to better appreciate and comprehend ourselves and our world, rediscover our
profound association to the cosmos, and be more complete human beings.
Schart#$ Pre-Birth, %ife and Soul Planning
7obert /chwart. studies of clients 8ife !etween 8ives (8!8) sessions has created a
library of information on the mechanics and processes of the 8ife 7eview and the
subse(uent soul group planning and goal setting for the subse(uent incarnation.
The circumstances of our birth are not accidental but are in some sense a conse(uence of
our spiritual and karmic character. #f we select the events of our lives, we choose the
family, culture and age into which we are born, and since this choice is somehow made
from a superior plane of our spiritual being (than that of which we are generally
conscious) then the tie$in between pre$birth life planning and the astrological birth chart
is unavoidable.
'rom the 8!8 point of view, the birth chart is not the declaration of inescapable fate but
the defining of the basic configuration of our probable unfolding the personal
gifts and tests that we have chosen for this lifetime to work with and evolve through.
9ypnotherapist +atricia Walsh following on the heels of mentor 7oger Woolger guides
+87 and 8!8 regressions for clients who have provided their pertinent natal information.
'rom the client data, she extracts a natal chart which gives strong clues as to the nature of
the client and their archetypal influences.
This approach the +87:8!8 to be more than a tool of experience or a mental
unfolding of the subconscious but further as actual analysis for the detection and
treatment of client problems.
#n Understanding Karmic Complexes, Walsh shows consistent and irrefutable 1correlates
between ;actual; past life memories (recalled during regression therapy) from thousands
of individuals to their natal astrological charts.2
This is the second generation of progress, the first being the acceptance of /chwart.)
work with pre$birth planning sessions and, now, the deeper reali.ation of the myriad of
options and decisions which embrace cosmological origins and conse(uences. That is to
say the soul and life planning sessions are much more than uncomplicated meetings
between advisors and soulmates.