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A Question of Energy and Influence

Chris Thomas 2012 1

A Question
Energy & Influence
by Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas 2012

question has arisen from, to me, an
unknown source through a discussion
The question is about the difference between
the energies of the 14
Faction, this Universe
and the Velon.
It is a fundamental question which I am
surprised has not been asked before. Really, I
could write a new book to answer this question
but there is not enough time available for that
to happen so it is a matter of answering the
question in an essay format.
The question was this:

Im trying to clarify an understanding I
have of energies of the universe.
I understand from CTs books that our
universe was created with the idea of what
would happen if everyone had free will with
the rule of not being able to take away free
will from others. If everything is energy, then
our universe, along with everything in it would
be created within the energy of free will. The
action of acting against free will would not be
possible because its not part of the energy.
The 14
Faction arrived ultimately infecting
our universe with the ability to take away free
Now, CT states that the portal the 14

created is now closed as of 2002, so no one
can draw on these energies any longer.
However, I assume that those energies still
exist. In the books that I have read, CT does
not state these energies infecting the Velon. I
tend to think they have, since they are
effectively taking away our free will.
If we generate enough of the free will
energies as a mass consciousness, then, will it
be possible to reduce those with the
infected energies? Is this what those mass
meditations are aiming at? Is keeping
humanity in conflict the food for these
negative energies, which is what is keeping
this cycle going?
Basically, Im trying to make a correlation with
the energies of the 14
Faction brought in
and to comments from folks like Icke who
state that the entities controlling the Illuminati
promote conflict, so they can feed off the
negative energies humans give off.
If the portal is gone, then we become the
main source of food for those remaining with
the infected 14
Faction energies. I believe
it is unknown if all 14
Faction entities were

This is a complex question which gets
to the heart of the purpose and
function of our Universe and our
current state of development as individual
souls. The answer also involves the
complexities of time, and how it is measured in
different parts of our Universe, and how time
relates to the Earth.

Our Universe was Created 14,376,279,393
years ago (as of 2012). That is, the number of
human years ago. In different regions of the
Universe, time is measured in different ways
and this will become relevant later.
Ours is the first Universe ever Created and was
constructed around the energy patterns of
freedom of choice. In other words, every soul
that has been Created to exist within this
Universe has absolute freedom of choice over
their actions. The only limiting factor is that
no soul can act in such a way as to remove the
freedom of choice of another.
That Universal Law is absolute and inviolate.

However, other universes have been Created
since ours.
In all, twelve universes exist at the present time
with the apparent intention of there being
thirteen in total.
I am not trying to speak on behalf of the
Creator, just extrapolating information from the
In overall terms, these other universes have no
relationship with ours; they are not
multiverses in a quantum physics sense but
totally independent energy envelopes that are
imbued with energy patterns and characteristics
that the Creator wishes to explore.

A Question of Energy and Influence
Chris Thomas 2012 2

The second universe to be Created explores
the exact opposite of ours. In other words: what
if every soul within that universe had the ability
to remove freedom of choice?

This second universe was not very successful.
The energy patterns from which it was
constructed generated chaos; so much so that it
only lasted about 15 million (human) years
before it began a process of decline and
This second universe does still exist but is very
close to annihilation and most of its inhabitants
have returned to source (the Creator).

All of the souls that were Created for this
second universe were of a semi-physical
nature. This means that they had a physical
form and physical density and their souls were
integral to their bodies. In other words, their
souls did not detach from their bodies but were
effectively immortal in their embodied form.
Their length of life expectancy was, effectively,
as long as the life of their universe.
Given the chaotic state of their universe, the
inhabitants tended to form alliances and collect
together in groups with a common cause
(Factions). Usually this cause was the storage of
energy to which they had many uses but,
primarily, the reason seems to be purely
depriving other Factions the use of that energy.
Given the underlying energies of this second
universe, the removal of freedom of choice, the
Factions tended to become controlled by one
individual; someone who was more aggressive
than others. This aggressive individual would
then force the other members of the Faction
into becoming drones - a situation not unlike
the Borg of the Star Trek television series.
Each separate Faction was made up of one
leader who turned all of the other members of
the Faction into drones there was no
hierarchy, just a dictatorship of one.

The effect of this energy gathering was to create
a universe made up of energy clusters with
massive voids in between.
This is unlike our Universe where energy is
freely available wherever you travel whether
that is within galaxies or within inter-galactic

With a universe so severely divided, it was
impossible for it to continue in existence and so
it began a process of decline.
Those who lived within this second universe
realised that the decline and collapse had
begun and they attempted to gather together
any and all energies to try to maintain their
position within their universe. Even with the
pressures and urgency of their universal
collapse, they did not fight wars; there was no
history of violence between the various
However, one of the Factions realised that
another universe existed and in an attempt to
gather as much energy as possible, they
constructed what our scientists would call a
worm hole.
The scientific definition of a worm hole is an
energy tube that is constructed from two
black holes positioned back to back.
This worm hole connected the second universe
to ours with this connection taking place
approximately 3.6 million (human) years ago.

The beings that entered our Universe, the
Akashic calls the 14
Faction. There appear
to be two reasons for this name: firstly, that was
the name they gave to themselves within their
own universe and secondly, our Universe
contains thirteen races so to mark their
difference, our Universe also numbered them

The 14
Faction were a semi-physical race.
This means that they would be invisible to
normal human senses. The semi-physical races
are constructed from energy patterns that
humans can only perceive on a psychic level.
In appearance they were about 5m or 15 foot
tall and humanoid in form. Their skin was
reddish green in colour and very smooth and
they were androgynous. The only markings
they had were a pronounced bony ridge that
extended from the top of their nose and across
the top of the skull. Their eyes were yellow with
vertical irises. Overall, a very reptilian-like

Their purpose in braking into our Universe was
to collect energy and transport it back to their
own universe to maintain their position within a
universe that was in the early stages of collapse.

A Question of Energy and Influence
Chris Thomas 2012 3

Given their history of energy gathering and
stock-piling in their own universe, they had
developed technology to achieve these aims
and this technology they brought with them into
our Universe.

What is meant by energy is a little difficult to
describe given scientific lack of understanding.
Energy underlies, and is the basic building
block, of everything that exists. This is well
described by Einsteins Theory of Relativity:
E = m c

What this equation means is that:
E stands for energy
m stands for matter
c stands for the speed of light
The amount of energy that is contained within
solid matter is calculated by multiplying the
mass of a substance by the speed of light
To give an example:
Water contains two atoms of hydrogen
combined with one atom of oxygen. To
calculate how much energy would be released
from the hydrogen contained within one litre of
pure water (hydrogen bomb), the calculation
would be:

E= 0.111 x 300,000,000 x 300,000,000
E= 10,000,000,000,000,000 joules
Water contains 111 grams of hydrogen or
0.111 kilograms and the speed of light has been
measured at 300 million metres per second
within our solar system.

Another way of looking at energy and matter is
that the speed at which light travels determines
the density of solid matter.
As the alchemist John Dee put it in the 16

Any substance can be created by reflecting
light at the correct angle.

All of this comes down to the fact that
everything that exists is constructed of energy
which means that the 14
Faction found a
whole universe full when they broke into our

The way in which they went about gathering
this energy and transporting it back to their
universe is not something I can describe as we
do not have the vocabulary to describe the kind
of technology they used. However, there is one
device they used which has become well known
and that is a black hole.
Before the arrival of the 14
Faction, black
holes did not exist in this Universe.
A black hole is a region of extremely dense
energies that bend space and time so much that
it draws energy into itself. The black hole
connects one region of space to another, but in
one direction only.
Black holes can be likened to a drinking straw.
If you put a straw into a liquid and then draw
the air out of the straw, the liquid rises up the
straw and, usually, into your mouth. Black
holes work in very similar ways except they
were specifically designed to draw energy from
the region of space around its entrance and
deliver that energy to a specific region where
the 14
Faction could harvest it. The energy
could travel in only one direction, it could not
return down the black hole straw to where it
was collected.

Black holes were only formed by devices
constructed by the 14
Faction they did not
exist in this Universe before the 14
A good indicator that the 14
Faction has been
removed from our Universe is the fact that
many black holes have now been observed to
eject the energy they collected back out through
the collection end. Many black holes have also
been observed to collapse.

The 14
Faction did not operate their energy
stripping devices anywhere near to Earth but
did considerable damage to other areas of our
Universe. So much damage was caused that it
was a closely argued decision between allowing
our Universe to continue in existence or to
collapse it.
Dealing with the 14
Faction was immensely
difficult. We live in a Universe where the
removal of freedom of choice is not allowed
and so dealing with beings who brought with
them energy patterns that were designed to
remove freedom of choice proved almost
The Thirteen beings who maintain the balance
of energies within this Universe took a great
deal of time to find a means of overcoming the
14s energy patterns effectively, they had to

A Question of Energy and Influence
Chris Thomas 2012 4

create fundamentally new energy patterns from
frequencies that did not exist originally in this
In the end, the Earth played a crucial role in
overcoming the 14
Faction with their eviction
from this Universe finally happening in 2002
(human time).
This is where time becomes very confusing.
The destruction of the 14 energies took place
in 2002 on Earth but 2.5 million years ago in
the region of the Universe most affected by the
For a more detailed explanation of how time
varies in different parts of the Universe, see my
previous essay entitled Time-Lines.

Needless to say, time is also an energy and the
range of frequencies of energy that exist within
the Universe vary considerably certainly to a far
greater extent than we, humans, can currently
comprehend. This is not a failing on our part;
we just need the rest of the soul in the body to
be able to grasp the full range of knowledge
that is currently not available to us.

The most important aspect of the 14
Faction is
that a way was found to destroy the energy
patterns they brought with them and the
reptilian beings that entered our Universe were
all evicted.
For more details of the 14
Faction see Planet
Earth The Universes Experiment and The
Universal Soul.

However, the 14
Faction did have an impact
on life on Earth.
When the 14s worm hole burst into our
Universe, 33,000 souls from the six non-
physical races were caught in the blast. This
means that they became contaminated with
energy patterns from the 14s universe the
ability to remove freedom of choice.
The Akashic does not record exactly what
happened to these 33,000. The personal
experience of each individual soul is recorded
within their DNA and these experiences are
not fully downloaded into the Akashic until
those individuals decide to return to the
Creator and leave this Universe. The activities
of some people can be tracked through the
Akashic but only because of the events those
individuals cause to happen.
However, the 14 energy patterns can be
tracked, to a certain extent, and so there is
some information available about the
movements and activities of these 33,000.

Again, the strangeness of time plays a part in
their story.
The first thing to remember is that although
these 33,000 were contaminated with 14
energies, the choice of whether they made use
of those energies was entirely that of the
individual. In all, something like 25,000 of
these souls rejected the 14 energies and
returned themselves back to the normal energy
patterns of this Universe.
This meant that about 8,000 souls made a
choice to make use of these energies that
allowed them to remove freedom of choice.
Initially, these 8,000 attempted to use the 14
frequencies to fight against the activities of the
Faction but, after a while, they were
defeated and forced to work for the 14.
At varying times, each one of these 8,000
continued on their journey and came to Earth
taking on human form.

It must be remembered though that they were
not reptilian in form. They were not reptiles
hiding under a human skin.
What did mark them out as different were the
changed energy patterns they brought with
them and it was these energy patterns that, from
a psychic point of view, gave them a feeling,
and perhaps a shadow, of being reptilian.

The first of these contaminated souls to arrive
on Earth did so around 330 BC and is better
known as Alexander the Great.
Since then, all of these 8,000 souls have lived
various human lifetimes and in each lifetime
they have made use of their ability to remove
freedom of choice.
In each life time, these individuals acted alone,
building for themselves empires that existed
during their lifetimes with the empire collapsing
on their deaths. When they were born again
into a new body, they began their empire
building anew. The only exception to this was
the establishment of the Vatican various
Popes have made use of 14 energies they were
contaminated with to first build and then
maintain an organisation that wielded

A Question of Energy and Influence
Chris Thomas 2012 5

considerable power over others over a period
of almost 2,000 years.

It is important to remember this fact: each of
those who were contaminated with 14
energies usually acted as individuals. They did
not create organisations, such as the Illuminati,
as they did not want to share their power with
They all worked by themselves and used their
ability to remove freedom of choice to bring
power and wealth to themselves; the idea of
sharing that power did not fit in with the 14

Factions energies.
Remember, the inhabitants of the 14s universe
formed themselves into Factions with one very
dominant leader in order to gather to their
faction as much energy as possible; an
inherently selfish viewpoint. When translated
into Earth culture, those who were
contaminated with 14 energies also acted in
very selfish ways. The contaminating energies
made it impossible for them to share their

The 14
Faction existed within our Universe for
just over 1 million years. These are human
years. Our solar system is constructed from
energy frequencies that are compacted down to
the point where they form what we describe as
physical matter. These energy patterns are so
condensed that we perceive time, light and
matter in ways that are very different to the
other regions of the Universe.
One million years to us will appear to be one
year or one second in other regions of the
Universe where different combinations of time,
light and matter create other realities and other
The 14
Faction was removed from this
Universe about 2.5 million human years ago
and all of their technology was destroyed at the
same time. To the semi-physical races, this time
period appears to be a matter of weeks whilst to
the non-physical races it can appear to be like
the blink of an eye.
Time is strange stuff, certainly as far as humans
are concerned.
Regardless of the huge range of time-scales
involved, the 14
Faction have been removed
from the Universe and all of their energy
patterns have been removed with them. The
last time that the 14
Factions energies were
made use of on Earth was in 2002; ten years
Since then, those who were used to wielding
power by removing the choice of others have
found that they can no longer force people to
take actions against their own choice.
The 14
Faction energies no longer exist.

Human life, for the past 7,000 years, has been
lived where our ability to choose our actions
has always been intact.
Looking back through human history, it might
appear as though there have been many
occasions where our freedom of choice has
been removed but this is not necessarily
because of individuals making use of the 14
energies they were contaminated with.
Human lives have been lived whilst exploring
the possibilities available under The Human
Plan. These lifetimes have been lived under the
direction of the higher self and the events that
have occurred in each lifetime have been
planned by the higher self to gain the maximum
experience of living a human lifetime on Earth.
Sometimes the plans of the higher self have
placed us in situations where a choice has to be
made: do we stand up to the bully? Or do we
give in to what they tell us to do?
By bully I mean the likes of landowners,
mine owners, mill owners, dictators etc. If we
found our courage, we did not go along with
what these bullies told us to do. If we did not
find the courage, it appeared as though our free
choice was taken away from us.
So although 8,000 of the souls that were
contaminated in the blast of the 14s wormhole
did make use of the ability to remove freedom
of choice, they were not necessarily responsible
for many of the inequities that many people
experienced during their lifetimes. These
inequities came about by people making a
choice and, in many instances that choice was
to not make a choice but to do what someone
else told them to do.
Organisations, like the Illuminati, did not make
use of 14 energies there is nothing within the
Akashic to support that view; the Illuminati do
not have a 14 energy signature the Illuminati
and the other organisations they control, have
been formed by a different energy pattern.

A Question of Energy and Influence
Chris Thomas 2012 6

The Velon

ur Universe is peopled by many, many
trillions of souls. These are the free-
acting and free-moving souls and not
the souls who make up galaxies, solar systems
or planets.
These free-moving souls divide into two
There are six non-physical races. These are
souls that exist as pure soul energy; in form
they are humanoid but they have no physical
density. These six races exist everywhere
throughout this Universe and it is souls from
these six non-physical races who make up 99.9
per cent of the souls who have taken on human
form on Earth. We do not have names for
these six races. They are totally invisible to us,
even psychically, and their energy patterns are
so far above ours that we cannot communicate
with them, not even by channelled means. We
can only psychically communicate with these
souls when they in our solar system as they
have reduced and condensed their natural
energies in order to become human.
There are also seven semi-physical races.
These souls exist as physical beings but their
bodies are considerably less dense than ours.
Their natural state is with the whole of the soul
within the body and their bodies exist for the
length of time that their soul exists. In other
words, they do not die in the sense that
humans die but can exist for many millions of
years in one body.
The seven races are these (they are not named
in any particular order):
Crystalline, Greys, Blues, Sirians, NGC 584,
Pleiadeans and Velon.
This list might appear to be very short but these
are their soul origins. Most of these races have
spread out across many galaxies and inhabit
many varied planets. Where they decide to
colonise a new planet, they will call into being a
number of souls from the same origin to join
them from a soul storage this requires a
very complex explanation which we have no
room for here.
Very often when a new planet is colonised,
those who have colonised the planet will not
use their soul origin name but will take on the
name they use for that planet.
For example:
When these beings have had channelled
contact with people on Earth, they might have
stated that they originate from the planet Zog.
This statement will be true, they are Zogliths,
but their soul origin could be Sirian and this
has led to a great deal of confusion on Earth as
to who is who and where do they originate.
This is why I have always tried to stay with soul
origins when describing these races and their
activities to avoid confusion.

All of these 13 races have had contact and
interaction with the Earth in one form or
another over the history of the Earth.
The Sirians, Pleiadeans, NGC 584, Greys and
Blues have been visiting Earth, using ships, for
up to millions of years and their purpose has
been overwhelmingly helpful and peaceful.
But, one semi-physical race has had other ideas
and these are the Velon.

I am not going to give a detailed description
and back-story to Velon history as this has been
covered by several of my books particularly
The Human Soul, Project Human Extinction
and The Annunaki Plan? or The Human

However, since the Velon began to influence
activities on Earth, members of several of the
semi-physical races have been investigating
Velon history and Velon activities to try to get
to the bottom of what brought the Velon to
Earth and why they have acted in ways which
have attempted to remove freedom of choice.
This more comprehensive history is now
included within the Akashic.

The Velon solar system exists is a galaxy that is
twenty three galaxies distant from ours. It lies in
a direction that is behind the constellation of
Sagittarius in our night sky.
The solar system is a binary system in that it
has two suns one sun is a red giant and the
other is a brown dwarf. The description of
both suns would indicate that they are in the
process of decline and decay.
In most solar systems, the sun is the primary
consciousness but in the case of the Velon
system, the primary consciousness is the main
planet which is called Velus. Also unusually is
the presence of a second primary
consciousness which is the red giant sun.

A Question of Energy and Influence
Chris Thomas 2012 7

In other words, there is a dominant
consciousness that forms the primary planet
and the whole solar system, Velus, and a
secondary consciousness that makes up one of
the suns effectively Velus 1 and Velus 2.
The solar system contains eight planets and a
number of moons. Three planets orbit the
brown dwarf sun and four planets orbit around
the red giant sun. The eighth planet orbits both
suns. Three of the planets are inhabited; the
primary planet Velus, one planet called Tiamat
and the planet that orbits both suns called
Nibiru. A fourth planet, called Marduk, was
also inhabited until one of Nibirus moons
collided with the planet causing the planet to
become uninhabitable.
The names of these planets will be familiar to
anyone who has read the Annunaki story that
has been translated by Zecharia Sitchin.
However, you need to note that the story of
these planets applies to the Velon solar system
and not to our solar system see later.

The Velon peoples have divided themselves
into six different races. This race division
seems to be along the equivalent of religious
lines in much the same way as we on Earth
could call ourselves Moslem, Jewish or
Buddhist etc, the Velon call themselves:
Jjundaa, Oa, Mila, Johnaan, Annunaki and
The Annunaki live exclusively on Nibiru whilst
the other races live in colonies spread out
over the surfaces of both Velus and Tiamat.
They are a technological and industrial race but
have kept themselves very much to themselves
within their home galaxy. They have had very
little interaction with the other races of our
Universe as they seem to be very insular and
uninterested in what occurs outside of their
own galaxy. This is why so little was known
about them before they decided to make the
move to our solar system.

The Velus system was in a state of decline, the
Velus consciousness seems to have effectively
given up on life and was slowly winding down
before returning to source.
However, one Velon ship left the galaxy and
encountered an energy flow that was directed
from the Universal energies towards Earth.
When the ship returned to Velus and related
the story of finding the energy flow, it caused a
huge hiatus that led the Velus 1 consciousness
to believe that he should follow the energy
flow as the energy was mistakenly believed to
come from God and the Velon peoples had
obviously been specially chosen by God to
follow this energy.
Instead of being a solar system consciousness
that was in decline, Velus 1 appears to have
taken on a religious-like fervour now believing
that he had been chosen by God and the
Velon peoples must be Gods chosen people.
Given these new revelations, Velus 1
encouraged a form of religious schism within
the six Velon races and all six races began to
view themselves as chosen and the race who
could arrive at the end of the energy flow first
would be the chosen of both Velus 1 and God.
This schism meant that they set about building
bigger and faster ships than any of the other
races to arrive at the end of the energy flow

If you contrast this with human history, you will
see that on Earth we declared war on our
religious rivals.
The Velon, however, have no history of using
weapons or of armed conflict.
It is important to remember this fact when we
go on to explain Velon activities when they
arrived at our solar system. In other words,
there were no wars or battles fought, no star
wars or inter-galactic wars, between the Velon
and any other of the semi-physical races nor
did the Velon attack Earth using war-like
weapons of any kind.
It also needs to be understood that no race
within our Universe has ever developed
weapons nor have any wars taken place. It is
only humans who have uniquely chosen to kill
one another.
The reports back from the semi-physical races
investigations into Velon activities also state
very clearly that the Velon have had no contact
with, nor did they use the energies of, the 14


To reiterate: none of the six Velon races use
any war-like weapons, they have not fought in
any wars and they do not have access to the
energies of the 14

A Question of Energy and Influence
Chris Thomas 2012 8

Velus 1 was the first to arrive at our solar
system he had left his own solar system to
be cared for by Velus 2 whilst the Velon races
developed ships powerful enough to travel to
our solar system. He arrived about 1,000
human years ago.
The first action taken by Velus 1 was to attempt
to displace the Earths consciousness. This
attempt was repulsed by the Earths
consciousness and by the Earths guardians.
It appears as though Velus 1 intended to be in
charge of the Earth, and the whole solar system,
by the time the Velon peoples arrived here.
With Velus 1 rejected by the Earth, he leaves
the solar system and travels to other regions of
the Universe.

The first of the Velon ships to arrive at our
solar system did so about 200 human years ago.
Although the Velon armada was following the
energy flow from the Universe, they sent off
numerous ships to make contact with the other
semi-physical races. In this way, they developed
a quite detailed knowledge of the other races
and their technologies.
When the Velon ships began to arrive, the
Earth and the Earths guardians would not
allow them access to the solar system.
With their access denied, each of the Velon
races set about observing life on Earth and each
began to form a strategy for overcoming the
Earths guardians and the Earths objections.
In order to carry out their studies, the Velon
began to implant souls on their way to Earth
with spy-ware. These were observing and
recording devices which were implanted into
souls without their approval and without their
knowledge a major act of removing freedom
of choice.
As their knowledge of human life increased,
each Velon race developed different strategies
and then put those strategies into play at varying

For example:
The Annunaki travelled back in time to ancient
Sumeria of about 5,000 years ago.
As stated in Sitchins translations of the
Annunaki story, they dictated a story to a
Sumerian scribe. This story was actually a
combination of the early history of the Hebrew
peoples mixed together with the history of the
Velon solar system.
Whilst Sitchin has always maintained that the
Annunaki fantasy story is the basis of the Old
Testament, there are sources of information
that have come to light in the last 20 years
which can disprove Sitchins theory.
Also, the Old Testament is a history book
based on the experiences of the Hebrew
peoples. It was written as a record of their
experiences over a long period of time. As a
natural part of writing this history, it was added
to as each phase was completed. In other
words, it was written at a time when the events
described had been lived through and, as such,
was a record of those events written down by
Rabbis it was not dictated to a scribe.
Sitchins translations of the Annunaki fantasy
states that it was dictated as a complete story
and not a story that was written as it evolved in
the same way as the Old Testament was.

The whole purpose of dictating this fantasy
story was to make humans believe that the
Annunaki were our creator gods and that the
Annunaki created us to be a race of slaves.
With this story embedded into the human
consciousness, when the Annunaki revealed
themselves in the present time, they hoped they
would be welcomed as our gods and given
anything they wanted by humans.

The real basis of the Old Testament is to be
found in the archaeological findings at Gobekli
Tepe on the borders of Iraq, Turkey and
Turkistan collectively known as The Cult of
These findings totally disprove the Annunaki
fantasy story.

The Oa and Mila used channelled messages in
an attempt to persuade people to allow them
access to Earth.
These seem to have been centred mainly on
the islands of Hawaii.

The Jjundaa began to adopt various disguises
where they masqueraded as members of the
other semi-physical races, again through
channelled means.

The Johnaan also adopted various disguises
mainly as The Galactic Federation, Ashtar
Command, The Great White Brotherhood,
etc. They also took on individual personas such

A Question of Energy and Influence
Chris Thomas 2012 9

as Lord Metatron (later changed to Arch Angel
Metatron) as well as Lord Sananda (claiming to
be the Christ consciousness) and many other
individuals, Arch Angels and Angels the
source of their adopted Angel personas being
the findings at Gobekli Tepe.
They also made numerous claims to have
returned to Earth to free humans from the
prison we had been incarcerated in following
a series of inter-race and inter-galactic wars.
Remember, from above, none of the Universal
races have ever developed weapons nor have
any wars taken place anywhere away from

The Hathor also used channelled means to
contact people. Their form of channelling was
with musical sequences to help people to heal
By building up a following of their healing
music, the Hathor persuaded a group of people
to sink two copper-lined shafts 100m (333 feet)
vertically into the ground. These copper tubes
were filled with programmed quartz crystals
and were known as celestoriums.
Two celestoriums were built but only one
became fully active. The celestoriums were
designed for one purpose to be giant tuning
forks that resonated at frequencies that were
designed to evict the Earths consciousness
from the planet allowing Velus 1 to take
Fortunately, the Earths guardians stepped in
and destroyed both celestoriums before they
could fulfil their designed function.

Velus 1, however, had different ideas.
Given that Velus 1 had been unable to remove
the Earths consciousness, he looked around
for different ways to control events on Earth.
Humans have had a tendency to try and control
others, usually stemming from greed. This is
nothing to do with the energy patterns of the
Faction, although I am sure that individuals
who used 14 energies provided a role model
for others.
With the rise of the power of money, those
who controlled banking houses became more
and more greedy and develop a want for
power. One person who had a need was Mayer
Amschel Rothschild who, along with Adam
Weishaupt, established the Bavarian Illuminati
in 1776.
Weishaupt became a target for Velus 1 and, in
a process that could be described as a walk-in
took control of Weishaupt. In doing so, Velus
1 controlled the Illuminati.
The Bavarian Illuminati worked with many
powerful people and set out an agenda for
world domination the total control of all life
on the planet.
By engineering events such as the French
Revolution, the American Revolution and the
Russian Revolution, the Illuminati have
effectively controlled all aspects of human life
and human thinking.
With the backing of Velus 1 (a solar system-
sized consciousness), they have had access to
sufficient energy to allow them to achieve most
of their goals. The goals they have not yet
achieved are very much underway and this is
why we have seen such an increase of
government and military control in recent
However, the race is on can the Velus
controlled Illuminati achieve all of their aims
before the end of 2012 when people return to
full consciousness?

Universal Reactions

he founding energies of this Universe
are those of freedom of choice. All
souls that exist within this Universe
have absolute freedom of choice to choose
their actions; the only thing that cannot be done
is to act in such a way that it removes the choice
of another to act freely.

The activities of the Velon have clearly broken
this law and caused major repercussions
throughout the whole of this Universe.
The actions taken by the Velon that have
broken this Universal law and energy patterns
are these:

1. The implantation of monitoring devices into
people without their knowledge or approval.

2. The control of an organisation (the
Illuminati) whose intention is to totally control
every single aspect of human life by taking away
the choices of the individual.


A Question of Energy and Influence
Chris Thomas 2012 10

3. By far the greatest act of removing freedom
of choice was the attempt by first Velus 1 and
then by the Hathor of the removal of the
Earths consciousness against Her choices.

These actions broke Universal Law and
disrupted the energy patterns of the whole
If we on Earth were not so close to completing
The Human Plan, the actions of the Velon
would have forced this Universe to collapse in
on itself and return to source literally to
destroy this Universe.

The Velon have not been contaminated by the
energies of the 14
Faction nor have they been
forced to take any actions by the 14
The Velon acted on their own.
There is no clear answer as to why the Velon
acted in the way in which they have. The only
conclusions that have been reached is that to
put it into human terms Velus 1 had some
kind of religious madness which infected the
rest of the Velon races forcing them to see
themselves as Gods chosen people who
should travel to live on Gods chosen planet
and this is what brought them to Earth.

Many attempts were made, by the other races
as well as the Thirteen, to make the Velon
return to their home galaxy and leave the Earth
and our solar system alone.
The Velon made many promises which were
never fulfilled.
The result was that the majority of the Velon
race was evicted from this Universe and now
inhabit a new solar system that is free floating in
the non-universal void.
Unfortunately somewhere in the region of 3
million Velon managed to avoid eviction. The
explanation of how they managed to achieve
this is immense and not something that can be
explained here.
These 3 million Velon have been consistently
misleading and attacking humans through
channelled means in the hope that they can
disrupt The Human Plans conclusions and
prevent humans from achieving soul re-
These remaining Velon are only capable of
remaining around our solar system because of
the help that misguided humans are giving to
them. These are humans who have been
misled by the Velon without their realising and
who continue to work with the bogus Velon
organisations; like Ashtar Command, Arch
Angels and Angels etc, providing the remaining
Velon with sufficient energies to maintain their
position in this Universe and attack the Earth.
The problem is that these people totally believe
that they are working with beings/entities that
are doing good and so they choose to continue
working with them even though the beings/
entities they are working with are Velon this is
an example of free choice in action and further
proof of the Velon deliberately removing
freedom of choice.
There are thousands of people hoping for, and
asking for, some kind of alien intervention and
the Velon are presenting themselves as those
who fulfil this desire. The Velon are feeding
off these human energies.

The Velon have been condemned to expulsion
from this Universe all of the Velon. It is only
the actions of some humans that are preventing
the Universe from returning to full balance.

The biggest problem is that humans accept
channelled messages without question. If it is
from a non-human source then it must be
something good.
If I said to you that the sky is green, you would
demand proof whereas if a channelled source
said that the sky is green you would say really?
I always thought it was blue but if you say it is
green then I will alter my perceptions to
accommodate what you say.
It is this blind acceptance of these kinds of
messages that has allowed the Velon to take
hold of many thousands of people on Earth.
Also, as we approach the end of The Human
Plan, many people have realised that time is
now very short and that there appears to be a
great deal of work still to do. These people are
hoping that someone will come in and take
care of all of their problems for them. Again,
the Velon have created fictitious beings/entities
that make empty promises to take responsibility
for human inactions and fears.

Over the years, I have spoken to many different
kinds of channellers who claim to be working
with one race or another. I have always
suggested that they question the source of these

A Question of Energy and Influence
Chris Thomas 2012 11

channelled messages to find out if the source is
who and what they claim to be.
In the few instances where the channeller has
challenged their source, they have always found
them to be Velon.
I have also spoken to a number of channellers
who state that they are uncomfortable with
the beings and material they channel but have
continued because the channelling work makes
them feel special.

In the years that I have been trying to track
down Velon activity, I have read a huge amount
of channelled material. To me, virtually all of
these channelled sources are obviously Velon
and every few months, or years, the messages
totally change usually in a way that is totally
contradictory to the previous message.
Even the sources change their names. Take for
example the being who calls himself Metatron.
He first began calling himself Lord
Metatron and described himself as being an
Ascended Sirian who had returned from the
universe to which he had ascended to undo
the problems caused by an inter-galactic war of
many thousands of years ago in our Universe.
In recent months, this Metatron now describes
himself as Arch Angel Metatron. He has
changed from being an Ascended Sirian to
being an Arch Angel and yet the messages
he produces are accepted without any kind of
challenge you are either of Sirian origin or
you are an angel, you cannot be both.
In other words, the sky is green!

In normal life, we question most of what we are
told but it seems that when we come to
channelled sources, we seem to leave common
sense behind and blindly accept what the
source tells us no matter how ridiculous or
suspicious the messages are.
We really do need to stop doing this.

It is the blind acceptance of the messages from
the Velon that is the cause of so many of the
current problems on Earth.
By feeding the Velon human energies in this
way, the Velon are able to maintain their
position around our solar system and resist the
demands of the Universe that they be evicted.
By feeding the Velon in this way, it also
allows them to continue to control the
Illuminati and the plans of the Illuminati are to
depopulate the Earth leaving 300 million
people to be their slaves exactly what the
Velon want.

The tragedy is that the vast majority of those
who blindly accept channelled messages are
those who claim to be the most spiritual.

The only way in which these final Velon can be
fully evicted from this Universe is by humans
rejecting them and their deliberate lies and
giving their full support to Mother Earth.

We, humans, are here on Earth to find answers
to many questions and we have been
inordinately successful in so doing. In the last
7,000 years, we have worked very closely with
Mother Earth to find the answers needed to
complete The Human Plan.
The Human Plan is a cooperative venture by
the Earth and humans working together and
the solution to Earth and human problems can
only be resolved by the Earth and humans.
Nobody from outside can do anything on our
behalf; nobody can step in and solve these
problems for us or to take on our responsibility
to ourselves and the Earth to do so would
break the free choice the Earth and humans
made when we began The Human Plan.

We have found the answers we needed to find
by humans and the Earth working together,
even with this situation of humans choosing to
support the Velon, there is nothing to prevent
us from completing The Human Plan and
achieving soul re-integration.
This will be achieved, despite the problems
caused by human gullibility and lack of
responsibility, before 21/12/12.

A Question of Energy and Influence
Chris Thomas 2012 12

Books & Recordings by the Author

The Journey Home
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The Annunaki Plan? or The Human Plan? - One will kill you; the other will save your life
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Books about Healing
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