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Vol. 99 No. 268 Saturday, Octo erland's Daily Newspaper Logan, Uta<
Cache Valley
— B1

High: 50
Obama's Nobel Prize a shocker
WASHINGTON (AP) — When a president in office less than nine
Low: 30 Arizona State University declined months. The committee also praised
to give President Barack Obama Obama's pledges to reduce the
an honorary degree, saying it was world's cache of nuclear arms, ease
Page A8 too early in his presidency, Obama American conflicts with Muslim
essentially agreed. nations and strengthen the U.S. role
"I come to embrace the notion in combating climate change.
Update that I haven't done enough in my Obama's reaction was about the
life," Obama told the class of 2009 same as it was in Arizona.
last May. "I do not view it as a recognition
Space On Friday, the Norwegian Nobel of my own accomplishments, but
Committee begged to differ. rather as an affirmation of Ameri-
Moon crash It stunned the world by award-
ing Obama the Nobel Peace Prize,
can leadership on behalf of aspira-
tions held by people in all nations,"
citing global optimism fostered by
a yawner for calls for peace and cooperation by See NOBEL on A8

spectators Long-time
NASA's great lunar fireworks
finale fizzled.
After gearing up for the
space agency's much-hyped
Valley poverty local civic
leader dies
mission to hurl two spacecraft n the United States, "poverty" is measured by a set of federal guidelines, which are used to determine
By Emilie H. Wheeler
whether individuals are eligible for certain government programs. For a family of three in Utah, for example,
into the moon, the public the total household income can be no more than $18,310 to fall below the poverty line. For any given house-
staff writer
turned away from the sky hold, if the total family income is less than the threshold, both the family and each member of it is considered to
Friday anything but dazzled. be in poverty. Following is some information from 2009 Report on the State of Poverty in Utah, a collaboration
Photos and video of the Former Logan Munici-
between the Utah State Community Services Office and the Community Action Partnership of Utah. pal and Cache County
impact showed little more
than a fuzzy white flash. councilwoman Sarah Ann
In social media and live POVERTY RATE BY COUNTY COMPARISON Skanchy died Wednes-
day in Logan from the
television coverage, many effects of
people were disappointed at 2007 2000 % Change
Beaver County 9.5 I0.5 -9.5% idiopathic
the lack of spectacle. One per- pulmonary
son even joked that someone Box Elder County 8.3 7.4 12.2%
Cache County I2.9 9.5 35.8% fibrosis.
hit the pause button in mission
control. Carbon County I5.4 13.4 14.9% Skanchy,
Daggett County 7.5 8.9 -15.7% 80, served
Yet scientists involved in Davis County 6.3 5.8 8.6%
the project were downright on the
Duchesne County 12 16 -25.0% Logan
gleeful. Sure, there were no Emery County II.4 II.3 0.9%
immediate pictures of spew- Municipal
Garfield County I0.6 12 -11.7%
ing plumes of lunar dust that Grand County 14.8 I5.2 -2.6%
from Sarah Ann
could contain water, but, they Iron County I9.3 15.1 27.8% U.S. Poverty Rate 1978-86
say, there was something ]uab County 10 10.7 -6.5%
13.3% Skanchy
more important: chemical sig- Kane County 9.4 11.5 -18.3% and was
Millard County I2.7 12.6 0.8%
Utah Poverty Rate elected as a Cache County
natures in light waves. That's 10.3%
the real bonanza, not pictures Morgan County 4.2 4.4 -4.5% councilwoman in 1986,
of geyser-like eruptions of Piute County 16.2 17 -4.7% Cache County a position in which she
debris, the scientists said.
Rich County 9 9.9 -9,1% Poverty Rate served until 2000. She
Salt Lake County 9 " 8.2 9.8%—- • " .
12.9% also sat on the Airport
The mission was executed San luan County 3I.6 24.6 28.5% Authority Board, the Bear
for "a scientific purpose, not Sanpete County I4.I 14.8 -4.7% Change in Cache
River Board of Health and
to put on a fireworks display Sevier County I2.6 12.5! 0.8% Poverty Rate several other committees
for the public," said space Summit County 5 5.3 -5.7% 35.8% over the years.
consultant Alan Stern, a for- Tooele County 6.9 7.3 -5.5% (from 2000 to 2007)
mer NASA associate adminis- Uintah County I0.8 13.9 -22.3% Cache County Execu-
trator for science. Utah County II.4 9.2 23.9% (Note: The first three rates are tive Lynn Lemon, who
Scientists said the public Wasatch County 5.9 6.6 -10.6% based on the 2007 U.S. Census worked with Skanchy
Washington County 8.9 11.7 -23.9% Bureau American Community Sur- for several years, said he
Wayne County II.4 12.6 -9.5% vey, three-year estimates — the always admired her.
See MOON on A8 Weber County I0.5 9 16.7%
most recent data available. Cache
County's change in poverty rate "I have tremendous
*Source: 2000 U.S. Census, 2007 American Community Survey, Small Area Income & Poverty
compares the 2000 U.S. Census to respect for Ann. I always
Quick read Estimates.
*County level data is not calculated for ACS three-year estimates, so County Poverty Rates are
calculated from the U.S. Census Bureau's Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates.
the 2007 survey.) knew where she stood,"
he said. "She had the abil-
ity to be very objective
CACHE COUNTY POVERTY PROFILE and didn't let a lot of sub-
jective things stand in her
Week in History Total Population: 111,841 way. She really analyzed
(Oct. 15-21) Number of Individuals in Poverty: 13,698 things."
Percentage of Individuals in Poverty: 12.9% In 2000, Skanchy
Oct. 11: Number of Children in Poverty: 3,938 announced she would not
In 1809, just over three years Percentage of Children in Poverty: 11.7% seek another term on the
after the famous Lewis and Percentage of Families with Children in Poverty: 18.7%
Clark expedition ended, Meri-
County Council after 22
Percentage Individuals 65+ in Poverty: 5.9%
wether Lewis was found dead Number of Homeless Children: 207
in a Tennessee inn, an apparent See SKANCHY on A6
suicide; he was 35. • Of Utah's 29 counties, Cache County had the greatest per-
cent increase in the poverty rate from 2000 to 2007, jumping
Oct. 14:
In 1968, the first successful
from 9.5% to 12.9%, which translates to a 35.8% increase.
• There has been a 12.5% increase in the percentage of
live telecast from a manned
U.S. spacecraft was transmitted
children in poverty in Cache County from 2000 to 2007,
going from 10.4% to 11.7% respectively. hears pitch
from Apollo 7.

Oct. 15:
In 1917, Dutch dancer Mata
Hari, convicted of spying for
the Germans, was executed by
• Percentage of Children on Free or Reduced Lunch,
Oct. 2008: 34.48%
war surge
• Percentage of Children in Food Stamp Caseload, WASHINGTON (AP)
a French firing squad outside — Hours after winning
2008: +25.63%
• Current Food Stamp Caseload: 2,524 a Nobel Peace Prize,
Oct. 16:
• According to the Utah Department of Workforce President Barack Obama
Services, there were 2,524 food assembled his war council
In 1793, during the French
stamp cases (by household) in in the White House base-
Revolution, Marie Antoinette, February 2009, compared with
the queen of France, was ment to talk about how
2,009 cases in February 2008 Median Income: $46,883 many troops might be
— a 25.6% increase in just one Unemployment Rate: 4.4% needed to right the 8-year-
year. Average Monthly Wage 2008: $2,421
Oct. 17: old Afghanistan conflict
• The National School Lunch Pro- Average Monthly Wage 2007: $2,250 that military commanders
In 1973, Arab oil-producing fc
gram and the School Breakfast Average Hourly Wage 2008: $13.97
nations announced they would
Program are federally-assisted meal programs that
are pressing him to esca-
Average Hourly Wage 2007: $12.98
begin cutting back on oil exports
can be accessed by public schools, non-profit private • According to the Department of Workforce Services,
to Western nations and Japan; The president and his
schools and child care providers. To qualify for free Cache County's unemployment rate in March 2009
the result was a total embargo
meals with these programs, households have to be was 4.4%, which represents a 57.1% increase over the top national security
lasting until March 1974. either at or below 130% of the federal poverty guide- advisers huddled for three
March 2008 rate of 2.8%.
lines. To qualify for reduced-price meals, the house- • Utah had a median income of $55,220 in 2007 — a hours in the Situation
Index hold income must be between 130% and 185% of the
little higher than the national average of $50,740. Room to hear top mili-
tary officials make their
Crossword....C2 Obituaries....A6
case for tens of thousands
HEALTH CARE of additional troops to
Classified C4 Opinion A4
target aUQaida. The ses-
Movies C1 Sports B1 Percentage of Individuals Uninsured (by Health District): 6.5%
sion marked the first time
Percentage of Children Uninsured (by Health District): 5.5%
TV listings C1 Number of Children in Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) 1,771 Obama has questioned
Number of Individuals in Medicaid: 7,615 his inner circle specifi- • Utah's CHIP program provides health insurance to children in families below cally about troop levels
200% of the federal poverty level that do not qualify for Medicaid as a result of and military commitments
income or assets. To qualify, the children must be under age 19 and must be needed for the war that
either U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents for at least five years. has languished in progress
«In 2008, 72% of uninsured children in Utah lived below 200% of the federal and popularity.
8 "50179 000101 9 poverty level.
Compiled by Charles Geracf — See TROOPS on A8