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is compensated for by the labour in making good. Cornices are measured by the foot super-
ficial, and estimated according to the quantity of mouldings and enrichments they contain.
"Wliere there are more than f^ur angles in a room, each extra one is charged at the price per
foot run extra of the cornice. Stucco reveals are charged per foot run, and according to
their width of 4 or 9 inches or more. Quirks, arrises, and beads by the foot run, as are
margins to raised psnels, small plain mouldings, &e. Enriched mouldings are measured
by the foot run, and -with flowers to ceilings, pateras, &c., must be consid.^red with refer-
ence to the size and quantity of ornament; modelling may have to be ch^irged if under
60 ftet run. For s'lme of these, papier-mach^ and other materials (see 2251), which are
much lighter than plaster, are coming now into general use, and from the ease and security
with which they are fixed, often sujiersede the use of plaster ornaments. Scaffolding is
charged for when the "hawk" cannot be served from the floor.
2377. Plumbkr. The work of this artificer is charged by the cwt., to which is added
the labour of laying the lead. The superficies of the lead is measured, then multiplied
by the weight, as 5 lb. lead, 6 lb. lead, &c., and brought into cwts. Water pipes, rain-
water pipes, and funnel pipes are charged by the foot run, according to their diameter
also are socket )iipes for sinks, joints being separately paid for. Common lead pumps,
with iron work, including bucket, sucker, &c., at so much each ; the same with hydraulic
and other pumps, according to their diameters. In the same manner are charged water-
closets, basins, a'r traps, washers and plugs, spindle valves, stop-cocks, ball-cocks, &e.
(See 2212 et seq.) By the increase of manufacturers of sanitary appliances these are
now priced at ptr article.

2378. Glazier. The work of the glazier is measured and estimated by the superficial
foot, according to the speciality as well as the quality of the glass used; it is always
measured between the rebates. (See 2225 et seq.) Stained and painted glass are usually
taken at agreed prices.
2379. Painter. In the measurement and estimation of painting, the superficial quantity
is taken, allowing all edges, sinkings, and girths as they appear. "When work is cut in on
both edges it is taken by the foot run. The quantity of feet is reduced to yards, by which
pain'ing is charged for in large quantities. In taking iron railing, the two sides are measured
as flat work; but if it be full of ornament, once and a half, or twice, is taken for each side.
Sash frames are taken each, and sash squares by the dozen. On gilding we have already
spoken in Sect. XII. (2277 e( seq.) Cornices, reveals to windows and dooi-s, strings,
window sills, water trunks and gutters, handrails, newels, &c
are taken by the foot run.
Many small articles by the piece. Plain and enriched cornices by the foot run, according
to the quantity of work in them. Work done from a ladder is paid for extra. The price
of painter's work greatly depends on the purity of the materials employed, as oil, turpen-
tine, &e., as well as on the quality and the number of times over that the work is painted
the labour is usually considered as one-third of the price charged. Scarcely any trade
varies so greatly. Imitations of woods and marbles are charged according to the artistic
treatment and the labour employed on them, and the quality of the varnish used.
2380. Paperhancer. In common papers the price used to be settled according to the
colours or quantity of blocks used in printing the pattern. Now the price appears to
depend on the sale, or fashion, of the pattern, or on the manufacturer's pleasure. Until
lately the old prices were charged, with a large discount, but now the price marked by
some of the leading firms is subject only to the ordinary discount to the trade. Embossed
and other papers are tf higher prices. These, as well as lining paper, are charged by the
piece, containing 63 feet super. The hanging is charged separate, and borders, dadoes,
gilt mouldings, &c. by the yard run. (See 2277^'.)
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