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An Overview of Civil Service Law and Rules

A par of Ad!inisraive law w"ic" deals wi" ad!inisraive infracions or #rounds for
disciplinar$ acions% ad!inisraive penalies and ad!inisraive disciplinar$ procedure&
'& Ar& (I% ')*+ Consiuion ,-u.lic Accouna.ili$/
0& Ar& I(% ')*+ Consiuion ,Civil Service/
1& T"e Revised Ad!inisraive Code of ')*+ ,E&O& 0)0/
2& Local 3overn!en Code
4& RA 5+'1
5& T"e O!.uds!an Ac
+& Unifor! Rules on Ad!inisraive Cases
*& Ad!inisraive Disciplinar$ Rules on Se6ual 7arass!en Cases
)& Supre!e Cour Decisions
'8& CSC Resoluions
''& O"er Laws dealin# wi" ad!inisraive discipline
Ad!inisraive Discipline "ad is #enesis fro! "e consiuional !andae w"ic" saes as
:-u.lic office is a pu.lic rus& -u.lic officers and e!plo$ees !us a all i!es
.e accouna.le o "e people% serve "e! wi" u!os responsi.ili$% ine#ri$%
lo$al$% and efficienc$% ac wi" pariois! and ;usice and lead !odes lives&:
,Ar& (I% Accouna.ili$ of -u.lic Officers/
T"e p"rase :pu.lic office is a pu.lic rus: refers o a represenaive #overn!en% "e
officers .ein# !ere a#ens and no rulers of "e people% one w"ere no one !an or se of
!en "as a propriear$ or conracual ri#" o an office% .u w"ere ever$ officer acceps
office pursuan o "e provisions of law and "olds "e office as a rus for "e people&
C"aracerisics of Ad!inisraive Discipline9
Ad!inisraive offenses do no prescri.e& ,Floria vs. Sunga% 15* SCRA 44'/
Ad!inisraive cases are no su.;ec o sele!en&
T"e wi"drawal of "e co!plainan is no a #round for "e dis!issal&
T"e co!plainan is a !ere winess o "e co!!ission of "e offense% "ence%
an$.od$ can file an ad!inisraive co!plain&
No officer or e!plo$ee of "e #overn!en can .e disciplined or re!oved fro! office
e6cep for cause and afer due process& ,Ar& I(<=% Sec& 0% par& 1% ')*+ Consiuion/
> T"e p"rase :for cause: refers o #rounds for disciplinar$ acions enu!eraed
in "e Revised Ad!inisraive Code of ')*+ ,EO 0)0/&
> T"e procedure in ad!inisraive cases is #overned .$ CSC Resoluion No&
))<')15 ,T"e Unifor! Rules on Ad!inisraive Cases in "e Civil Service/ wi"
"e Rules of Cour .ein# applied in suppleor$ c"aracer&
Invesi#aion and ad;udicaion of ad!inisraive co!plains a#ains appoinive local
officials and e!plo$ees as well as "eir suspension and re!oval s"all .e in accordance
wi" "e Civil Service Law and Rules and o"er perinen laws& T"e resuls of suc"
ad!inisraive invesi#aions s"all .e repored o "e Civil Service Co!!ission& ,Sec& *2%
Local 3overn!en Code/
Officials Su.;ec o Disciplinar$ Au"ori$? E6cepions& > T"e Office of "e O!.uds!an
s"all "ave disciplinar$ au"ori$ over all elecive and appoinive officials of "e
3overn!en and is su.divisions% insru!enaliies and a#encies% includin# Me!.ers of
"e Ca.ine% local #overn!en% #overn!en<owned or conrolled corporaions and "eir
su.sidiaries% e6cep over officials w"o !a$ .e re!oved onl$ .$ i!peac"!en or over
Me!.ers of Con#ress% and "e Judiciar$& ,Sec& 0'% RA 5++8% T"e O!.uds!an Ac/
An$ violaion "ereof proven in a proper ad!inisraive proceedin# s"all .e sufficien
cause for re!oval or dis!issal of a pu.lic official or e!plo$ee even if no cri!inal
prosecuion is insiued a#ains "i!& ,Sec& ''% par& .% RA 5+'1% T"e Code of Conduc/
T"e au"ori$ o "ear and decide cases and "e power or ;urisdicion o insiue
disciplinar$ acions in ad!inisraive cases is lod#ed onl$ on "e disciplinar$ au"ori$ o
w"ic" suc" power is vesed .$ law& A.sen suc" le#al .asis "e power o discipline canno
.e e6ercised&
7eads of a#encies "ave ;urisdicion o invesi#ae and discipline "eir own officials and
e!plo$ees& 7owever% "eads of a#encies !a$ dele#ae "e power o invesi#ae o "eir
su.ordinaes and ;us wai "e reco!!endaions w"ic" will .e !ade aferwards& ,Sec& 2+%
par& 0 and 1% EO 0)0/&
T"e au"ori$ "a decides "e case% "erefore% is also clo"ed wi" "e power o
invesi#ae and is dee!ed o "ave done "e sa!e even if in reali$ so!e.od$ else
conduced i .$ virue of dele#aion&
Jurisprudence on Jurisdiction:
:Jurisdicion over "e su.;ec !aer of a case is conferred .$ law and
deer!ined .$ "e alle#aions in "e co!plain:& ,Deltaventures Resources,
Inc. vs. Cabato% 10+ SCRA 2*0/
Jurisdicion is conferred .$ law and no .$ !ere ad!inisraive polic$ of an$
cour or ri.unal& ,Arranza vs. BF Homes, Inc., 111 SCRA +))/

:T"e Cour loses ;urisdicion upon "e finali$ of "e decision% e6cep o order
"e e6ecuion wi"in is lifei!e:& ,Lizardo, Sr. vs. Montano% 110 SCRA '51/&
:Jurisdicion !a$ no .e conferred .$ consen or waiver w"ile "e venue of an
acion !a$ .e c"an#ed .$ consen of "e paries:& ,Rudol Lietz Holdings, Inc.
vs. Registr! o Deeds o "ara#a$ue Cit!% 122 SCRA 5*8/
Kinds of Jurisdiction
'& Oriin!" #urisdiction > Jurisdicion o a@e co#niAance of cases
w"ic" e6is for "e firs i!e ,i.e.% co!plain% peiion% proes% reBues for
favora.le reco!!endaion for e6ecuive cle!enc$/ under i are of wo
a& E$c"usi%e oriin!" #urisdiction > Ori#inal ;urisdicion
w"ic" canno .e e6ercised .$ ano"er .od$& E6a!ple is "e
;urisdicion of "e CSC over e6a!inaion<relaed cases% cases of
se6ual "arass!en filed a#ains is officials and e!plo$ees%
reBuess for a favora.le reco!!endaion for e6ecuive cle!enc$%
reBuess for e6ension of service% reBuess o ransfer venue of
"earin# .ein# conduced .$ an$ of "e CSC offices and o"er
cases w"ic" o"er .odies canno le#all$ ac upon&
.& Concurrent oriin!" #urisdiction > Ori#inal ;urisdicion
w"ic" wo or !ore .odies !a$ e6ercise& T"is% "owever% canno .e
e6ercised si!ulaneousl$ as "e sa!e #ives rise o "e pro"i.ied
pracice of foru! s"oppin#& T"is is su.;ec o "e rule "a "e
assu!pion of one .od$ over a case e6cludes o"er .odies "a
!a$ e6ercise concurren ;urisdicion over "e sa!e&
Under RA &'()* t+e discip"in!r, #urisdiction o%er pu-"ic sc+oo" te!c+ers rests
e$c"usi%e", on DepEd& ,Armand Fabella, et al. vs. CA% 0*0 SCRA 045/
T+e doctrine of pri.!r, #urisdiction > C"en wo .odies "ave concurren ;urisdicion%
one of w"ic" is dee!ed o "ave an e6perise over "e su.;ec !aer of "e case% "e o"er
.od$ #ives wa$ o "e e6per o e6ercise "e pri!ar$ ;urisdicion&
E$+!ustion of Ad.inistr!ti%e Re.edies > =efore #oin# o cour% all re!edies wi"in
"e level of ad!inisraive .odies !us firs .e "ad% o"erwise "e acion is dis!issi.le for
.ein# pre!aure% su.;ec o cerain e6cepions&
Res Judic!t! > C"en a case "as alread$ .een disposed of% "e sa!e canno .e reopened
an$!ore or re<filed& I arises w"en "e sa!e case .ein# filed deals wi" "e sa!e cause of
acion& T"e revival of "e case under "is docrine is dee!ed .arred .$ final ;ud#e!en&
,Santos vs. CA% 005 SCRA 518% %smael vs. De&ut! '(ecutive Secretar! % ')8 SCRA 5+1/
Dou.le ;eopard$ applies onl$ in cri!inal cases% "ence% canno .e invo@ed in
ad!inisraive cases& ,")B vs. Ricardo *arcia/
Foru. S+oppin > T"e pracice of s"oppin# for a favora.le foru! o insure a favora.le
acion& T"is is considered a !alpracice and can .e used as a #round for disciplinar$
acion& I !a$ also cause "e ouri#" dis!issal of "e case filed& -resen rules now
reBuire a cerificaion of non<foru! s"oppin# in all iniiaor$ pleadin#s .efore "e sa!e
can .e aced upon&
/er.!nenc, of Jurisdiction > Jurisdicion once presen is no los upon "e insance of
"e paries .u coninues unil "e case is er!inaed& ,+ue vs. Court o A&&eals% 11)
SCRA 484/ In ad!inisraive cases% ;urisdicion over "e person co!plained of re!ains
even if "e resi#ned fro! "e service so lon# as "e offense was co!!ied durin# "is
incu!.enc$& ,CSC Resoluion No& ))<80)* daed Januar$ '% ')))% U$% Allan/
Resi#naion is no a wa$ ou o evade ad!inisraive lia.ili$ w"en facin# ad!inisraive
sancion& T"e resi#naion of a pu.lic servan does no preclude "e findin# of an$
ad!inisraive lia.ili$ o w"ic" "e or s"e s"all sill .e answera.le& D0'E
Secion 55 of "e O! Elecion Code% in considerin# an appoinive official i&so acto
resi#ned% !erel$ provides for "e i!!ediae i!ple!enaion of "e penal$ for "e
pro"i.ied ac of en#a#in# in parisan poliical acivi$& T"is provision was no inended%
and s"ould no .e used% as a defense a#ains an ad!inisraive case for acs co!!ied
durin# #overn!en service& ,'st,er S. "agano vs. -uan )azarro, -r., et al.% 3&R& No&
'2)8+0% Sepe!.er 0'% 088+/
'& Appe""!te Jurisdiction > Refers o "e ;urisdicion o a@e co#niAance of
appeals fro! a decision of a lower decidin# au"ori$&
a& E6clusive appellae ;urisdicion > all decisions of a#enc$ "eads on
ad!inisraive cases w"e"er disciplinar$ or non<disciplinar$ are wi"in
"e e6clusive appellae ;urisdicion of "e CSC&
.,e "art! Adversel! Aected Doctrine > Refers o "e rule "a in ad!inisraive cases
onl$ "e responden w"o was found #uil$ of an offense "as "e personali$ o file an
appeal& ,"aredes vs. CSC/ 7owever% "is is a procedural rule w"ic" !us .e invo@ed .$
"e appellee? o"erwise% "e appeal .$ "e co!plainan !a$ .e #iven due course& ,Mendez
vs. CSC/
T"e CSC is considered a par$ adversel$ affeced .$ "e decision of a "i#"er cour
reversin# is decision on "e issue of nepois!% since "e CSC is "e #uardian of !eri and
finess in "e .ureaucrac$& ,Daco!co! vs. CSC/
In "e case of ")B vs. Ricardo /. *arcia, -r. Sepe!.er )% 0880% "e Supre!e Cour
e6pressl$ a.andoned "e par$<adversel$<affeced docrine "oldin# "a "e effor of "e
#overn!en o cur. #raf and corrupion% !alfeasance and !isfeasance in "e #overn!en
will .e rendered !eanin#less if appeal canno .e "ad fro! erroneous ad!inisraive
T"e co!plainan in an ad!inisraive case is a.soluel$ wi"ou personali$
o appeal% e6cep if "eFs"e is "e a#enc$ "ead% "e Civil Service
Co!!ission or "e sa!e is no pu in issue& ,)AB vs. Mamauag% 255 SCRA
502% 0884/
Noe9 -ursuan o Rule 21 of "e Rules of Cour% Decisions of "e Civil
Service Co!!ission are appeala.le o "e Cour of Appeals "rou#" a
-eiion for Review&
S!"ient Fe!tures of t+e Unifor. Ru"es on Ad.inistr!ti%e C!ses in t+e Ci%i" Ser%ice
Decentralization o aut,orit! to decide administrative cases9 T"us%
CSCROs are now e!powered o a@e co#niAance of ad!inisraive cases
arisin# wi"in "eir ;urisdicion and dispose of "e sa!e up o lo#ical
conclusion% su.;ec onl$ o appeal w"ic" !a$ .e a@en o "e CSC proper&
Gor "is purpose% "e ;urisdicion of "e CSC proper and CSCROs were
delineaed as follows9
CSC /roper
A& Discip"in!r,
'& Decisions of CSCROs .rou#" .efore i on peiion for review?
0& Decisions of "eads of depar!ens% a#encies% provinces% ciies%
!unicipaliies and o"er insru!enaliies?
1& Co!plains .rou#" a#ains Civil Service Co!!ission -roper
2& Co!plains a#ains "ird level officials w"o are no presidenial
4& Co!plains a#ains civil service officials and e!plo$ees w"ic" are
no aced upon .$ "e a#encies and suc" o"er co!plains reBuirin#
i!!ediae acion% in "e ineres of ;usice?
5& ReBuess for ransfer of venue of "earin# on cases .ein# "eard .$
+& Appeals fro! "e Order of -revenive Suspension? and
*& Suc" o"er acions or reBuess involvin# issues arisin# ou of or in
connecion wi" "e fore#oin# enu!eraion&
A& Non0Discip"in!r, 1CSC /roper2
'& Decisions of CSCROs .rou#" .efore i?
0& ReBues for favora.le reco!!endaion on peiion for e6ecuive
1& -roess a#ains "e appoin!en or o"er personnel acions%
involvin# "ird level officials? and
2& Suc" o"er analo#ous acions or peiions arisin# ou of or in relaion
wi" "e fore#oin# enu!eraions&
=& Discip"in!r, 1CSCROs2
'& Co!plains iniiaed .$ or .rou#" .efore "e CSCROs provided "a
"e alle#ed acs or o!issions were co!!ied wi"in "e ;urisdicion of "e
Re#ional Office% includin# e6a!inaion ano!alies or irre#ulariies and "e
persons co!plained of are e!plo$ees of a#encies% local or naional%
wi"in said #eo#rap"ical areas?
0& Co!plains involvin# CSCRO personnel w"o are appoinees of said
1& -eiions o place responden under prevenive suspension&
C& Non0Discip"in!r, 1CSCROs2
'& Disapproval of appoin!ens .rou#" .efore i on appeal?
0& -roess a#ains "e appoin!ens of firs and second level e!plo$ees
.rou#" .efore i direcl$ or on appeal?
1& Decisions of naional a#encies and local #overn!en unis wi"in
"eir #eo#rap"ical .oundaries relaive o personnel acions and non<
disciplinar$ cases .rou#" .efore i on appeal? and
2& ReBuess for accrediaion of services and correcion of personal
infor!aion in "e records of "e Co!!ission&
Jurisdiction of 3e!ds of Aencies
7eads of depar!ens% a#encies% ciies% !unicipaliies and o"er insru!enaliies s"all
"ave ori#inal concurren ;urisdicion wi" "e Co!!ission over "eir respecive officers
and e!plo$ees&
A& Discip"in!r,
'& Co!plains involvin# "eir respecive personnel& T"eir decisions
s"all .e final in case "e penal$ i!posed is suspension for no !ore "an
"ir$ ,18/ da$s or fine in an a!oun no e6ceedin# "ir$ ,18/ da$s salar$&
Decisions of 7eads of a#encies i!posin# a penal$ of re!oval s"all .e e6ecuor$ onl$
afer confir!aion .$ "e Depar!en Secrear$ concerned?
COM-LAINT > T"e !eans o .rin# o "e aenion of "e proper disciplinin# au"ori$
"e co!!ission of infracion .$ "e one co!plained of&
Re4uisites of ! %!"id co.p"!int
I !us .e in wriin#?
Su.scri.ed and sworn o .$ "e co!plainan?
Mus conain "e na!e and address of "e co!plainan?
Mus conain "e full na!e and address of "e person co!plained of as well
as "is posiion and office of e!plo$!en?
Mus conain a narraion of "ow% w"en and w"ere "e offense was
co!!ied and o"er facs relevan "ereo?
Mus conain cerified rue copies of docu!enar$ evidence and affidavis
of winesses% if an$? and
Mus conain a cerificaion of non<foru! s"oppin#&
A co!plain iniiaed .$ "e disciplinin# au"ori$ need no .e under oa"?
An anon$!ous co!plain s"all no .e #iven due course unless suppored .$
o.vious ru" or suc" docu!enar$ or o"er direc evidence s"owin# "e
pro.a.ili$ "a "e offense was indeed co!!ied .$ "e person
co!plained of% in w"ic" case% "e laer !a$ .e as@ed o file couner<
T"e wi"drawal of "e co!plain does no necessaril$ resul in "e dis!issal
of "e case?
T"e ec"nical reBuire!ens for a valid co!plain s"ould .e co!plied wi"
o"erwise "e co!plain will no .e aced upon& Insead% noice o "e
co!plainan s"all .e sen reBuirin# suc" co!pliance& In case of fur"er
failure o co!pl$ despie noice% "e co!plain s"all .e dis!issed&
In case "e co!plain is sufficien in for! and su.sance% "e person
co!plained of s"all .e reBuired o su.!i a couner<affidavi& If a &rima
acie case e6iss% Gor!al C"ar#e s"all .e issued% o"erwise "e co!plain
s"all .e dis!issed& Gailure o su.!i a couner<affidavi is dee!ed a waiver
"ereof& ,-reli!inar$ Invesi#aion/
-reli!inar$ Invesi#aion alread$ includes "e fac<findin# invesi#aion
w"ic" is an e(0&arte e6a!inaion of records&
Afer a Gor!al C"ar#e is issued% "e responden will .e as@ed o file an
answer& In case of failure% "e is dee!ed o "ave waived "e sa!e and for!al
invesi#aion s"all alread$ co!!ence&
/re%enti%e Suspension > A precauionar$ !easure o insure "a "e responden will no
suppress evidence or "arass "e winesses a#ains "i! w"ic" is done .$ placin# "i!
under suspension for a cerain period ,58 da$s in L3U% )8 da$s in N3As and 5 !on"s if
"e suspension is i!posed .$ "e Office of "e O!.uds!an/&
Re4uisites of ! %!"id pre%enti%e suspension:
Gor!al C"ar#e was alread$ issued&
Responden is ei"er c"ar#ed wi" dis"ones$% oppression% #rave
!isconduc% ne#lec in "e perfor!ance of du$ or if "ere are reasons o
.elieve "e responden is #uil$ of c"ar#eFs w"ic" would warran "is
re!oval fro! "e service&
In lieu of prevenive suspension% "e proper disciplinin# au"ori$ or "ead
of office !a$ reassi#n responden o ano"er uni of "e a#enc$ durin# "e
for!al "earin#s&
-revenive suspension s"all .e deferred or inerruped durin# "e
respondenHs !aerni$ or paerni$ leave&
T"e period of dela$ owin# o "e faul of "e responden s"all no .e
included in counin# "e period of prevenive suspension&
Al"ou#" inerlocuor$ in c"aracer% an order of prevenive suspension !a$
.e appealed o "e CSC if i is found o .e unwarraned% no in accordance
wi" law or wi"ou .asis&
=ac@ wa#es s"all .e paid in case a prevenive suspension is declared ille#al
or null and void under "e followin# circu!sances9
'& T"e Order was issued .$ one w"o is no au"oriAed .$ law?
0& T"e order was no pre!ised on an$ of "e #rounds or causes
warraned .$ law?
1& T"e order of prevenive suspension was issued wi"ou a for!al
c"ar#e? or
2& T"e duraion "as e6ceeded "e prescri.ed period% in w"ic" case "e
pa$!en of .ac@ salaries s"all correspond o "e e6cess period onl$&
A declaraion of invalidi$ of a prevenive suspension no .ased on
an$ of "e reasons aforesaed% s"all si!ilarl$ resul in "e reinsae!en of
"e e!plo$ee concerned .u .ac@ wa#es s"all no .e paid unless "e
responden is su.seBuenl$ e6oneraed of "e c"ar#es a#ains "i! ,CSC
Resoluion No& 818480 daed Ma$ 4% 0881/&
I =ac@ wa#es s"all no .e paid for a valid prevenive suspension
even if "e responden is e6oneraed since in "a case "e
suspension is le#al ,*loria vs. CSC/&
I -revenive suspension is no valid if "e e!plo$ee is no in "e
posiion o "arass winesses or suppress evidence& ,3elle#ani% Ma&
C$n"ia -&A&% CSC Res& No& 80'80'/
5otion for Reconsider!tion 6 An iniial re!ed$ o see@ a reversal of an unfavora.le
decision and s"ould .e filed wi"in '4 da$s fro! receip of "e decision&
A& I s"ould .e .ased on "e followin# #rounds9
a& New evidence "as .een discovered w"ic" !aeriall$ affecs "e
decision rendered%
.& T"e decision is no suppored .$ "e evidence on record% or
c& Errors of law or irre#ulariies "ave .een co!!ied pre;udicial o "e
ineres of "e !ovan&
Onl$ one !oion for reconsideraion s"all .e allowed&
I sa$s "e runnin# of "e re#le!enar$ period o appeal&
=& Appe!" > An acion .efore "i#"er au"ori$ see@in# a review and reversal of
"e decision rendered .$ "e .od$ w"ic" firs decided "e case&
Can .e resored o onl$ in case "e penal$ i!posed is !ore "an 18 da$s
suspension or fine eBuivalen o !ore "an 18 da$s salar$&
Appeal does no sa$ "e e6ecuion of "e decision appealed fro! e6cep if
"e penal$ is re!oval w"ere confir!aion .$ "e Secrear$ is needed
.efore "e sa!e !a$ .e e6ecued& And e6cep fur"er if "e decision
appealed fro! was rendered .$ a CSCRO in w"ic" case% "e appeal a@en
o "e CSC proper sa$s "e e6ecuion of "e decision appealed fro!&
An appeal fro! "e decision of "e "ead of an a#enc$ "a is aac"ed o a
depar!en i!posin# !ore "an 18 da$s penal$ is li@ewise appeala.le
direcl$ o "e Co!!ission -roper wi"ou "e need for confir!aion .$ "e
secrear$ concerned& -endin# appeal% "e appealed decision is e6ecuor$&
,CSC Resoluion No& 8+8022 daed Ge.& +% 088+/
An appeal is a@en .$ filin# wi" "e appellae au"ori$ a noice of appeal
includin# "e appeal !e!orandu!% cop$ furnis"ed "e office "a rendered
"e decision& T"e laer in urn% upon receip of "e cop$ of appeal% s"all
su.!i "e records of "e case o "e CSC wi" co!!en on "e appeal&
Appeal fee in "e a!oun of -488&88 s"all .e paid&
A cerificae of non<foru! s"oppin# s"all also .e su.!ied&
If an$ of "e ec"nical reBuire!ens for filin# an appeal is lac@in#% "e
appellan s"all .e infor!ed a.ou i and s"all .e reBuired o co!pl$ wi"in
'8 da$s fro! receip of noice& If "ereafer% sill no co!pliance is !ade% "e
appeal s"all .e dis!issed due o appellanHs inen o dela$&
If on appeal "e responden is found o "ave .een deprived of due process%
"e case s"all .e re!anded o "e a#enc$ "ead for ano"er invesi#aion%
wi" due process& T"e invesi#aion s"all .e finis"ed in "ree calendar
!on"s o"erwise "e responden s"all .e considered e6oneraed&
T"e re!andin# of "e case due o lac@ of due process s"all no enail
reinsae!en or pa$!en of .ac@ wa#es&
A decision of a CSCRO dis!issin# a co!plain for lac@ of &rima acie
case !a$ .e "e su.;ec of a peiion for review wi" "e CSC proper&
T"e decision of "e Civil Service Co!!ission !a$ .e appealed o "e
Cour of Appeals "rou#" a peiion for review and pendin# said appeal% "e
decision is e6ecuor$ unless "e CA issues a Resrainin# Order&
/etition for E$ecuti%e C"e.enc,
A peiion for e6ecuive cle!enc$ !a$ .e filed .$ a dis!issed e!plo$ee
for "e purpose of co!!uin# or re!ovin# "is ad!inisraive penalies or
T"e peiion s"all .e filed wi" "e CSC w"ic" in urn !a$ ei"er den$ i or
consider i favora.l$ .$ reco!!endin# suc" #ran o "e Office of "e
Al"ou#" unwrien% "e CSC adops a polic$ "a peiions for e6ecuive
cle!enc$ !a$ .e filed onl$ afer five $ears fro! "e dae of "e peiionerHs
dis!issal fro! "e service&
T"e peiion !us .e acco!panied .$9 cerified rue cop$ of "e decision
wi" a favora.le reco!!endaion .$ "e disciplinin# au"ori$% cerificaion
fro! repua.le !e!.ers of "e co!!uni$ w"ere "e resides o "e effec
"a "e "as .eco!e a useful !e!.er "ereof&
-roof of non<pendenc$ of an appealFpeiion for review relaive o "e
disciplinar$ case .efore an$ courFri.unal and proof of pa$!en of
Ad!inisraive offenses wi" correspondin# penalies are classified ino #rave% less #rave
or li#"% dependin# on "eir #ravi$ and effecs on "e #overn!en service&
Gr!%e offenses are "ose w"ic" !a$ .e punis"ed wi" dis!issal fro! "e service for "e
firs offense or "e !a6i!u! of '<$ear suspension for "e firs offense and dis!issal fro!
"e service for "e second offense& E6a!ples of 3rave Offenses punis"a.le wi" dis!issal
3ross Ne#lec of Du$
3rave Misconduc
=ein# Nooriousl$ Undesira.le
Convicion of a cri!e involvin# !oral urpiude
Galsificaion of Official Docu!en
-"$sical or !enal incapaci$ due o i!!oral or vicious "
En#a#in# direcl$ in parisan poliical aciviies
Receivin# for personal use% a fee% #if or o"er valua.le "in# in "e course
of official duies w"en "e sa!e is #iven .$ an$ person in "e "ope or
e6pecaion of receivin# a favor
Conracin# loans of !one$ or proper$ fro! persons wi" w"o! "e office
of "e e!plo$ee "as .usiness relaions
Nepois! and Dislo$al$ o "e Repu.lic of "e -"ilippines&
E6a!ples of 3rave Offenses punis"a.le wi" 5 !os& and ' da$ o ' $ear are9
Dis#raceful and i!!oral conduc
Inefficienc$ and inco!peence in "e perfor!ance of official duies
GreBuen unau"oriAed a.sences or ardiness
Refusal o perfor! official du$
3ross insu.ordinaion
Conduc pre;udicial o "e .es of ineres of "e service
7avin# financial and !aerial ineres in an$ ransacion reBuirin# "e
approval of "is office? ownin#% conrollin#% ec& as officer in an$ privae
enerprise re#ulaed or supervised or licensed .$ "is Office
Disclosin# or !isusin# confidenial of classified infor!aion o fur"er "is
privae ineress% a!on# o"ers&
Less Gr!%e offenses are "ose punis"a.le wi" ' !o& and ' da$ o 5 !os& Gor "e firs
offense and dis!issal for "e second offense& E6a!ples are9
Si!ple Ne#lec of Du$
Si!ple Misconduc
3ross Discoures$ in "e course of official duies
Violaion of CS Law and Rules of serious naure
7a.iual Drun@enness
Gailure o Gile sworn sae!ens of asses and lia.iliies
Gailure o resi#n fro! "is posiion in "e privae .usiness w"ere "ere is
conflic of ineres wi"in 18 da$s fro! assu!pion of pu.lic office&
Li+t Offenses are "ose punis"a.le wi" repri!and for "e firs offense% suspension of
up 18 da$s for "e second offense and dis!issal fro! "e service for "e "ird offense&
E6a!ples are9
I!proper soliciaion fro! su.ordinaes or sc"ool c"ildren
Violaion of reasona.le office rules and re#ulaions
7a.iual ardiness
3a!.lin# pro"i.ied .$ law
Refusal o render overi!e service
I!!orali$ prior o enerin# "e service
=orrowin# !one$ fro! su.ordinaes
Lendin# !one$ a usurious raes
Cillful failure o pa$ ;us de.s
Lo..$in# for personal #ain in le#islaive "alls and offices wi"ou au"ori$
-ro!oin# sale of ic@es in .e"alf of a privae enerprise wi"ou au"ori$
Gailure o ac pro!pl$ on leers wi"in '5 da$s
Gailure o process docu!ens wi"in a reasona.le i!e
E$tenu!tin* 5iti!tin* Ar!%!tin or A"tern!ti%e!nces
In deer!inin# "e i!posa.le penalies% so!e circu!sances !a$ .e appreciaed for "e
purpose of !ii#ain# or a##ravain# "e lia.ili$ of "e responden& T"e$ are as follows9
-"$sical illness
3ood fai"
Ta@in# undue advana#e of official posiion
Ta@in# undue advana#e of su.ordinaes
Undue disclosure of confidenial infor!aion
Use of #overn!en proper$ in "e co!!ission of "e offense
7a.iual co!!ission of "e offense durin# office "ours and wi"in office
E!plo$!en of fraudulen !eans o co!!i or conceal "e offense
Len#" of service in "e #overn!en%
Educaion or o"er analo#ous circu!sances&
If "ere is no a##ravain# or !ii#ain# circu!sance presen% "e !ediu!
penal$ is i!posed&
I onl$ "e a##ravain# circu!sance is presen% "e !a6i!u! penal$ s"all
.e i!posed&
If onl$ !ii#ain# circu!sance is presen% "e !ini!u! penal$ s"all .e
T"e penal$ of dis!issal fro! "e service is indivisi.le% "ence% no a!oun
of !ii#ain# circu!sance can reduce "e sa!e o a lower penal$&
C"en a##ravain# and !ii#ain# circu!sances are presen% "e penal$
s"all .e i!posed accordin# o "e nu!.er of eac" circu!sances& If "ere
are !ore a##ravain# circu!sances% "e !a6i!u! s"all .e i!posed? if
"ere are !ore !ii#ain#% "e !a6i!u! s"all .e i!posed? and if .o"
eBuall$ offse eac" o"er% "e !ediu! penal$ s"all .e i!posed&
Dur!tion !nd effect of !d.inistr!ti%e pen!"ties:
T"e penal$ of dis!issal s"all resul in "e per!anen separaion of "e
e!plo$ee fro! "e service wi" perpeual disBualificaion o "old pu.lic
Suspension s"all .e considered a #ap in "e service and durin# "a period
"e responden will no .e eniled o all !one$ .enefis includin# leave
credis& 7e s"all no also .e pro!oed durin# "e said period&
T"e penal$ of fine s"all .e in an a!oun no e6ceedin# 5 !on"s salar$ of
"e responden& T"e pro"i.iion for pro!oion s"all .e eBuivalen o "e
period "ad "e penal$ .een suspension& T"e fine s"all .e paid o "e a#enc$
"a i!posed "e sa!e&
T"e penal$ of repri!and does no carr$ an$ accessor$ penal$&
Effect of e$oner!tion:
If a civil service e!plo$ee was ille#all$ suspended or dis!issed% le#all$
spea@in#% "is posiion did no .eco!e vacan% so "e appoin!en of ano"er
o "e pos durin# "e suspension period is e!porar$ and precarious and no
o.sacle o reinsae!en of "e person w"o was ille#all$ suspended or
dis!issed ,Batungba1al vs. )ational Dev. Co. )1 -"il& '*0/
If oal e6oneraion is declared% "e ille#all$ dis!issed or suspended
e!plo$ee is eniled o reinsae!en wi" pa$!en of .ac@wa#es and o"er
.enefis .u onl$ for "e period no e6ceedin# five ,4/ $ears& ,San Luis vs.
Court o A&&eals% '+2 SCRA 04*/
An$ officialFe!plo$eeFperson found #uil$ afer due proceedin#s of "e
followin# acs or o!issions !a$ .e punis"ed for indirec cone!p9
diso.edience of or resisance o a lawful wri% process% order% decision%
resoluion% rulin#% su!!ons% su.poena% co!!and or in;uncion of "e
-roceedin#s !a$ .e iniiaed .$ "e Co!!ission motu &ro&rio% or
co!!enced .$ a verified peiion&
A "earin# o invesi#ae "e c"ar#e s"all .e se& Gailure of responden o
aend "e sc"eduled "earin# and o #ive a saisfacor$ e6planaion in
wriin# will resul in "is waiver o .e presen durin# "e "earin#&
Gine of -'%888&88 per da$ for ever$ ac of a person found #uil$ of indirec
cone!p& Da!a#es in addiion o fine s"all .e awarded if cone!p
consiss of violaion of an in;uncion or o!ission o do an ac w"ic" is
wi"in "e power of "e responden&
Refers o acs w"ic" violae "e .asic nor! of decenc$% !orali$ and decoru! a."orred
and conde!ned .$ "e socie$& I refers o conduc w"ic" is willful% fla#ran% or
s"a!eless% and w"ic" s"ows a !oral indifference o "e opinion of "e #ood and
respeca.le !e!.ers of "e co!!uni$&
a/ Disr!cefu" !nd I..or!" Conduct in t+e 7or8p"!ce >
Conduc co!!ied .$ paries% re#ardless of !arial saus% under ANJ of
"e followin# circu!sances9
'& T"e dis#raceful and i!!oral conduc was co!!ied in "e
wor@place in a scandalous !anner
0& T"e dis#raceful and i!!oral conduc was co!!ied .$
a@in# advana#e of oneHs posiion andFor wi" "e use of
#overn!en proper$ and resources
1& T"e dis#raceful and i!!oral conduc affeced "e wor@
perfor!ance of "e respondens
./ Disr!cefu" !nd I..or!" Conduct Co..itted t+rou+ !
For-idden Re"!tions+ip >
T"e dis#raceful and i!!oral conduc is classified under "is
secion if "e paries are en#a#ed in a relaions"ip for.idden .$
c/ Disr!cefu" !nd I..or!" Conduct Co..itted t+rou+
In+erent", I..or!" Acts >
Conduc w"ic" consiss of i!!oral and devian acs in"erenl$
for.idden .$ "e .asic nor!s of decenc$% !orali$ and decoru!
suc" as% .u no li!ied o inces% pedop"ilia% e6"i.iionis! and
"e li@e% w"e"er co!!ied in a discree or scandalous !anner
wi"in or ou of "e wor@place&
a/ Dis#raceful and I DISCI-LININ3
I!!oral Conduc in "e AUT7ORITJ
Cor@place I ANJ -ERSON
./ Dis#raceful and I ,filed a#ains "e !arried
I!!oral Conduc par$/ =J ANJ
T"rou#" a Gor.idden IMMEDIATE MEM=ER OG
Relaions"ip 7ISF7ER GAMILJ
c/ Dis#raceful and I DISCI-LININ3
I!!oral Conduc AUT7ORITJ
Co!!ied "rou#" I ANJ -ERSON
In"erenl$ I!!oral Acs
5e.or!ndu. Circu"!r No: ;<* s: =);) d!ted Auust <* =);)
:Secion '& Deinition o Disgraceul and Immoral Conduct. > Dis#raceful
and I!!oral Conduc refers o an ac w"ic" violaes "e .asic nor! of
decenc$% !orali$ and decoru! a."orred and conde!ned .$ "e socie$& I
refers o conduc w"ic" is willful% fla#ran or s"a!eless and w"ic" s"ows a
!oral indifference o "e opinions of "e #ood and respeca.le !e!.ers of "e
:Secion 0& Com&laint or Disgraceul and Immoral Conduct2 3,o Ma!
Initiate4File9 > A co!plain for Dis#raceful and I!!oral Conduc !a$ .e
iniiaed .$ "e disciplinin# au"ori$ or filed .$ an$ person a#ains "e paries
involved% w"e"er !arried or un!arried&
:Secion 1& Com&laint or Disgraceul and Immoral Conduct Against
5nmarried *overnment "ersonnel. > Un!arried #overn!en e!plo$ees w"o
do no "ave an$ e6isin# le#al i!pedi!ens o conrac !arria#e !a$ no .e
!ade lia.le for "e ad!inisraive offense of Dis#raceful and I!!oral Conduc
unless "e conduc consiss of i!!oral and devian acs w"ic" are in"erenl$
for.idden .$ "e .asic nor!s of decenc$% !orali$ and decoru! suc" as% .u
no li!ied o inces% pedop"ilia% e6"i.iionis! and "e li@e&
:Secion 2& Manner o Commission o t,e 6ense > T"e acs consisin# of
"e ad!inisraive offense of Dis#raceful and I!!oral conduc !a$ .e
co!!ied in a scandalous or discree !anner% wi"in or ou of "e wor@place&
7as .een defined as a for! of conduc w"ic" connoes unruswor"iness and lac@ of
ine#ri$% a disposiion o lie% c"ea deceive% .era$&:
D=ALA3SO% Teodoro Jr& L&% e al&% CSC Resoluion No& ))<'8*4% Ma$ 0'% '))) ciin#
=RIONES% Rolando A&% CAS Res& )+<1+28 daed Au#us 0*% '))+E
:T"e conceal!en or disorion of ru"% w"ic" s"ows lac@ of ine#ri$ or a
disposiion o defraud% c"ea% deceive or .era$ and an inen o violae "e
Resoluion No& 85<841*% April 2% 0885E
C"!ssific!tion of DIS3ONEST9
a/ Serious Dis"ones$ > "unis,able b! dismissal rom t,e service
./ Less Serious Dis"ones$
's offense > suspension fro! 5 !on"s and ' da$ o '
0nd offense > dis!issal fro! "e service
Resoluion No& 85<841*% April 2% 0885E
c/ Si!ple Dis"ones$ >
's offense > suspension of ' !on" and ' da$ o 5
0nd offense > suspension of 5 !on"s and ' da$ o ' $ear
1rd offense > dis!issal fro! "e service
Resoluion No& 85<841*% April 2% 0885E
T"e presence of an$ one of "e followin# aendan circu!sances in "e co!!ission of
"e dis"ones ac would consiue "e offense of SERIOUS DIS7ONESTJ9
a/ T"e dis"ones ac caused serious da!a#e and #rave pre;udice o "e
./ T"e responden #ravel$ a.used "is au"ori$ in order o co!!i "e
dis"ones ac
c/ C"ere "e responden is an accouna.le officer% "e dis"ones ac direcl$
involves proper$% accouna.le for!s or !one$ for w"ic" "e is direcl$
accouna.le and "e responden s"ows an inen o co!!i !aerial #ain% #raf
and corrupion
d/ T"e dis"ones ac e6" !oral depravi$ on "e par of "e responden
e/ T"e responden e!plo$ed fraud andFor falsificaion of official docu!ens in
"e co!!ission of "e dis"ones ac relaed o "isF"er e!plo$!en
f/ T"e dis"ones ac was co!!ied several i!es or in various occasions
#/ T"e dis"ones ac involves a Civil Service e6a!inaion irre#ulari$ or fa@e
Civil Service eli#i.ili$ suc" as% .u no li!ied o i!personaion% c"eain# and
use of cri. s"ees
"/ O"er analo#ous circu!sances
Resoluion No& 85<841*% April 2% 0885E
T"e presence of an$ one of "e followin# aendan circu!sances in "e co!!ission of
"e dis"ones ac would consiue "e offense of LESS SERIOUS DIS7ONESTJ9
a/ T"e dis"ones ac caused da!a#e and pre;udice o "e #overn!en w"ic" is
no so serious as o Bualif$ under "e i!!ediael$ precedin# classificaion
./ T"e responden did no a@e advana#e of "isF"er posiion in co!!iin# "e
dis"ones ac
c/ O"er analo#ous circu!sances
Resoluion No& 85<841*% April 2& 0885E
T"e presence of an$ one of "e followin# aendan circu!sances in "e co!!ission of
"e dis"ones ac would consiue "e offense of SIM-LE DIS7ONESTJ9
a/ T"e dis"ones ac did no cause da!a#e or pre;udice o "e #overn!en
./ T"e dis"ones ac "as no direc relaion o or does no involve "e duies and
responsi.iliies of "e responden
c/ In falsificaion of an$ official docu!en w"ere "e infor!aion falsified is
no relaed o "isF"er e!plo$!en
d/ T"a "e dis"ones ac did no resul in an$ #ain or .enefi o "e offender
e/ O"er analo#ous circu!sances
Resoluion No& 85<841*% April 2% 0885E
Ne#li#ence is wan of care reBuired .$ "e circu!sances& I is a relaive or co!paraive%
no an a.solue er!% and is applicaion depends upon "e siuaion of "e paries% and "e
de#ree of care and vi#ilance w"ic" "e circu!sances reasona.l$ i!pose
D5S vs. -5A)ILL6% 01 -"il& 0'0E
In 3rave Misconduc% as disin#uis"ed fro! Si!ple Misconduc% "e ele!ens of
corrupion% clear inen o violae "e law or fla#ran disre#ard of esa.lis"ed rules% !us
.e !anifes&:
DLA)DRI.6 vs. CSC% 001 SCRA 452 Ciin# In Re9 I!peac"!en of 7orilleno% 21 -"il&
0'0 ,')00/E
T"is offense is .ased !ainl$ on "e #eneral repuaion of an e!plo$ee for .ein# difficul
o wor@ wi"% due o "isF"er Buarrelso!e aiude andFor repeaed infracions of office
rules& T"e focus in "is offense is "e oali$ of "is conduc in office and no "is lia.ili$
for "e individual acs&:
DLA3UILLES% Cesar -&% CSC Resoluion No& ))<8805% Januar$ 5% ')))E
Ever$"in# w"ic" is done conrar$ o ;usice% "ones$% !odes$ or #ood !orals&
DIn Re9 =asa% 2' -"il 0+4? In Re9 Isada% 58 -"il& )'4E
Ever$"in# w"ic" is done conrar$ o ;usice% "ones$% !odes$ or #ood !orals&
:I ,!oral urpiude/ i!plies so!e"in# i!!oral in iself% re#ardless of "e fac
"a i is punis"a.le .$ law or no& I is no "e pro"i.iion .$ saue "a fi6es
!oral urpiude .u "e naure of "e ac iself&:
,RO=REDILLO% Mario% CSC Resoluion No& 88<854+% Marc" '8% 0888 ciin# D'LA
.6RR' vs. C6M'L'C% 04* SCRA 2*1E
Galsificaion as a rule is "e !isrepresenaion of a "in#% fac or condiion% cerif$in# "a
a "in# is rue w"en i is no% w"e"er one "as "e ri#" o !a@e "e represenaion or
cerificae& As applied o a pu.lic docu!en% in order "a said ac .e punis"a.le% i is
i!!aerial w"e"er i "as caused da!a#e o a "ird person or no& T"is is .ecause
falsificaion of pu.lic docu!ens is conrolled .$ o"er principles disinc fro! "ose
applica.le o privae docu!ens&
D5.S. vs. B5')A/').5RA% ' -"il& 211E
T"e er! :elecion ca!pai#n: or Hparisan poliical acivi$H refers o an ac desi#ned o
pro!oe "e elecion or defea of a paricular candidae or candidaes o a pu.lic office&
D=U3TON3% Diosdado% CSC Res& No& )+<8*8+% Januar$ 0*% '))+ ciin# Secion +) of
"e O! Elecion Code of "e -"ilippines ,=aas -a!.ansa =ilan# **'/E
All appoin!ens in "e naional% provincial% ci$ and !unicipal #overn!ens or in an$
.ranc" or insru!enali$ "ereof% includin# #overn!en<owned and conrolled
corporaions% !ade in favor of a relaive Kwi"in "e "ird de#reeL of "e appoinin# or
reco!!endin# au"ori$% or of "e c"ief of "e .ureau or office% or of "e persons
e6ercisin# i!!ediae supervision over "i!% are "ere.$ pro"i.ied&
DD'B5L*AD6 vs. CI/IL S'R/IC' C6MMISSI6)% 01* SCRA '*2E
No person s"all .e appoined in "e career service of "e local #overn!en if "e is relaed
wi"in "e four" civil de#ree of consan#uini$ or affini$ o "e appoinin# and
reco!!endin# au"ori$&
DSecion +)% Local 3overn!en Code of '))'E
I consiss of a.andon!en or renunciaion of oneHs lo$al$ o "e #overn!en or
advocain# "e over"row of "e 3overn!en&
D-ar& +% Secion *% -residenial Decree No& )+'% Jul$ 0+% ')+5E
T"e Co!!ission "as defined oppression as an ac of cruel$% severi$% unlawful e6acion%
do!inaion or e6cessive use of au"ori$&
DCSC Resoluion9 No& )4<0'04% Marc" 0' '))4E
Inco!peenc$ > "as .een defined as "e !anifes lac@ of adeBuae a.ili$ and finess for
"e saisfacor$ perfor!ance of official duies& T"is "as reference o an$ p"$sical% !oral
or inellecual Buali$ "e lac@ of w"ic" su.saniall$ incapaciaes one o perfor! "e
duies of an officer&
DSec& *% -res& Decree No& )+'E
An officer or e!plo$ee s"all .e considered "a.iuall$ a.sen if "e incurs unau"oriAed
a.sences e6ceedin# "e allowa.le 0&4 da$s !on"l$ leave credi under "e Leave Law for
a leas "ree ,1/ !on"s in a se!eser or a leas "ree ,1/ consecuive !on"s durin# "e
DSecion 00 ,B/% Rule (IV% O! Rules I!ple!enin# =oo@ V of E6ecuive Order No&
0)0 ,Ad!inisraive Code of ')*+/E
:An$ ac conduc of officer or ri.unal under a du$ o perfor!% si#nif$in#
inenion no o perfor! & & &:
DCord M -"rases% Volu!e 15<A% Cop$ri#"% ')50E
Is a deli.erae and willful refusal o co!pl$ wi" a lawful reBues or order of a "i#"er
au"ori$& I involves disre#ard of proper au"ori$ and a refusal o o.e$ "a au"ori$% a
willful disrespec of i&:
DSO=RE-ENA% Car!elia 3&% CSC Resoluion No& 88'0**& Ma$ 18% 0888 ciin#
7ARVEJ% Ta!!an# A&% CSC Resoluion No& )*<0004 Au#us 0'% '))*E
One w"o freBuenl$ and repeaedl$ .eco!es ino6icaed .$ e6cessive indul#ence in
ino6icain# liBuor so as o acBuire a fi6ed "a.i and an involunar$ endenc$ o .eco!e
ino6icaed as ofen as "e e!paion is presened% even "ou#" "e re!ains for da$s
or even wee@s a a i!e&
D=lac@Hs Law Dicionar$% 4" EdiionE
An e!plo$ee s"all .e considered "a.iuall$ ard$ if "e incurs ardiness% re#ardless of "e
nu!.er of !inues% en ,'8/ i!es a !on" for a leas wo ,0/ !on"s in a se!eser or a
leas wo ,0/ consecuive !on"s durin# "e $ear&
DSecion 00& ,B/ Rule (IV% O! Rules I!ple!enin# =oo@ V of E6ecuive Order No&
0)0 ,Ad!inisraive Code of ')*+/E
5e.or!ndu. Circu"!r No: ;'* s: =);) d!ted Auust '* =);)
'& An$ officer or e!plo$ee w"o incurs underi!e% re#ardless of "e nu!.er of
!inuesF"ours% en ,'8/ i!es a !on" for a leas wo !on"s in a se!eser s"all
.e lia.le for Si!ple Misconduc andFor Conduc -re;udicial o "e =es Ineres of
"e Service% as "e case !a$ .e? and
0& An$ officer or e!plo$ee w"o incurs underi!e% re#ardless of "e nu!.er of
!inuesF"ours% en ,'8/ i!es a !on" for a leas wo ,0/ consecuive !on"s
durin# "e $ear s"all .e lia.le for Si!ple Misconduc andFor Conduc -re;udicial
o "e =es Ineres of "e Service% as "e case !a$ .e&
5e.or!ndu. Circu"!r No: ;(* s: =);) d!ted Auust '* =);)
'& An$ officer or e!plo$ee w"o is a.sen in "e !ornin# is considered o .e
ard$ and is su.;ec o "e provisions on "a.iual ardiness? and
0& An$ officer or e!plo$ee w"o is a.sen in "e afernoon is considered o "ave
incurred underi!e su.;ec o "e provisions on underi!e&
:Jus de.s: s"all appl$ onl$ o9
'& Clai!s ad;udicaed .$ a cour of law% or
0& Clai!s "e e6isence and ;usness of w"ic" are ad!ied .$ "e de.or&
DSecion 00& Rule (IV% O! Rules I!ple!enin# =oo@ V of E6ecuive Order 0)0
,Ad!inisraive Code of ')*+/E
T"e er! Se6ual 7arass!en "as var$in# definiions dependin# on w"a $pe of case will
.e insiued& If "e case is cri!inal in naure% "e definiion under RA +*++ applies% "us%
all ele!ens "ereof !us .e presen for purposes of convicion& On "e o"er "and% "e
ad!inisraive offense of se6ual "arass!en is defined under "e Ad!inisraive
Disciplinar$ Rules on Se6ual 7arass!en cases pro!ul#aed .$ "e Civil service
Co!!ission ,CSC Resoluion No& 8'<8)28/ w"ic" conspicuousl$ deviaed fro! "e
srin#en reBuire!ens of RA +*++ insofar as "e ele!ens of "e offense are concerned&
Se6ual 7arass!en as a cri!inal offense is defined as a wor@% educaion or rainin#
relaed ac co!!ied .$ an e!plo$er% e!plo$ee% !ana#er% supervisor% a#en of "e
e!plo$er% eac"er% insrucor% professor% coac"% rainor or an$ person w"o% having
authority, influence or moral ascendancy over ano"er in a wor@ or rainin# or educaion
environ!en% de!ands% reBuess or o"erwise reBuires an$ se6ual favor fro! "e o"er%
re#ardless of w"e"er "e de!and% reBues or reBuire!en for su.!ission is acceped .$
"e o.;ec of said ac&
Se6ual 7arass!en as an ad!inisraive offense is defined as an ac% or a series of acs%
involvin# an$ unwelco!e se6ual advance% reBues or de!and for a se6ual favor% or o"er or p"$sical .e"avior of a se6ual naure% co!!ied .$ a #overn!en e!plo$ee or
official in a wor@ relaed% rainin# or educaion relaed environ!en of "e person
co!plained of&
Noe "a "e wo definiions are su.saniall$ "e sa!e e6cep "a in "e ad!inisraive
se6ual "arass!en cases "e ele!en of !oral ascendanc$% influence or au"ori$ on "e
par of "e offender is no presen&
E%o"ution of t+e ru"es on se$u!" +!r!ss.ent c!ses:
'& CSC Me!orandu! Circular No& ')% s& '))2 ,CSC Res& No& )2<0*42/
=ased on "e .road !andae #iven .$ RA 5+'1 and EO 0)0 o "e CSC o
adop posiive !easures o pro!oe "e o.servance of "e sandards of
personal conduc of officials and e!plo$ees in "e civil service and o
adop !easures o pro!oe !orale% efficienc$% ine#ri$% responsiveness
and coures$ in "e civil service&
Cas issued .efore "e enac!en of RA +*++
I c"araceriAes se6ual "arass!en as ei"er #rave !isconduc% conduc
pre;udicial o "e .es ineres of "e service or si!ple !isconduc&
In is definiion of se6ual "arass!en "e ele!en of !oral ascendanc$%
influence or au"ori$ of "e offender was no presen&
0& RA (A(( 1;BB<2
Defines and penaliAes "e cri!e of se6ual "arass!en in wor@places and
educaional or rainin# insiuions in pu.lic and privae secors and
considers "e presence of !oral ascendanc$% influence or au"ori$ on "e
par of "e perperaor as an ele!en of "e cri!e&
Defines "e of e!plo$ers% "eads of offices or educaional
insiuions in addressin# se6ual "arass!en includin# "e creaion of "e
Co!!iee on Decoru! and Invesi#aion ,CODI/&
Ma@es "e e!plo$er or "e "ead of office lia.le under cerain condiions
for failin# o a@e i!!ediae acion afer .ein# infor!ed .$ "e vici!s of
se6ual "arass!en&
Unclear on ad!inisraive sancions&
1& CSC Reso"ution No: B<0';';
Cas issued pursuan o RA +*++ for "e #uidance of "e CSC personnel&
Adops .o" "e definiions of MC ') and RA +*++ and li@ewise
considers au"ori$% influence or !oral ascendanc$ as ele!ens of "e
2& Ad.inistr!ti%e Discip"in!r, Ru"es on Se$u!" 3!r!ss.ent C!ses
Treaed se6ual "arass!en ad!inisraive cases as differen in naure fro!
"e cri!inal cases of se6ual "arass!en&
Considered RA +*++ as dealin# onl$ wi" "e cri!inal cases of se6ual
"arass!en w"ile adopin# so!e of is feaures suc" as "e creaion per
a#enc$ of "e CODI&
Declared "a !oral ascendanc$ is no an ele!en of "e ad!inisraive
Cae#oriAed differen acs of ad!inisraive se6ual "arass!en cases&
O"er Relaed Laws9
'& RA 5+04 > An Ac Sren#"enin# "e -ro"i.iion on
Discri!inaion a#ains Co!en
0& RA +')0 > Co!en in Develop!en and Naion =uildin#
1& RA *141 > T"e Ani Rape Law of '))+
2& RA *484 > Rape Vici! Assisance and -roecion Ac of
4& T"e C"ild A.use Law
5& T"e Revised -enal Code w"ic" classifies "e acs "a !a$
consiue Se6ual 7arass!en as follows9
a& Un;us Ve6aion > An$ "u!an conduc w"ic"%
al"ou#" no producive of so!e p"$sical or !aerial "ar!
would% "owever% un;usl$ anno$% ve6% irriae% or!en%
disress or disur. "e !ind of an innocen person o w"o!
i is direced& Violence and ini!idaion are no necessar$&
.& Slander .$ Deed
c& Acs of Lasciviousness
d& Oral Defa!aion
e& Coercion
Se$u!" 3!r!ss.ent: A t+re!t in t+e Cor8p"!ce
Se6ual "arass!en is reco#niAed as a violaion of "u!an ri#"s% !orale and efficienc$ in
"e wor@place% i violaes as well !eri and finess principle and creaes a "osile
environ!en w"ic" adversel$ affec producive perfor!ance&
In '))) Convenion on Violence in "e Corld of Cor@% ILO% 3eneva% se6ual "arass!en
"ad .een cae#oricall$ a##ed as one of "e "reas in "e wor@place& T"e ConvenionHs
declaraion saes as follows9
7Se(ual ,arassment violates a 8or1er9s rig,t to :ob securit! and e$ual
o&&ortunit!. It can create 8or1ing conditions t,at are ,azardous to t,e
&s!c,ological and &,!sical 8ell being o 8or1ers. It also creates a &oisoned
8or1 atmos&,ere t,at can disem&o8er and demoralize 8or1ers. . .7
7. . . 3,en ignored, se(ual ,arassment e(acts a ,ig, cost to a com&an! in
terms o loss o &roductivit!, ,ig, absenteeism among aected em&lo!ees,
disru&tions o 8or1 rom long term sic1 leaves, retraining o ne8 &ersonnel,
lo8 morale. . .7
True enou#"% se6ual "arass!en cases in "e -"ilippines ofen resuls in "e resi#naion of
"e vici!% de!oraliAaion of e!plo$ees and "osile wor@in# environ!en o "e
pre;udice of "e service&
E%idence in Ad.inistr!ti%e Se$u!" 3!r!ss.ent c!ses:
Se6ual "arass!en "as no eBuivalen er! in "e Gilipino lan#ua#e& Ce use er!s suc" as
:tsansing% :abuso% :&agla&astangan% :ginamit and binastos: o refer o various for!s or
e6periences of se6ual a.use or !olesaion% includin# acs fallin# wi"in "e concep of
se6ual "arass!en&
:.sansing: or :c"ancin#HH appears o .e ofen used o refer o acs of se6ual "arass!en& I
is also loaded wi" assu!pions and perspecives a.ou "e acs o w"ic" "e$ refer& I is a
derivaive of "e En#lis" word :c"ance: w"ic" see!s o sa$ "a "e acs are accidenal%
no deli.erae% or are !ade o appear as suc"&
Ano"er !essa#e conve$ed see!s o .e "a "ese acs are !inor or rivial "us al!os
co!pellin# us o .e dis!issive a.ou "e!& No surprisin#l$% we call as tsansing "a
see!in#l$ accidenal .rus"in# of a !anHs ar! a#ains a wo!anHs .reas&
Indeed% "ese acs !a$ appear o .e accidenal or innocen or e6cusa.le o "e ousider%
paricularl$ w"en "e for! in w"ic" "e$ co!e does no involve our concep of :eroic:
conac% "us allowin# conflicin# inerpreaions of "e si#nificance of "e ac&
On "e par of "e person w"o e6perienced i% "e c"araceriAaion of "e ac as tsansing
!a$ lead o a!.ivalence a.ou w"a i was "e s"e acuall$ e6perienced despie "a%
deep down% s"e fel so!e disco!for or @new "ere was so!e"in# wron# a.ou "e ac&
T"e rivialiAaion of se6ual "arass!en is eviden in peopleHs co!!on responses o
co!plains of a.use& Responses li@e% :3ala !on, binig!an mo lang ng malis!a:% :Maliit
na baga! &ina&ala1i mo:% :Ma1u1u,a lang !an sa &aligo:% :3ala namang na8ala sa !o:%
:I&asadi!os mo na lang: are classic e6pressions of our culural values and our accepance
of "ese acs as dail$% nor!al occurrences&
T"e effec of "ese responses o vici!s is ofen discoura#in#% if no devasain#& I !a@es
"e vici! dou. "e validi$ of "eir e6perience and fear non<.elief if ever "e$ repor% as
well as a##ravaes "eir feelin# of s"a!e a.ou "e e6perience& I ofen leads o dela$ in
reporin# "e a.use or silences vici!s effecivel$&
T"e er! :Se6ual Gavor: is viewed as e6cludin# o"er se6ual advances& I see!s "a
w"a are clearl$ :se6ual: acs are "ose acs relaed o se6ual relain# or se6ual ini!ac$
> @issin# on "e lips% fondlin# of .reass and p"$sical conac wi" "e penis or va#ina&
T"e c"araceriAaion of "e ac as :se6ual: or :non<se6ual: ofen arises as an issue w"en
"e acs involved are w"a !an$ consider as a!.ivalen acs > placin# an ar! around
ano"erHs s"oulders% a loo@ or a sare ,dir$ or !alicious/% co!!ens a.ou a personHs
loo@s or .od$ ,co!pli!en or lewd/ or a.ou se6% Bueries a.ou a personHs se6 life% ec&
T"e pro.le! is "e concep of :se6ual:& C"a !a@es conduc :se6ual "arass!en: is no
so !uc" dependen on "e par of "e .od$ ouc"ed or w"e"er "ere was p"$sical
conac& T"e @e$ is "e c"aracer of "e conduc&
Conduc is :se6ual "arass!en: w"en "e se6 and se6uali$ of "e person and ever$"in#
culurall$ relaed o i is !ade "e o.;ec of "e conduc% as so!e"in# desired o .e
o.ained or rivialiAed wi"% w"e"er "rou#" p"$sical% and o"er for!s of conduc&
T+e DFi"ipin! of decent reputeD doctrine
T"is docrine reasons ou "a no $oun# and decen Gilipina would pu.licl$ ad!i "a s"e
was ravis"ed and "er "onor ained unless suc" was rue% for i would .e insincive for
"er o proec "er "onor and "a considerin# "e !odes$ and "e conseBuen
revulsion of a Gilipina a#ains airin# in pu.lic "in#s "a affec "er "onor% i is "ard o
conceive "a co!plainan would reveal and ad!i "e i#no!in$ s"e "ad under#one if i
were no rue& ,CSC Res& No& 888811/
T+e nor.!" re!ction st!nd!rd
T"ere is no sandard .e"avior for persons confroned wi" a s"oc@in# inciden and "a
"e wor@in#s of a "u!an !ind w"en placed under e!oional sress are unpredica.le and
cause differen reacions& ,"eo&le vs. La!agum% 05' SCRA 11)/ 7owever% in decidin#
se6ual "arass!en cases% "e CSC used "e nor!al reacion sandard& I found "e
co!plainanHs .e"avior afer "e alle#ed inciden > "a of si#nin# "er na!e on "e
aendance lo#.oo@ and acin# as if no"in# "appened > as conrar$ o "e nor!al
reacion of a person w"o "ad ;us .een se6uall$ "arassed&
T"e Co!!ission opined "a a person w"o "ad .een se6uall$ assauled would no .e
concerned wi" an$"in# else .u securin# "er safel$ ,CSC Res& No& )*185*/&
Testi.oni!" credi-i"it,
As "e case usuall$ involves wo persons% "e offender and "e offended par$% "e ru"
could .e discerned fro! "e !anner .$ w"ic" "e paries #ive "eir esi!onies durin# "e
"earin#& In one case% "e Co!!ission considered srai#"forward% sponaneous% deailed%
convincin# and naural esi!on$ as indicia of ru"fulness ,CSC Res& No& ))8*14/&
De"!, in reportin
Sricl$ spea@in#% "ere is no i!e period wi"in w"ic" "e or s"e is e6peced o co!plain
"rou#" proper c"annels& T"e i!e o do so !a$ var$% dependin# upon "e needs%
circu!sances and !ore i!poranl$% "e e!oional "res"old of "e e!plo$ee ,",il.
Aeolus Automotive 5nited Cor&. vs. )LRC and Rosalinda Cortez% 3R No& '025'+ ,April
0*% 0888/&
T"e CSC iself did no consider as faal co!plainanHs dela$ in reporin#% "e reasons for
w"ic" were #iven ,CSC Res& No& )+10++/& =u in wo cases% "e Co!!ission considered
reporin# o "e au"oriies a once as indicia of ru"fulness ,CSC Res& No& ))8215% CSC
Res& No& )550'1/
T"e Rules of Cour appl$ suppleoril$ o proceedin#s in ad!inisraive .odies% "ence%
porions "ereof perainin# o evidence !a$ .e invo@ed in ad!inisraive se6ual
"arass!en cases&
T"e Ad!inisraive Disciplinar$ Rules on Se6ual 7arass!en Cases ,CSC Resoluion
No& 8'<8)28/
I& Situs of t+e Offense
Section && Se6ual "arass!en !a$ a@e place9
'& in "e pre!ises of "e wor@place or office or of "e sc"ool or
rainin# insiuion?
0& in an$ place w"ere "e paries were found as a resul of wor@ or
educaion or rainin# responsi.iliies or relaions?
1& a wor@ or educaion or rainin#<relaed social funcions?
2& w"ile on official .usiness ouside "e office or sc"ool or rainin#
insiuion or durin# wor@ or sc"ool or rainin#<relaed ravel?
4& a official conferences% fora% s$!posia or rainin# sessions? or
5& .$ elep"one% cellular p"one% fa6 !ac"ine or elecronic !ail&
II& For.s of Co..ission
Section <& T"e followin# are illusraive for!s of se6ual "arass!en9
,a/ -"$sical
i& Malicious Touc"in#?
ii& Over se6ual advances?
iii& 3esures wi" lewd insinuaion&
,./ suc" as .u no li!ied o% reBuess or de!ands for se6ual
favors% and lurid re!ar@s?
,c/ Use of o.;ecs% picures or #rap"ics% leers or wriin# noes wi"
se6ual underpinnin#s?
,d/ O"er for! analo#ous o "e for#oin#&
III& /ersons Li!-"e
Section '& An$ #overn!en official or e!plo$ee% re#ardless of se6% is lia.le for
se6ual "arass!en w"en "eFs"e9
,a/ direcl$ paricipaes in "e e6ecuion of an$ ac of se6ual
"arass!en as defined .$ "ese Rules?
,./ induces or direcs ano"er or o"ers o co!!i se6ual "arass!en as
defined .$ "ese Rules?
,c/ cooperaes in "e co!!ission of se6ual "arass!en .$ ano"er
"rou#" an ac wi"ou w"ic" "e se6ual "arass!en would no "ave .een
acco!plis"ed? or
,d/ cooperaes in "e co!!ission of se6ual "arass!en .$ ano"er
"rou#" previous or si!ulaneous acs&
IV& Co..ittee on Decoru. !nd In%esti!tion
Section (& A Co!!iee on Decoru! and Invesi#aion s"all .e creaed in all
naional or local a#encies of "e #overn!en% sae colle#es and universiies%
includin# #overn!en<owned or conrolled corporaions wi" ori#inal c"arer& T"e
Co!!iee s"all perfor! "e followin# funcions9
,a/ Receive co!plains of se6ual "arass!en?
,./ Invesi#ae se6ual "arass!en co!plains in accordance wi" "e
prescri.ed procedure?
,c/ Su.!i a repor of is findin#s wi" "e correspondin#
reco!!endaion o "e disciplinin# au"ori$ for decision?
,d/ Lead in "e conduc of discussions a.ou se6ual "arass!en wi"in
"e a#enc$ or insiuion o increase undersandin# and preven incidens
of se6ual "arass!en?
LocaliAed Co!!iees on Decoru! and Invesi#aion esa.lis"ed in "e re#ional
or field offices% as "e case !a$ .e% of "e a#enc$ or insiuion s"all "ave "e
sa!e funcions as saed a.ove and s"all su.!i "e repor of invesi#aion wi"
is reco!!endaion direcl$ o "e disciplinin# au"ori$&
C"en a !e!.er of "e Co!!iee is "e co!plainan or "e person co!plained of
in a se6ual "arass!en case% "eFs"e s"all .e disBualified fro! .ein# a !e!.er of
"e Co!!iee&
Section A: Composition& > In a wor@<relaed environ!en% a Co!!iee on
Decoru! and Invesi#aion s"all .e co!posed of a leas one ,'/ represenaive
eac" fro! "e !ana#e!en% "e accredied union% if an$% "e second level
e!plo$ees% and fro! "e firs level e!plo$ees% dul$ seleced .$ "e uni
In an educaional or rainin# insiuion% "e Co!!iee s"all .e co!posed of a
leas one ,'/ represenaive fro! "e ad!inisraion% "e rainers% eac"ers%
insrucors% professors or coac"es% and sudens or rainees% as "e case !a$ .e%
dul$ seleced .$ "e level concerned&
Section B& T"e a#enc$ !a$ for!ulae is own rules #overnin# "e er! of
office of is !e!.ers w"ic" s"ould .e !ore "an wo $ears% and o"er !aers
perainin# o "e funcions of "e Co!!iee no o"erwise provided in "ese
V& /re0fi"in SO/ in !ttendin to %icti.s of S3
Section ;): The Pre-filing Stage& > T"e a#enc$ !a$ adop !ec"anis!s o
provide assisance o an alle#ed vici! of se6ual "arass!en w"ic" !a$ include
counselin#% referral o an a#enc$ offerin# professional "elp% and advice on opions
availa.le .efore "e filin# of "e co!plain&
VI& St!nd!rd /rocedur!" Re4uire.ents
Section ;;& T"e procedural rules provided "ereunder are "e sandard
reBuire!ens in "andlin# a se6ual "arass!en case&
VI& St!nd!rd /rocedur!" Re4uire.ents
Section ;=: Co.p"!int: 6
,a/ T"e co!plain !a$ .e filed a an$ i!e wi" "e disciplinin#
au"ori$ of "e office or a#enc$% or wi" "e Co!!iee on Decoru! and
Invesi#aion& Upon receip of "e co!plain .$ "e disciplinin# au"ori$
of "e office or a#enc$% "e sa!e s"all .e rans!ied o "e Co!!iee on
Decoru! and Invesi#aion% if "ere is an$& In "e a.sence of a Co!!iee
on Decoru! and Invesi#aion% "e "ead office or a#enc$ s"all
i!!ediael$ cause "e creaion of Co!!iee on Decoru! and
Invesi#aion in accordance wi" "e law and rules% and rans!i "e
co!plain o "e Co!!iee&
,./ T"e co!plain !us .e in wriin#% si#ned and sworn o .$ "e
co!plainan& I s"all conain "e followin#9
'& "e full na!e and address of "e co!plainan?
0& "e full na!e% address% and posiion of "e responden?
1& a .rief sae!en of "e relevan facs?
2& evidence% in suppor of "e co!plainan% if an$?
4& a cerificaion of non<foru! s"oppin#&
In "e a.sence of an$ one of "e afore!enioned reBuire!ens% "e
co!plain s"all .e dis!issed wi"ou pre;udice o is refilin#&
C"ere "e co!plain is no under oa"% "e co!plainan s"all .e
su!!oned .$ "e Co!!iee o swear o "e ru" of "e
alle#aions in "e co!plainan&
,d/ Ci"drawal of "e co!plain a an$ sa#e of "e proceedin#s s"all
no preclude "e Co!!iee fro! proceedin# wi" "e invesi#aion w"ere
"ere is o.vious ru" or !eri o "e alle#aions in "e co!plain or w"ere
"ere is docu!enar$ or direc evidence "a can prove "e #uil of "e
person co!plained of&
Section ;E: Action on the Complaint. > Upon receip of a co!plain "a is
sufficien in for! and su.sance% "e Co!!iee on Decoru! and Invesi#aion
s"all reBuire "e person co!plained of o su.!i a Couner<AffidaviFCo!!en
under oa" wi"in "ree ,1/ da$s fro! receip of "e noice% furnis"in# a cop$
"ereof o "e co!plainan% o"erwise "e Couner<AffidaviFCo!!en s"all .e
considered as no filed&
Section ;&: Preliminary Investigation& > A preli!inar$ invesi#aion s"all .e
conduced .$ "e Co!!iee on Decoru! and Invesi#aion& T"e invesi#aion
involves "e e( &arte e6a!inaion of docu!ens su.!ied .$ "e co!plainan
and "e person co!plained of% as well as docu!ens readil$ availa.le fro! o"er
#overn!en offices&
Durin# "e preli!inar$ invesi#aion% "e paries !a$ su.!i affidavis and
Upon receip of "e couner<affidavi or co!!en under oa"% "e Co!!iee on
Decoru! and Invesi#aion !a$ now reco!!end w"e"er a &rima acie case
e6iss o warran "e issuance of a for!al c"ar#e&
Durin# preli!inar$ invesi#aion% proceedin#s .efore "e Co!!iee on Decoru!
and Invesi#aion s"all .e "eld under sric confideniali$&
Section ;<: Duration of the Investigation: > A preli!inar$ invesi#aion s"all
co!!ence no laer "an five ,4/ da$s fro! receip of "e co!plain .$ "e
Co!!iee on Decoru! and Invesi#aion and s"all .e er!inaed wi"in fifeen
,'4/ wor@in# da$s "ereafer&
Section ;': Investigation Report: > Ci"in five ,4/ wor@in# da$s fro! "e
er!inaion of "e preli!inar$ invesi#aion% "e Co!!iee on Decoru! and
Invesi#aion s"all su.!i "e Invesi#aion Repor and "e co!plee records of
"e case o "e disciplinin# au"ori$&
Section ;(: Decision or Resolution After Preliminary Investigation. ;
If a &rima acie case is esa.lis"ed durin# "e invesi#aion% a for!al c"ar#e s"all
.e issued .$ "e disciplinin# au"ori$ wi"in "ree ,1/ wor@in# da$s fro! receip
of "e Invesi#aion Repor&
In "e a.sence of a &rima acie case% "e co!plain s"all .e dis!issed wi"in "e
sa!e period&
Section ;A: ormal Charge:
> Afer findin# a &rima acie case% "e disciplinin# au"ori$ s"all
for!all$ c"ar#e "e person co!plained of&
> T"e for!al c"ar#e s"all conain a specificaion of "e c"ar#e,s/% a .rief
sae!en of !aerial or relevan facs% acco!panied .$ cerified rue
copies of "e docu!enar$ evidence% if an$% sworn sae!ens coverin# "e
esi!on$ of winesses% a direcive o answer "e c"ar#e,s/ in wriin#
under oa" in no less "an seven$<wo "ours fro! receip "ereof% an
advice for "e responden o indicae in "isF"er answer w"e"er or no
"eFs"e elecs a for!al invesi#aion of "e c"ar#e,s/% and a noice "a
"eFs"e is eniled o .e assised .$ a counsel of "isF"er c"oice&
If "e responden "as su.!ied "isF"er co!!en and couner<affidavis durin# "e
preli!inar$ invesi#aion% "eFs"e s"all .e #iven "e opporuni$ o su.!i
addiional evidence&
T"e Co!!iee on Decoru! and Invesi#aion s"all no enerain reBuess for
clarificaion% .ills of pariculars or !oions o dis!iss w"ic" are o.viousl$
desi#ned o dela$ "e ad!inisraive proceedin#& If an$ of "ese pleadin#s is filed
.$ "e responden% "e sa!e s"all .e considered as par of "isF"er answer w"ic"
"eFs"e !a$ file wi"in "e re!ainin# period for filin# "e answer&
Section ;B: Ans!er. > T"e answer w"ic" !us .e in wriin# and under oa"%
s"all .e specific and s"all conain !aerial facs and applica.le laws% if an$%
includin# docu!enar$ evidence& sworn sae!ens coverin# esi!onies of
winesses% if "ere .e an$% in suppor of respondenHs case& If s"all also include a
sae!en indicain# w"e"er "eFs"e elecs a for!al invesi#aion&
Section =): ailure to ile an Ans!er. > If "e responden fails or refuses o
file "isF"er answer o "e for!al c"ar#e wi"in seven$<wo ,+0/ "ours fro!
receip "ereof wi"ou ;usifia.le cause% "eFs"e s"all .e considered o "ave
waived "is ri#" "ereo and for!al invesi#aion !a$ co!!ence&
Section =;: Preventive Suspension: >
> Upon peiion of "e co!plainan or motu &ro&rio upon "e
reco!!endaion of "e Co!!iee on Decoru! and Invesi#aion% a an$
i!e afer "e service of "e Gor!al C"ar#e o "e responden% "e proper
disciplinin# au"ori$ !a$ order "e prevenive suspension of "e
responden durin# "e for!al invesi#aion% if "ere are reasons o .elieve%
"a "eFs"e is pro.a.l$ #uil$ of "e c"ar#es w"ic" would warran "isF"er
re!oval fro! "e service&
An order of prevenive suspension !a$ .e issued o e!poraril$ re!ove "e
responden fro! "e scene of "isF"er !isfeasance or !alfeasance and o preclude
"e possi.ili$ of "isF"er e6erin# undue influence or pressure on "e winesses
a#ains "i!F"er or a!perin# of docu!enar$ evidence on file wi" "is office&
Section "". Duration of Preventive Suspension& > C"en "e ad!inisraive
case a#ains "e responden under prevenive suspension is no finall$ decided .$
"e disciplinin# au"ori$ wi"in "e period of nine$ ,)8/ da$s afer "e dae of
"isF"er prevenive suspension% unless o"erwise provided .$ special law% "eFs"e
s"all .e auo!aicall$ reinsaed ino "e service9
"rovided, "a w"en "e dela$ in "e disposiion of "e case is due o "e faul%
ne#li#ence or peiion of "e responden% "e period of dela$ s"ould no .e
included in "e counin# of "e nine$ ,)8/ calendar da$s period prevenive
"rovided, urt,er, T"a s"ould "e responden .e on paerni$F!aerni$ leave%
said prevenive suspension s"all .e deferred or inerruped unil suc" i!e "a
said leave "as .een full$ en;o$ed&
Section =E. Remedies from the #rder of Prevention Suspension: > T"e
responden !a$ file a !oion for reconsideraion wi" "e disciplinin# au"ori$
or !a$ elevae "e sa!e o "e Civil Service Co!!ission .$ wa$ of an appeal
wi"in fifeen ,'4/ da$s fro! receip "ereof&
Section =&: Conduct of ormal Investigation& > Al"ou#" "e responden does
no reBues a for!al invesi#aion% one s"all never"eless .e conduced .$ "e
Co!!iee on Decoru! and Invesi#aion if i dee!s suc" invesi#aion as
necessar$ o decide "e case ;udiciousl$&
T"e invesi#aion s"all .e "eld no earlier "an five ,4/ da$s nor laer "an en ,'8/
da$s fro! receip of "e respondenHs answer& Said invesi#aion s"all .e finis"ed
wi"in "ir$ ,18/ da$s fro! "e issuance of "e for!al c"ar#e or "e receip of "e
answer unless "e period is e6ended .$ "e disciplinin# au"ori$ in !eriorious
Section =<: Pre-hearing Conference. $
A "e co!!ence!en of "e for!al invesi#aion% "e Co!!iee on Decoru!
and Invesi#aion !a$ conduc a pre<"earin# conference for "e paries o appear%
consider and a#ree on an$ of "e followin#9
a& sipulaion of facs?
.& si!plificaion of issues?
c& idenificaion and !ar@in# of evidence of "e paries?
d& waiver of o.;ecions o ad!issi.ili$ of evidence?
e& li!iin# "e nu!.er of winesses% and "eir na!es?
f& daes of su.seBuen "earin#s? and
#& suc" o"er !aers as !a$ aid in "e pro!p and ;us resoluion of "e
T"e paries !a$ su.!i posiion paperF!e!oranda and su.!i "e case for
resoluion .ased on "e resul of "e pre<"earin# conference wi"ou an$ need for
fur"er "earin#&
Section =': Continuous %earing &ntil Terminated' Postponement& >
7earin#s "all .e conduced on "e "earin# daes se .$ "e Co!!iee on
Decoru! and invesi#aion or as a#reed upon durin# a pre<"earin# conference&
C"ere no pre<"earin# conference is conduced% "e paries% "eir counsels and
winesses% if an$% s"all .e #iven a noice of a leas five ,4/ da$s .efore "e firs
sc"eduled "earin# specif$in# "e i!e% dae and place of "e said "earin# and
su.seBuen "earin#s& T"ereafer% "e sc"edule of "earin#s previousl$ se s"all .e
sricl$ followed wi"ou fur"er noice& A par$ s"all .e #raned onl$ "ree ,1/
pospone!ens upon oral or wrien reBuess& A fur"er pospone!en !a$ .e
#raned onl$ upon wrien reBues and su.;ec o "e discreion of "e Co!!iee
on Decoru! and invesi#aion&
If "e responden fails o appear durin# "e sc"eduled "earin#s despie due noice%
"e invesi#aion s"all proceed e(0&arte and "e responden is dee!ed o "ave
waived "is ri#" o .e presen and o su.!i evidence in "is favor durin# "ose
Section =(: Preliminary (atters& > A "e sar of "e "earin#% "e Co!!iee
on Decoru! and Invesi#aion s"all noe "e appearances of "e paries and s"all
proceed wi" "e recepion of evidence for "e co!plainan&
If "e responden appears wi"ou "e aid of a counsel% "eFs"e s"all .e dee!ed o
"ave waived "isF"er ri#" o counsel&
=efore a@in# "e esi!on$ of a winess% "e Co!!iee on Decoru! and
Invesi#aion s"all place "i!F"er under oa" and "en a@e "isF"er na!e% address%
civil saus% a#e% and place of e!plo$!en&
Section =A: Appe!r!nce of /!rties& >
An$ person represenin# an$ of "e paries .efore an$ "earin# or invesi#aion
s"all !anifes orall$ or in wriin# "isF"er appearance for ei"er "e responden or
co!plainan% sain# "isF"er full na!e and e6ac address w"ere "eFs"e can .e
served wi" noices and o"er docu!ens& An$ pleadin# or appearance !ade
wi"ou co!pl$in# wi" "e a.ove saed reBuire!ens s"all no .e reco#niAed&
Section =B: #rder of %earing& > Unless "e Co!!iee on Decoru! and
Invesi#aion direcs o"erwise% "e order of "earin# s"all .e as follows9
a& T"e co!plainan s"all presen evidence in suppor of "e c"ar#e?
.& T"e responden s"all "en offer evidence in suppor of "isF"er
c& T"e co!plainan !a$ "en offer re.ual evidence% and "e
responden% sur<re.ual evidence&
Ever$ winess !a$ .e e6a!ined in "e followin# order9
a& Direc e6a!inaion .$ "e proponen?
.& Cross<e6a!inaion .$ "e opponen?
c& Re<direc e6a!inaion .$ "e opponen?
d& Re<cross e6a!inaion .$ "e opponen&
A sworn sae!en of a winesses% properl$ idenified and affir!ed .$ "e winess
.efore "e Co!!iee on Decoru! and Invesi#aion s"all consiue "isF"er direc
C"en "e presenaion of evidence "as .een concluded% "e paries s"all for!all$
offer "eir evidence ei"er orall$ or in wriin# and "ereafer o.;ecions "ereo
!a$ also .e !ade ei"er orall$ or in wriin#& T"ereafer% .o" paries !a$ .e
#iven i!e o su.!i "eir respecive !e!orandu! w"ic" in no case s"all .e
.e$ond five ,4/ da$s afer "e er!inaion of "e invesi#aion& Gailure o su.!i
"e !e!orandu! wi"in "e #iven period s"all .e considered a waiver "ereof&
Section E): #)*ections& > All o.;ecions raised durin# "e "earin# s"all .e
resolved .$ "e Co!!iee on Decoru! and Invesi#aion& 7owever% o.;ecions
"a canno .e ruled upon .$ "e Co!!iee s"all .e noed wi" "e infor!aion
"a "e sa!e s"all .e included in "e !e!orandu! of "e concerned par$ o .e
ruled upon .$ "e proper disciplinin# au"ori$&
T"e Co!!iee on Decoru! and Invesi#aion s"all accep all evidence dee!ed
!aerial and relevan o "e case& In case of dou.% "e Co!!iee on Decoru!
and Invesi#aion s"all allow "e ad!ission of evidence su.;ec o "e o.;ecion
inerposed a#ains is ad!ission&
Section E;: (ar+ings& > All docu!enar$ evidence or e6" s"all .e
properl$ !ar@ed .$ leers ,A% =% C% ec&/ if presened .$ "e responden& T"ese
s"all for! par of "e co!plee records of "e case&
Section E=: Re,uest for Su)poena& > If a par$ desires "e aendance of a
winess or "e producion of docu!ens of "in#s% "eFs"e s"all !a@e a reBues for
"e issuance of "e necessar$ su.poena% a leas "ree ,1/ da$s .efore "e
sc"eduled "earin#&
Section EE: Issuance of Su)poena& > T"e Co!!iee on Decoru! and
Invesi#aion !a$ issue su.poena ad testiicandum o co!pel "e aendance of
winesses and su.poena duces tecum for "e producion of docu!ens or o.;ecs&
Section E&: Records of Proceedings& > T"e proceedin#s of "e for!al
invesi#aion !us .e recorded ei"er "rou#" s"or"and or seno$pe or .$ an$
o"er !e"od&
Section E<: -ffect of the Pendency of an Administrative Case& > T"e
pendenc$ of an$ ad!inisraive case s"all no disBualif$ "e responden for
pro!oion or fro! cla!in# !aerni$Fpaerni$ .enefis& Gor "is purpose% an
ad!inisraive case s"all .e consrued as pendin# w"en "e disciplinin# au"ori$
"as issued a for!al c"ar#e&
Section E': ormal Investigation Report& >
Ci"in fifeen ,'4/ da$s afer "e conclusion of "e for!al invesi#aion% a repor
conainin# a narraion of "e !aerial facs esa.lis"ed durin# "e invesi#aion%
"e findin#s and "e evidence supporin# said findin#s% as well as "e
reco!!endaions% s"all .e su.!ied .$ "e Co!!iee on Decoru! and
Invesi#aion o "e disciplinin# au"ori$& T"e co!plee records of "e case s"all
.e aac"ed o "e Repor of Invesi#aion&
T"e co!plee records s"all .e s$se!aicall$ and c"ronolo#icall$ arran#ed%
pa#ed% and securel$ .ound o preven loss& A a.le of conens s"all .e prepared&
C"oever is in c"ar#e of "e rans!ial of "e co!plee records s"all .e "eld
responsi.le for an$ loss or suppression of pa#es "ereof&
Section E(: .hen Case is Decided. > T"e disciplinin# au"ori$ s"all render
"is decision on "e case wi"in "ir$ ,18/ da$s fro! receip of "e Repor on
Section EA: inality of Decisions. > A decision rendered .$ "eads of a#encies
w"ere a penal$ of suspension for no !ore "an "ir$ ,18/ da$s or a fine in an
a!oun no e6ceedin# "ir$ ,18/ da$s salar$ is i!posed% s"all .e final and
7owever% if "e penal$ i!posed is suspension e6ceedin# "ir$ ,18/ da$s or a fine
e6ceedin# "ir$ ,18/ da$s salar$% "e sa!e s"all .e final and e6ecuor$ afer "e
lapse of "e re#le!enar$ period for filin# a !oion for reconsideraion or an
appeal and no suc" pleadin# "as .een filed&
VII& C"!ssific!tion of Acts of Se$u!" 3!r!ss.ent 1Gr!%e* Less Gr!%e !nd
Section <E& Se(ual ,arassment is classiied as grave, less grave and lig,t
oenses. ;
A& Gr!%e Offenses s+!"" inc"ude* -ut !re not "i.ited to:
'& unwaned ouc"in# of privae pars of "e .od$ ,#enialia%
.uoc@s and .reas/?
0& se6ual assaul?
1& !alicious ouc"in#?
2& reBuesin# for se6ual favor in e6c"an#e for e!plo$!en%
pro!oion% local or forei#n ravels% favora.le wor@in# condiions
or assi#n!ens% a passin# #rade% "e #ranin# of "onors or
sc"olars"ip% or "e #ran of .enefis or pa$!en of a sipend or
allowance? and
4& o"er analo#ous cases&
=& Less Gr!%e Offenses s+!"" inc"ude* -ut !re not "i.ited to:
'& unwaned ouc"in# or .rus"in# a#ains a vici!Hs .od$?
0& pinc"in# no fallin# under #rave offenses9
1& dero#aor$ or de#radin# re!ar@s or innuendoes direced
oward "e !e!.ers of one se6% or ones se6ual orienaion or used
o descri.e a person?
2& a.use wi" se6ual overones? and
4& o"er analo#ous cases&
C& T+e fo""oCin s+!"" -e considered Li+t OffensesF
'& surrepiiousl$ loo@in# or sarin# a loo@ of a personHs privae
par or worn under#ar!ens?
0& ellin# se6isFs!u$ ;o@es or sendin# "ese "rou#" e6%
elecronic !ail or o"er si!ilar !eans% causin# e!.arrass!en or
offense and carried ou afer "e offender "as .een advised "a
"e$ are offensive or e!.arrassin# or even wi"ou suc" advise%
w"en "e$ are .$ "eir naure clearl$ e!.arrassin#% offensive or
1& !alicious leerin# or o#lin#?
2& "e displa$ of se6uall$ offensive picures% !aerials or
4& unwelco!e inBuiries or co!!ens a.ou a personHs se6 life?
5& unwelco!e se6ual fliraion% advances% proposiions?
+& !a@in# offensive "and or .od$ #esures a an e!plo$ee?
*& persisen unwaned aenion wi" se6ual overones?
)& unwelco!e p"one calls wi" se6ual overones causin#
disco!for% e!.arrass!en% offense or insul o "e receiver? and
'8& o"er analo#ous cases&
VIII& Ad.inistr!ti%e Li!-i"ities
Section <&& T"e "ead of office w"o fails o ac wi"in fifeen ,'4/ da$s fro!
receip of an$ co!plain for se6ual "arass!en properl$ filed a#ains an$
e!plo$ee in "a office s"all .e c"ar#ed wi" Ne#lec of Du$&
Section <<& An$ person w"o is found #uil$ of se6ual "arass!en s"all% afer "e
invesi#aion% .e !eed "e penal$ correspondin# o "e #ravi$ and seriousness
of "e offense&
Section <'& T"e penalies for li#"% less #rave% and #rave offenses are as
A& Gor li#" offenses9
's offense > Repri!and
0nd offense > Gine or suspension no e6ceedin# "ir$ ,18/ da$s
1rd offense > Dis!issal
=& Gor less #rave offenses9
's offense > Gine or suspension of no less "an "ir$ ,18/ da$s
and no e6ceedin# si6 ,5/ !on"s
0nd offense > Dis!issal
C& Gor #rave offenses9 Dis!issal
Section <(& If "e responden is found #uil$ of wo or !ore c"ar#es or couns%
"e penal$ o .e i!posed s"ould .e "a correspondin# o "e !os serious c"ar#e
or coun and "e res s"all .e considered as a##ravain# circu!sances&