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Army Corps of Engineers Kansas City Distri ct

601 E. 12th Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64106-2896
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Registration open for assisted deer hunt

MANHATTAN, Kan., Youth and disabled hunters have until J uly 31 to apply for a limited 2014 assisted
deer hunt at Tuttle Creek Lake.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, Riley County Fish and Game Association, and the
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Tuttle Creek Lake are still accepting applications for the 2014 Tuttle Creek
Youth/Disabled Assisted Deer Hunt, September 6 and 7. This hunt, which is offered free of charge, is open to
resident youth age 11-16 and those with a certified disability interested in hunting Kansas whitetails.
Applications are due J uly 31.

Participants will need a Kansas hunting license, deer permit, and, if required by Kansas law, must have
completed an approved hunter education course. Assistance meeting these requirements, including
scholarship assistance to purchase a hunting license and deer permit, can be provided.

If needed, rifles and ammunition will also be available to hunters. Each participant will be guided by an
experienced hunter, and arrangements have been made with area lockers to provide basic processing of
harvested deer free of charge. Other items provided for this hunt include accessible hunting blinds, hunting
locations, hunter orange hats and vests, and transportation to the field.

Participants will be required to attend a firearm safety presentation and sight-in at the Fancy Creek Shooting
Range at 4 p.m., Sunday, August 17.

For more information, or to obtain an application, contact U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Natural Resource
Specialist Steve Prockish at (785) 539-8511, ext. 3167, or by e-mail at

This event is made possible by Friends of Fancy Creek Range, Kansas City Chapter of Safari Club
International, Kansas State Rifle Association and the Tuttle Creek Lake Association.


For Immediate Release:
Release #PA-2014-24
J une 2, 2014

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Public Affairs Office
Kansas City, Mo. 64106-2896
Phone: (816) 389-3486
Fax: (816) 389-3434

5020 Tuttle Creek Blvd
Manhattan KS 66502

J une 09, 2014

Dear Prospective Hunter,

Plans are underway for the 12
annual youth/handicap assisted deer hunt at Tuttle Creek Lake. The event is
sponsored by the Riley County Fish & Game Association, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, and the
Corps of Engineers at Tuttle Creek Lake.

Participants wishing to qualify for this hunt as a disabled hunter are required to have a handicap identification
card or similar proof of their permanent disability. Youth 11 through 16 years of age are also eligible to participate in this

The hunt itself will be held on September 6
& 7
, 2014 for 25 lucky applicants. Prior to the hunt we will
hold a rifle sight-in at the Fancy Creek Range near Randolph on Sunday, August 17
at 4:00p.m. The sight-in is
mandatory for all participants. We will be providing a meal that evening so bring your rifle, ammo (a rifle and ammo will
be provided if you dont have your own) and your appetite. During the sight-in, all participants will need to qualify for the
hunt by demonstrating the ability to hit a pie-sized target (provided) 3 out of 5 shots at 50 yards. Prospective hunters
that are unable to attend the sight-in or who fail to qualify will not be able to participate in this hunt. But dont worry, you
will have plenty of time to warm up before qualifying.

On the evening of the sight-in we will also be addressing the hunting license and deer permit needs of each
participant. Limited scholarships are available for those that need this assistance.

In order to hunt, hunters will need to wear a hunter orange hat and jacket or vest. These items will be provided if
you dont already have them.

On September 6
& 7
, to begin the hunt, we will meet at 5:00 a.m. at the Tuttle Creek Lake Visitor Center for
breakfast. After breakfast, all hunters and their guides will disperse to their predestinated hunting blinds. All hunters will
have a guide and a hunt location assigned to them well before the hunt. Guides will know the assigned hunting locations.
Hunters that are unsuccessful during the morning hunts can make arrangements with their guides for afternoon/evening
hunts on these days.

Hopefully everybody will have the opportunity to harvest a deer. We have made arrangements to have the deer
processed free of charge at some area lockers for those participants that need these services. We also have made
arrangements for the deer to be transported to these lockers by other individuals helping with this hunt.

If you would like to participate in this hunt, please fill out the attached application and send it back to me no later
than J uly 31
. Applications will be prioritized shortly thereafter and all applicants will be notified of their status.

If you have any questions about this event please contact me at 785-539-8511, ext. 3167, or at


Steve Prockish
Natural Resource Specialist


SEPTEMBER 6- 7, 2014

Name ( pl ease pr i nt ) : __________________________________________________

Addr ess: ______________________________________________________________


Home Phone: __________________________ Cel l Phone: ______________________
Wor k Phone: __________________________ Emai l : ___________________________

Pl ease answer t he f ol l owi ng quest i ons:

1. I f appl yi ng as a di sabl ed hunt er , whi ch of t he f ol l owi ng do you cur r ent l y use f or
mobi l i t y or what access assi st ance or speci al accommodat i ons do you need t o par t i ci pat e?
Wheel Chai r Cr ut ches Cane Wal ker
(NOTE: Individuals confined to wheelchairs, walkers, canes or crutches will be given
priority in the selection process)


2. Kansas l aw mandat es you must be 16 or under on Sept ember 7, 2014 t o par t i ci pat e as a
yout h i n t hi s hunt . I f appl yi ng as a yout h hunt er , what wi l l your age be on Sept ember 7,
2014? ____________

3. Wi l l a per son accompany you t o assi st you i n t r anspor t at i on t o t he mandatory si t e- i n
at t he Fancy Cr eek Shoot i ng Range near Randol ph at 4: 00PM on Sunday, August 17
t h
and t o
t he hunt on Sept ember 6
t h
& 7
t h

I f so, what i s t hei r name and t el ephone number ? ______________________________


4. Have you deer hunt ed bef or e? YES NO

5. I f so, di d you har vest a deer ? YES NO

6. Have you ever par t i ci pat ed i n t hi s Assi st ed Deer Hunt pr ogr amat Tut t l e Cr eek Lake
bef or e? YES NO

7. I f so, di d you har vest a deer when you par t i ci pat ed? YES NO

8. Thi s year , wi l l you have anot her deer hunt i ng oppor t uni t y? YES NO

9. Do you have ammuni t i on and a r i f l e t hat s l egal f or deer hunt i ng? YES NO
I f so, what cal i ber ? _________

10. Some schol ar shi p assi st ance i s avai l abl e t o hel p pur chase a hunt i ng l i cense and/ or
deer t ags. Woul d you be i nt er est ed i n t hi s? YES NO

11. Can you at t end t he mandatory r i f l e si ght - i n at t he Fancy Cr eek Shoot i ng Range at
4: 00 PM on Sunday, August 17
t h

12. Ci r cl e t he t i mes bel ow you can hunt dur i ng t he weekend of Sept ember 6
t h
& 7
t h
Sat ur day AM Sat ur day PM Sunday AM Sunday PM

Compl et ed appl i cat i on f or ms can be sent t o: TUTTLE CREEK LAKE CORPS of ENGI NEERS, At t n:
St eve Pr ocki sh, 5020 Tut t l e Cr eek Bl vd. , Manhat t an, Kansas 66502, or t o
St ephen. E. Pr ocki sh@usace. ar my. mi l , no l at er t han J ul y 31, 2014. For mor e i nf or mat i on cal l
785- 539- 8511, ext . 3167.