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Concept Of Recruitment

Recruitment is an vital function of an organization because it clutchs together manager

and worker.
An essential part of the gaining component of human resource management, it is the
procedure of judgment right people for right positions at the right time. It is concerned
with classifying and attracting a pool of capable candidates to fulfill human resource
requirements of an organization.
Recruitment should place and attract a suitably large pool of qualified candidates for
job vacancies. The more the applications received the better is the chance of recruiting
right Person.
Resource of Recruitment
Recruitment seek out to generate a pool of right candidates for job vacancies.
There are two main source of recruitment.
1. Internal Source of Recruitment
2. External Source of Recruitment

1. Internal Source of Recruitment
potential qualified candidates are found within the org to fill up job vacancies. Many
Organizations follow the practice of recruiting from internal sources. Promotions And
transfers serve as key sources for internal recruitment.
Advantages Disadvantages
Better Selection Limited choice
Morale Building In breeding
Adaptability Preference
Mgmt. Dev Limited Opportunities
Cost Effective Superiority based
2. External Source of Recruitement
Competent candidates are involved to apply for job position. This Source is
commonly used to make recruitment for entry level jobs and skilled jobs.
Advantages Disadvantages
Better Selection Limited choice
Morale Building In breeding
Adaptability Favoritism
Mgmt. Dev Limited Opportunities
Cost Effective Seniority based

Methods of Recruitment

1. Internal Methods
Job posting
Employee appointment
Human resource
Record search
2. External Methods
Employment exchange
Trade unions
Labours service provider
1. Internal Methods of Recruitment
This involves announcing job opening to all current employees. Position, location, pay
scale & qualification are described. The means used for announcing the job vacancies
can be:
Bulletin boards
This is nomination by superiors. Supervisors generally recommend best qualified
candidates for the vacant jobs. This recruitment by word of mouth .
Temporary or casual employees can also be referred by permanent employees.
This method may confuse friendship with job performance competence.
Human Resource Inventory Search
It is a search of skills account of human resources currently employed in the
organization. The information included in the inventory about each employee is:
Personal: Name,age,Sex,marital status
Educational qualification/professional qualification
Training undertaken/special skills
Employment experience/current position held/superiority
Performance ratings
Salary level
Languages spoken
Job and location preferences
External Methods of Recruitment
The most common method for external recruiting, advertising, reaches a much wider
audience through carious media
Advertising Medias:
Print-newspaper, magazines, internet
Visual-billboard poster
Audio: visual-radio,tv
Employment Exchanges
They maintain a databank of job seekers and job vacancies. They furnish a list of
appropriate candidates to prospective employers, such employment exchanges are
funded by the state.
Employee Referrals( word of mouth recruiting)
Current employees suggest their friends and relatives from outside the org for hard to
find job skills. Such applicants tend to be better qualified fir the jobs.
Trade unions
Trade unions serve job referrals for recruitment of semi skilled workers. They maintain
a databank of unemployed members.
Labour service provider
Labour service provider serve as the substitute source of recruitment of workers. They
charge commissions for their services.