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1.In Chinese Architecture, the color of the roof tile indicates the stature of the person living in a house and red is for
a.Soldier b.Merchants c.Mandarin d.Ordinary citizens
2. It is the best floor tile in terms of acoustics?
a.Vinyl b.wood c.carpet d.ceramic
3.Used as food storage in bahay na bato is the
a.Banggera b.Dispensa c.Dema d.Aljibe
4.The oldest church built in Bohol by Fr. Juan de Torres and Fr. Gabriel Sanchez
a.Baclayon b.Dimiao c.Loboc d.Albuquerque
5. These are beams resting on more than two supports.
a. simple beams b. cantilever beams c. continuous beams d. nota
6. It was an expo in France back then, that this structure was about to be demolished but soon realized on what they
did on the Crystal Palace they decided not to destroy it, what is this structure?
A) Trump d arc B) The Louvre C) Bordeaux Building D) Eiffel Tower
10.The Chinese Pagoda is called?
a.Yuan c.Pai-lou d.Ta'is
14.Due to its length, the Early Christian church give impression of
a.Verticaly b.Magnificence c.Spaciousness d.Horizontaly
Mon-HOA the bahay kubo, the private sleeping room is called?
a.cuarto b.silid c.Tampipi d.Torogan
3.The only entrance allowed to be used by the Chinese in intramuros is?
a.Pai-lou b.Parian c.Real d.Postigo
9.The Japanese system of construction is called?
a.Torii b.Cha-sit-su c.gussho d.kimono
11.Art Nouveau in Portugal
a.Stile Liberty b.Arte Nova c.Modernisme d.Jugenstil
A Skyscraper that look like a neo-Greek temple?
a) Shanghai Tower b) Empire State Building c) AT&T Building d) PBcom Tower
Philippine Post Office in Manila is of what style?
a) Early Christian b) Post Modern c) Classical Revival d) Romanesque
A Buddhist Gateway
A) Pylon B) Torii C) Gopuram D) Torana
Work of Gaudi that is described to have a elephantine skin?
a) Casa Elephante b) Casa Mila c) Casa Battlo d) Casa Seville
German Art Noveau
a) Stile Liberty b) Sezession c) Modernismo d) Jugendstil
The space between a suspended ceiling and the floor structure above especialy. one that serves as a receiving
chamber for conditioned air to be distributed to inhabited spaces or for return air to be conveyed back to a central
plant for processing.
a. Drop ceiling b. Plenum c. Exposed grid d. Flat ceiling
PROFPRAC: Which is an unethical action with respect to the Architect's responsibility to his colleagues and
A. provides free professional service for a charitable project
B. donates to obtain advantage in a religious project
C. undertakes a commission from another Architect duly notified .
D. serving as professional adviser, accepts employment as Design Architect for a competition project.
Is a vertical member separating a series of windows or doorways?
a. muntins b. stiles c. rail d. mullion
PROFPRAC: What is Division 7 of the 16-division uniform construction index?
A. Metals B. Thermal and Moisture Protection
C. Wood and Plastics D. Doors and Windows
Who is the 2014 Pritzker Architecture Prize:
a) Toyo Ito b) Zaha Hadid c) Shigeru Ban d) Wang Zu
Refers to the fixed or movable framework of a window in which panes of glass are set.
a. sash b. pane c. glazing d. rails
On Design Build Service, how the architect is compensated?
a. % on Const. Cost c. Guaranteed Max Cost
b. MDPE d. Lump Sum
A drywall to be constructed having 16' length and 10' height, with 2" x 4" vertical studs @ 2' apart and 1 1/2" x 3 1/2"
horizontal studs @ 2' apart.
a. Bd.ft. of vertical and horizontal studs b. Number of plywood sheeting 3/4" thk for 2 sides
c. Bd.ft. of plywood.
What is the building in Chicago that surpassed the World Trade Center Towers?
a. Willis b. Chrysler c. Seagram d. nota
One of the divisions of a window, consisting of a single unit of glass set in a frame.
a. sash b. pane c. glazing d. rail
A tall and more or less ornamental post at the head or foot of a stair supporting the handrail.
a. balustrade b. newel post c. rail d. stringer
The best preserved Incan Structure:
a. Machu Pickchu b. Machu Pachu c. Machu Pichu d. Machu Picchu
History of Architecture:
The redevelopment of cement during mid-1700's had a great impact on structures nowadays. What country that was
developed during 1800's by using hydraulic cement through the greatly construction of canals?
a. Great Britain b. France c. United State of America d. Russia
What is not recommended for ceiling?
a.Ordinary plywood b.Fiber board c.Marine plywood d.Acoustical tile
Braided Element put atop in doorways in Japanese shrines that signifies holiness and purity?
a. Cha-sit-su b. Shimemawa c.Shimenawa d. Nota
The high altar is covered above by a canopy called _____.
a. Ambo b. Confession c. Baldachino d. Carpet
Structural Design
1.____the numerical value of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter of approximately 3.14159.
a. Pie b. Pei c. Pi d. Pai
Which flooring is best for heavy traffic?
a. Place concrete b. Vinyl tiles c. Porcelain tiles d. Vitrified tiles
What is a round steel bolt embedded in concrete or masonry use to hold down machinery, steel columns or beams,
casting, shoes, beams plates and engine heads?
a. Retaining Bolts b. Anchor Bolts c. Foundation Bolts c. Friction Bolts
5. The church which is half-Gothic, half-Renaissance and known present as S. Maria del Fiore is ____.
a. Pantheon, Rome b. Florence Cathedral c. S. Andrea, Mantua d. Superga, Turin
Monday- History
1. Plan of Romanesque church is?
a. Latin cross b. Greek cross c. Basilican d. nota
3. The Iconoclastic Movement during the Byzantine period forbade the use of ______ for representations.
a. Statues b. Gargoyles c. Carvings d. Glass mosaic
6. The characteristic Renaissance wall that have cut stones with strongly emphasized recess joints and smooth or
roughly textured block faces is ____.
a. Polychrome brickwork b. Sgraffito c. Rusticated masonry d. Polygonal facing
The most important contribution of roman civilization to architecture and construction was?
a. mosaic b. composite c. concrete d. amphitheater
A horizontal member which is housed in the studs of balloon framing and carries joist?
a. sleeper b. sill c. binder d. ribbon
Vernacular term of Wainscoating Tiles?
a.pitsa b.Dutcha c. Asolehos d. Tuberiya
Universally known as the pioneer for skyscraper.
a. Walter Gropius b. Marcel bruer c. Ludwig Van der rohe d. Le Corbusier
Ornamental projections covering the intersection of the ribs.
a. Boss b. Pier c. keystone d. corbels
A style that goals to liberate the maximum volume of space inside by positioning its working the stairs, lifts ,
elevators , escalators, etc. outside the interior enveloped of the building.
a. International style b. post modernism c. art deco d. High tech style
3.Lighting that calls attention to a particular object or feature in the visual field, or forms a decorative pattern on a
a.sodium light b.neon c.accent light Light
4. In Romanesque architecture, door and window openings have jambs or sides formed in a series of receding
moulded planes known as _____.
a. Orders b. Piers c. Mouldings d. Ornaments
Type of ceiling of moorish palaces?
a. stalactite b. recessed c. coffered d. pargetted
The term to describe the putting up of the skeleton of the building
a. Roughing-In b. Stake and Butter boards c. Shell Work d. Formworks
1.What is the angle of spotlight for walls and painting?
a.10-15 deg b.15-20 deg c.20-30 deg d.30-45 deg
6.Light that defines "somberness"
a.indirect lighting lighting c.general Lighting d.Diffused lighting
This architectural structural innovation made possible the building of tall stately cathedrals.
a. dome b. cement c. flying buttress d. stained glass
A wall that holds back on earth embankment
A. Shoring Wall B. Buttress Wall C. Retaining Wall D. Foundation Wall
Type of timber connectors ; made in 2, 2 5/8, and 4" diameter ; they are used between two timber frames for
comparatively light construction.
a. split rings b. toothed plates c. claw plates d. shear plates
9.Parts of a recessed light that is exposed?
a.edging b.housing c.trim d.lining
The complete records of test conduction (slump, compression test, etc.) shall be preserved and made
available for inspection during the progress of construction and after completion of the projects for a period
of not less than
A. 5 Years B. 3 Years C. 2 Years D. 4 Years
What material is best suited to be used for a gym fitness center of a food manufacturing plant ?
a.Laminated wood plank with rubber pad b.granite c.tanguile T&G d.3mm vinyl
Kalomein door is
a. A Fireproof Door With Metal Covering b. An Indoor Decorative Door
c. A Door Product of Kuala Lumpur d. None of These
10The most common lighting used for now a days signage and facade lighting effect?
2.what type of light is best suited for outdoor parking?
a.LPS b.fluorecent lamp c.CFL d.flood light
Arch'l. Practice: Under the owner-architect agreement, which of the ff. is/are included in project construction cost?
a. Fire-fighting equipment b. Plumbing/Electrical Fixtures
c. Elevator/Escalator d. All listed items
What is the purpose of placing space between pebblewash finish ?
a. Prevent slipping b. Prevent creeping crack
c. Prevent accumulation of dust d. Aesthetics only
In designing a stair, to find the number of riser divide the height of the stair by the height of each
A. Newel Post B. Riser C. Balusters D. Nosing
2. In color psychology, this color suggests a melancholic atmosphere?
a. Red b. Black c. Purple d. pink
4.a type of light use in panaflex signage?
a.fluorecent tube b.CFL c.Led Light d.T5
A common and cheap masonry finish wherein dry consistency mortar mix is sprayed by mechanical or pneumatic
means. The sprayed cement is left to dry and give a rustic finish. Optional paint coat maybe required
a. Stucco Finish b. Anay Finish c. Spraytex d. Sandblast
7. The construction or renewal of any part of an existing building/ structure for maintenance purposes. The term
shall not apply to any change of construction.
a. alteration b. expansion c. rehabilitation d. repair
BLDG. LAW: As per PD 1185, dwelling units in row apartments shall be separated from each other by partition walls
having a fire resistance rating of how many hours?
A. 1 hour B. 2 hour C. 3 hour D. 4 hour
PROFPRAC: Not included in the scope of services for Interior Design of a music studio commissioned to an
A. prepares electronic equipment specifications B. prescribes interior finishes
C. prepares furniture schedule D. assists negotiations with fabricators.
PLUMBING: Which should not be used for water main pipe?
a. Galvanized Iron b. Ceramic c. Stainless Steel d. PVC
2. Also known as plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum board, or LAGYP) is a panel made of gypsum plaster pressed
between two thick sheets of paper.
A. Drywall B. Plywood C. Decorative wall D. Acoustic wall
39. Vernacular term for JOIST?
a. Soleras b. Kostilyahe c. Kantero d. Rodapis
WED: Pro-Pract
10.Under the NBC, window openings shall equal to at least of what percent of the floor area of room?
a. 10% b. 12% c. 15% d. 20%
History of Architecture:
Westwork is an entrance area at the west end of a church with upper chamber and usually with a towers. What
specific Medieval Period this was invented?
a.) Carolingian Period b.) Romanesque Period
c.) Ottonian Period d.) Gothic Period
A horizontal piece of wood, stone, steel or concrete across the top of door or window opening to bear the weight of
the walls above the opening
a. Transverse Rafter b. Transome Beam c. Lintel d. None of These
NBC: The yard lying between the side lot lines and the nearest lot line and the nearest building line.
a. side setbacks b. patio c. yard, rear d. lanai
BLDG. UTILITIES: Under NBC, the maximum rate speed of an escalator along the angle of travel.
a. 32 meters per minute b. 40 meters per minute
c. 38 meters per minute d. 35 meters per minute
The building in which the Gothic style achieved its first magisterial expression was the abbey church of "S. Denis"
outside Paris. What type of structural element were used to support the high vaults of the church?
a.) Buttress b.) Flying Buttress c.) Piers d.) Gallery
type of metal decking; serves as a permanent formwork for a reinforced concrete slab until the slab can support
itself and its live load.
a. form decking b. composite decking c. cellular decking d. acoustical decking
History of Architecture:
Gothic architecture greatly develop during 1200's through the introduction of the flying buttress to support high
vaulted ceiling, enlarge clerestory windows, and greatly maximized the interior space of the church. Who among the
following Gothic church was first innovated and successfully achieve the used of flying buttress?
a.) Notre Dame Cathedral b.) Chartres Cathedral
c.) Salisbury Cathedral d.) Reims Cathedral
used when a large column free space is required, where long-spanning plate girders or trusses can be used to carry
the primary beam, which in turn support a layer of secondary beams.
a. One way beam system b. Two-way beam system
c. Three-way beam system d. Skeletal frame system
3. Any building, containing not more than five guest rooms which are used by not more than five guest where rent is
paint in money, goods, labor or otherwise.
a. Apartment b. Lodging house c. Hotel d. Hotel apartment
Lumber less than 2" thick and less than 8" wide.
a. strips b. board lumber c. planks d. NOTA
WED: Pro-Pract
19.The ____ shall have the power, upon notice of hearing, to suspend & revoke any
certificate of registrations
a. UAP National Presidents b. PRC c. Phil. President d. Judge
ESTIMATE: Total board feet of 10pcs. of a 2"x2"x12" wood?
a. 40 b. 50 c. 60 d. 45
is a non structural horizontal member to which the upper ends of the rafters are aligned and fastened.
a. common rafters b. collar ties c. ridge board d. ridge beam
A door made up of small horizontal interlocking metal slats which are guided in a track; the configuration coils about
an overhead drum which is housed at the head of the opening, either manual or motor-driven.
A. Panel Door B. Roll-up Door C. Overhead Swing-up Door D. Flush Door
Based on Muslim Culture, whats the main reason why Muslim houses have small windows?
a. To prevent the women from being seen from the outside b. For keeping the heat out
c. To prevent unwanted insects from entering d. Aesthetics
A wall which supports vertical loads in addition to its weight without the benefit of a complete vertical load carrying
space frame is called
a. Shearing Wall b. Bearing Wall c. Curtain Wall d. Retaining Wall
5.On what kind of project is the daylight Lamp best suited?
a.Bakery b.Textile Manufacturing c.Restaurant d.Sckulpture/Art studio
The oldest and most important forum in Rome.
A.Imperial Forum B.Forum Cuppedinis C.Forum Vinarium D.Forum Romanum
ESTIMATE: How many board foot is 100 pcs. 2"x3"x10'?
a. 5 b. 500 c. 50 d. 250
A horizontal timber, at the bottom of the frame of a wood structure, which rests on the foundation.
a. bridging b. sill c. floor joist d. sleeper
What materials were used after World War II
a. Pre cast b. Steel c. Concrete d. Timber
In Architectural Corporation, how many percent of professional or licensed architect needed?
a. 50 b. 70 c. 75
Romanesque Architecture was characterized by thick walls, columns built closer together, narrow windows and
heavy curve arches which generally describe as "sober and dignified". What is the main reason why Romanesque
churches are huge and bold enough during those period?
a.) Pilgrimage purposes b.) Statement of Power
c.) Defense against weather d.) Stability purposes
____ slab is a two way concrete slab reinforced by ribs in two directions.
a. solid b. waffle c. flat d. ribbed
History of Architecture:
St. Peter,s Church was the center of the Roman Catholics located in Vatican, Rome. What period when this church
was build?
a.) Early Christian Period b.) Byzantine Period
c.) Gothic Period d.) Renaissance Period
A brace, or a system of braces, placed between joists to stiffen them, to hold them in place, and to help distribute
the load.
a. bridging b. sill c. floor joist d. sleeper
What architectural feature was contributed by the Muslims?
a. Horse shoe arch b. Clerestory windows c. Balcony d. Huge sliding doors
Wed-Prof.Prac- Terminology
1. The portion of a residential structure for the purpose of parking or storing a vehicle or vehicles, and that may be
roofed and only partially enclosed, usually by one or two sides of the residential building and by a perimeter wall.
A. Garage B. Carport C. Private garage D. Parking area
Wood defects are heart shake, cup shake, star shake and
A. Knots B. Discoloration C. Deterioration D. Rotten
7.Has the most effect on light in a room?
a.material texture b.location of window c.color d. number of wall lighting
8.The measure of brightness of a light source or an illuminated surface equal to the luminous intensity per unit
protected sera of the source or surface viewed from direction?
a.Lumen b.Lux c.Luminance d.Candela
1. Cracking of concrete in general is the result of:
a. excessive deflection b. restraint of volume change
c.high flexural stress due to bending d. all of the above
A vertical board attached on the ends of the rafters. It is a part of the cornice
A. Decorative Board B. Facia C. Construction Board D. Face Over
Arch'l. Practice: A well written set of specifications is important to at least four actors in the building industry. Who of
the ff. is able to check the character and quality of materials and workmanship during construction?
a. Construction Superintendent b. Fabricator c. Estimator d. Architect
An installation method where the cabinet covers is recessed and flushed with the cabinet sidings
a. Inset or Interior b. Full Lap or Over Lap c. Party Wall or Half Lap
8. A change in the use of occupancy of building/ structure or any portion/s thereof, which has different requirements
a. Conversion b. Moving c. Addition d. nota
6. The upgrading of the facilities, services and utilities of a building/ structure.
a. Rehabilitation b. Alteration c. Repair d. Renovation
5. the refinishing and refurbishing of the indoor spaces of a building/ structure.
a. Renovation b. alteration c. rehabilitation
3. Any change, addition or modification in construction or building occupancy.
a. Alteration b. Extension c. Renovation d. Rehabilitation e. repair
2. A long, open, level area, usually next to a river or large body of water, which may be landscaped, and where
people may walk and where wheeled manual and motorized conveyances (bicycles, cars, etc.) may pass alongside
the walk.
A. Esplanade B. Sidewalk C. Walkway D. Prominade
WED: Pro-Pract
1. The purpose of the NBC is to provide for all buildings and structures, a framework of standards and requirements
which is the
a. maximum b. minimum c. regular d. definite
1. Studies at the Ecole and leaves it to join concrete construction firm, studied under Julien Gaudet (at the Ecole)
who was very influenced/studied reinforced concrete.
a. Auguste Perret b. Peter Behrens c. Henry van de Velde d. none of the above
the habitable portion of the building found below
a.Substructure b.Superstructure c.Foundation d.structure
Character of Romanesque architecture is _____.
a. Sober and dignified b. Simplicity and harmony c. Lofty and inspiring quality d. Structural honesty
the ___________ is kept at jobsite at all times recording the actual progress of construction includi test conducted,
weather conditions and other pertinent data.
a. logbook b. building permit c. Architect d. Civil Engineer
What color reflects more light?
a)White b)Yellow c)green d)red
In hot-dry climate, what solution is recommended to improve the comfort level of the interior?
a. Provide larger openings to introduce natural ventilation b. Provide smaller openings to prevent entry of heat
c. Higher walls d. Lower ceiling
The enclosing wall of an iron or steel or the non-bearing portion of an enclosed wall between piers.
A. Curtain wall B. Fire wall C. Exterior wall D. Faced wall
When the Spaniards came, they noticed that the thatch houses were easily destroyed by typhoons. What type of
house was introduced by them to remedy the situation?
a. Bungalow b. Bahay Kubo c. Teja Romana d. Bahay na Bato
type of glass formed by rolling molten glass into a plate that subsequently ground and polished after cooling.
a. sheet glass b. plated glass c. float glass d. nota
What is the average daily water usage and wastewater flows for Dwellings?
a. 400 liters per person per day/100 gallons per person per day
b. 300 liters per person per day/100 gallons per person per day
c. 500 liters per person per day/100 gallons per person per day
d. 200 liters per person per day/100 gallons per person per day
What do you call the covered corridor in bahay na bato?
a. Entruseuelo b. Balcon c. galleria
The windows of the bahay na bato is the made up of
a. calado b. Ventanilla c. capiz d. rakuh
Tomb of standing stones usually capped with a large horizontal slab?
a. Menhir b. Stonehenge c. Dolmen d. Cromlech
What style usually influence of geometric figures?
a. Renaissance b. Gothic c. Romanesque
What is the role of the Architect in the bidding?
a. Award the project to the contractor b. Organize the bidding c. Choose the Construction Manager
In pouring of foundation what do you call the material that prevent transverse bar in direct contact
to the bedding (coarse aggregate)?
a. 1 diameter galvanized pipe b. Wood spacer c. Precast
Faade Concept is based on
a. Character only b. Design Principles c. Function and style
Area to avoid flat paint finish
a) At classroom c) All of the above b) Crowded and busy kitchen d) At hotel lobby
In interiors, what color represents Royal and noble?
a. Gold c. Yellow b Brown d. Pink
Which is not an interior appliance?
a. Exhaust fan b. Electric fan c. Microwave oven d. Air condition
For Five-Star hotel project, which would you provide for hallway flooring?
a. Carpet b. Marble c. Ceramic tiles d. Timber
Which is Earth Colors?
a. Brown b. Blue c. Yellow d. Red
During daytime, reflections of the surroundings can be seen from outside of an all-glass building. At night, when the
lights are open, what can you see from inside of the building?
a. the neighboring buildings b. yourself and furniture inside
c. lights coming from cars passing by the sky d. NOTA
What structures were needed after World War II
a. Houses b. Bridges c. Churches d. Malls
2. Burial mounds were probably prototypes of the Pyramids in Egypt and of the beehive huts in Wales, Cornwall,
Scotland, and Ireland. That at New Grange, Ireland, somewhat resembles the so-called Treasury of Atreus,
Mycenae. Lake dwellings, such as those discovered in Switzerland, Italy, and Ireland, consisted of wooden huts built
on piles in the water for protection against attack. A prehistoric burial mound is called
a. Hortus b. Fillet c. Tumulus d. Tent
Which is NOT part of furnishing?
a) Gas range b) Jar c) Lamp d) Table lamp
BLDG. UTILITIES: What is the required maximum height of a dumbwaiter?
a. 1.00 meters b. 1.40 meters c. 1.20 meters d. 1.50 meters
Utilities: Which of the ff. sanitary drainage fittings has the best flow characteristics?
a. bend b. Tapped tee c. Wye combination d. Sanitary tee
A 10.5 meters x 18 meters residential building, what is the range of the length of the gutter if the roof has a 1.20-
meter roof eaves all around the structure?
a. 59 - 63 meters b. 64 - 66 meters c. 67 - 70 meters d. 71 - 75 meters
PROFPRAC: For a housing project exceeding 10 units, how much is the minimum fee chargeable for each
additional unit, excluding the fees for the first 10 units?
A. 20% of basic fee B. 30% of basic fee C. 40% of basic fee D. 60% of basic fee
History of Architecture:
Two million years ago, scientist and Archaeologist discovered fossil fuels along the excavated site. They believe that
the history and journey of man was started along this place.
What part of our world pertaining to the "birthplace of human race"?
a.) China b.) Middle East c.) Africa d.) America
History of Architecture:
During Mesopotamian period, temples are one major consideration to build states and empires. Which of the
following four major culture groups did not required temples?
a.) Sumerians b.) Babylonians c.) Assyrians d.) Persians
History of Architecture:
The great period of Egyptian Architecture was begun in the 1500's B.C. and lasted for about 500 years. Cities and
states reach its extent to the limit along Nile Rivers to some boarders in Africa. What type of structure was the main
concern of the architect during those period?
a.) Temple b.) Palace c.) Canals d.) Pyramid
History of Architecture:
Chinese Architecture begun to develop in ancient times. They constructed a variety of buildings mainly Buddhist
temple and pagodas.
What is the main purposed of the wall?
a.) Support Columns and brackets b.) Serve to support Roofs
c.) Serve as a screen d.) All of the Above
BLDG. LAW: As per PD 1096, what is the size of automobile parking slot for perpendicular or diagonal parking?
A. 2 x 5 mtrs. B. 2.5 x 5 mtrs. C. 2.15 x 6 mtrs D. 3 x 5 mtrs.
Ano sa Tagalog ang "Vertical Stud"?
a.pabalagbag b.kostilyahe c.pilarete d.tabike
WED: Pro-Pract
18.PD ____ institutionalized the profession of Environmental Planning
a. PD 3008 b. PD 1380 c. PD 1308 d. PD 1300
History of Architecture:
Islamic architecture comprised of those buildings and built environments intended for use in Islamic worship,
commemoration, and instruction. Among the architecture of this group are mosques, madrasas, mausoleums, and
shrines. Other buildings can generally be described as secular, and include suqs, hammams, khans, caravanseries,
zulla, harams palaces, and houses.
What is the used of "caravanseries"?
a.) Marketplace b.) Roadside Inn c.) Portico d.) Public Bath
ESTIMATE: Mr. Suave buy 50 pcs. of wood. The price is 2.50php per bd ft. The size of the wood is 4"x8"x12'. How
much did he pay for it?
a. 80php b. 133php c. 4000php d. 333.3php
BLDG. UTILITIES: What is the minimum size of Septic tank?
A. .80m X 1.30m X 1.0m B. 1.0m X 1.20m X 1.2m
C. .90 m X 1.50m X 1.20m D. .80 m X 1.5m X 1.20m
What type of road finish will emit less radiant heat ?
a. Asphalt b. Earth/ soil c. Concrete d. Dirt
WED: Pro-Pract
5.Under the NBC, display windows or wall signs within how many meters above the sidewalk
a. 2.40 mts b. 2.70 mts c. 3.00 mts d. 3.30 mts
ESTIMATE: Estimate the number of CHB reqts for the fence with the length of 20m and height of 3m, the size of
CHB is 10x20x40.
a. 700 pcs. b. 750 pcs. c. 800 pcs. d. 850 pcs.
FAMOUS DICTUMS: Form accommodates function
A. Buckminster Fuller B. Robert Venturi C. Paul Rudolf D. Louis Sullivan
Q: The time required for the removal of a form works of a concrete footing
A.36 hours B.48 hours D. 12 hours C. 24 hours
architect who introduced renaissance classicism into england.
a. inigo jones b. andrea palladio c. Bernini d juan de Herrera
Which of the following may the owner not do?
a. Stop work if the contractors performance is not satisfactory or in variance with the contract documents
b. Carry on the work and deduct costs normally due to the contractor for these corrections
c. Stop the work if the architect reports safety problems on the site
d. Refuse, with good cause, to give the contractor proof that the owner can meet the financial obligations of the
In a condominium high rise design, most windows installed are fixed and minimal openings are provided for safety
purposes, what does this sacrifice?
a) Comfort, in line with proper ventilation b) View c) Cost d) Penetrations
WED: Pro-Pract
20.A stipulation of the use of specific products or processes without provision for
substitution is:
a. Bill of Materials b. Close Specifications c. Manufacturers Specification d. None of the Above
The tumulus which form so large a part of the prehistoric remains of both continents, are interesting to the architect
only as revealing the prototypes of the pyramids of Egypt and the subterranean tombs of Mycen and other early
Greek centers. What particular commemorative heaps of stone is known from the Scriptures and other ancient
writings to have been a custom of the greatest antiquity?
a. Dolmen b. Pylon c. Cairns d. Cromlech
WED: Pro-Pract
7.Under the NBC, general units of measurement on consonance with the current
worldwide practice follow the
a. Uniform Construction Index b. International Standard
c. System International d. English System
WED: Pro-Pract
14.Under the NBC, habitable rooms provided with artificial ventilation for buildings of more than one-storey shall
have a minimum ceiling height of the first storey at
a. 2.10 mts. b. 2.40 mts. c. 2.55 mts. d. 2.70 mts.
For a bedroom with a large window facing sunrise what would be the ideal treatment for interior to trap excessive
a) Day curtain b) Day curtain with 50% block out
c)Roller blinds d) Night curtain and day curtain closed
WED: Pro-Pract
15.The amount to be paid for every delay in the contract time
a. penalty b. Liquidated Damages c. fine d. Surcharge
The vertical surface on face of a stair step is called?
A. stair head B. nosing C. stair clip D. riser
ESTIMATE: Identify the boardfoot of 2"x2"x10' (150)
a. 5000 b. 6000 c. 500 d. 600
first egyptian tomb; rectangular flat-topped funerary mound with battered side covering a burial chamber below
a. mastabas b. rock-hewn tomb c. cult temples d. mortuary temple
WED: Pro-Pract
9.Under the NBC, prisons shall be classified under what occupancy classification
a. institutional b. residential c. education and recreation d. business and mercantile
ESTIMATE: Estimate the gallon of paint base on the surface area given:
A storage has an area of 100 sq. ft., with a width dimension and wall height in 10 ft. All walls are in same height.
Windows has a 90 sq. ft. opening but to be filled. Door has a standard opening dimension. Calculate how many
quarts of gallon needed for 2 coatings?
note: 1 gallon = 300 sq. ft. - pls. show your solutions. t.y.
a. 12 b. 5 c. 7 d. 10
What is best used for parking areas ?
a. Asphalt b. Rough finish concrete c. Gravel d. Dirt
Utilities: Which of the ff. is not a component of a typical Toilet?
a.Ballcock assembly b.Flapper c.Pop-up waste d.Tank refill tube
The architect whose works clearly express the principle of functionalism and was call the Father of Modern
Architecture in the USA.
a. Louis Sullivan b. Frank Lloyd Wright c. Robert Venturi d. Philip Johnson
ESTIMATE: A concrete pavement has a gen. dimensions of 4" thk. x 3m wide and 5m long considering the slab to
be resting on ground fill, determine the number of cement, sand and gravel using class C mixture.
a. C=10 bags, S=0.65 cu.m., G=1 cu.m. b. C=9 bags, S=1 cu.m., G=2 cu.m.
c. C=9 bags, S=0.75 cu.m., G=1.50 cu.m. d. NOTA
A client awarded you to design a medium-end BPO office to be in an existing residential house of 1000 sq.m, it will
be a renovation project. In consideration of the cables, what system will you use to conceal them?
a) Raised Floor Systems b) Dry Walls c) On the ceilings d) High walls
Non-coherent rock particles smaller than in maximum dimension.
a.gravel b.sand c.clay d.loam
WED: Pro-Pract
17.Building Administrators are compensated on a monthly salary basis or:
a. Percentage of Construction Cost b. Lump Sum
c. Percentage of Gross monthly Rentals d. Percentage of Net Income
WED: Pro-Pract
11.Under the NBC, of only two exits are required, they shall be placed a distance apart of not less than what fraction
a. b. 1/3 c. d. 1/5
WED: Pro-Pract
13.Under the NBC, in mixed occupancies the parking requirements shall be the sum of 100% of the dominant use
and what percent of the dominant uses?
a.50% b. 60% c. 70% d. 80%
a. single family dwelling b. boarding houses c. single detached unit d. clubhouse
every storey or portion thereof having an occupant load of 500-999 shall have atleast ____ exits.
a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5
WED: Pro-Pract
2.Under the NBC, open spaces for corners and through lots is
a. 10% b. 20% c. 40% d. 50%
What type of road finish has the least traction when heavy rain is pouring ?
a. Cast concrete b. Asphalt c. Dirt d. Gravel
Received the "PATNUBAY NG SINING AT KALINANAGAN" Award for the City of Manila who is architect
In Muslim Houses why does the living room have less furniture?
a. To be used for gatherings b. So it can be easily converted as a space for worship
c. So the space can be easily maintained d. To keep accidents to a minimal since they value their furniture
Minimum clear width of an exit doorway
a.700mm b.800mm c.900mm
Wednesday - Prof.Prac:
a.have many proj. b.can perform his duty c. rich d. nota
the structural portion of the building that transfer the buildings load into the soil.
a.Substructure b.Superstructure c.Foundation d.structure
The process of coating steel or iron with zinc as corrosion protection.
a. anodizing b. brazing c. scraping d. galvanizing
the natural material on which the construction rests
a.Foundation bed b.lean concrete c.Grade Beam d.gravel
is a layout tool that is used to measure 90-degree angles at the corners of framework and joints.They can also be
employed to determine cutting angles on dimension lumber.
a.Digital rule b.Folding rule c.Framing square d.pry bar
the portion of the building above the ground.
a.Substructure b.Superstructure c.Foundation d.structure
Principal material for the Byzantine architecture ____.
a. Marble b. Granite c. Adobe d. Brick
. Early type of tomb architecture in Egypt was the _____.
a. Mastaba b. Pyramid c. Tholos d. Assuary
WED: Pro-Pract
16.The ____ ethically can order a change during construction anytime
a. Architect b. Consultant c. Contractor d. Owner
a. Training Center b. library c. sports complex d. fire station
WED: Pro-Pract
8.Under the NBC, hospitals shall have one parking slot for every how many beds?
a. 15 b. 20 c. 25 d. 30
WED: Pro-Pract
3.Under the NBC, clearance between established grade of the street and/ or sidewalk
and the lowest under surface of any part of the balcony shall not less than
a. 2.10 mts b. 2.40 mts c. 3.00 mts d. 3.60 mts
Your architectural team is designing a 3-Storey Hospital
How many elevators would you suggest?
a. Three, one for every floor
b. One, but it is ideal to have one for passengers and one for the patients in stretchers
c. Only one for passengers
d. Only one for the patients
in a building without a basement, an unfinished accessible space below the first floor which is usually less than a full
story height.
a.Slab on Fill b.Crawl Space c.Basement d.floor
Which of the following is NOT considered an architectural interior (AI) element for the project?
a. eaves b. elevator lobby ceiling c. unit party wall d. bathroom floor
Is a Flame-shaped bulb for low-wattage, decorative incandescent lamp.
a. A bulb b. B bulb c. C bulb d. Ca bulb
ELECTRICAL: Using a down light or pin light for indirect lighting in a showroom will
a. Gives dramatic effect b. Cooler effect c. Illuminate the ceiling d. Emphasize the product
HOA: Toranas or gateways are characteristic feature of what style of architecture?
A. Japanese B. Indian C. Chinese D. Filipino
i remember this kind of question ?
To achieve economy in design where should the downspout of an (C-2) office building be located ?
a. sides of the building b. rear portion of the building
c. at the center of the building d. at perimeter wall
3.what is the largest known religious structure?
a.St. Peter's Basilica b.Borobudur c.Angkor Wat d.Stupa
What criterion conforms to good construction practice for the earliest time to remove Scaffolding for concrete
flooring other than early-strength concrete if no anticipated load is expected over poured floor?
A.50% of scaffoldings can be removed after 14 days of pouring and 100% of scaffolds after 21 days
B.25% of scaffoldings can be removed at the slab area after 21 days of pouring and 100% of scaffolds after 28 days
C.50% of scaffoldings can be removed over slab area after 28 days of pouring and 100% of scaffolds after 36 days
D.25% of scaffoldings can be removed at the slab area after 14 days of pouring and 100% of scaffolds after 21 days
BTECH.: This device, in escalators, is provided at the drive unit location to protect against accidental movement of
the escalator during inspection of the drives or during general maintenance.
A. Mechanical Maintenance Locking Device B. Disconnect Switch
C. Knife Switch D. Limit Switches
How many people could walk side by side in a 1.80m sidewalk
a. 3 b. 2 c. 5
2.The main decorative element used during Early Christian Architecture is?
a.Faux painting b.Mosaic c.Fresco Painting d.Statues
WED: Pro-Pract
4.Under the NBC, the interior lots shall have an access road with a minimum width of
a. 1.50mts b. 2.40 mts c. 3.00 mts d. 3.60 mts
1.this architectural style is reffered as the "rebirth" of the classic?
a.Realism b.Art nouveau c.Renaissance d.Nominalism
Which of the following is the most pervious ?
a. Lawn with carabao grass b. Lawn with macadam c. Lawn with flagstones d. Lawn with Pavers
WED: Pro-Pract
6. Under the NBC, areas where adequate parking lots/ multi-floor parking garages are available within 200 mts. of
the proposed building / structures only what percent of the parking requirements maybe provided within the
a. 10 % b. 15% c. 20% d. 25%
Q: What is a material other than water, aggregate or hydraulic cement used as an ingredient of concrete and added
to concrete before or during its mixture to modify its properties?
A. Admixture B. Steam C. Plasticizer D. Retarder
Q: What is a material other than water, aggregate or hydraulic cement used as an ingredient of concrete and added
to concrete before or during its mixture to modify its properties?
A. Admixture B. Steam C. Plasticizer D. Retarder
1. When a point is duplicated many times in sequence in a number or rows, what is formed?
a. point b. line c. vector d. ray
Which of the following is NOT an indoor equipment?
a. Split type AC b. Microwave Oven c. Exhaust Fan d. AC window Type
BLDG. MAT'LS.: What type of paint is used for wood?
[A] Latex [B] Enamel [C] Acrylic [D] Primer
Which material is suitable as an exterior ceiling finish?
a)pre-formed sheet metal b)MDF c)marine plywood d)pvc
Which of the following is the most impervious ?
a. Pavers with mortar in between b. Pavers wit pockets for palnts
c. Pavers with gravel in between d. Pavers with sand in between
Monday - HoA
1. Founders of the "Art Noveau".
a. Iigo Jones b. FLW c. John Ruskin and William Morris d. A. Aalto
BLDG. MATLS.: the ability of a metal to undergo cold plastic deformation without breaking, particularly by pulling in
cold drawing.
[A] Ductility [B] Malleability [C] Elasticity [D] Flexibility
Architecture, with all its varying phases and complex developments, must have had a simple origin in the primitive
efforts of mankind to provide protection against inclement weather, wild beasts, and human enemies. Hunters and
fishermen in primeval times naturally sought shelter in rock caves, and these were manifestly the earliest form of
human dwellings; tillers of the soil took cover under arbors of trees, and from them fashioned huts of wattle and
daub; while shepherds, who followed their flocks, would lie down under coverings of skins which only had to be
raised on posts to form tents. What is the earliest form of dwelling developed by man?
a. Hut b. Rock Cave c. Megaron d. Tent
8.It is a semi-circular or polygonal projection of a building usually vaulted and used especially at the sanctuary or
east end.
a.Nave b.Apse c.Cupola d.Baldocino
What type of road finish is best when heavy rain is pouring ?
a. Gravel b. Asphalt c. Dirt d. Cast concrete