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Road Map:

1. Read question and pay attention to what it asks if it says you represent a
specific side you should (just use your other info as counteroffers).
2. What was the contract for (if sale of oods it!s "##$ if not it!s co%%on
a. 'f "##$ does the %erchant e(ception apply&
). 's a sined writin required& 'f so$ does the *+, apply&
a. *ale of oods for o-er ./00.
1. *ale of land or property
c. 2ny contract that cannot 1e perfor%ed within one year
3. 's there oral aree%ents& 'f so$ pro1a1ly a parol e-idence issue.
a. ,ind a%1iuity. 2 pro1le% of interpretation&
/. 2re there two for%s& Which ones o-erns& ,ind offer and acceptance.
a. 4nockout rule ("##)& 2dditional ter%s %aterial (do hardship and
1. #ounteroffer (#5)&
6. 's there a conflictin oral aree%ent and written aree%ent& 'f so$ find offer
and acceptance.
7. 's there an i%plied warranty of ood faith and fair dealin& 8(press
warranty of %erchanta1ility or fitness for a particular purpose&
Secondary Arguments:
8. Find consideration. There is a promise.
9. If no consideration, does PE apply There is a promise.
!". If no detrimental reliance, does restitution apply A#sence of a promise
$%presence of un&ust enrichment.
!!. Possi#ly ma'e a note on $hether it is a #ilateral or unilateral contract.
!(. Thin' a#out $hat case the )uestion is most li'e, then see $hat*s different.
!+. Are there any collateral agreements ,oid for consideration
!-. .oes one party ha,e more #argaining po$er than the other
a. If significant difference, construe against the drafter.
!/. 0a'e sure you ha,e discussed the story 1 $ho $ould get sympathy 2ho is
!3. PA4 ATTE5TI65 T6 27E8E T7E 9ASE 2AS I5 T7E :66;< E=ample:
8ice > S6F not PE? 2atts not necessarily used &ust in the family.
!. @99%9ommon Aa$
(. S6F
+. Parol e,idence
-. 6ffer and acceptance
/. :attle of the forms
3. 9onsideration
B. Promissory estoppel
8. 8estitution
9. Implied or e=press $arranty