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Reality & Illusion


Q: Our generous Committee, can you explain human understanding of reality and of illusion? Given
the understanding we attach, that illusion seems real but is not, and that reality is absolute true existence.
C: The understanding humans attach to reality is the manifestation of your life plan design.

Q: This means we design our reality? There is no true reality as basis for what is bona fide and what
is not?
C: Yes.

Q: Please expand.
C: Very well; each of you occupies a body, you do, and this capsule, this enclosure, separates the
soul in a way that does not exist but for the Earthly or other physical experience. This is the first illusion
yet is considered absolute reality. It is, within the parameters, the limits and the definitions of physical
bodies on Earth.

In addition to your bodily enclosure, there is also control over how you choose to see what is around you
and what you see of and in other people. Other people have this for you, also.

Q: This idea that we filter what we see of others, how can this be?
C: An example we shall give; have you heard of color blind? Inability to distinguish certain or almost
all color? This condition applies to some people and animals, also. This condition changes the true colors
of the thing observed or just for the person who might see colors differently or less?

We then suggest all of you suddenly filter and perceive the colors of the thing observed, all the same way.
This becomes "reality" for you, all of you. All will agree it is real.

Is it?

If a chromographic device were used to detect and identify color, by analysis of spectrum, before a low-
or non-color alternative were applied, would any of you believe its continued readings of colors identified
even if none of you could see the colors the apparatus indicates?

Q: So how do humans live in a reality that might not be "reality"? What or where is the illusion?
C: Everything in your world is real, and reality surrounds you. This reality is a subset of existence. Is
the space inside a room real? Yes, and you could measure and calculate this space with your units, as the
walls define it. Remove just one wall or even a part of it, and will the limits on the space of the room
change? Of the six surfaces inside a room, the removal of just one removes the limitation on this space,
and the volume of the room formerly identified, ceases to be. The space "inside" a room three metres by
four metres by two and a half metres, the thirty cubic metres it has, are now how many after one wall has

Q: So human reality can be altered that easily?
C: And it is, we do say. Reality is imagination; if it can be imagined - we emphasize this will always
include a dream - it is real. It cannot be contemplated, considered, pondered and planned without its
reality taking place, and a place is always taken.

Thoughts are not imaginary; in the existence of humanity on Earth, thoughts have no physical presence,
that you might see. This is the design of Earth; what we say is, thoughts create. Reality is solid, solid as
the most solid of steel and rock and these are thoughts. Thoughts of places and things and movement and
acts are all physical reality in a dimensionality your existence temporarily sets aside.

All of the dreams and places you have gone in them, the people you see and the things you do as you
dream, exist as solidly as you can ever imagine them. They seem to not exist for you, when you
contemplate them in your thoughts. This is the illusion.

Q: So you are all saying the illusion is Earth existence, reality is away from Earth.
C: Yes, and you have reversed the photograph. What we say is, the photograph printed on paper can
be printed in an opposite manner. If you knew the placement of camera and subject when the photograph
was taken, you would then recognize a reversed print of an original. Not knowing of the placement when
the shutter opened, the reversed would be as real as the original print. It will not be considered an illusion,
just reversed; is this right? But it is not "reality" as one would define that, it is not accurate. Others among
you would argue it is accurate, that dimensions and depth and everything else measure the same as the
"original" just reversed; still accurate. So we ask, if not absolutely faithful to the original scene, where
would illusion begin and where reality would cease?

Q: Go on. I know there's more
C: In a three dimension view, height, depth and width, consider this scene reversed in all three ways.
Recall a building you know well and imagine yourself standing before it. If you had a computer screen
with a photograph of the very thing you now stand before, that you can see with your eyes directly in
front, could the computer be easily used to reverse the photograph? Yes.

Look up from the photograph on the computer screen at the building. The building is the reverse of the
photograph, now that the photo has been flipped. Wait, the photo is flipped, the building is real. To you,
who have both before you, yes, to another person who sees no building before them, is the photo
accurate? The relativity of the one to another answers this, the absence of either, it eliminates.

We now say consider reversal of all three dimensions, the left to the right, the right to the left, or the
bottom to the top and the top to the bottom, all of two dimensions and then what is far comes close and
what is close goes far away, this third dimension. The sky in the far background becomes the foreground;
the concrete sidewalk right in front of you is now farthest away.

This you may not do with your computer or photography laboratory, so a facsimile reference, what a
photograph is, cannot be manipulated this way; not yet, we do say

Does that mean, because an image cannot be made that way, nothing can be made that way?

Before an early camera was attached to a balloon for aerial views, such a view of Earth was not known
but for looking down from a high place to a lower one. The balloon mounted camera created ability of
view otherwise unavailable.

Will your technology allow a reversed view of anyplace in all dimensions? You begin to create this now;
a hologram is the rudimentary beginning.

Q: So let's reverse a photograph the way you suggest, in three dimensions, not just two; how would it
happen for a human?
C: We will attempt this with words; the shrinkage of a flat image as the plane upon which it exists,
as this flat plane surface rotates, is easy to imagine and is an old cinematic technique. Initially two prints
of a photon graph, reversed the one to the other, were printed on a paper. The one was rotated until the
flat surface turned perpendicular to the camera, only the paper's edge visible. Then the opposite image
would replace the first and the rotation continued. The opposite scene expands and appears.

In a three dimensional reversal, you would not have sensation of remaining still, you would feel as if you
were moving. We suggest the sensation of a stopped car. If another car adjacent and close to yours began
to reverse, from your peripheral vision this movement creates the feeling you are moving forward. Only
when you look at other surroundings do you realize your stopped car has remained stationary.

In this way, what is behind you moving to the front, what is far coming near and what is left moving right
and also the other way, create a sensation you are falling.

Q: Is the sensation of falling also this same thing happening?
C: Yes, however a different set of circumstances, we shall explain next.

Q: So what happens if the three dimensional image is reversed in all three dimensions?
C: From a human view, all will seem to collapse into an ever smaller, invisible point into which you
have fallen. It will seem as if you have dropped into a tiny black hole; unlike the small hole which would
appear to enlarge as you approach, this small hole will remain small as you fall towards and into it.
Instantly you will feel yourself lifted, as if perched atop an elevator with no walls or sides, up and above
the small black spot. As you feel yourself lifted, the entire image around you will rise and expand from a
two dimension to three dimension view. As the same speed you feel the sensation of being lifted, you will
be surrounded by the previous image and scene around you, rising reversed along with you and then very
quickly the scene will simultaneously come closer and move away, expanding into the depth of dimension
that creates the perception the illusion of distance.

Q: If we could do that with a computer screen, it would be a thrill ride we could charge money to
C: Yes, for a time until all of you would become accustomed.

Q: So the sensation of falling or lifting? We have this without reversal of images. How are they
C: Many of you learn the sensation of falling and all of you instinctively understand its risk, thus
your survival. Unlike the reversal of a scenario, if this were possible on Earth, falling can be felt while
seeing it or otherwise; jumping from a diving board with eyes closed does not remove the sensation but
reduces it, yes? What is felt by falling is the subatomic attraction, and the interaction of the fields drawing
closer and blending or joining of the energies. The lesser and drawn object feels the effect; the larger does
not. This is the subatomic, electromagnetic pull. Gravity. The larger the object, the greater its pull against
smaller one. In your dimensions. Image reversal operates similarly minus the density of Earth sensation.

Q: What about in other dimensions?
C: You see and understand and intermix with the existential parameters that do not affect you or act
upon you. The difference is you exist independently of them, until you choose to partially interface and
have effect upon the portions constrained inside the susbset you visit.

Q: Like a Guardian Angel visiting its "charge"?
C: We hesitate to see you as charges or assignments or subordinates, however we laugh at this word
and enjoy it. Yes, as you suggest, where a Guide or Angel as you call us, would intercede for specific

Q: So reality on Earth is just an illusion?
C: Illusion is reality; an integral part of it. It is a name humans have for the delayed component of

Q: Esteemed Committee, thank you and may we return to this subject, readers and myself?
C: At any time, as you wish. Be well, all of you.

Sarah 06/09/2013 1:04pm

Very interesting subject, but not so easy to understand, thanks Patrick.

Ahmed 06/09/2013 1:53pm
"Reality is imagination; if it can be imagined - we emphasize this will always include a dream - it is real. It
cannot be contemplated, considered, pondered and planned without its reality taking place, and a place is
always taken."

That's kind of a scary statement, because it also means that any horrible scenario or situation imgagined
or pondered exists in some form.

Patrick 06/09/2013 8:41pm


Ahmed 06/09/2013 4:14pm

Some other questions that this post brings to mind:

1. I'm inferring from this that the ultimate (base level/original) reality is that of mind or consciousness, that
this original mind, what some would call God, is the basis of existence, that is has always existed, and
that matter, space and time arise from a reality 'dreamed up' by our collective minds. Is my understanding

2. Why do some of our physical experiences like pain, depression, fear to name a few negative ones
seem so real, so absolute and insisting? Is there a way to let the more 'spiritual' emotions like acceptance
and peace supplant those more negative ones even when they are at their strongest?

3. If mind/consciousness is the basis of existence, shouldn't we always be conscious to some degree
even if our brains are not? Why then are we unconscious during comas and anesthesia?


Patrick 06/09/2013 8:49pm

1. Yes
2. Yes, seem them as temporary and the result of a reality created by design. The more intense
the perception of reality, the greater the benefit of the experience.
3. We are, when returning to our bodies and awakening from a comatose state, we forget what

Ahmed 07/09/2013 3:26am

Thanks for the answers.

Dr Laurie 07/09/2013 12:22pm

Do other life forms (ET's) have split consciousness also, or is Earth the only "proving ground" for this type
of existence? Many have said that a life on Earth is a very desired "trip" due to many unique factors.
Would the split consciousness be one of them? And what is the grand purpose of the split consciousness
in the overall purpose? Aside from the obvious benefits of creativity, separation/pain & its lessons, "the
fun house," etc. By the way, I'm not enjoying the "fun house" so much! Ha ha

Patrick 07/09/2013 2:02pm

The subset of understanding and consciousness a physical body existence offers is "universal".
All physical existence includes it. There are both unique ranges of the difference and different
levels or stages all over the galaxy (and others) and a good Earth example is animals. A very
similar dichotomy occurs right here between humans, other bipeds and quadrupeds.

Yes, Earth is immensely valuable, just the smorgasbord of cultures, topographies and societies
make it that way, not to mention all the challenges the many sovereign nations create.

The purpose is to separate ourselves from the insight and understanding that prevent the
experiences we all have. We learn from pain; we dislike it, of course, but overcoming life's
challenges opens windows and doors into compassion, generosity, sacrifice and reward unable to
be created absent the delays Earth existence requires.

For every moment of dislike, despair and upset we can remember others of pleasure and joy. The
series of these experiences, all taken together in the lives we live, create a unique and special