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15 July 2012 The Meaning of Science and Spirituality

Q: Whats coming? Why does a certain word order or style seem complicated to some
A: We must search a database of your words to compose a thought with them and then supply
you the pattern. The databases also include what the person trancribing knows; little we achieve
using a term you do not have. How does one use words to describe what does not exist, for you?
Word descriptions only exist for you in your bodies; your speech is not natural for you. You all
walk on your hands and do not recall you can walk on your feet. We do not even walk on feet, we
fly without wings.

Q: We do not remember our abilities?
A: No, not right now. This is coming soon. Some abilities. New words, also.

Q: What about ascending to higher dimensions and what confirmation could be had that this
will happen?
A: Your desire for confirmation is your confirmation. Your awareness that you might ascend
is confirmation that you will.

Q: This is absolutely certain?
A: Yes. You have free will. Your choice to ascend was very much your free will; as you do so,
your guides will revisit this choice with you briefly. The time that passes, this time as you feel on
Earth, between the thought for something and then having it will reduce and it will become
easier to understand what is described as manifestation. We must say human ideas and
preferences will change; many people will not use this as they might expect. To manifest money,
an expectation many of you might believe would be common, will not occur this way. This is a
small, brief insight.

Q: We on Earth understand spirituality to mean acknowledgement of an existence and
beings a part of that existence, that are not usually seen. We have called them ghosts, angels,
God, cherubs, late for dinner (sorry folks, bad joke of mine; did you like that Erik?) and consider
it as a concept of existence not physical like we have. Is this correct and what is the relation to
A: Here we will write what we will say in a simple manner. Your scientist Einstein said it
should be able to be explained to a waitress, the complexities of science and physics, and we will
do it this way.

You do not exist on Earth in a dense matter more solid than your real existence, your default
state. The way you would be if you chose to never travel and live on a planet is not less dense
than what surrounds you; it is more solid in your terms, than you see.

The science of Earth, the study of the properties of your environment and the measurement, all
of what is your understanding of physics, cannot be used to study and measure that which is
outside your ability.

The disease in your body and the pain from an injury are manifested within you; if we could now
show you and many of your family in higher dimensions of still dense matter , what we call
slower matter, will show you these things are easy to identify and repair. The ability to cause a
pain, an injury, an action is, from what is the spiritual world, simple to do. None of things are
done TO you; all that happens, you do choose it and you have chosen it. Your free will of your
default state is NO different than where you are now.

If you choose to jump from a bridge to experience the fall, this you choose and plan before you
travel to Earth and then when you have planned, scheduled and set the place for this, you will do
it. You chose it. Likewise, you could choose to do this thing once you are there, on Earth and you
can do it, just the same. You have this free will, always. You intentionally do not see the to do
list you have put together, and you decided to not want to see this list. Nobody has decided to
take this away from you and to hide it from you BUT you.

Otherwise, would you like your life on Earth reduced to a homework list? To items to be ticked
off upon completion? Schoolyard fistfight, check! Breakup with girl/boyfriend, check! Become
parent, check! Is this an existence to be had? Is there any value following a schedule as if
studying in a school?

So the science of transmission of electromagnetic energy at a multiple of vibration ranges above
perception by humanity, allows access and control of the cerebral tissue, the cells, to create the
nerve instruction through the electricity that sends the signal through the nerves to commend
the muscles to move your body to the place you have chosen for your bridge jump. The choice
you might have made before being born? It does not matter, the mechanism is the same. The
choice made because you saw a new bungee cord demonstrated and decided you should now do
this? This too, you can select. The way your body is controlled is exactly the same. There is no
time off your Earth; the decision made previous to birth is not more valid or less than after birth.
The difference is your spread of awareness.

Q: This sounds logical and yet is a complete fantasy, isnt it? I mean, how does anybody know
this really happens?
A: If you persist in beliefs that say it cannot be, then no, you do not know. Do you? If you
open your mind to the evidence all around you, then you will see what you have chosen to look
at. Do you believe antibiotics do not destroy infectious cells because you cannot see them? If you
do not believe in the infection, the bacteria as its cause and the antibiotic solution, then these
things do not exist. The effects you all recognize. Is it easy or possible to not be aware of a
serious infection? This is the essence of your life on Earth. THIS is what your time is about and
the thing you are on Earth to know. There are effects and you control the causes and your
reaction. Always control you have. You live before you are born; you live now and you live after
you come back home. Live you do, always.

The effect you feel, and see in your experience has a cause you can see or choose not to see.
Some of these choices are after you are born, some previous, all of the choices are yours, all have
value and the completion of each all have meaning. There are many millions of examples across
billions of souls incarnate, all of whom and all of which exist on this one and basic notion.

So you feel the effect so have you the control. It is but that you should ask for the control. This is
what you call spirituality and your idea of science is how you control it. You are all scientists
and will come to recognize it. Over what do you wish control? Ask.