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13/02/14 13:31 Course:Apple Customer Experience: Closing the Sale

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Apple Customer Experience: Closing the Sale
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1 : You've been speaking with a customer, Jian, who's new to Apple and is considering
purchasing an iPhone. Based on his needs, you've shown him the camera and spoken to
him about the long battery life of iPhone. As you're coming to the end of your
conversation, Jian expresses a concern. He says: "I don't know. It seems like a great
phone, but I have a PC." How should you respond?
You chose: "It sounds like you have concerns about compatibility. Is that right?"
Correct! When a customer expresses a concern, it's important to use your active listening skills to
make sure you understand your customer. Paraphrasing and confirming your understanding of the
customer's concern ensures that you understand your customer and that your customer feels heard.

2 : You're about to close the sale with Jian. What should be your first step?
You chose: Recap your conversation.
Correct! Before asking for the sale from Jian, recap your conversation to make sure you understand his
needs and concerns correctly.

3 : During your conversation with Jian, you've discussed an iPhone and an iPhone
Bumper. You're about to offer a demo when Jian expresses a concern about using an
iPhone with his PC. You address his concern by telling him that he can sync his iPhone
using iTunes, just like he does with his iPod now. You start to wrap up your conversation
with Jian. What should you do before asking for the sale?
You chose: Offer a demo
Correct! You should check in with yourself to make sure you've gone through all the right steps before
asking for the sale, including offering a demo.

4 : After you recap your conversation, Jian responds by asking questions about the price
and continuing to play with a few more apps on iPhone. What should you do next?
You chose: Answer Jian's questions and ask if he would like to take home an iPhone today.
Correct! You've correctly read Jian's behaviors as buying signals. By answering his questions and
gauging his timeline, you're respecting his time.

5 : Congratulations! Jian has decided to purchase an iPhone. As you complete Jian's
transaction and hand him his items, what should you do next?
You chose: Give Jian your business card and offer to make a follow-up phone call.
Correct! By giving Jian your business card and offering a follow-up phone call, you're making the most
13/02/14 13:31 Course:Apple Customer Experience: Closing the Sale
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of the opportunity to continue your relationship with Jian.
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