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L 1.

Its a watercolour painting of a mountain landscape. The centre (focus) of the picture is a snowy mount,
framed by light clouds and trees, which probably are pines and firs. In the foreground we can see a dense
colourful vegetation, behind which a clean river flows form the foot of the mountain to the valley. The
water, as a mirror, reflects the shape of the trees, the whiteness of the mount and the blue of the sky.
This picture sends relaxing and peaceful feelings, its very bright and it shows very well the fresh and lively
spring of the mountain.
L 2.
Its a photograph of a hill. The imagine is divided in two parts: the bottom is taken by the bright green hill
grass, the top by the sky, full of creamy clouds. The horizon is enriched by a solitary oak, as solitary as the
man who sits under its thick foliage.
In the upper left corner, we can see two comets, which decorate the piece of blue sky between the clouds.
The photograph is generally compound by contrasts: the white clouds and the dark blue sky, the leaves
kissed by the sun and their shadow on the grass, the quiet of the lawn and the movement of the hill.

L 3.
Its a photograph of a very rich and various landscape. We can see hills, mountains, trees, dwellings and a
river. Everything seems in a perfect balance. The hill form which this photo was taken, has a bright green
grass, and a lot of firs that surrounded it. The quiet river separates this hill from the front one, which has
dark green grass with lighter green stripes. Theres a little city on the riverside. The colour of the sky fades
away from dark blue to light blue and a line of clouds, which look like cotton, rises from the back of the hill.
In the left side of the photograph we can see a little mountain without snow: the photo is probably taken in

L 4.
Its a photograph of a mountain landscape during the summer. In the foreground we have a lawn full of
dendelions, which cover the most of the photos bottom. They give color and brightness to this landscape.
The hill from which the photo is taken, subdivides the imagine in two parts: in the lower down corner we
can see the flowers, and in the upper left corner there is a mount, almost without snow and the bue sky.
From the back of the mountain some cloudy stripes draw, on the blue, a sort of aurea of the mountain.
L 5.
Its a suggestive photograph of a tropical landscape. The photographer seems want to bring us in a
colourful and surrealistic walking to the hut at the right of the imagine. The wooden bridge is surrounded
by crystal clear water, which, barely rippled from the wind, makes soft shadows on the sand below the
surface. The green colour of the water contrasts with the blue of the sky. Clouds create pale strips which
make a sense of movement.
The landscape shown in the photograph is a sort of heaven on earth that certainly deserves to be visited.

P 1.
In this funny photo there is an old woman with a cigar in her mouth. She seems coming from south
America: her pretty dark skin and her good mood suggest it. This photo was probably taken by a tourist
who, amused from this woman, decided to remember her. The age of this woman can be deduced by her
wrinkled face, her few and sick teeth, the fact that her glasses, that enlarge her eyes very much, are a sign
of presbyopia, common in older people.
She is smoking a long cuban cigar: an activity a bit strange for a woman of her age.
Her clothes are colourful and maybe too youthful: the jacket and the necklaces are suitable for her age, in
fact, they could embellish her, but she seems quite strange wearing that kind of pink and white shirt. Chess
bandana and hair band are quite weird too.
Finally, I think that this photograph is very funny because of the unusual appearance of the subject and the
contagious cheerfulness of this weird woman.

P 2.
In this photograph we can see two children who are playing outdoor. They are in a private garden: there is
a little stone wall and the grid of a gazebo. This photo is probably taken by one of them parents who
wanted to remember that sunny day of games.
They wear cotton clothes: the standing one has a red t-shirt, while the other one wears a green shirt.
Maybe they are brothers or friends. In my opinion, the kid with longer hair is a bit too violent. Play fighting
is very common for young boys, but punching, with a ring, a friend (or a brother) who is absent-minded is

P 3.
Its a color photograph of two women hugging each other. This photo is probably taken by a photoreporter
who was sent in that place to record the situation of people who were victim of a hurricane. The situation is
apocalyptic: destroyed walls, destroyed roofs, destroyed things, destroyed lives. The two old women are
shocked: the face of the woman with dark clothes tells everything. Shes still scared, it seems like shes
looking for something that will never come back. The other, with white hair and flower shirt is trying to
calm her friend or sister. Shes hugging her in a very protective way, something like dont worry, until we
are together, everything is fine. I actually cant imagine their mood, the shock of what has been, the loss of
everything they called home, the fear of a uncertain future, are terrible feelings.

P 4.
Its a black and white photograph of a young woman hanging the grid of a basketball court.
Because of the clothes of the girl, an high-necked shirt and a jacket, the photograph is probably taken in
This photo causes a sort of sadness: her disappointed look and sad eyes are probably caused by a regret, a
love regret, maybe. Her long fringe, which cover her face, and those long sleeves, seem a mental and
physical shelter in which she refuges.
The presence of some people behind her creates a contrast that underline the her loneliness .

P 5.
Its an old black and white picture which portrays some people in a church. Its probably taken many years
ago: all women wear veils on their head. In the first line of sitting, there are some young boys s miling to the
photographer. Behind them some women of different ages are saying a prayer aloud. In the right side we
can see two black-dressed women, in the focus of the photo there is a girl with a chess shirt and, on the left
side there are two young women with white dresses. Generally the churchgoer are young, except the
woman on the right, who is, maybe, the mother of some of them. I think that this photo is really nice: it
describes very well the spirit of association that the church may create.