Issue 2: September 15, 2014 Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
A Message From Tom
I hope this message finds everyone doing
well and I also hope that you all enjoyed
our first newsletter last week.
In case you missed it, the election process
for Section Representative is underway. If
you are interested in running, you have
until 9/16 at 8:30pm to hand in your
completed packet with 25 signatures.
In addition, this week we have a great
Alumni Spotlight with Serge Georges, Jr.,
who gave the Oath of Professionalism at
this year’s orientation. He provides some
great insight and advice.
A Message From Tom
SBA Happenings
Student Spotlights
What is the SBA?
Alumni Spotlight
Contact List & Preamble
Lastly, we had our first running project
meeting over the weekend and it was
great to meet some new students and go
on an enjoyable Saturday morning run in
the city.
- Tom Davis
SBA President

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 2: September 15, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
! OFFICE HOURS with Tom:
Tuesday 12 – 2pm and Thursday 6 – 7:30pm
in room 450G.
! Section Representative ELECTIONS
o Completed packets due by 9/16 @
8:30pm (room 450G)
o 9/17 – 19: Candidate speeches
o 9/24 (noon) – 9/26 (5pm): POLLS
! Students interested in the BBA are invited to
a welcome reception at the Boston Bar
Association (16 Beacon St) on Thursday,
September 18 at 5:30pm. To RSVP, email
Maggie DeMoura at
! The Suffolk Law Running Project will meet
this week on Wednesday from 6-7pm and
Saturday at 10am. All abilities are welcome
to attend. Like “Suffolk Law Running
Project” on Facebook for daily training and
more information.
SBA Executive Announcements & Happenings
Photo taken by Liz Ogden at the first
Suffolk Law Running Project meeting
We need YOU
To design our new Suffolk Law SBA logo!
What: We are looking for a new Suffolk Law SBA
logo. What you design is up to you. Please submit
your entry by emailing it to marketing director Jess
Murray at
When: We will accept entries between now and
October 1st.
Prize: A $50 gift card to Boston Brewin
Section Representative elections will be
held 9/24 (noon) – 9/26 (5pm).
Completed packets are due by 8:30pm
on 9/16 and should be dropped off in
room 450G.

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 2: September 15, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
Tip of the week
Law school can be very
stressful, especially for new
students getting acclimated
with the amount and style of
the course load. It is a great
idea to take time each day to
relax. Whether this involves
watching TV, playing a
video game, going on a run
or to yoga, or hanging out
with friends, making the
time to participate in a
relaxing activity may help
you be happier and become
a better student.
One way to relax could be to
join us at the Suffolk Law
Running Project. We are
meeting this week on
Wednesday at 6pm and
Saturday at 10am.

What is the SBA?
For those unfamiliar with the SBA, it is the governing body
of all students and organizations at Suffolk Law. The SBA
exists to organize events and provide resources for
students and student organizations at Suffolk Law. In
addition, it also serves as the official voice of the Suffolk
Law student body by representing your interests to the law
school administration and outside legal community.

The SBA has three foundational goals this year. First, the
SBA seeks to improve the quality of life for more students
at Suffolk Law. To accomplish this, the SBA has been hard
at work all summer planning quality programs of an
academic, professional, and social nature. Second, the SBA
seeks to help more Suffolk Law students get jobs. To
accomplish this, the SBA has planned innovative and
inclusive programs designed to highlight the true strengths
of Suffolk Law students. Finally, the SBA seeks to improve
the perception of Suffolk Law both within and without of
our community. To accomplish this, the SBA has planned
various new programs and activities that engage both the
legal and outside community.

The success of the SBA is directly dependent on student
involvement. This means that the more students who
participate, the better the year will be for everyone.
Accordingly, I encourage you all to make your voices
heard. If you have a problem, issue, or idea – no matter
how small – reach out to us as we are here to work for you.

Get Involved!
The Section Representative elections are coming up.
Signature packets are due on Tuesday (9/16) by 8:30pm.
Packets should be dropped off in room 450G.
Poll of the week results!
Periodically, we will conduct a poll online and will post the results here.

The Suffolk Law Running Project will meet this week on
Wednesday from 6-7pm and Saturday at 10am

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 2: September 15, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
Student Spotlight
Meet Jah-Asia Nuru
Jah-Asia Nuru is a 3L originally from Washington
DC. Jah spent her summer in California working at
the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office.
What was your favorite part about working at the San
Francisco Public Defender’s Office?
I loved meeting with the clients and going to court.
What do you like to do outside of law school?
I don’t really remember what it’s like to have a life
outside of law school, but I really enjoy gardening
(plants and flowers). I have a bit of a green thumb.
What are you most looking forward to this school year?
I’m most excited about being in the Suffolk Defenders
Clinic: becoming a better trial advocate.
What are you hoping to do after you earn your degree?
I’m hoping to be a public defender either in CA, NY, or DC.

Jah-Asia’s Favorites…

Place to study: I used to like studying in the 5
floor reading room but now it’s the clinical

Study break: Walking through the Commons.

Part of Suffolk Law: The amazingly supportive faculty and staff.

Coffee shop near school: The Thinking Cup.

Movie: Hard to pick just one. Classic: It Happened One Night. Musical: Singing in the Rain.
Film Noire: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. 80s: Dirty Dancing. Comedy: Zoolander.

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 2: September 15, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
Alumni Spotlight
Serge Georges, Jr. --- Class of 1996
Serge Georges, Jr. is an Associate Justice in Boston Municipal
Court. He currently sits in the Dorchester division, which is also
the judicial district that he grew up in. 1Ls might recognize
Georges, as he delivered the Oath of Professionalism at last week’s
orientation. This interview was conducted by Eunice Aikins-Afful, Co-
Director of Alumni Affairs.
What journals/ activities/ concentrations did you participate in at Suffolk
I knew that I wanted to be a trial attorney, so I focused my courses
and activities around that goal. I took courses in evidence, legal
writing and procedure, as well as participated in trial advocacy
competitions and activities. One of the most meaningful things that I did was participate
in the Defenders’ Clinical Program with Professor Blumenson where I represented people
as a 3:03 certified law student in what was then the Dorchester District Court.
What do you consider the best part of your job?
Whether in private practice or now as a judge, I always considered the best part of what I
do to be the ability to help people in rather traumatic, scary, and anxious moments.
What is your greatest professional achievement?
I would definitely say getting appointed to the bench. No matter your professional
success, some of us, myself included, had pockets of doubt here and there about how good
we are professionally. But when I made it through the many levels of vetting, got
nominated and then confirmed, I had a sense of pride that I had done some things right in
my career to have earned the Governor’s confidence and honor. I take great pride in that.

Who is your favorite Supreme Court Justice, living or deceased?
Earl Warren. The Brown v. Board of Education was, and is, a landmark decision that
helped solidify the early foundation of the Civil Rights movement. The importance of a
unanimous decision was not lost on Warren and the work he undertook to make that
happen cannot be understated.

One piece of advice:
Aspire to high standards of excellence in all you do. Set the bar very high for the work
product that you will produce. Be professional and courteous with opposing lawyers. You
may not always agree, but that’s no excuse to be uncivil to one another. Be kind to court
personnel, and your staff – often times they will be your best friends when you need
something. And lastly, don’t take yourself too seriously. Being a lawyer does not make
you better than anyone else. Always keep that in mind.

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 2: September 15, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba

Contact Information
Name Position Email
Tom davis President
Monica Bellevue Vice President
Neil Lindquist Chief of Staff
Kelley Sweetser Treasurer

“We the Students of Suffolk University Law School, in order to support and
encourage academic excellence and professional development; to preserve the
right of students to acquire a quality legal education in a just and reasonable
environment; to provide a means of communication between students and the
Law School; and to maintain a connection with alumni, do herby establish this
Constitution for the Student Bar Association of Suffolk University Law School.”
SBA Constitution Preamble
For a full contact list of all SBA Directors please visit our website at
Vice President Monica Bellevue and
President Tom Davis