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E s c a p i n g D r e a ml a n d | 1

Escaping Dreamland
They say dreams are the window to ones greatest fears, and forbidden wishes. But for
Kyla, her dreams are not only an embodiment of her hidden desires, but a premonition
of her future.
Being the president of her organization, the editor-in-chief of the campus paper, a
consistent honor student, and a candidate for a position in the university council, life
could not get any more perfect for Kyla. But when she is revisited by a familiar face, her
mind goes off in all directions. What ifs begin to fill her head, and the only place she
can get the answers all her questions is in her dreams.
Let her story take you to a world beyond reality and back.
Along the corridor, I ran as fast as I could- desperately trying to get away from my
pursuers. I did not even have a chance to look at who or what it was. I just knew I had
to get away.
Continuing the chase, doors began to fill my peripheral vision. In a desperate attempt
to get away, I rush to open a door. Tsk- locked.
Again, I checked the door right beside it, and the next one after that. All of them
showed no signs of ever being opened.
Gasping for air, I continued to run. I felt the pursuers hot on my trail, a huge shadow
cascades over the wall. Finally, I saw a ray of light coming from the floor. I reached it a
and saw a set of stairs circling down.
Where it went? I did not know. I was hesitant to take a step when a familiar face
jumped out of the stairs, Hurry! He ushered me.
I felt the pursuers close behind me. I took his hand and ran down the staircase.
I forgot his name or where I met him, but his face was strangely familiar. His built was no
larger than mine. Seeing his back made me feel nostalgic, like it was the only thing I
ever got to see.
A few steps into the staircase, and I suddenly felt the walls closing in. The small pressing
space triggered by claustrophobia. The steps became shorter with every step I took. I
was already standing on my toes, something I thought I never had the ability to do. The
familiar hand was no longer in my grasp. He was gone.
I desperately tried to retrace my steps, but saw that the staircase was gone.
E s c a p i n g D r e a ml a n d | 2

From the small hole in which I came from, I saw the full moon shining brightly. I saw the
boys familiar face, smiling along with the face of another strange yet familiar boy, and
then I knew I fell for their trap.
I. The Concert

II. Meeting Again

Today is the day I have been waiting for. Today is the day I get to see my
high school classmates. Notice the use of the word classmates, I highly
doubt they ever considered me as a friend.

I havent seen any of them for 2-3 years, and now, I get to slap into their
faces all of my achievements and recognitions. They would all be able to see
the me they never bothered to notice.

I have worked my ass off trying to get as many affiliations as I can. I climbed
up the social ladder, something I never bothered to try in high school, all with
maintaining a GPA of 1.5. Yes, I nearly died due to stress, but it was all worth
it. All for this day. It was my D-day.

You have nothing to be afraid of, I say to the person staring at me. Her
small black eyes seem to be filled with fear rather than confidence. I combed
my hair. It was still the same as when I was in high school. Should I have cut it
shorter? Should I have grown it out? Staring back at my face, I see no
evident change in my face as compared to when I was in high school
except for the drooping eyebags and pimple scars.

III. Desperately Searching
IV. What is in the Past?
V. What is in the Past?
VI. What is in the Past?
VII. Locked and Trapped
VIII. Running Away
IX. The new One
X. Here but not Here
XI. Finding Out
XII. Holding Hands
XIII. Meeting Again

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