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TEST of Hypothesis

1. DEWA (Dubai electricity and Water authority) wants to compare consumption of

electricity durin the summer season in !umeirah and "irdif. #or each household sampled$ the
monthly electricity bill is recorded with the followin results% ( use & ' le(el of sinificance)
!umeirah "irdif
x &)& dhs &** dhs
&* dhs +& dhs
)& )1
a. ,s there e(idence that the mean electricity bill in !umeirah is abo(e &** dhs-

b. ,s there e(idence that the mean electricity bill in !umeirah is more than the mean
electricity bill in "irdif-
). A researcher at the .ni(ersity of "ichian medical school belie(es that coffee
consumption may increase the heart beat rate. Suppose it is /nown that the heart beat
rate is normally distributed with an a(erae of +* for adults. A random sample of )&
adults was selected and it was found that their a(erae heartbeat was +0 after coffee
consumption$ with a standard de(iation of +.
a. #ormulate the null and alternati(e hypothesis.
b. Test the hypotheses in part (a) at the 1*' sinificance le(el to determine if we can
infer that coffee consumption increases the heart beat rate.
0. Accordin to a 1ouis Harris poll$ 20' of men dri(ers always use seat belts. A recent
sample of 3** men dri(ers showed that 2*' of them always use seat belts. Test at the 1'
sinificance le(el if the proportion of men dri(ers who always use seat belts is less than *.20.
4. A random sample of )4 collee students was as/ed how much time they spent watchin
tele(ision on a wee/ day. The mean response was 145 minutes. and the standard de(iation was
45 minutes. Assume that population (alues are normally distributed$ and test the hypothesis at
*.*1 le(el$ that the population mean time is more than 1)* minutes.
&. A department store manaement claims that at least 4&' of persons who (isit this store
ma/e a purchase. ,n a sample of 4** persons who (isited this store$ 0+' made a purchase. Test
at the &' sinificance le(el if the claim of the manaement is true.
2. A mar/et analyst is interested to /now the difference in percentaes between owners of
#ord and 6he(rolet cars who are happy with their purchase. He samples )&* #ord owners and
finds that 10* are happy with their purchase. Similarly$ he samples )** 6he(y owners and finds
that 1*& are happy with their purchase. Test at &' le(el that #ord owners are happier than 6he(y
+. ,ndependent random samples ta/en on two uni(ersity campuses re(ealed the followin
information concernin the a(erae amount of money spent on te7tboo/s durin the fall
University A University B
Sample Size 50 40
Average Purchase $280 $250
Standard Deviatin $20 $2!
At 8 .*&$ test to determine if$ on the a(erae$ students at .ni(ersity A spend more on te7tboo/s
then the students at .ni(ersity 9