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The blue ocean strategy of KFC:

BOS Framework and Tools

BOS frameworks and tools include:
1) Strategy Canvas: diagnostic & action framework
2) Four Actions Framework: value innovation analysis
3) Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create Grid
4) Six Paths Framework: market reconstruction analysis
5) Four Steps Visual Strategies: big picture analysis
6) 3-Tier Of Non customers: demand expansion framework
7) BOS sequences
8) Buyer Utility Ma
9) Buyer Experience Cycle
10) Price Corridor of the Mass
11) BOS Profit Model
12) Blue Ocean Idea Index
13) Tipping Point Leadership fair process

1.Reconstruct Market
1: KFC is not can make use of their fast-food
restaurants around the world to launch express
delivery service, 24-hours a day.
2: KFC's market, mainly in crowded urban
centers, bright and spacious building fast-food
restaurants. You can also concise way into the
convenience store has some rural population
density, which is across market boundaries.
2.Focus On The Big
Picture, Not The Numbers
KFC is to continue to increase or decrease their
strategic layout of fast food restaurants fast food
restaurants in their particular market, in
addition to pay attention to statistics in the
reaction of problems, but also concerned about
the region's economic growth potential and
flow growth potential.
3.Reach Beyond Existing
1 more attention needs to detail, product
segments continue to meet the needs of existing
customers differentiated. Therefore, the more
market segmentation, service will be more
perfect, and the cost will be higher, the lower
the profits. This pattern is difficult to increase
demand, but only segments of demand.
2. truly beyond existing demand is concerned
non-customers, how to focus on the common
needs of non-customers and existing customers,
attract customers into the non-consumer
customers, is the key to profits generated
increased demand.
4.Get The Strategic
Sequence Right To Validate
Blue Ocean Strategy

The sequences are Buyer utility, Price, Cost and

5.Overcome Key
Organisational Hurdles
First, the cognitive impairment of the new
strategy (to break with the status quo that part
of the organization's focus closely on the
extraordinary influence of the new strategy to
promote the introduction, for example, to meet
and persuade dissatisfied customers.); Two new
exhibits resource barriers (to overcome limited
resources, make good use of existing resources,
stressed and play value and influence of existing
resources, such as the optimization of existing
resources to the new strategy of hot products.
do the old and new products to pass on.) ; Third,
the new strategic incentive barriers (the
incentive for employees to fully and avoid
obstacles such as refined decomposition staff to
promote the new strategy of
self-transformation through new strategic
task.); four, in different markets and political
obstacles (customer service different markets
strong opposition from vested interests, such as
professional counterparts PR)
6.Build Execution Into
First, the design and development of Blue Ocean
Strategy at every stage of each step. Second, the
Blue Ocean Strategy team building, you can
invite participation, external personnel, internal
potential. Three, optimize personnel and
detailed division of labor, clear their respective
expectations. Fourth, track and analyze results
of the implementation strategy, analyze the
situation to find out why, scroll executed
continuously updated.
KFC: 80= High
KFC: 50=Medium
KFC: 25=Low

KFC 25 50 80 80 50 80 50
Mc Donald 80 80 80 50 80 50 80
Hardees 50 25 25 25 50 25 50
In as it strategy we will analyze the existing or current strategies of the industry. So
our industry is fast food industry and we have selected the KFC for our project. The
competitors of our company are Macdonald and Hardees we have selected and draw
on the as its strategy canvas on the bases of these competing factors.
Marketing of Products
Hygienic Food
After the as it is strategy we have come to know that where we are in the market
(existing market).Now we select the non customer of our products (Which People
who are not our customers).So we will use the ERRC Grid for change in our products
and capture the noncustomers
The Four Actions Framework
ERRC Grid for KFC: