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Most business owners want to make wise decisions, but they sometimes are at a loss of where to
begin. This is where strategic management comes into play. The term strategic management is used
to refer to the entire scope of strategic-decision making activity in an organization. Strategic
management as a concept has evolved over time and will continue to evolve. As result there are a
variety of meanings and interpretations depending on the author and sources. Strategic management
is the process of examining both present and future environments, formulating the
organization's objectives, and making, implementing, and controlling decisions focused on
achieving these objectives in the present and future environments (Garry D. Smith, Danny R.
Arnold, Bobby G. Bizzell).
Strategic management is important to organizations because it
I. Helps organizations identify and develop a competitive advantage, a significant edge over the
competition in dealing with competitive forces.
II. Provides a sense of direction so that organization members know where to expend their
While starting a new business, at first we have set and decided our primary objectives, goal mission.
That means we have selected a current marketing situation, opportunities and issue analysis,
Marketing strategy, Action programmer, Financial projection &to focus on with a particular market
mix. So before advertisement campaign we have ensured that we have decided our target area,
market, and market segment. We have selected this based on our objectives and strategies of the
company. Our Restaurant Business concept is dealing with fast food restaurant and for all the
peoples. The name of the restaurant is S & S Restaurant. Our business form business as a
partnership business.
S & S Restaurant is an unlike typical restaurant providing a unique combination of excellent food at
value pricing with a fun and entertaining atmosphere. S & S Restaurant is the answer to an increasing
demand. The public (1) wants value for everything that it purchases, (2) is not willing to accept
anything that does not meet its expectations, and (3) wants entertainment with its dining experience.
There is also a chance of risk as there are many well-known restaurants in that area.

The vision of S & S Restaurant is to build that the information people to their bodies, care of their
health, properly make original food and other types original various type of food produce and also
some entertainment with sports equipment. Execution of our primary goal is to serve nothing but the
highest quality food at unbelievably low prices in a clean and fun environment. We must deliver on
this pledge 100% of the time, without exception.

S & S Restaurant mission is to provide the customer the finest food service meal and dining
familiarity. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we stay to this maximum, everything
else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers. Our food service
with the sports equipment gives the potential customers enjoyable refreshment.
S & S Restaurant will strive to be the premier beat restaurant in the local marketplace. We want our
guests to have the total experience when visiting S & S Restaurant not only our guests receive a great
meal, but also have fun atmosphere. We will be doing unique things that will set us apart from the
competition. We will want the dining experience to be as pleasing to the senses as it is to the taste.
Our main focus will be serving quality food at a great value. We will feature a large selection of
freshly prepared food, most in full view of our guests. We will feature 40-50 items daily that are full
of flavor and appetite at an unbelievable price!
Customer satisfaction is vital. When approached by a customer with a request, our slogan will be,
"Heavenly Sense Comes from Pureness" We will strive for broad appeal. We want to be the
restaurant of choice for everyone: families and singles, young and old, male or female.
Employee welfare will be equally important to our success. All will be treated fairly with the highest
respect. We want our employees to feel a part of the success of S & S Restaurant. Happy employees
make happy guests.
Profile of Business
Business Name S & S Restaurant
Business Address 55 Khilgaon, Dhaka-1212.
Business Lines Provide various food and sports service.
Brand Food Chinese, Thai Food, Indian Food, Special
Business Status Partnership Business
Numbers of Partners 3
Year of Establishment 2014
Number of Branches We have no branch
Capital Tk. 50,00,000
Number of Employees 12

Strategy Formulation
Core Competences
Resources, capabilities and service that we have, serve as a source of competitive advantages over the
close rival.

Four feature to analysis S&S Restaurant core competences:


Valuable: S&S Restaurant are valuable in terms
of their products, quality, price, service etc.
compare to their competitors.

Rare: S&S Restaurant products are available
in to the market as they have many competitors
like: Chilung Chinese Restaurant, Sarina
Restaurant ETC.

Costly to Imitate: Their products are costly to

Non Substitutable: S&S Restaurant has some
substitutable product in to the market, through
which they are facing problem. Like: Chinese and
I ndian Foods etc.

Industry Analysis

We can evaluate our businesses weakness or the position in an existing market through the
method of SWOT &PEST. We have decided only the SWOT analysis.

SWOT Analysis:
In this part we mention the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. It is also relevant in the
economic, social, political, legal or cooperative environment. Our restaurant has also strength,
weakness, opportunities and threats.
Strong relationships with vendors that offer high-quality ingredients and fast/frequent
delivery schedules.
Excellent staff who are highly trained and very customer attentive.
Great retail space that is bright, hip, clean, and located in an upscale mall, suburban
neighborhood, or city.
High customer loyalty among repeat customers.
High-quality food offerings that exceed competitors offerings in quality, presentation, and
Restaurants are always offering unique, high-quality, reasonable price products.
Our work force is very active.

Various lacks name brand equity.
A limited marketing budget to develop brand awareness.
The struggle to continually appear to be cutting edge.
Limited resources compare to competitor.
Small size which is restricted for us.
Lack of sports equipment.

Growing market with a significant percentage of the target market still not aware that S & S
Restaurant exists.
Increasing sales opportunities in takeout business.

Vegetables are organic and fresh with three shipments a week. Meats are all top-shelf
varieties, organic when possible.
High standard food produce are ensure for the customer.
Wants variety and flavor in its food.
Looking for speed of service.
Wants an entertaining dining experience.
Insists upon a clean, friendly, and attractive dining environment.
Satisfied market, we thought our food standard is likely to be any other restaurant.
Various festivals we are offering attractive packaging for the customer.

Competition from local restaurants that respond to Euro Garden superior offerings.
Similar chains found in other markets coming to Eugene.
Trend in the economy reducing customer's disposable income spent on eating out.
Competitors can create to duplicate food.

Environmental Analysis
The profile for S & S Restaurant customer consists of the following geographic, demographic, and
behavior factors:
Our immediate geographic target is the city of Dhaka with a population of 1m.
A 15 mile geographic area is in need of our services.
The total targeted population is estimated at 46,000.

Male and female.
Ages 25-50, this is the segment that makes up 53% of the market.
Young professionals who work close to the location.
Have attended college and/or graduate school.
Eat out several times a week.
Tend to patronize higher quality restaurants.
Are cognizant about their health.

Behavior Factors
Enjoy a high quality meal without the mess of making it themselves.
When ordering, health concerns in regard to foods are taken into account.
There is value attributed to the appearance or presentation of food.
Enjoy a divine sensation with foods and sports equipment services.

Competitive Analysis
We try to provide better facilities than our competitors. The organizations that are now offering food
beverage to the ultimate consumers and also have been taken place in the market, they are our main

Chilung Chinese Restaurant:
As a first food shop Chilung Chinese restaurant do not ad heavy in newspapers, magazine, banners or
billboards. Chilung Chinese restaurant mostly targeted the affluent class. It has decorated the inside
of its shop so nicely that it works and attracts customer heavily. Chilung Chinese Restaurant does not
have any occasional ads in newspapers for its customer. But their billboards in their own premises
work as continuous campaigning program.
Sarina Restaurant:
Sarina restaurant in Bangladesh that has become very popular among the affluent class. In the
beginning Sarina Restaurant spends for ads and decreases its ad expenses, as it became popular. They
have got billboard in Shantinagar.
New Yorker:
New Yorker gives ad in magazines, banners and posters. It targets mainly the Gulshan, Banani
people. Moreover it uses leaflets for doing their ad.

Every business must have various objectives as this restaurant have some objectives such as
marketing objectives, financial objective. S & S Restaurant objectives for the first years of operation
Growing one unit per year for the first years of operation.
Keeping food cost fewer than 35% of revenue.
Keeping employee labor cost between 16-18% of revenue.
Ensure high customer satisfaction with the food and sports service.
Provide high quality food, Original taste and flavored.

Our marketing objective as follows-
Every year we will Increase sales in this year by 20 %.
Attract customers by new offering. Such as- new advertisement, provide various celebration gifts
In this year, we want to operate online sales system, provide food.
Maintain positive, steady, growth each month.
Generate at least TK.100, 000 in sales per month.
Experience an increase in new customers who are turned into long- term customers.
Realize a growth strategy of one store per year.

A double-digit growth rate for each future year.
Reduce the overhead per store through disciplined growth.
Continue to decrease the variable costs associated with food production.

Marketing Strategy

A combination of local media and event marketing will be utilized at each location. Radio is
most effective, followed by local print media. As soon as a concentration of stores is established in a
market, then broader media will be employed.
A combination of local media and local store marketing programs will be utilized at each
location. Local store marketing is most effective, followed by radio, then print. As soon as a
concentration of stores is established in a market, then broader media will be explored. We believe,
however, that the best form of advertising is still "word-of-mouth."
By providing an entertaining environment, with unbeatable quality at an unbelievable price in
a clean and friendly restaurant, we will be the talk of the town. Therefore, the execution of our
concept is the most critical element of our plan.
Our focus will be:

Reliability, expertise, and quality.
Building long-term personal relationships with those that make the printing decisions for a
Establishing face-to-face contact with the client as much as possible.


S & S Restaurant will position itself as a reasonably priced. Customers will be single as well
as families, various ages 25-50. Our food is varying different position. Our Chinese and Indian food
is a great position. Others food is in different position.

Positioning will power their competitive boundary:
Product: The product will have the freshest ingredients including, various food, imported
cheeses, organic vegetables, and top-shelf meats. The product will also be developed to
enhance presentation; everything will be aesthetically pleasing and also the sports
Service: Customer service will be the priority. All employees will ensure that the customers
are having the most pleasant dining experience. All employees will go through an extensive
training program and only experienced people will be hired.
By offering a superior product, coupled with superior service, S & S Restaurant will excel
relative to the competition.

Pricing decision

All menu items are moderately priced. Our average customer spends more than the industry average
for moderately priced establishments. We tend to believe that this is due to our creating an
atmosphere that encourages longer stays and more spending but still allows adequate table turns due
to extended hours of appeal.

Pricing: We are providing various foods. Pricing of our foods are almost 20% lower than our

Service: we establish this restaurant in busy area where most of the collars Employees with
disposable income are searching for something which will save their launch time and provide healthy
food at the same time. Actually providing hygienic food to the customer is our main goal.

We will serve any food (Chinese/Deshi) Within 10 minutes which will save their food consumption
time and have some time to relax and enjoy some recreational activity.

Promotional plan

We have some promotional activities for the customer. In the inauguration of the restaurant there
have some gift items for the customer. It includes Eid-Ul-Fiter, 21
February, Pohela Baishakh 1

January, Christmas day and some other Festivals.
If any customer asked for a big amount of food for party he will get 5% discount from the price. That
is a surprise gift that means customers will get some gift any time without any expectation in the
restaurant while eating.
In addition, funds are budgeted to launch sales activity and lead generation. These funds amount to
20% of projected sales. We are the promotion such as these things:


We have decided to print an advertisement in 3 renowned daily newspapers once a month. The
chosen newspapers for this purpose are: The Daily Star, Prothom Alo and Ittefaq, because it is
assumed that our target segment has more access to these papers because of their occupation and


There will be 12 billboards in targeted areas. The areas where these banners will be display on
Mouchak (1), Malibagh (1), Gulshan (2), Banani (2), Dhanmondi (2), Uttara (2), and Baridhara (2).

Distribution Channels

In an establishing time our businesses has no others distribution channels. But this year marketing
plan we want to separate our retail sale and wholesale sector. Beside this we have no others
distribution channels. Our distribution is (B2C)

(B2C)- Business to Consumers. Our distribution channels model as follows-

Business Consumer

Strategy Implementation
Our marketing mix is comprised of these following approaches to pricing, distribution, advertising and
promotion, and customer service.
Pricing: Pricing scheme is that the product cost is 45% of the total retail price.
Distribution: food will be distributed through a takeout model where customers can call in their order and
come to the adheres to pick it up, come into the adheres, place the take out order and wait for it to be
completed, or come in and dine at the restaurant.
Advertising and Promotion: The most successful advertising will be banner ads and inserts in the
Register Guard as well as a PR campaign of informational articles and reviews also within the Register
Customer Service: Obsessive customer attention is the mantra. Our restaurant philosophy is that whatever
needs to be done to make the customer happy must occur, even at the expense of short-term profits. In the
long term, this investment will pay off with a fiercely loyal customer base that is extremely vocal to their
friends with referrals.
Contingency Planning
Difficulties and risks:
Problems generating visibility.
Overly aggressive and debilitating actions by competitors.
An entry into the Eugene market of an already existing, franchised Albatross Sports Bar.
Worst case risks may include:
Determining that the business cannot support itself on an ongoing basis.
Having to liquidate equipment or intellectual property to cover liabilities.

Restaurant Market in our country is very much competitive. The target customers of our focus are
limited amount. S & S Restaurant in this process fulfills all the aspects in a feasible manner. The
prospects of the complex will be brighter if we can spend a higher amount in our advertising
campaign. If we can attract our target people through our advertising campaign we hope we will try
our best to satisfy their needs. The research we have conducted may not be unilaterally focused on a
certain issue but we tried to come up with the actual needs of customer and consequently tried to
convey it through our promotional activities.

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