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Panganiban, Micol D.

Assignment in Technical Writing
BSACC – 3 Ms. Teresa Bantog

Styles of Business Letters
1. Full Block Style
Full block style is a letter format in which
all text is justified to the left margin. In
block letter style, standard punctuation is
placed after salutations and in other

2. Block Style
Block Style is a letter format that every line
starts flush with the left margin.

3. Semi Block Style
Semi-block format or style is frequently
called modified semi-block because it is a
slightly less formal modification of full
block format. This letter style places the date
line in alignment with, or slightly to the
right of dead center. Another option for
placing the date line in semi-block is flush
right. Similar to full block, semi-block
places the inside address, salutation and any
end notations flush with the left margin.
However, unlike full block, each body
paragraph of semi-block is indented five
spaces. The complimentary close and
signature block are aligned under the date.

4. Indented Style
Indented style is somewhat more
complicated than other popular styles of
business writing. In indented style, new
paragraphs in a piece of writing are
indented—that is, they begin about 1.5
centimeters to the right of the left margin.
Other parts of a business letter are moved
farther to the right half of the page. Indented
style is one of the older formats for business
writing currently in use, though other
formats are becoming more popular.
Indented style is a format that many of
today’s business people were trained to use.

5. Simplified Style
This is another modification of the fully-
blocked style. This style is used when you
write a letter and you do not know the name
and title of the person to whom you are
writing the letter. The salutation and the
complimentary closing are used in this style.
The subject is mentioned din capital fonts
and that subject need not be underlined.

6. Hanging Indented Style
This very useful style places the first words
of each paragraph prominently on the page.
It is useful for letters that deal with a variety
of different topics. However, for normal
business communications, this style is very
rarely used. The first line of the paragraph
begins at the left-hand margin. And the other
lines of the same paragraph are indented
three to four spaces. This is the reversal of
semi-indented style discussed in other page.